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Kicking Up A Racket
The story of Stiff Little Fingers 1977-1983                        
By Roland Link
September 2009

Its been a long and very rocky road from the original idea to the
publishers printing press. But sometimes perseverance and self belief
pays off, and I'm glad to say that come
September 2009 this particular
author Roland Link (ex
Another Fine Mess) gets his dues when his
autobiography of
Stiff Little Fingers finally hits the book shelves and
the online retailers web pages.
Its a very good read and well worth all the hard graft he's put into a
project that has been completed against all the odds.
I know from the many emails we exchanged over the years that there
was a lot of ups and downs involved during the extensive research
period. As well as times when it looked like it was never going to come
together, but Roland kept his nerve and here we are many stressful
years later talking about the finished item.
Now I'll never be accused of being
SLF's biggest fan (I preferred Rudi
and still do), but I really enjoyed reading a proof copy of the book over
the Christmas past.
I tackled it on a computer and believe me I wouldn't recommend it to
anyone or do it again. The hard copy is definitely the way to go, but the
quality of writing and story kept me interested. I never wanted to call it
quits and give up, as the book is both very informative and entertaining.

All the facts about the band and its associates, the tours, records and
everything else in between that's required by even the most anal of
fans is covered here. Backed up by some very amusing tales recalled
by the band members past and present themselves, who have contributed with enthusiasm and given their blessing to the book.
I particularly enjoyed all the hometown early days in Belfast memories, as this was my punk scene. I was there and I know a lot of
the ex punks who have shared their tales of those heady days within these pages and gives the book a real easy going down to
earth feel. A feeling you certainly don't get when you delve into most of those played out elitist London and New York punk books
that preach art school anarchy and fashion. The journals that try to convince you that you are not worthy to be called a real punk
because you didn't come from those cities during the mid 70s!
Just do yourself a favour and check this book out, its been a long time in the making, and even if like me your not an
SLF fan you
will be glad you gave it a go!

Joe Donnelly Belfast 3/5/09
Kicking Up A Racket (2009)