November 2005
I gotta say the quality of zine reading
material that's come into the Wolf's
Lair this winter is of a very high
standard given its DIY realm, and
that's even without a sniff of illegal
substances! It certainly gives us new
hope that the zine writing
neighbourhood of the UK is still very
much alive 'n' kicking on all fronts,
despite an early prognosis of fatality's
in other less adventurous
publications. And the latest issue from
Part Time Punk ain't
a bad place to look for a pulse. This
zine is probably the best read to come
out the shadow of the Dell since Ged
Baby retired his pen in the pursuit of
Post Punk obscurities. Editor Ian’s
a bit of a punk scholar or maybe even
an anorak in the way he analyses his
punk. But that attention to detail don't
half make for a better read. His tastes
are also pretty adventurous but never
sinks to ostracise his audience, coz
there's always at least a few bands
that will get yer curiosity primed. This
zine justifies it's inclusion in your
Christmas hamper for the sheer
diversity of the coverage that shines
out from its non-descript pages like
police beacons after dark.
crawl out their Redditch slum
once more with threats of live
appearances. And there's probably
the first interview with
the Tights in
probably 25 years, who you may
remember from the 'Business Unusual'
album that came out in '78. Then it's
time for Rob Lloyd better known to
you as the lead singer in
. The Brummie premier DIY
punk band till
the Killjoys stole their
thunder. Rob went onto form the more
experimental Indie darlings
who are currently on
tour in the UK. There's also a rare
zine appearance with
Ruefrex from
Belfast who've just released the
'Capital Letters' compilation. On a way
less inspiring section we get
Count Bishops
who count for
nothing but the drab pub rock punk
was trying to escape from in its
infancy. Of the newer bands we get
the Scottish
Clash soundalikes
Hateful and a rare zine appearance
of London's
Anoraks. We also get
space fillers like 'Why You Should Sell
Yer Records'. Mind you if I owned a
Chester record id sell it! To wind
things up we get a
history lesson from Michelle herself.
And as always
PTP comes with a
comprehensive review section
featuring gigs, dvd's, records, books
and zines. A great read even with the
shittier parts and opinions taken into
consideration. So do yourself a favour
and inform yourself with some serious
punk rock dogma!
Next issue due out in February.
October 2005
You get a natty kinda self satisfaction
to find a drunken camera shot you
took in the backstreets of Birmingham
one night earlier this year getting
splashed across the front cover of
Belfast's latest punk zine
Riot On
Your Own.
Now I know Riot On Your
ain't exactly MRR or has the
pro-gloss sass of something like
Plastic Bomb, but it still makes me
feel all warm inside this Christmas. So
Jenny Lens, Glenn E. Friedman and
Dennis yer hearts out!
The front cover star and the new
woman in Billy Riots life is none other
than Scarlet Da Harlot from Derby's
Barnyard Masturbator. Who I have
to admit brings a bit of Poly Styrene
back into the UK punk scene.
Especially with her dark, sultry
Californian looks and zany stage wear.
Just a pity her band ain't as motivated
music wise, but we can't have it all can
we? And like other editions of this, the
best zine in Belfast (although I've yet
to read a copy of the highly rated
Can't Polish A Turd
). ROYO never
fails to keep me glued to its scruffy
pages before I've sucked in every last
bit of snide innuendo. This issue kicks
off with some wise words in the short
but succinct editorial,
"keep enjoying
being punk rockers coz it's the best
lifestyle in the world!"
And you know
what, that's fuckin' bang on!!! Also
looks like Bill's been dipping into his
Christmas bonus coz there's a glut of
reviews in this 'ish!  From DVD's,
CD's, records and zines as well as his
roving penchant for capturing local
gigs, which all get duly caught on film
and documented for our photo static
needs. Bill's taste in music may
sometimes leave a lot to be desired
(he give
Torcha Shed (8) fer fux
sake!), but its all sold to us in an
amusing honest kinda way, which we
quite like here at Punk Rocker central.
The two bands featured in this issue
are both pretty new. Belfast's
Hypocrites (ex-Noodles) do the
honours but will probably splinter next
week and the already mentioned
cover stars
Barnyard Masturbator,
who Bill fornicates over with
unashamed glee. Alongside the
regular spiky photo centrespread we
finish off with a massive NI punk scene
report, which apparently got rejected
by the snooty  Trackmarx website!
Well what do you expect from Tractor
nerds I reckon they need a friendly
visit from Billy Junior who looks set to
be taking care of business very soon.
So just give Bill senior the key to the
door by ordering this from him, coz
you know you won't be disappointed
and you might even learn something!
FREE with an SAE to
May 2005
A previous instalment that I've only just
gotten round to reading from the best
looking punk zine that crawled outta
Scotland since
Kill Your Pet Puppy.
