February 2007
These are coming thick 'n' fast!
Latest issue from down under of this
another well put together Freebie zine
which is fast becoming another hot
fave here in the Wolfs Lair. FREE is
definitely cheap 'n' cheerful in our
punk universe but don't always mean
high standards are kept. But have no
fear dear reader, coz
certainly don't cut corners or deliver
inferior indulgences for the punk rock
hordes. This 20 pager is presented
with snazzy layouts which are well
thought out and generously put
together with good pix. Although its a
slightly thinner page count than issue
5's more chunkier outbursts. From
the front cover onwards which
features a photogenic mid 80's
Southend punkette called Kerry, this
is a sharp spiky studded zine that's
certainly hungry and on the hunt for
HOTPAC reminds me of an
Aussie version of
Puke with its similar
cut 'n' paste typewriter presentation
and Flee has the same kinda eye for
detail. Australia definitely ain't cut off
from the rest of the world as far as
punk goes these days. More and
more bands are making their
presence felt from its major cities and
towns, and more punk bands seem to
be venturing over there on tour which
has gotta be good.
HOTPAC keeps
up the international scoops by
the Menstrual Tramps from
Minneapolis. Their name alone
conjures up some greasy motorcycle
chapter, but in actual fact they're a
female punk trio who bang out
€œraw 1 2 Fuck you!â€�
punk and
provide some good answers.
Particularly on being a single mum
with kids in a punk band. It makes the
single guys in bands who complain
they got it hard look like poseurs. On
the other hand we get shorter less
involved answers from Beki Bondage
who is still bitter about old
royalties but blames it on the
naivety of her youth. Which reminds
me I must check out some new
sounds to see if it really ain't
metal dressed as punk which was
never my favourite dish. Local
Melbourne outfit
The Worst don't let
the Aussie side down by supplying
meaningful answers like this one...
What are the Worst like?....
Worst is like a vagina. We start off
dry, but after a while we get wet
€� (snigger) say no more. There's an
historic piece from '77 zine Jolt where
the acidic Lucy Toothpaste takes a
no holds barred swipe at
Runaways, Slits
and any other
female circulating the punk
parameters. But where's Lucy
today?...I think we know where
is! Plus some detailed record
and zine reviews are thrown in.
Another good issue and well worth
checking out. Sorry to hear Flee who
writes this is struggling to send
oversea copies out (postage is a
major bummer) so make it worth her
while by trading her sommert like a
record or zine coz you won't be
disappointed in getting this, but
maybe you will be if you miss out!
(no longer in print)
One of the UK's more striking zines
seems to have come across a few
hiccups this issue. Biggest bein' the
reviews section which are all
meticulously laid out, but presented to
us in tiny print that requires the
assistance of some satelitte image
surveillance system if you really
wanna read about what Captain Oi!
etc. have just released. This I'm told
was due to a reducing mishap by our
appologetic editor, who I suspect will
not be repeating lapse of
concentration next issue. Everything
else in
Loud 'N' Fast though you can
read with pristeen ease and is as
always presented in obsessive detail
in good old Courier new type face
amidst a cut 'n' paste flurry. However
personally I wasn't really interested in
this issues subject matter nearly half
as much as the last time I read a copy
F'N'L. I love the UK Subs but they
certainly don't excite me in print these
days. And it don't help bein' one of the
most overkilled bands to interview in
UK zinedom in recent years. I dunno if
its me, but Charlie Harper might be a
friendly, affable chap as he's trying to
flog a few
Subs t-shirts on his bands
stall after a gig. But he has about as
much intrigue or danger about him as
a market trader selling Banannas! He
maybe the king of punk to legions of
Subs fans across the globe, and his
survival instincts are unequalled,
except put next to
Iggy Pop? But for
me yet another
Subs interview is
similar to another
Subs gig. You know
exactly what your gonna get! We did
however get some good pix and an
old cutting to jazz it up a bit. The other
big interview, band history and
general hometown spotlight fell upon
the even less rivetting outfit
These geezers must be the most
overrated comeback band yet. That
'Once Punk Always Punk'
made me laff out loud. When I caught
'em in Birmingham last year playing to
15 or so unfortunates my initial fears
were so confirmed. They get a
massive 12 pages dedicated to 'em in
here, so they should thank their lucky
stars they got a local zine like this to
do the honours. Coz I doubt anyone
else will, unless they're really
desperate. You can't really blame
Fast N Loud for going over the top
on local punk outfits, but its just a pity
they were lumbered with
Demob as
the towns flagbearers. To round off
things we get
Hacksaw from Bristol.
