Nardwuar the Human
Serviette vs. Bev Davies:
A 2007 Punk Rock Calendar! (2006)

Now this is one of punk's unique anomalies. A professionally
bound calender that comes in the shape of an A4 glossy book
which opens out into a double page spread for each month.
Including interesting mini dialogues with Toronto born
photographer Bev Davies, who took all the shots in this product.
It's also a good introduction for those of us not yet familiar with
Bev's work and her interrogator Vancouver punk journo and
Evaporators singer, Nardwuar The Human Serviette, who himself
is something of a British Columbian institution. Between them they
create an appealing look back at a time when punk wasn't just a
uniform taste. And unlike the regular punk calendars, which
feature band shots, dates and nothing else. This lavishly put
together almanac is more like a magazine sporting rare black and
white shots with intriguing behind the scene accounts. Bev is one
those talented female photographers who doesn't seem to have
gotten the respect or acknowledgement she so richly deserves.
She worked for Vancouver BC's news and Entertainment weekly
'Georgia Straight' and contributed to 'Slash', 'Damaged' and
many more fanzines in her time. She's now working in the slightly
less glamorous provincial government post as a welfare worker.
Which must pay well, but can't be quite as much fun? However
from the photographic evidence on display here, she must be
sitting on a goldmine of snaps from punks primal past, which must
be screaming to be viewed and seen by a larger audience, than
the next garage sale no doubt.

The majority of the shots in this collection have or are linked
intrinsically to Vancouver, BC. Bev relocated there in the late 70's
and literally shot everything that moved between then and '85. In
fact this whole Calender puts the city of Vancouver back on the
punk map alongside
DOA's long running rowdy outbursts. The
images are either taken whilst bands toured the city or at various
foreign locations, including California and London. A long line of
influential acts are portrayed, including
The Subhumans,
Motorhead, Avengers, Black Flag, Adam and the Ants
San Francisco,
D.O.A. , Johnny Thunders, The Clash in San
Pointed Sticks, Go-Go's again in San
, Dead Kennedy's in London, Gang of Four,
and Duff McKagen/Fastbacks. From the candid
dialogue we find out Lemmy from
Motorhead has customised
black pants tailor made for him in London. So if your looking for
that slight black flair to match your cuban heels in Hot Topic, don't
bother. Zippy Pinhead from
the Dils took a sneaky leak in
Penelope Houston's top drawer tut tut; hope he didn't spoil her
copies of Ring magazine. Ian McKaye's laborious account of the
meaning of hardcore was something we all could've done without,
but was overshadowed in spectacular fashion by a brilliant live
shot of
DOA in action. Actions speak louder than words on that
subject! There's an unusual shot of Johnny Thunders draped in
an Italian flag on stage, which would've been fantastic in colour.
Mr Thunders by the way, slipped over the stringent Canadian
border on the strength of his New York library card and local
promoters borderline connections. There's a funny story about
Anti Nowhere League bullying DOA in London over who
opens up a support slot for the
Dead Kennedy's. The Tunbridge
crew with a small chapter of bikers got their way. However
had the last laugh, when someone mysteriously spiked Animals drink during the bands visit to Vancouver. There are
even opinions on the smell of Billy Idols leather pants. Plus a first-class shot of a teenage Duff McKagan (G 'N' R's)
playing drum in his first band
the Fastbacks. Wasn't quite overawed at seeing Gang Of Four (who have gotta be the
most bland looking band ever), failing to brighten up a dull November. However a larger 4 page interrogation focussing
on Bev's favourite shots from her career which includes a lots of
DOA references, plus anecdotes on cult punk movie
'Ladies And Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains' which was also inevitably shot in Vancouver, will keep you entertained.
This is an impressive legacy to Bev's work that concludes with a two page discography of Vancouver label Mint Records
who put this slick package together and Nardwuar Records respectively. Printed in Canada sold to the rest of the world,
lets hope this sets the trend for future punk calendars.
* * * *

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