By Nina Antonia' (1987)
Captivating and gripping account of the low life and

times of punk rocks wildest and probably the most
influential of the guitarslingers ...Johnny Thunders.
He was born to lose, but what he's left behind will seal his immortality
in punk forever. From his Queens, NY birth to his New Orleans, LA
death, Johnny Thunders the chord lord of New York seemed destined
to slink through the dark underbelly of life.
Meeting up with similar like minded lost souls along the way to create
legendary and ultimately tragic outfits like the
New York Dolls and
The Heartbreakers. Both of whom despite not gaining the
commercial success they so rightly deserved, will be revered forever
more as groundbreaking outfits. If you've anything to do with punk
over the last 25 years you'll have known only too well what impact this
diminutive Italian had on punk.
Being responsible for creating brief but epic moments of genius with
his guitar will always be his trademark in the grooves forever. And
while he wasn't creating those monsters on record he made a jolly
good attempt at making headlines off it. Drugs, drink, death and the
seedy side of rock'n'roll lifestyle were always gonna be Johnny's
closest bed pardners. But he was a cat with 9 lives or so it seemed.
He spent all his adult life playing all over the world, travelling like a
transient gypsy to the next toilet, the next tour....the next dealer. He
did try and make a life outside of rock'n'roll fathering a big family, and

was a loving father. But everyone knew, including his children's
mothers that it wouldn't be long before the stage lights drew him back
on the road. For one thing this book is very good at, and that is
portraying his day to day existence showing just how
Mr Thunders
survived time and time again, when most were predicting his premature demise as early as the 70's.
Grim determination and the fact that he knew nothing else but playing his guitar assured his survival. It also sealed
his fate since that first smak filled meeting with Mr Pop in the early 70's. From them on, he staggered onto the heroin
tightrope of life or death for the rest of his 38 years. Nina Antonia got
inside and up close in this book, which has
some great moments and is riddled with images of JT in action, at home, or just completely out of it! Aided by a
comprehensive discography. In Cold Blood is gritty, it's dirty and it's also a very honest biography of JT....

"too fast to live too young to die!"
(*****) ISBN 1901447154
Johnny Thunders In Cold Blood
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