Rocktoons (Tyler Martin)
Now this one really takes the biscuit. Camp Sex Pistols courtesy of I hope Tyler Martin can live with himself. The Sid
Vicious captures the snarl but Johnny Rotten looks like a something
that walked out a Quentin Crisp creation.

Tyler Martins excuses are...
"The Sex Pistols, what more need be said? I am always captivated
when some documentary about them comes on the television. They
need to do a new movie about the Sex Pistols, they always
exaggerate and make things out to be more than they were... but
that's the fun, we get desensitized to everything, I have to put lots
of salt and pepper on my food these days to get the flavor I am
craving out of it. Sid & Nancy was a pretty good one but not really
about the whole band, if anything an anti-heroin campaign, Gary
Oldman was awesome as usual ("He's a dwarf, little kids don't dress
like that"). I think if they did a new one they should cast Rik Mayall
(Drop Dead Fred, The Young Ones) as Johnny Rotten and Sam
Rockwell ("Wild Bill" from The Green Mile, and "Guy" from Galaxy
Quest) as Sid Vicious. My apologies for leaving the "other two guys"
out of the toon and the comments."