Winter 2003
Maintaining the high quality
presentation of this enthusiastic North
West fanzine, that's rapidly becoming
the best zine in the UK for all round
punk appeal. Last issue sold out but
for you slow fuckers there's a new print
run if you wanna get hold of a copy.
Issue #6 however brings us a fucking
multitude of punk rock names from all
corners of the scene. Some of whom
may not be to everyone's taste, but I'm
sure there's a handful that'll suit even
the most fussy reader. Front cover
Vice Squad take the biscuit with
a frank interview conducted inside a
car. Co-writer John Winstanley was
choking at the bit as Miss Bondage
squeezed in next to him and dished
out the dirt on promoters giving us an
interesting insight into
Vice Squads
current view on things, punctuated with
a cackle! In contrast Miss Bondage is
followed by Jarra's ex-skin outfit
Crashed Out who tattooed their views
onto 4 pages. Further afield Aussies
Crucified Venus and the suited up
Peacocks (currently in the running for
worst band name of 2003) from
Switzerland, give us a tepid
international whirl. The wrinkly and well
past their sell by date
Dead Men
comprising of ex-punk
the Alarm (for fucks sake), let
us snigger at their sad punk package
currently doing the rounds in the UK.
Meanwhile Blackburn's premier
bullshitter and all round punk
courtezan the tall story telling Alan
Parker plugs his latest book. It's a
'song by song' on
SLF's Jake Burns
which should be worth a look for the
first few albums at least. Staying in
Lancashire local psycho's
wave the rebel flag and there's a trip
down memory lane via
Zig Zag and
Preston punk outfit
the Worst. Some
new outfits get a look in via
and Kinesis. Meanwhile
a rare zine appearance from the
snobby John Foxx (ex-
confirms the Chorley lad is definitely
playing with a few notes missing.
Belfast's gigging machine
supply some on the
road ghost stories, while Welsh
Picture Frame Seduction
threaten to invade the US after they've
mopped up around Haverfordwest. Gig
reviews covered the Mancs punks
TV Smith, Pike, Killing Joke
and Penetration, who also get a neat
middle page photo spread. The record
and zine reviews were minimal to say
the least, but with the amount of bands
covered in this issue, it didn't really
matter. Comes in a classy full colour
cover with pix to match. Well worth
your dosh.
1.50 P.O. Box 514, Preston
(no longer in publication)
Summer 2003
The last time I read a copy of Punk
was Issue 3 back in 2001.
I must say I appreciate it a lot more
these days, even though it ain't got
quite so much inside. This is after all
the 'Review' issue!!! Which is a
supposedly hastily thrown together 32
A4 affair. But from the amount of text
inside you'd be forgiven for NOT
thinking that at all!!! It's very basic in
layout but precise and clear to read.
Punk Throwback boasts a mass of
info with well researched in-depth
reviews that carve up the platters from
the '76 to the mid '80's period
respectively. They come at you with no
respite or chance to take a breather
but covers the records methodically.
There's some over the top
glorification, but also some spot on
opinions. And that's what makes
worth your attention and
ultimately gives it character. The era
and bands may turn off the other
ghettos of punk, but Ged ain't afraid to
speak his mind. And when I say speak
he cuts a very deep fanatical furrow
into the text of this zine. A couple of
interesting live reviews featuring
in Brighton and a funny
Buzzcocks one from Salisbury,
breaks up the momentum. But if you
blink you may miss some sporadic
book, zine and video reviews too. All
the record reviews (nearly 30 in all)
are mostly current reissues of some
classic and not so classic Punk
Door & Window anyone? And
suprisingly out of the reissue quagmire
you can spot the impressive
Deadline, giving us some decent
current sounds. For a punk rock
history lesson and the chance to
discover some new anecdotes on the
older bands of that era,
is always worth your
perusal. Interesting to read a final
tribute to
the Clash's Joe Strummer.
This displays and plunders views and
tributes from some of the punk scenes
faces, and even one from that liccle
lap dog called Tony Blair. The editor
however rocks Joe Strummers casket
bearers, by claiming with total honesty
the Clash weren't really the 'best
band' in his world. Must admit it made
for an humourous epitaph amongst
the creeping Westway mourners like
the sickening Billy Bragg.