Hacksaw are a comedy duo who are
apparently a cross between the Fish
Brothers? and
Disorder, so say no
more. Next issue sounds more like it
with Mandy from
MDM and Pablo from
999 bein fast 'n' loud. Just one
question John? Whatever happened
to the
Fast 'N' Loud website we were
promised last issue?
£1.50 + 66p sae
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Riot On Your Own discovers Crust!
Well maybe just a chunk of it in local
Stillbirth. A band who have
one of the most cryptic looking logos
I've seen since I accidentally
stumbled opon a death metal site the
other week whilst checking out the
prices for nuts 'n' bolts! I'm reliably
informed they're noise polluters of
the highest degree, but you'd never
have guessed it from the pisstaking
interview. In complete contrast we get
a straight down the line waltz with
The Great St Louis from Bolton. Not
really my thing after hearing their
rated album and when they admit to
bein' "Country" fans you start
wondering if punk bands like these
really do possess that snot and
disregard for the old guard that made
punk so vital? The Punk quiz has
returned with brainteazers such
Stranglers album
included a free white vinyl EP
featuring a live version of 'T.I.T.S'?
Lots of gig reviews this issue with
some increasingly good shots of the
bands and punters in action. Im sure
there's a web presence with Bill's
name on it just waiting for his snaps
to be featured online sometime
soon? Talking of imagery, we get a
neat centrespread featuring Darren's
1000 Drunken Nights) poster
he produced for the recent Belfast
Punk DVD. Some of you may recall
this piece was April's impressive
NOTP backdrop. ROYO promises to
do a more indepth reveal of spiky
Darren's art in next issue. Young
Scotty, Bill's 11 year old son who has
the makings of an impressive Kick
boxing career in front of him is
featured with warwounds he recieved
after doing a backflip over his settee
last Christmas. An astute young
Scotty seems to know a good photo
opportunity when he sees one and
ordered his dad to get his camera
sharpish. And that ain't all, coz young
Scotty can recite the words to the
Dead Kennedys 'California Uber
Alles' while taking a bath! There's a
view on Talcy Malcolm and a
spotlight on Punks 7 inch career as
seen through the eyes of our editor.
Runnin' Riot once again adorn the
front page in ferocious fashion. And
despite rumours this is not the last
issue. Bill however informs us he will
be winding this zine up very soon as
he feels its time for younger blood to
take up his pen action. So c'mon kids
don't let Belfast down or wankers like
meself who enjoy reading about
different scenes (having not got one
of my own). So get yer pencils
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August 2007
Bill's intro reads like he's a slightly bit
pissed off about the apathy
surrounding his beloved Belfast
scene. Which is a shock coz its always
seemed like a buzzin' scene, as seen
through the pages of this zine. He's
admitted even he was a bit blinkered
in his appraisal and encouragement of
certain acts in order to keep the
momentum goin', but we've all been
guilty of that I spose. I can't agree with
him more about the state of punk in
the UK as a whole though. Coz lets
face it, it does seem like we're sliding
closer towards Punks dark ages (late
80's) once more. But if he thinks he's
got it bad in Belfast, he wants to try
sniffing round this dog hole for some
action. It's either smothered with
bands with nothing or little to offer or
bands we do wanna see, playing to
empty venues and not much else.
