Brian Ray Turcotte, Christopher T Miller
(Gingko Press 99)
The ultimate collection of aesthetics, the coolest looking book of all
time - Aside from occasional short rantings from old punk people
romanticizing their long-lost, 'fomative DIY ethics and experiences as a
punk in the early 80's ("cuz no one likes you at school, or bing upset
that you don't fit in with the jocks who beat the shit out of you"
[Lars Fredrickson], etc, etc...), this book leaves the editorializing up to
the flyers and photos.
In this way it straddles two objectives - as the structured presentation of
flyerism as a subset of punk culture, but also as a visual representation of
punk itself, doing an outstanding job of both. On one hand looking at the
flyers (obviously not as pieces of art, as many hippies and situationist
morons would assert) as eye - candy snapshots of what punk looked like, and
on the other hand, wishing you were there to experience it. On basically
every page me and whomever was looking at the book with me would go "fuck" every time we saw a flyer with
BLACK FLAG and RHINO 39, or the CRUCIFIX flyer with a photo of Harley Flanagan, or the flyer for the last
MISSION OF BURMA show, wishing
we could have been there. And that basically is the point of the book - a pure
nostalgia trip reminding us how awesome punk rock is. The book is arranged only loosely into sections, not
chronologically, as it begins with a short
DEAD KENNEDYS section, flips to the first wave LA and SanFran scene,
then jumping ahead a few years, and so on and so forth. This arrangement gives the book a manic pace and
doesn't attempt to place higher importance on certain scenes or time periods, which is refresing. It's nice to see a
punk book that includes
DEAD BOYS flyers on equal footing as SLAPSHOT or WIPERS ones, or a KRAUT flyer
standing right next to a
WEIRDOS flyer on the back cover. Also great as a resource - my kitchen wall and also this
zine have become festooned with tons of flyers felched from FUAPC. My only complaint would obviously be the
huge price on this book, it's a glossy motherfucker and just recently got put into paperback. Thankfully my library
had it. Also most of the backing shots behind the flyers look dumb and appear to have been systematically; treated
to every Photo-shop function there is, but this is a quibble. Great book. Definetly an insiders report - you either get
it or you don't.
(Breakout fanzine #1)
Fucked Up & Photocopied
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