Bug Central
'The Meek Will Inherit Nothing' CD  
(Ben Blasphemy 2000)
Great art great band!
'The Meek Will Inherit Nothing'
CD 1999
Anarcho punk incorporated! Well that's the
impression that most reviewers seem to spout
off about this band. But I must admit that tag
doesn't do
Bug Central justice. Yeah they're
raw, yeah they're angry and they bombard us
with a wide range of systematic failings. But
what I get from hearing these rabid, raucous
Londoners is something a little bit more than
yer average Anarcho combo of today has to
offer! And that something is suss! By reading the lyrics y'know, that they know the score all too well. And they
don't just pack a punch to go with their angry pissed off demeanour. They've got some blitzing tunes to send
their bomb on it's way!
Bug Central have now got a new bass player in their lineup which will hopefully give
em chance of more gigs under their trio of
studded belts. Pity coz I thought Paul Pot played a blinder on this
This debut however, kicks off in fine style with the 'Queens English' and the trademark buzz-saw
guitars, driving
bass and pounding drums propel us through their 13-song rampage. As I said, this ain't your
usual run of the mill
rant 'n' rave fair here. Oh no...they have some great sarcastic lyrics that not only spell out
the trials and
tribulations this life has for us. But it's conveyed in a strangulated take no prisoners kinda way.
'Sick (again)' is
one of their best tirades and shows they know a few tricks of the trade in song structure. For
instance slowing
down and speeding up as the fully aware lyrics sums up this system, that has it's slimy hands
around all our
necks! Ending with that stand-out yobbo sounding "I'm gonna be a problem" end refrain,
courtesy of Paul
Pot followed by Noodles Romanov's (singer/guitarist) gut wrenched (snigger)..."you make
me fucking
sick!" epitaph! 'Moment of Clarity' is another good track from a clever debut. I like the way Bug
have an everyday punk on the street look at life. Something too many of the preaching bands forget
about or know
nothing of in reality? I do think Noodles Romanov's vocals (similar in style to Justin Sane's from
Anti-Flags, scrawl) could do with a bit more variation in 'em. Coz their Jack Russell ranting quality can get a
message over loud
and clear but can also get a bit monotonous after 13 tracks! However their clever use of
sound bites to
introduce some of the tracks were well picked. And yeah not one guitar solo in the whole
album!!! Comes with a great
production, nothing tinny or transistorized on 'ere! Plus some great artwork and
the full dirty lyrics spelt out
for you yanks!