Apathy in punk is a reality we all have
to contend with. Some of us more than
other. A few of us ain't young enough
to jump on the next bandwagon, so
were stuck with Punk and having lived
through 3 decades of it, it did get
pretty grim at times when we didn't
have the Internet or regular zines to
keep us up to date with other scenes
and happenings. It almost seemed like
we were the last of an extinct breed on
planet Earth, secluded and remote in
our out of date and out of touch punk
rock outposts. But now with global
communication and some zines that
are honest, we can at least savour
other scenes while our own gets its
arse back into action. And since Bills
wrote this piece, things are looking up
round his end. His own band (
) are preparing to chuck out
an album, and we can almost hear the
foundations of Belfast rumbling as we
speak. More about this in next issue I
suspect. Before I get totally side
tracked, back to the zine review.
There's a neat piece on Bills favourite
punkette and one of mine too,
Jordan! It's accompanied by an
hilarious Belfast shroud or immaculate
conception kinda moment caught on
camera featuring
Jordan's face
imprint on Bill's pillow. The actual
tattooist responsible for such
evangelical miracles is Helen, who
runs Skulduggery studio which gets a
profile further on in the zine, along with
shots of her impressive work. The
reviews as always are varied and
honest (snigger) and incorporate a
huge selection of DVDs this time
round (how the fuck Bill finds time to
watch 'em is anyone's guess?) He also
spills the beans on the new Emo
generation getting robbed, and there's
a gallery of local punk
Darzo's spiky
artwork. Let's not forget the 'Gayest'
photo of the issue which includes our
humble editor. The featured interview
is with fellow zinester
Jamesy from
Anarchoi zine whose got himself a
punk band called
Dogs Abuse. But
from his answers the band sound
about as interesting as his zine.
Maybe this is a growing trend amongst
zinesters of late getting their own band
together? Wonder if Andy Cactus and
his white power skinhead combo are
ready to rumble or Trev Hagl's found
that acoustic balladeer for his militant
ensemble yet? Oh and there's another
punk quiz and
Runnin' Riot appear
on the cover with some sexy new
backing singers. Always a pleasure
never a chore.
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Summer 2007
This edition from Cider country came
out the blue after what seems like an
eternity. I was beginning to think
Everlong had met the print reaper,
but 12 months later the latest issue of
Bristol's most informative punk zine
hits the stands again. Flick open the
first page and we are greeted by a
cutlass wielding stripy pirate wench
called Fi who fronts an outfit called
Dragster from Coventry. They
actually sound as good as she looks
with their dirty punk rock 'n' roll and
are one band who look like fun live.
They are followed by the less
Billy No Mates who
features the drummer out
fronting his own speedy pop punk
crooning outfit. They are so popular
they can rope together duel lineups
for East and Western hemispheres..
We then get
Demob from Gloucester
who are Fred West centrals first punk
band and seem programmed to inform
us at every given opportunity how
they are 'once punk always
punk'...why? Pinch me if I'm dreaming
coz I don't remember 'em in the punk
scene anywhere between 1984 and
2001? We get a profile of local beer
monster Payney who is guitarist in
This System Kills and once upon a
In The Shit. Apparently he now
has his fingers in a lotta promotion
pies (not mentioning Sheep's rears)
and is possibly the only Taff who likes
Everlong wouldn't be the
same without its token Dickcheese
band, and cover star Laila from
Boom 6
alongside her Manc side-kick
give us the low down on their well
produced but ever so manufactured
pop punk hankering for a bit of ska
and brass. So lets move on swiftly for
some genuine punk with California's
P.A.W.N.S who have about as much
gloss about em as GG Allens
underwear, but offer some neat punk
rock tunes. Pity they're sectioned off
into Anarcho, for their sound is more
akin to the original Californian punk
scene. In keeping with America,
melodic hardcore outfit
Far From
give us their feeble excuses
of why they ain't shagging all the birds
down the front unlike Kicks out
But more importantly why they
have got such a shitty moniker. The
live reviews were good this issue with
a massive Wasted festival rundown,
although the Reading festival report is
about as punk orientated as Ming
Campbell's wife's wig! Gawd I'm so
blinkered, we also get a large amount
of borderline punk in the CD section
as Black Sabbath grace the token
book review. If all the bands and
reviewers in here had a bit more snot
and less manners about em, I'd
probably be salivating over this zine,
but you have to give it to the Bristol
duo...they present their jam packed
take on punk with easy on the eye
reassurance and its always well put
together. Oh and is it me or are there
less ska bands about in this zine
£1.00 & A5 SAE
1 Shilton Close, Kingswood, Bristol,
BS15 9UZ, UK
Only the second edition of this well
researched 60 page Oi! Punk Ska
zine from Finland. Its all written in
English and shows a creative drive
which I have to say seems to be pretty
prevalent amongst the better skin
zines I've come across over the years.