Guess the baCkLASH starts here!
Summer 2003
The current crop of UK fanzines I just
had in are of a very high standard
indeed. They bring to mind the
conclusion that websites/zines ain't
the fucking death knell to punk in print
at all. Especially if these 3 are
anything to go by. Best of the lot has
gotta be the glossy coloured pro style
Pogo Till I Die. Colour covers in
the UK zine scene are a relative luxury
we rarely get to see and this looks
very impressive! But the really
important factor is this reads well too!
Roy who CO-edits with John
Winstanley has a history in UK punk
print dating back to Feb. '77. He was
responsible for putting out one of the
UK's original punk zines...
Vi Ve La
from outta Preston. In a
time when punk fanzines were the
only real cutting edge reporting of the
scene, and well before the music
weeklies finally woke up to punk. Fast
forward 26 years later and it seems
Pogo Till I Die #5 is still in keeping
with the surrounding North West area,
giving us a neat localised feel but with
a bang up to date presentation. You
can tell by reading the interviews
alone just how good this zine is. A
lotta young zinesters and some vets
should take note on just how to go.
None of that...when did you form? Or
who's in the band? dross here. The
interviews are probing, despite not
featuring everyone's favourite bands.
Punk print can still be professional
without being mainstream, which

Pogo Till I Die
proves. The layout is
ultra neat with some great clear
imagery on show. The well used
desktop style comes in a clever punk
Runnin Feart is the only
other UK zine that boasts glossy
covers and impressive layouts of this
quality. But instead of their criminal
waste of space and shitty style of
Pogo Till I Die backs up the
look with a fucking great approach.
My only disappointment (and this is a
very minor one), was the reviews were
too lenient for my liking. I get the
feeling the editors ain't saying what
they really think? But that's a very
small concession to pay when you've
got a quality read like this. Fucking
hell, nearly forgot to tell you who's
actually in this issue...
Heavy Metal
Kids, 999, Glen Matlock, Rezillos

(cover stars),
Pike, Pink Torpedoes,
Blyth Power, Sick 56, John Robb

and some cunt called Justin Sullivan
who was responsible for that missing
half a star! Loads of gigs get covered
too, which shows an enthusiastic
approach for a couple of punk
vets.Get it Now!
£1.50 P.O. Box 514, Preston Central,
PR2 9WY, UK.
(no longer in publication)
October 2003
Spotted this slicky on the shelves of
WH Smiths. Any mag with
Rancid on
the cover immediately requires
investigation good or bad.
Considering it's a pro glossy punk -
skate - style - art - metal publication, it
has got some good stuff hidden
amongst a deluge of poseur
sportswear and Fame Academy indie
lookalikes. However the lean 'n' mean
Corey Parks from the Hunns who
stares outta page 4 with her bass, her
'eat me' tattoo and vision street wear
is an exception to the rule. Being
British and from a totally different era,
Skateboarding totally passes me by.
My gangly attempt at balance on
wheels is just too much to
comprehend, gimme a bus ride and a
bar any day. There's loads of skate
related info in here, which must
interest the Americans and younger
kids out there but It don't register with
me? Beyond doubt the most annoying
factor about this mag was the mass of
nondescript punk/pop/metal crossover
bands!!! Gawd, they just scream
"WANKERS" written in very large felt
penned letters across their foreheads!
The ultra clean, trustworthy, boy next
door (but with expensive arty tattoos)
look, is just asking for abuse! Where's
the fuckin acne, the scars or the
death warmed up street urchins gone
these days?
