So here I was in the year 2000 on the net. I wanted to transmorph the Suffragette fanzine online but I
soon realised that the feminist newspaper I nicked the name off, would come back and haunt me. I
found out the name would confuse people who would get punk instead of women's rights, or vice
versa. You needed an individual moniker to stand out. So decided to bin the name and use a title
that was totally original. It naturally came from a closer source than previously imagined. I'd recently
recorded a song called 'Gabriels Hounds' for the
Torcha Shed CDEP called 'Nihilism On The Prowl'
which had the lyric
"wanna be loud, loud in sound, we are your nihilism on the prowl". I thought it
made a great statement as well as a neat record title. In retrospect its a bit of a mouthful, but totally
original, and it suited the webzines presence and intention...literally prowling the web with punk nihilism.
In the first few years I used about 6 FREE web site portals to house my webzine. Such as Angelfire,
Homestead, Tripod and finally Geocities. And each of these slumlords would all eventually kick me
out unceremoniously by making life hard like deleting pages if they overrun their precious boundaries
or breaking hosting rules. Most however reclined free services after so long, or opted for a pay only
service. In fact Geocities/Yahoo discontinuing their FREE hosting service was the main reason
Nihilism On The ProwI! eventually got silenced, but they did at least give us 6 months warning,
most of the others give none!
Building wise in those days
there weren't any FREE
blogs or such tools to
house your views,
interests or build your
website, you had to do it
all yourself. The freebies
were very restricted too
and always had infuriating
ads splashed acrossed
the top or bottom of the
page. I soon started
eating up space by this
stage. And was governed
by using totally FREE
website building tools coz
I was skint. And was of the
opinion websites should
be free. TRELLIX website
builder was my first
choice, which was very
primitive but I learnt the
ropes building on that
fucker. It's quite a
challenge learning from
scratch and with no HTML
expertise all I had was
ideas. All the experts were saying you need HTML code to build really good websites, but that was bullshit I found out later.
TRELLIX was so easy to use and I was happy with that, as the ideas could formularize with quite a fast turnover. Although
you also had high end range of tools like Dreamweaver to tempt you that were coming on the market. These were always
way out my financial bracket and very technical to use. Inevitably as time crept on TRELLIX proclaimed it was gonna
discontinue its FREE service in 2004 when it brought out by someone. It was also getting pretty restricted. Which
reminded me of the fanzine space issue.
Once I started growing in confidence and dare i say it expertise lol, I then discovered the Yahoo website builder which was
a step up from TRELLIX and you could download it for free. I found out later you could build as many pages as you like on
its GEOCITIES hosting. Reason being if you could sign in for numerous accounts as long as the name was different. So I
built numerous mini websites, you could then link them all together into one major portal. This really expanded my horizons,
output and creativity. In fact I still use it's web builder today. There were some draw backs, I lost 90 pages (3 months from
1977 Calender) during the transition to Geo, which I could never get back, which was infuriating. Besides that setback it
was pretty much plain sailing and definitely the easiest and best one I've tried. In fact it's just like cut and paste and as an
added bonus you can use it offline too, which was a must in those days when you were on dial up arrrgghh.
Nihilism On The Prowl! was fast becoming a web zine archive odyssey, featuring over 500 plus pages which took up
most of a decade to create, but was great fun creating 'em. I enjoy the design aspect best, I see so many websites that
look bland, you need a page to jump out at you. All the pages are my designs inspired by the subject matter. The site was a big part of my life and responsible for
so much during these years. I was getting feedback from all corners of the globe, even got a few threats and put on guest lists. I ended up living in America for
four months, got married and divorced while there lol, got
Stench and Torcha Shed record releases through the site contacts, even had a tattoo with the logo,
oh dear. I made some great mates and contacts via contributors and punks and even met some neat birds too. I'd even got myself a job by now, but not quite
through the site tee hee. It don't pay the bills but its a labour of love i wouldn't be without.
Nihilism On The Prowl! was getting up to 200 hits a day by this stage
which was a lot for a shoe string. DIY punk website. And unlike a zine it was open 24/7 and was in glorious colour! I had no distro's to please, no punk police
peering over my shoulder and no photocopying prices to fork out every fortnight, in fact it was all I ever needed. It even came second in a Punk website Top Ten
published in Record Collector magazine MAY 2006 by those in the know. So I must've been doing something right?
But as life would have it, you can only have so much of a good thing. I had a few health scares in the winter of 2009/10 with Liver and Heart problems (30 years of
punk rock abuse can take some wear 'n' tear), but scraped through with some major life style changes. In some ways websites are no different, the ads the
freebies foisted upon us were cringe worthy and grating, the constant space watching regime and shut downs didn't give you any security but you soldiered on.
Within 3 years the website would be bought to its knees and endured its ultimate finale, when in October 2009 after nearly a decade of punk rock verbal my last
FREEBIE had run its course. Billionaire Rupert Murdoch's buy out of Yahoo was the kiss of death. Instead of giving us more tools to play with, within 6 months the
breaks were applied. Geocities announced that it would shut down the hosting service for good on October 26, 2009. There were at least 38 million user-built
pages on GeoCities before it was shut down grrrr! It wasn't just NOTP that was going, I had built one for
Rubella Ballet and one for Antibodies, so it was a
bummer telling them the websites were gonna shut. So where next?
Life without a punk site was unthinkable for me, its a hobby, its a drug, its a way of life, its basically fuckin' fun. I'd tried all the FREE good webhosts, where you
had a certain control over the layout but for the money the deal was shite. All what was left now, was the bland looking blogs which were way too uniform for my
blank canvas liking. Even brilliant games like
World Of Warcraft or Fallout franchise which wasn't half as consuming or as entertaining as a window to the punk
scene. On a plus point, I was now working, all be it part time. So maybe I could afford to buy my own web space? It had been 9 years since I last checked the
prices. I decided to go legit by August 2010, shopped around for a while and found the best one for my requirements was
Just Host, which was relatively cheap 'n'
easy to use. It's webspace is unlimited which was my main requirment. The only dilemma now was I had to transfer and rebuild 800 plus pages onto Just Host's
server. A process I'm still doing 6 years later ha! I also had to buy the name. It was a new era, a new start and by the summer of 2010 I decided on a new name. I
wanted something shorter, something more memorable, something that summed up what this site is all about. It ain't strictly hardcore, it ain't pop punk and it
certainly ain't new wave... it's Punk...Punk Rock!!! Believe me I tried, but that name has been taken, but
Punk Rocker was free so I snapped it up for under a fiver
and launched
PUNK ROCKER onto the world.
Yours Sadistically
Peter Don't Care
Me in front of the original desktop PC circa 2001
Record Collector May 2006
Screen shot of Nihilism On The Prowl!October 2006