3 Stone Monkey / Road Rage
Criminal Class
Queens Hall, Nuneaton UK
15th February 2014

Its pissing it down and I'm almost skint. Nobody interested in going tonight, what a shitter! Fuck it, I'm out of here
soon, see what the night brings? Well its the morning after the night before and the heads still banging, but well
worth the pain. Gig was good, turnout was crap, to be honest Bison's (Eaten Alive's fanzine editors 50th birthday
bash) could've been better organised for a few more bodies. But that could be down to a few different factors, one
you need a submarine or a boat to travel. England at the minute with half the country flooded, will soon be like all
us rats abandoning ship and let Blighty sink, the other factor to the poor show Bison never really presented the
GIG that great, just a little advert or two here and there. How many out there read Eaten Alive Punk Zine?
But all the same, cheers mate for putting this together, I had a great night myself so who gives a fuck!?

Well first up are Criminal Class, now these boys are no
trangers to the Queens Hall, as they played here back in the
day with Nuneaton's very own Crux, back when the club was
the 77 Club. But no Craig St Leon on vocals here. We get a
much younger bloke doing Vocals which ain't bad, but he ain't
Craig, not a bad rhythm guitar player, anchors the band quite
well, but I loved Craig's voice on tracks like 'Blood On The
Streets' and 'Soldier', but in all fairness they power though the
set to an almost static crowd. Fer fucks sake you payed your
money jump around! Still got the backbone to a great classic
Skinhead OI! Punk band, Bass, Drums, Guitar alongside new
ocals, good enough for me to get me foot tapping.

Well its time for a pint, cheers Bronto will get you one back at
the next gig mate. Shoot off a couple of snaps of
Dude, Gail, Bronto and a few others, just to check
me new camera ain't gone a bollock like the last
one, and 3 Stone Monkey/Road Rage make their
way to the stage. Love them, the dancing Monkey
gave us a chuckle. To be honest seen Road Rage
back in the day supporting GBH, Sid Vicious Mum
was managing them at the time for smack money
and was always worth getting along to see, but
3 Stone Monkey where a new one on me, which
featured two members from Road Rage, Pete
Machin and Roy Worthington. These boys got it
going in spades, dressed up suited and booted
well apart from the dancing monkey that is. Loved
X Box' and 'Tick Tick' but to be honest if I weren't
so pissed I think I would of liked each number as
much as the last. Saying that its Like when
Criminal Class ended the set with the self title track, got me thinking the
effort lower key bands put in to small turnout crowds and yet they still rock the
ouse down, me I'm unsure I would put in all that work year after year, but fair
play to the bands that do.

Splodgessabounds are just one of those bands. Max Splodge has
been at this game for a very long time, giving it is heart and soul. Sometimes
too drunk for falling down, but a true professional to the end (HA HA). A man
with the obsession for the Mongols and Rolf Harris, even though Rolf would'nt
ake his 'Two Little Boys' to tonights show.
Max g
ot side tracked about Milkmen, you had to be there to understand that
one. But that's Splodge for you, funny as funny could be, stranger then
strange, a sock fallen down inside the shoe of life. A mismatch of the weird
and the wonderful like the car crash waiting to happen, If you want to have a
fun night out don't think you can go far wrong watching MAX Splodge in the
trange world he lives in. Real nice bloke to chat to and have a beer with.
What you see is what you get, the chaos of a real living legend on the abyss
of his own mortality.

Sid (Nuneaton) 16/2/2014
Max Splodge on the abyss of his own mortality (Sid)
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The new Criminal Class (Sid)
Splodgenessabounds flyer (Sid)
3 Stone Monkey/ Roadrage (Sid)
Splodgenessabounds entertain Nuneaton (Sid)
Max Splodge and Sid backstage Nuneaton (Sid)