Provoked continues in it's cut 'n'
paste rampage throughout its 24
pages of shiny almost slick punk rock
and '77 inspired decadence. The
layout alone in this baby is enough for
it to get a spot in the archives of the
Victoria and Albert museum had it
come out 25 years previous. But what
creates great fanzines or kings of the
road as I like to call em, is their ability
to create a scene on a page and have
enough intelligence, intrigue or just
plain scandal to make you wanna read
it. Luckily for
Provoked and us this
ain't just an art school exercise in
exit-stencialism and blackmailed
ransoms, coz Bill the editor covers old
and new and also delivers enough
serious information regarding the
current state of punk rock without it
feeling too nostalgic. This issues cover
girl whose bending over backwards to
please us is Glasgow punk designer
Pam Hogg and inside we get some
rather nifty interviews with those
decrepit looking
Vibrators. Talking of
death warmed up, we get the last
known Dave Goodman interview
before he vacated the mixing booth
which was so good it was even
purloined and featured on the high
Sex Pistols website. We then
get a less appealing dialogue with that
old pleasure beach waltzer and
straight edger John Robb outta
Goldblade. The local scene don't get
overlooked either, coz
the Zips unzip
themselves in the centrespread while
Red Eyes look on in disbelief and
Fire Exit bolt for the door! Or was that
bolt the door!? There's an interesting
profile on
the Straps in their heyday
when they didn't look like a second
ANL while Arturo Bassick of the
puts in his down to earth
commentary and the
Amphetameanies bring up the rear.
All this is set amongst a montage of
news clippings, reviews and trivial
punk rock news bulletins that you
didn't wanna know or thought you
didn't know. However you may need
your glasses on to read the smaller
print in this razor sharp, entertaining
and often chaotic read.
Late 2005
'The fanzine that's better than sex
(*with Anne Widdecombe)', or so the
banner reads. Well considering
Anne's battleaxe status and bowl cut
mane, I can see their point.
seems to be reaching for
that positive spark that
HAGL (its
former self) had in the 90's. And you
can't go far wrong with the no bullshit
approach to punk, life and existence in
the grim north can ya? This zine has
enough suss and motivation to deliver
a brand spanking new
issh that's
already out on the streets as we
speak! So it's neat to see the lust 'n'
hunger finally recaptured by Trev and
co. It certainly ain't stopped em from
leering at bands like
Dirty Love from
London. They bring us their own take
on glam punk, as they make their first
tentative zine appearance south of
Watford gap. The female fronted band
seem to approach Trev's bawdy
questions with enough front to make
him beat a hasty retreat, pardon the
pun. We then get a BIG interview with
Tony Martin (naah not the farmer who
turned gunslinger) but the Durham
cobbler who morphed into author and
local vigilante. Leather bound
crusaders don't exactly sound like
prime time punk reading, unless your
into S&M. This geezers written a book
about his run in with the corrupt local
council, dodgy police forces and
baseball bat wielding thugs, who paid
him a visit to silence him. They failed
of course, and it's now become a one
man obsession to defeat fraudulent
officialdom and in all its ugly forms.
We then get some clued up reviews
from the record and print world
followed by a severe and applaudable
dissin' of
'Charvers' or 'Chavs' to the
rest of us media slackers. Christians
and working class Tories don't escape
Reaction wrath either. There's a
massive 4-page round up of last years
Wasted festival which didn't tell us
anything we didn't already know. Apart
Toyah trouncing the Avengers
to the best band slot, which is
definitely a
misssstewy!? And yet
another half arsed
Test Tube Babies
interview gets rolled out, which begs
the question, why do zines bother?
But we do get a healthier response
from the smouldering
NY Relix. Latest
member of the
Negative Reaction
crew is Joe Diamond from Belfast's
'You Cant Polish A Turd' infamy, and
bass player in the promising
Hypocrites. He fires off a comical
insight into punk promotions at Belfast
University. Plus a no punches pulled
one to one with big Colin outta
Runnin Riot who makes it evidently
clear over a couple of gallon of
Buckfast that
GBH's Colin and Pedro
(the roadie) won't be on his Christmas
list this year. Reason being, the
heinous crime of greedy malpractice
after a local gig. So definitely
something for everyone in here, and
it's all done with enough snot and
intelligence to justify its position in the
top 3 British PUNK zines of the current
£1 & 56p S.A.E. from Rosehill, 20
Front St, Tanfield Lea, Stanley, Co.
Durham, DH9 9LY, UK.