The Clash's 'Rude Boy'
DVD review seemed well outta place
as New York's
Sick Of It All tell us all
about their new album release
(yawn!). There was an interesting
piece on London gangster Dave
Courtney, whose now immortalised in
Rancid track! But like everything in
real life, this geezer is too show biz to
be true...has anyone cut the grass
yet? There's a colourful photo spread
from this summers 'Vans Warped'
tour, showboating all the bands in
various stages of wild (but plastic)
abandon. And for our minor sins we
get Portland warthog, Jerry A outta
Poison Idea.  Mr A. (real name: Alvin
Gerald Lang) makes a rare
appearance in a British mag but
spouts off a load of lies to a gullible
young interviewer. It was finally left to
the epic
Rancid interview that stole
the show! Love em or loathe em, they
open up and give us a good insight
about what's goin on in their current
'indestructible' world. Tim Armstrong
even gives us the lowdown on his
marriage breakup! And while were on
the subject, on the live front we get his
ex-wife's band
the Distillers in
Turbo Negro down on the
river and
Killing Joke on the
underground. The record reviews
cover grind, punk, rock, metal and
noise but nothing from the real street
scene. They do at least give a few
zines some exposure though. Hate the
cheesey fuckin name but this mag is
good at what it does, and is about the
punkiest glossy on the shelves of
Britain's high streets at this moment in
Summer 2003
Another newish UK zine to flip through
the hatch of the Wolfs Lair. But I hear
on the printing grapevine
has been in existence for a few years
now. I first got aquainted with the sister
web site before I actually read a copy
of this Bristol zine. This is another duel
edited zine done by local lads Dave
Lown and Shane Baldwin. Some of
you older Punks maybe familiar with
Shane during his reign on the drum
stool of the early 80's
Vice Squad.
Shane also writes for British mag
Record Collector in-between other
publications, so he should know his
pen and ink strategy. The HITS review
on their web site was a very good read
indeed, and there's some good 'punk
rock' artifacts on there too! With all
that in mind I was looking forward to
this A5 neatly printed desktop job.
EverIong don't mirror the
web site, which is good in one way coz
it's all new information. However it's
coverage is geared towards the safer
side of town if you get my drift? This
zine mixes a lot of styles but the nerdy
hardcore and ska-punk seems to be
it's main target audience. Outside that
realm we do get a good interview with
Micky Fitz from
the Business who
tells us he don't make enough money
from the band to do it full time. Seems
hard to believe from their international
touring schedule. Still in the realm of
Skinheads, Watford Jon from
gives us an account on his
bands 10 year life span (The 'New
Breed' article reprinted elsewhere on
this site was his original inspiration).
We are then left to rummage through
the scraps of evidence left by Boston's
Garrison, Derby's Ska outfit
Lightyear and local Bristol outfit Five
, plus the geezer who runs
ska-punk label
Asian Man records
from the USA. Nothing to get too
excited about there. The reviews which
take up a major part of this 40 pager
really do reflect the taste of this zine
and that's veering dangerously close
to Indie/hardcore crossover territory.
They do make use of plenty of
contributors giving the reviews a more
broader appeal. The zines that get
covered are also from the more
sensible and organised stable of zines
Fracture (no suprise there),
Suspect Device and Artcore. No
room for grotty guttersnipes like
in here me thinks! The live gigs have
gotta be applauded though, coz it
looks like every hardcore event that
occurs on the streets of Bristol is duly
noted and attended. Although most of
the bands
Everlong seems to get
excited about come across as your
local sanitised neighbourhood t-shit
mob. They did make me wanna check
out this zines favouritely hated
Widget Evil, just to see how
bad they really are...ha! The layout is
very easy to read with a clean 'n' crisp
presentation, but lacks the pull and
dynamics of zines like
Pogo Till I Die
Scanner, who create impact within
this squeaky clean regime. I did learn
a thing or two from
Everlong. Biggest
discovery if the reviews ring true, had
to be
Tiny Elvis, who seem to be
worth your attention now!  They end
this Avon ride with a 3-page PC game
review which suffers without graphics
to accompany the detailed account.
Everlong's well put together for sure,
but if you like your punk print with a
load of snot and a skip load of attitude
you may wanna try elsewhere.
£1.00 from 1 Shilton Close,
Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 9UZ, England
HAGL #30
20 Year Anniversary
Summer 2003
Have A Good Laugh is the longest
running UK street punk zine, with 20
years worth of slaggings, dodgy yuma
and more turd filled one liners that you
could slash with a Stanley Knife!
H.A.G.L #30 makes for a very welcome
return to the 21st century zine scene.
Last time it hit the street was back in
'98 if my memory serves me correct?
