winter 2014
Had to get this when I seen old Lou's
face staring out from the news stands
and features a big dark lord look back
after his demise one year on.
"One chord is fine. Two chords are
pushing it. Three chords and your into
one chord wonder indeed!
There's an interesting look back at
Skeletal Family. New outfit Ming City
claim "Were the best band in
the fucking world"
with their
Stooge routine.
Meanwhile original
Stooge James
Williamson tells us all about how he
reconstructed an album (Re-Licked) of
song’s penned by
Iggy Pop and the
, which were originally
intended to be the follow-up to Raw
Power in the '70's, but were never
properly recorded and only previously
released as live versions and bootlegs,
Only this time with guest vocalists.
According to Rolling Stone mag
did not really appreciate this"
. Broken
are profiled with the impressive
new singer JJ in their ranks and of
course Bones on guitar taking the
band to new realms of exposure in
their 31 years together.
Spite are a
punk super-group who are made up of
Testor, a Stooge, a Damned and a
Pistol. The promo's good, but with so
many of these super-groups knocking
around these days it all sounds very
similar and not very memorable. The
reliable and only bona fide journo on
this rag Kris Needs, takes us finally on
a ten page voyage through
gutter soot, opiate sleazy
legacy. Steve Severin of
guides us through the final
years of the band and ultimately its
demise. Meanwhile a 64 year old Lee
Ving from
Fear who looks very craggy
these days. But when you've been a
bartender, NY taxi driver, outlaw biker,
actor and lead singer in the notorious
Fear. I'm sure time does take its toll.
Read and snigger at 6 pages of tales,
he even dons Lee jeans fer fux sake
lol. Plus we get the usual 14 pages of
reviews. This current issue of
rock'n'roll, punk, new wave publication
features quite a lot of non punk acts
like primal scream, bad manners, etc
but punk wise it always gives us the
goods. Comes with a FREE CD of
disposable punk related tracks which
for a fiver cover price certainly justifies
£4.99 price.
For more info go here....
Vive Le Rock
May 2014
The stylish but resolute Nottingham
Failsafe fanzine just keeps rolling on
and on, and don't we just love
"Wishing it was 82 since 1983" and
that strictly
"no new bands guarantee".
So if 80's punk is your bag you'll love
this as it goes back in time to feature
big names plus a load of obscurity's
too. And its always good to see how
they turned out and find out what the
individuals are up to these days. You
can see by a growing list of punk faces
in all corners of the globe holding a
copy of the rag in their mitts its
definitely getting through to its captive
audience. First out the traps this issue
are the totally unknown to me outfit
Don't Know who changed their
unremarkable name to wait for it...
Don't No lol. Hailing from Huntington
Don't No look like they were
bottom of bill artists throughout their
short career. So lets move swiftly on to
this issues cover star
the Fits Mick
Crudge, who looks the most in shape
80's punker I've seen since Beki
Bondage and begins a massive part
one of this mammoth 18 page
interview. I suspect its one this zine
has been after for a very long time
considering they were the very first
group editor David seen live back in
the 80's. And its good to hear the real
story of
the Fits as the interviews i
read back in the 80's seemed like
posturing affairs. But
Failsafe really
does delve into their beginnings and
how even the songs got created, which
is fascinating if your anyway familiar
with their recorded output. They have
since reformed and are out and about
playing with new material. We then pick
up on another also ran
from Epping who even
i have heard of. Singer Gavin spills the
beans on everything Anti including
clashes with skinheads we then end
with 12 pages of record and gig
reviews from guests on both sides of
the Atlantic and finally this issue is
completed with a full colour shot on the
back page of Milf Jennifer Blowdryer
I'm sure a Beki Bondage shot would've
been more eye watering but hey
beggars can't be choosers!!!
October 2014
Instead of 'BC' maybe we should in
fanzine circles refer to periods prior to
this Leeds printed bastion as 'Before
. This solitary Leeds zine has
been around
since 1988 which is such
a long time and is still batting on in his
lonesome innings these days
. As time soldiers on the
, the enthusiasm and the dry
prickly humour still rages on the page

and is better than ever as it declares
."Still a thoroughly, unashamedly,
stuck in the 80s cut ‘n’ paste Punk
Rock Zine".
All i can say to Andy is if
you still enjoy it, do it! It would be a
shame and sorely missed if zines like
Bald Cactus called it a day in an age
of no or little personality in zinedom.
The front cover has an array of punk
orientated badges, see if you can spot
Skrewdriver badge? Interview
we get Brummies Police Bastard
who reveal their cop loving hangups,
as well as all the p
olitical aspects of PB
life in the
ir local precinct. Leeds band
Jaded Eyes bring us their particular
'dischord' take to the table, but I have
to admit
I much prefer the music they
used on their
new album trailer rather
than the sound they actually create.
Sunderlands HDQ have that lame
merican wanna be sound, that seems
feature on every Boss Tuneage
... Oh maan! Meanwhile Epic
who have finally become a
band in the
ir own right, all be it as a
Leatherface tribute and mention they
may do some
Blitz songs in their set in
future. There are 3 pages of record
reviews and 2 pages of fanzines reviews.
They're honest, but his taste in some
of the music still has me scratching me
head. The
final interview is a 5 pager
and an oldie resurrected from June
1991 with LA
's Cringer who were on
ir debut UK tour. Which was quite
as they compared the
US/UK scene at the time
. This is all
threaded throughout the zine by
Cactus rants on everything from
posing bastards, guilt tripping bastards
and punk passion. Oh and before I
forget Facebook lol. It seems our
Luddite editor has joined the
Facebook fraternity...omg, shock
horror he'll be recoiling at whose got a
cold, whose hungover, whose Mrs has
left him or whose died! Next thing you
Bald Cactus will be blogging like
a slag or heaven forbid he might even
do a webzine!...naaah could he?,
would he?
(A5, 24 pages, £1+ SASE)