Brand new zine to the Wolfs Lair punk
library and I like it's name and
presentation in it's strictly early 80's
cut 'n' paste mode. But 28 pages of
leopard skin print backgrounds can be
a bit of an eye opener. Bet the editor
don't eat meat either? I was also
disturbed by the
'punk and proud'
slogan on the front cover. I mean
'punk and proud', it's like
announcing some gay pride
statement. That 'proud to be punk'
mentality I never really got??? It
certainly never entered my realm of
thought then or since, and when it was
first coined during the early 80's it was
always from bands who weren't that
good anyway, and makes yer think, do
I really wanna be part of this punk
tribe with cunts like that in our midst?
However I just got sidetracked, so let's
get back to the zine itself. Despite
some finicky taste issues,
Fast 'N'
gives us a wide ranging across
the board mix or punk themes and
D'Corner Bois from Brum
gets the reality ball rolling with some
honest opinions from Rich Lard. We
are then entertained by Cornish Goff
Mothburner who have been
together 9 years, and have played a
maximum of one gig to date! (snigger)
In total contrast to the Goff comedy,
there's a look back at dub cult band
Basement 5 with some long lost
interviews in reduced print. So get yer
binoculars out! We then get a boring
snapshot of
Bad Blood from Bristol,
who sound about as enticing as a
dose of the crabs. And talking of
damp squids, they are followed by pop
the Scrub who feature an ex
member of Busted in their ranks golly
gee! There's a small piece with
uniformly tiny print on
the Dropkick
. While Cheltenham punks
Burnside smoulder in its rear. The
reviews are equally cosmopolitan but
are overshadowed by a massive
section from the Captain Oi! stable.
And in case you ain't already
guessed, doesn't have a bad word to
say about any of their latest releases.
Sham's 'The Game' is
applauded! I'm still waiting to read a
UK zine that has enough bottle to say
"naaah thought that was shit!"
There's a lotta space wasted in this
zine which indicates a shortage of
ideas or maybe content? So maybe if
it was reduced to an A5 format, the
printing costs would be lowered and
there would be fewer ads to splash
over those vacant corners, just a
thought. Nevertheless for interesting
features and diversity
Fast 'N' Loud
is one of the better UK zines around at
the moment.
£1.50 + 66p sae
or write to 88 Overbrook Road,
Hardwicke, Gloucester, GL2 4RZ UK
Halloween 2005
A Halloween freebie from the rainy city
Manchester, but this zine is done with
attention to detail and covers a lotta
stuff in its 36 pages, both in reviews
and interviews. It even boasts a free
CD with the next issue! So fair due to
the editor for pampering his
readership with offers like that. Luckily
for punters like meself with
unshakeable brass allergy, this issue
don't feature predominantly skanking
outfits with trombones ablazing and
inferior Specials routines, as its name
would suggest. The ones it does cover
however are probably an acquired
taste. Especially with bands like
who are more Indie orientated
than out and out punk. But the punk
input is underlined by Austrian
hardcore outfit, the squeaky clean
Red Lights Flash.who sound about
as snotty as Cliff Richards snotrag.
Closer to home we get a consultation
with gnarly punks and attrocious
chancers the
Arthritic Foot
. So maybe the leaning of
this zine is pretty suspect to a certain
degree, especially with the inclusion of
poetry, but even that was acceptable
due to the accompanying story. So
forgot all that, coz they certainly get
around it by the intensive gigging
regime that gets covered in the review
section. And
TNS do give bands
decent review coverage instead of the
usual couple of lines some of the more
established zines can only muster.
They even have a comic strip which
boasts some nifty artwork, pity about
the storyline? It was also interesting to
hear about that 'Punk' exhibition they
held in Manchester recently, if only to
justify why I never bothered going.
This is a student orientated zine coz
you can smell em a mile off, but
thankfully it don't get too self righteous
or pander significantly to Political
Correctness, giving all walks of punk
life a sniff of the action in its easy to
read format.
For more info contact
October 2005
Slash 'n' epoxy all the way here from
Glasgow central. Its good to discover
newer zines although this one has
been lurking around for decades in
one shape or form. So it was well
overdue we had a perspective from
Glesga" and Provoked which is
written by a fellow
Sex Pistols maniac
Bill G, who does it with conviction.
Provoked fills the Scottish gap
between the high tech wizardry but
appalling quality control of
and the dyslexic space wasting
blandness of
Anarchoi. Coz lets not
forget there's room in punk and
especially in Scotland for all walks of
punk print, So it makes perfect sense
to read a zine that appreciates the
original ethics of this thing we call
punk rock! A motivated name and a
jagged look is half the battle in zine
presentation and
Provoked comes
armed with both. This zine spits out in
big blackmail letters it's a punk zine
and from what gets covered inside, it
keeps its classic zine presence on
course through most of its 24 pages.