And it ain't grown up or greeted middle
age with sensible open arms one iota.
In case you didn't know (if not where
ya been?) this A4 40 page read comes
from the pen of Sunderland's only 40
year old skinhead with a decent taste
in punk rock...Sir Trev! His razorblade
baby carries on exactly where it left off
with that blunt but hilarious politically
motivated street perspective. The
interviews in here cover a fucking
spectrum from the world of punk. He
ask em anything!!! But an overrated
bloated Herbert from the smoke called
Frankie Flame who gets us off to
mouthy start was full of it. Why do East
Enders tend to make tall story telling
an inbred feature? Meanwhile some
real street cred. is given an expose as
we get a seriously funny pub chat from
the other end of London, courtesy of
Intensive Care's lead gooner
TV Smith then adds a more
intuative view on the Great British
Mistake ( known more commonly as
Labour). While biggest scoop of this
issue and coming in a massive 8
pages was chief Scottish heretic Deek
Allen lead singer with Scotland's
. Whatever you think of his
Anarcho Syndicalism or earthy beliefs,
he answers every single salvo fired at
him honestly and openly. Including
gems like
"What nazi punk have you
got in your record collection?"
which could stun a few PC hounds as it
includes...wait for it...a couple of
Skrewdriver records!!! Beside the
political innuendo and loads of Totty
jokes some very fucking true
observations lurk (particularly on the
war). We get a couple of scruffy Viz
style cartoon strips, a profile of Trev's
own attempt at a band the very vile
Bile Ducts. A band who make The
look positively conservative.
There's a good history of the evolution
H.A.G.L. zine from 1983 to now, plus
a couple of funny CPS/mid-life crisis
pieces. Loads of reviews wind this jam
packed anniversary issue up, and it's
good to see from day one Trev's
working class humour and intent has
always been spot on. You can read
Trev's regular newsletter
which is more like a
H.A.G.L for Assylum seekers
and punks like me and you, from the
same address. First 150 buyers of this
zine gets a FREE 'Milk Me Honey'
street punk sampler CD...looks like I
missed out!
£1 & 56p S.A.E. from Rosehill, 20
Front St, Tanfield Lea, Stanley, Co.
Durham, DH9 9LY, UK.
4 MINUTE WARNING #6 ****1/2
At long last we get to see 4 Minute
how it should be seen, in it's
infinite photostatic glory with print on
both sides of the page!!! Now don't
that just make this zine so much more
of an attractive read? In case you ain't
already seen a copy, this looks great
and reads good too. Pity this classic
early 80's looking fanzine with duel
print and handwriting could be a one
off in it's current pristine form. Seems
there's only 116 issues available then
its back to one sided sheets. Reason
being Mitch's mate, local hardcore
guru Andy Higgins (
Blackpool RoxII,
Erase Today, JSNTGM) kindly printed
up some for her on his works
photocopier. Alas he's since been
made redundant so no more free print
jobs boo! hoo! So that leaves Mitch
looking for alternatives, any offers get
in touch at the address below. Well
enough production dilemma's onto the
main course.
4MW has absolutely
loads to see and read in this
jampacked 36 page A4 page Antiwar
read. The pessimistic editorial shows
concern about the dreaded net being
the easier option for the new zine
breeding community. But from the
mass of zines covered in this issue I
don't see it happening any day soon!
That's followed by a good
tribute that features pix and
cuttings from the media and a general
expose on the lispy guttersnipe with
suss. There's a strong Eastern
European edge to this zine with main
contributor Vitek Formanek (the
bouncing Czech) giving us some neat
insights into his hectic gig schedule.
Sharing rooms with
the Vibrators
must've been a buzz! He also covers
vast expanses of the Czech Republic
and beyond in his search of 'punk'. On
his travels he collars quite a few name
punks giving us some very amusing
interviews. Mensi from
gets asked if he's still a
"more so" comes the half
hearted reply! Nice guys (Viteks words
not mine!)
