just another daily scream just another yobbo, like the ones on the t.v screen? guilty 'till proven
innocent seems to be the rule of the day with no-one willing to listen to what you might have to
say, the same prejudice that's been around for a number of years you try to prove your innocence,
but it just falls onto deaf ears but have you really gone off the rails or just lost balance on the
scales? does it really matter now you have a label to wear? by those who judged you before they
knew all the facts but sometimes there's just no turning back how come people only take an
interest in you when you slip up & no-one wants to know when your on top?

do you ever get the feeling that you're being taken for a ride? you try to turn back, but realise
there's no place left to hide so you tread on cautiously with open eyes but fail to see the fact your
surrounded by enemies in disguise. so before you realise it, you're caught in a trap you can't
escpe, fear over comes you're body & love turns into hate. the people who were closest to you &
who you trusted the most are now the people who you'd like to hang up & roast, for they're the
ones who pretended your best intrests were in there hearts but now you know they were just out
for themselves & it's tearing you apart

if we're gonna make this scene work then we're gonna have to fight, lets stand together, lets stand
as one, com' on lets unite, it's gonna be a rough ride if we're gonna make it through stand strong,
be honest & most of all be true! hard work & determination are the only things which will make this
scene grow then perhaps one day we can reap what we now sow. in every town, in every country,
in every single nation, be on top, be in control of every situation!

i'm a walking time bomb ready to explode no one can stop me, because no one knows my code
the slightist wrong move may cause me to go off my paitence is wearing thin because i've had
enough i haven't got the energy to be strong to the core neither have i the inspration to carry on
any more when all i see around me is deception & lies being let down so many times paranoia
kicks in as i'm driven to distruction half the time i don't know how to carry on or how to even
function feeling frustrated set ready to burst yet somthing inside tells me i've still to experance the
All poems & artwork copyright of Jess Spice
Jess Spice
Is a talented punk artist from the UK. She's done loads of
artwork for British and European punk zines. I first came
accross her through her work which appeared in The
Suffragette fanzine. Now she's started to do poems and asked
me to dispay some.
I ain't much of a poem lover but i like these.