ok.....i have an awfully long whinge and i aint caring if you dont like it....i live in the junkieville place in
Australia and basically it has never had a reall large punk population, which isnt all that
bothering....but suddenly, all of these new old schoolers have sprung up from nowhere...
i go to gigs and its fulla people busy talking themselves and their bands up, and doing the whole thing
by numbers.... personally i see punk as a very individualistic thing, but these wankers all fuking look
the same, talk the same, think the same and all under their self appointed banner of "punk". its enuf to
drive a person insane (if i wasnt there already, it could be working)...they are basically trendies who
have decided that buying $30 kilts and mass produced sex pistols/sue catwoman/sioxie sioux tshirts is
the latest craze and oh so fuking cool.
im not saying that im real and true and better than anyone else, but there are so many fuckers around this guy at my school who looks like just another offspring clone, decides that im a tryhard,
and he;s a real punk when he's the one wearing the 80 dollar brand label jeans and all the trendiest
stuff.i mean, when the fuk did punk become cool????? i get advertising brochures in the mail and
shops are promoting their punk clothes line and images...for $165.....its fuking insane. and i so fuking
sick of it.... i was out shopping yesterday and this guy starts telling me that i should shave twin fins into
my hair (mind you, i already have twinnies, so i ahev no idea wot the fuk he was on about) and that he
was appalled coz neither me nor my friends were weraing doc martens boots, and then he starts
saying that if im gonna rebel, i should do it properly and i need more studs on my jacket. these people
are such fuking wankers.....mind you, this guy was telling me what an anarchist he is, when he's
wearing nike clothing. i mean, there is no sense of 77 punk or anarchy left. the only true remainder
has been twisted and corrupted into new-school punk and into bands like korn and limp bizcut who are
procalimed to be "punk". and then all these blink 182 wankers walking around with tshirts that say
things like "blink 182, punk dept..." i mean, wot wankers then you see all these people at gigs, and the
first week they may just be wearing a kilt, then the next time, theyre thinking wot can i do to be a little
more punky?? so they may have green hair the next gig, and then boots and etc. its like all of a
sudden punk has become the latest thing , but in a years time, all these new punks will have drifted
on, moved outta the scene and decided that many goths are the next big trend, or ravers or wotever
the fuk is "cool" that day. i mean, punk isnt really somehting you can drift in and out of....most punks i
know have been punks for years or so and arent really the type to say "well, im sick of it, it aint
cool....see ya", its more of a lifestyle choice, yer aint a weekend thing
... well.....ive had my whinge.....if yer got this far...thanx for reading, if not, well up yer bum


3:13 am tuesday april 10, 2001
is a punkette from Australia.
So it's good to have some down
under punk views on show.
She also drums in a punk band
called Living Abortions.
Whose site link is now down?