Guitar Gangsters admit to
liking Meatloaf guffaw!!! And finally
tantrum king
Chelsea's Gene October
who now picks up litter on Brighton
beach in-between gigs, gets all worked
up after being classed as Second
division punk (Snigger!!!!). Early 80's
Dutch legends Antidote make a
welcome appearance courtesy of UK
squatter Steve Pyle. Mitch takes a look
back at early 80's punks from Norwich
The Disruptors have all their
back catalogue released soon on
Grand Theft Audio! Hey Brian
where's that
Sado-Nation anthology?
Finally there's a rare in-depth interview
with Danish punks
Zero Point whose
fave record was 'Bodies' by
, say no more. Trev Hagl's
Geordie gig reviews were funny but
honest. Even the biggest
Siouxsie fan
on the planet (Mitch) shafts their latest
compilation CD!!! This is one zine who
covers rival zines from all over the
spectrum along with a massive cull of
punk records to savour. In-between
rants on 'Hunt Scum' and 'Chariy
shops' (tee hee) things grind to a
gruesome end with a feature on that
wacky plastinator Guntor Von Hagen,
the butcher from Dresden!? There's
certainly one thing about
4 Minute
and that is it gives you the
moneys worth and more.
£1.60 & A4 S.A.E. from Mitch Elsden
31 Fir Grove, Marton, Blackpool,
Lancs, FY16PJ, U.K.
June 2003
Scruffy and most probably
photocopied on the works premises,
when the boss ain't looking, makes this
little FREE 24 page blast of Belfast
punk life a worthy place in your
attentions. Ultimately sarcastic and as
dry as a meeting of Alcoholics
Anonymous in a Muslim mosque.
On Your Own
is editor Bill's own riot
of opinions, observations and twisted
skew on punk as seen through a 40
year old Belfast vets eyes. I got this at
Morecambe HITS festival from Bill
himself, whilst I was on a drunken
mission. Bill is currently the only pen
and ink overseer of the Belfast punk
scene. And thank fuck, coz he's got a
great way with words, so you can
forget columns 'n' columns of in-depth
analysis neatly laid out. That ain't what
the cut 'n' paste
R.O.Y.O. is about.
This is about what goes on down on
the street. Clued up observations set
the tone alight. This geezer must go to
witness every punk happenin within
Belfast's city limits, and if he don't it's
coz it ain't got a bar or more to the
point he don't know about it. What's
also good is the presence of loads of
candid un-posed shots taken when the
victims least suspect it, or are in a full
punk rock pelt...check out the hilarious
pogoing shots! It's good to get a
picture of what's on offer round Belfast
today. Short reviews make this a fast
read, but it's memorable in it's honest
delivery and witty account. We get a
film review, radio reviews, zines,
records and loads of gigs. There's
even a rare (zine) interview with North
London's gooners,
Intensive Care.
The only downside of this zine is the
Arsenal affiliation, but I spose some
cunts gotta support em! Look out for
the current compilation CD
'Riot Down
The Lane', put out by Bill, featuring his
favourite punkers from home and
abroad. A new one is planned for the
future, if a big win on the horses
comes through. Oh yeah
Bill Riot And
The Violent Fuckwits
who plan to
perform and record one song only,
before splitting up less than amicably
are about to make their world debut on
that one. Can't fuckin wait!   
FREE with an SAE to
March 2003
Now this is what you call a labour of
love. Total in-depth painstaking
research catapults this zine in the
'best of' category amongst it's current
pen and ink contemporaries. If like me
you gotta thing for early LA punk then
this issue is probably the best Defiant
Pose has ever put out. I think even
the LA punks will learn something from
this feast of urban sprawl. This zine is
totally LA circa 77-83 in direction and
information. It's circles the Californian
metropolis like a vulture lunging down
to take bite size chunks out the corpse
of it's punk bands. It's a history
lesson, but one done with flair and
passion so well worth adding to your
zine collection. All this was put
together before the recent spate of
books on LA PUNK hit the shelves.