In actual fact this reminds me of
quality old British zines like
Control or
Crucified from the 90's. It kicks off
with Part #2 (Part #1 featured in
Anti-Hippie #1) of a massive and
impressive 16 page feature on 'Blacks
in Punk, New Wave and Hardcore
1976-1983'. An article that delves into
an array of individuals who chose
punk as their music or mode of
expression. Quite an eye opener I
gotta say, from
Bad Brains, Pure
to a whole host of other less well
known characters, including
and the infamous LA tranny
zine writer Vaginal Davis. I believe this
piece was first published in
mag? So I dunno if this republishing
from other sources is gonna be a
common feature in
Anti Hippie? The
other big feature is titled 'Belfast Punx
The Story' which focuses on the early
80's Belfast punk scene which is also
nicked off the web! Both good articles,
but could be seen as lazy journalism
by some of our more devout zine
fraternity. However with this much
information online you ain't ever
gonna read it all in one sitting unless
your retina is made up of pixelated
stem cells. So I for one was glad it was
included, coz id never have read it all
otherwise. I still think
Anti Hippie
should maybe keep their purloined
features to a minimum next time out
though. The interviews however were
all home grown
Anti Hippie ones,
which veered heavily towards the
Oi!/Street punk market, but with a
distinct international flavour.
Bovver Boys admit
playing a disused windmill, Finnish
Street punkers
the Symptons explain
why their name is spelt funny, and an
interview with UK skin author
rounds of this issues
interrogations. Thankfully there's only
one piece on the Ska Association of
Estonia, along side a review of local
venue, club 'Stomp it'. There are also
quickfire spotlights on a variety of
smaller bands making a noise around
the planet. The reviews are small, but
this is a new zine and I'm sure it will be
flooded within a few more issues. I was
particularly impressed with the photo
quality collage running through the
back pages featuring an array of local
snapshots of bands and the scene in
Estonia, and no cheap photostat job
here! These are all printed and it
comes on a nice punky glossy layout
which was easy to read. Good zine
despite a few broken English
sentences and issue one is still
available so check out Martins
myspace below for more info.
Cost 2 euros plus postage. bands and
trades are welcomed!
January 2007
Been a while since I last read a copy of
Negative Reaction and this issue like
the last and issue #8 out now
(reviewed when I've read it) is on track
with what we've come to expect from a
newly politicized Comrade Hagl and his
babushka bird Dawn. Together they
are beginning to forge a 'right on'
collective amidst these pages. I
suspect the cover shot is some
Wasted festival? Or maybe a Farepak
mob demanding their money back?
But we ain't here to demand a refund
or look at the grainy pix (whatever
happened to Honey?), we are here to
be amused, lectured on how Nazi we
all are and  certainly entertained in all
the right places. Girl on the run
gets interviewed, although not
as probing as we'd like here in
Nihilism's cozy interrogation cells, and
it was nicked off the web, so what do
you expect? Honey does mention an
autobiography is due out this
Christmas, so we'll have to wait for all
the juicy bits in there I spose? The
Cocksparrer interview was interesting
not coz a handful of overweight, middle
aged, balding glamsters seem to have
captivated a whole generation of skins
'n' boot boys, but coz for once a band
who can fill venues more than most,
give long detailed answers to the
questions asked in this five page
musical career round up. There's also
a big but less enthralling interview with
Steve Drewitt of Newtown
fame. His band had their
moments back in the 80's but I was
never a big fan of that lefty liberalism
kinda bollocks that Billy Bragg, Atilla et
all spouted out on the back of punk.