However we do get a disappointing
interview which like Puke ain't through
the editors incompetence but due to
lazzzzzy uninspiring answers from
bands such as
Argy Bargy. But
thankfully that was the only low point
as a really varied bunch of cut throats
get covered in this issue including
local veterans
The Zips, The Square
from Edinburgh, The Saints from
Holy Racket from
Sunderland and
Hateful from hell, or
as its named on the map Clydebank.
But the piece de resistance was a
really neat one with Mensi out the
Angelic Upstarts whose made more
money on smaller labels than he ever
got on EMI. The reviews if you can
spot em are few and far between, but
what I like best about this zine is you
can discover little snippets of
information no matter what angle you
read the page. On the other hand
Provoked can get hard to follow
sometimes as you get lost in a sea of
print and ripped up dialogue, but that's
what makes it way more individual.
And it comes with a first class attention
to detail and in a semi glossy print job
too. So if you need provoking this will
do the trick!
For more details contact
August 2005
Ain't read a copy of Blackpool Rox II
since 2003 but if your ever gonna get
a copy of this North West of England
fanzine then get this one coz it chucks
in a FREE 27 track Blackpool punk
compilation CD called 'The Ugly Face
Of Blackpool' (reviewed elsewhere on
this site). Which features bands from
as far back as 1977 with
Skrewdriver being 'Antisocial', and
moving right up to the present day as
hardcore hoodlums
Sick 56 display
their wares, plus everything else (well
all the important bands) that came out
over the last 27 years gets well
documented. So it's a great chance
for you to take an audio snapshot of
the local scene as well as read about
it coz this zine is dominated by the
CD's shadow which casts a long 6
page biog of all the bands information
and all their little discrepancies.
Despite the regulation desktop format
of this zine, it thankfully boasts an
engaging writing style that's
informative without being too
pompous. Although some of the book
reviews read like a Mastermind
candidates subject material on pan
European politics maybe. I somehow
don't think the local punks are gonna
be running out to the library to get
some of these titles, but hey that's
education for ya. There's an array of
reviews plus a local scene editorial.
Our editor, label boss, one man show
and the Minister Of Reason Andy
Higgins seems to have a lot to keep
him busy these days, when he ain't
doing his one man promotion of punk
in Blackpool or following his beloved
Seasiders. Finally I noticed one of
those little zine writing eccentricity's
we can sometimes spot if we look
closes enough and that was on the
front cover the date and time this zine
was actually started and on the back
page when it was finished right down
to the actual minute! Yep clinical and
methodical is what this zine is all
For more info go here
Autumn 2005
So its time once more for the annual
heave from
Puke which is
Birmingham's only real punk fanzine!
This is a jam packed to the gills, cut 'n'
paste gag bag. We have to literally
swim through a mass of typewriter
frenzy from Miss Smirnoff herself,
Becca Puke. However the zine reviews
in this issue ain't quite as detailed as
we were previously accustomed too.
They're missing that caustic eye for
detail as the
Puke mobile rushes to
meet deadlines or promotion
schedules maybe? But you have to
take yer hat off to the Aylesbury kid for
the vast gigging regime that lurches
forward us like some overweight spiky
deity sucking up every punk gig on its
radar and regurgitating the debris
across its 56 pages. The
charabanc is stretching its ink sodden
tentacles far and wide from its middle
England web these days,  which is
always a good sign to see and read. I
don't think I've seen this many gig
reviews in one zine since maybe
And Loathing
. The 'Weird Shit'
section is another must read that will
keep you entertained, as we hear
about Satanic Sailors and
bloodsuckers in Birmingham. The
interviews in this issue are as always
from an array of styles garnered from
punks underground. They combine the
right on two-tone of
the Ballistics to
the snotty drivel of Stafford's
, while California's Neon
grunt and groan lethargically
the Remnants from Sandbach
service station bugger off to Uni! Most
typify why bands today simply don't
have a lot to say to even the most
inquiring of questions. This zine
regains ground with an 'Asbo Crazy'
page to make you ponder what new
waste of space this government can
dish out next? Alongside a fetching or
should that read retching Gee
Voucher styled Liberty centre spread.
The last 'Urban Nightmare' tale
spotlights dentists, which I can agree
with whole heartedly after suffering a
needle in the gum job earlier this
week. It was also good to see
incorporating a few local shady punk
characters input, with some snide
review comments from the
squeeze, Dave Sputum, while Ardcore
Andy (
D'Corner Bois) attacks the
punk rock elite. Finally Big Gray gives
us a sussed personnel view on his 29
year career as a punk icon in Brum
and how he'd defend that right to the
death! And with over 6 pages of
record reviews and not one from the
Captain Oi stable, its good to see you
can still get healthy zines that can
review punk without freebie favour
peering over their shoulder at every
corner. Still one of the sickest UK zines