And I bet it covers a load of stuff not
included in those books.
does take a lotta time to hit the
streets, this epic was 2 years in the
making so it may miss the punk tide,
but when it does arrive it's well worth
the wait. If something is worth doing,
then it's worth doing well... this is done
in hardcore!!! A cut 'n' Paste or die
delivery screams out from the pages
as loads of gig flyers and pix litter the
text of this 76 page read. There's
enough info here to keep you riveted
for yonks. What's good about Mike's
approach is he don't pander to egos
whims or fashion like a lotta zine
comptemporaries do. He gives us
straight and direct entries about the
low life that made up this scene. The
contributors are all genuine or at least
read very well in the cold light of day
and most have got their fingers on the
pulse. The first hand contributions
from the day makes for a diverse
bunch be it from fans, scenesters or
just obsessive collectors like
. We get a major rundown of
every band that ever farted in or
around LA county, there's even a
large scoop of the zine scene of the
day that usually gets overlooked. I'm
still reading the fucker and I suggest
you do too...highly recommended!
GADGIE #16 ***
Strangely enough I think this is the
first time I've ever read a copy of
Gadgie, passed onto me by Paul K.
of Bristol. This jovial zine from
Boston, Lincs. or 'Ape City' to the
locals, has been running for fuckin
years! So either I was lazy, forgot, or
just didn't get round to seeing a copy
tut tut. I was familiar with Marv (the
editors) reminiscent schoolboy
columns in Scanner, so it was
interesting to read what he puts out
in a fully fledged zine. The layout is
very basic indeed, the clear and
concise Comic Sans text is only
livened up with sporadic medieval
imagery. I don't think Marv is too
bothered about what the zine actually
looks like, he's more into the content.
And I gotta say after 16 Issues he
ain't trying too hard, so maybe it
works for him. But I do prefer a good
looking zine. Those stories of his
youth that form the basis of this zine
can be OK every now and again, but
fucking hell he's bombarding us with
tales of his schoolboy devilment and
misty eyed recollections, all through
this 28 page read! Marv mate, hate
to shatter your innocence old bean,
but your past ain't always as riveting
for us to read, know what I mean? I
do empathise totally with his Debbie
Harry fixation though hmmmm! Marv
is the Peter Pan of the Boston punk
scene, I like his enthusiasm and he
ain't never grown up!! But where
Gadgie fails to entice the passerby,
it excels in the coverage of punk.
Some great moments are captured in
print from his regular hangout at the
Indian Queen. And these tales of 'pile
ons' in the gig pit and audience
heckling made for a good read. The
featured band interview is from
Shank, who play fast and
brutal hardcore, they also got some
attitude. Guest columnists include a
pair of fuckers I know only too well.
Michael Dogshit (
Brezhnev) who
delivers a neat tour of Amsterdam.
And the stripy weasel from Nuneaton,
Paul Raggity, who seems to be losing
the plot thick 'n' fast in his dream
Gadgie's main secret
weapon is it's passionate punk
coverage, with some tasteful zine and
record reviews. Now if Marv
concentrated more on the punk tales,
than the boyhood ones, he'd even
get cunts like me buying the fucker!
E-mail Marv for details on
Spring '03
Now here's a turn up for the books. I
never thought we'd get to see another
issue of this promising looking fanzine.
Coz last time it hit the streets Tim
Dogg (the editor) said he lost a
fortune for letting it go for FREE!!!
However after consulting his
calculator, and weighing up the pros
and cons,
G&B hits the streets for a
second time with a more realistic 80p
price tag. I still reckon it's going cheap,
so lets hope
G&B gets back some
much needed income to feed the next
publication. Don't forget zines take
money to produce!!! Well with that
little bit of gospel according to St.
Peter over, onto the zine. 32 pages of
well laid out desktop print, that uses
every bit of available space wisely.
The print job is clear and precise. I did
have to reshuffle the pages around to
get a readable flow, but even I can still
recall stapling these fuckers together,
so it's an easy setback that's
happened to us all at one time.
still goes for diversity in the mix of
bands and individuals it covers. The
columnists reflect this, with rants on
HMV, Individuality, Free Speech and
an adventure in London (no muggings
this time). As far as bands go, not a lot
to get too excited about out of the 3 on
Joe Ninety (Leeds stoodents)
head the Northern queue, but these
ain't nowhere near as good as the
Gerry Anderson series or
Down And Away? represent Sweden.