Local Harlow outfit
Antibodies reckon
Steviie boy was a well known fake and
bandwagon jumper around town, and
every time I read an interview that
always seems to stick in my gullet. A
surprise inclusion was
Nardwuar the
Canadian irritant journo and punk
enthusiast, who is a general thorn in
the side of a sensible world. Plus
young scousers the
Down and Outs
who sound a bit posh for
. Best bits however was the
Gash Brown (Barse) obituary,
the hilarious Character Assassination
of New York's
Bobby Steele (the Dr
Goebbals of punk) and the depressing
Chav Central expose, alongside the
doomy Bollocks to Bureaucracy piece.
Reviews as always are safe and spot
on with zines, books and recordings
getting the once over. So whatever
your politics
Negative Reaction
remains one of the best all round UK
punk reads.
For more information write to
Trev c/o Rosehill, 20 New Front St,
Tanfield Lea, Stanley, Co Durham,
Summer 2007
Trev Hagl seems to be knocking these
out as fast 'n' furious as he did in the
HAGL days, and that's just how we
like it. Although the lions share of this
zines interviews are done by his
gobby Margate side kick (and I don't
mean his Mrs), its still worth your
coinage and investigation. We kick off
with yet another punk rock death and
tribute this time to
Toots who used to
promote punk gigs at Gateshead's
legendary Station venue back in the
early 80s. He died last year on the
streets of Plymouth. Still in a sombre
mood there's an expose on the Royal
Mail, which having worked there
myself, I can totally agree with.
There's an hilarious
Reaction vs The Modern World
where Comfy Pub Sofa's and E-Bay
Fuckwits are amongst an array of
targets that gets a severe bashing
NR's Mr Angry. The interviews
arevaried and spotlight the complex
selection of punk available today from
'77 to Oi! and back to Anarcho. But
kicks off with Cass from
the Violators
(UK82 outfit) who were a band who
didn't fit into any kinda genre which
made them way more memorable. He
tells us they've been gigging with a
Violators line-up (sorry no
Helen) and why they were referred to
'street level Joy Division'. I
always thought
the Warriors were
way over rated even amongst the Oi!
fraternity and thankfully they only give
us brief answers, which we should
swiftly move along from.
The Tights
are a first wave UK punk band who
have reformed with gigs and new
material for the album
"they always
wanted to make".
But realistically
speaking the personality's like their
jangly music is pretty average even if
they did have the nerve to burst
football. From one extreme to
another, the Cardinal of the notorious
Blood lets rip in a somewhat sensible
kinda disappointing middle aged way,
with only the bands media
manipulated gory past (inspired by
the late JJ Bedsore) and a couple of
good singles to cling too for dear life.
He now strums away in his true
persona under
the Blood name  
which is slightly, no make that
completely naff. When I see a
Conflict interview in a zine I recoil,
coz its usually done by bedroom
anarchists in awe or right on punks
waffling on about Animal fucking
liberation. This interview does a
degree of both, but at least Mr
Jerwood does get confronted with the
'being a rip-off' tag and the hilarious
Oi Polloi fall out (couldn't resist that
one). He of course totally denys any ill
feeling or blatant greed, blaming the
hectic catapult to infamy of the times
as the mitigating factor. I'm still waiting
for the Armarni suits and rave club
owner rumours to be outed from the
early 90s? He did leave us with one
exemplory note
"just do things the
way you see right".
There's also
loads of zines, a few books and DVD
reviews which you can count on being
almost 95 percent correct, coz after all
we don't all live in Stanley.
Hmmm Issue #9 and #10 are out as
we speak...!
For more information write to
Trev c/o Rosehill, 20 New Front St,
Tanfield Lea, Stanley, Co Durham,