And finally
Freaks Union from Hull,
who seem to have lost their Mohicans
and grown up into
"the best thing
since sliced bread"
according to Mr
Dogg. The record reviews cover a
wide spectrum of bands, most of which
I'd never heard of before? But aint that
the point educating old cunts like me?
The zine reviews were way more
familiar, and hit the nail right on the
head, giving us a clear idea of what's
inside. I'm still reading the gig reviews
which I enjoy a lot, although some of
the bands were dubious to say the
least. However Pittsburgh's
make a rare live UK appearance from
their recent London gig. Tim's even
started his own band up called wait for
Gagged & Blindfolded, which
should get em bookings from all over
the Kingdoms
S&M clubs anytime
(no longer in publication)
Commiseration's go out to this freebie.
The editor Andy (who also runs
Blackpool's only independent label
JSNTGM and does a spot of solo work
himself) has just been made redundant
from his job. Bet his boss's ink
cartridge bill has plummeted
considerably. Can't be much fun being
out of work and with no FREE
photocopier to plunder. The knock on
effect seals the fate for this newsletter
and also
4 Minute Warnings latest
seductive presentation. Oh well, Andy
sounds a resourceful chap so I'm sure
he's got some ideas up his Lancastrian
sleeve for alternatives.
Rox II
ain't strictly a full blown punk
newsletter but it does take the lions
share in this well sussed read. With it's
clean cut but bland presentation the
quality of the print and info was
essential and it don't disappoint.
There's some very good points made
and a couple of porkers too. At least
Andy's doin it for his own town which is
more than can be said for mine!!! This
is totally Blackpool in sight 'n' sound
and it's good for the town no doubt. It's
only the record reviews that covers all
walks of punk life. It was here I read
about another
Fear album hitting the
Blackpool Rox II is
Interesting in a local kinda way and
good for outsiders if you wanna read
whats goin on in other towns. It's also
dead easy to pick up from Mitch
Minute Warning
while you buy a copy
of her latest epic. I'm sure it'll be well
missed amongst the towers of rock and
definitely by the small but vibrant punk
rock community and other gig goers.
Before I forget Andy's also a travelling
Blackpool fan so full marks for
supporting your own team from your
own town, coz believe me I know it ain't
easy. In fact why don't you check out
his web site coz you can read this
issue and all the back issues for
yourself and more information on his
label, his gigs and much more.
Summer 2003
Now this is a blast from the past!!!!
Last time I seen a copy of this must've
been about Issue #9? And last time I
spotted Ade (the editor) was a few
years ago in Birmingham's Market
Tavern as he sat in the vice grip of big
Gaynor! Didn't think I'd ever see or
hear from him ever again! Well looks
like he's fully recovered and now back
in the safe confines of Derby quietly
putting these out and pretty regular it
Toxic Stress ain't changed
much at all in layout and style. I quite
like the no messing cut 'n' paste type.
However this issue (or was it just
mine?) suffers from a bad day at the
photocopiers. The print job fades to
grey as Visage once pouted. My eyes
ain't what they were, so it's a struggle
to read everything. But apart from that
minor hiccup
Toxic Stress is a good,
fast punk read to add to your
collection. Loads of reviews litter the
unstapled pages, and they tell you
straight what's goin on, be it on
records or zines. The interviews this
issue include everyone's fave
Deadline, who despite having a great
sound and stage presence come over
as very boring indeed!!! London
Public Execution get some
much needed out of town exposure,
plus Brummy outfit
H8 Target bring up
the rear. Highlights of this zine are
always the live gig reviews! Ade excels
in giving you a taste of toxicity from
each show. And shock horror, he's
even ventured outside his beloved
Derby and hit the smoke, covering the
2003 Hackney punks picnic! I'm a
sucker for reading about the other
scenes around this sceptred isle of
ours, coz they're few and far between.
Home grown zines like these 24 pages
of stress may lack the panache and
composure of their artier
contemporaries, but bullshit has no
welcome mat in here! What you read is
what you get! Before I forget Ade is
after Punk & Oi! bands to interview, so
if you want some UK exposure and
have something to say, drop him a
line. You can get this for
50p & SAE from 17 Reeves Road,
Derby, DE23 8JF UK
(no longer in publication)