Yet another outing from Alan G Parker on the subject of Sid
Vicious, this time in DVD format. Alan tries to bring us closer to
unveiling the true identity of the murderer of Nancy Spungen. 30
years have passed and 182 people to re-interview and I feel we
were no closer on than what Alan had to offer in his first three
books on Mr. Vicious.
There are a few fair points made but they shed so little light on
what really happened in those early hours of the 12th of October
1978. NYPD refuse to re-open the case and for them Vicious was
their man guilty or not, Sid would never come to trail, dead within
six months from a heroin overdose, and with that the NYPD closed
the case once and for all.
For me I wanted answers and they never came, the single stab
wound, a finger-print-less knife, Vicious's royalty money for MY
WAY nowhere to be seen, the missing six name’s from the
NYPD files. Now I read once that Malcolm Mclaren had had the
knife wiped clean and many Junkies' around the Chelsea Hotel
had been fingered for the murder, but they're all just lazy points of
view and not one with any claret that would up-hold to questioning
in a Law Court.
It was apparent that Sid was so drugged out of his brain from
medical records that in a coma type state wasn’t able to
stand, than rationally thinking I've stabbed my girlfriend to death,
now wipe the knife clean, hide the royalty money, get so crashed
out on the bed and plead ignorance to this complete nightmare.
We will never know what happened, and for those in the know
their story may have already gone to the grave. Its like me saying I
hold up my hands, I'm the guilty party in question, even though I'm
much too young to have been there, my story holds as much
evidence as the next man or woman, and with that Sid and
Nancy's murder or murders will remain the myth or legend.
Alan Parker's Who Killed Nancy DVD, does try to turn over the
stones that need turning but with it being your fingers around that
fatal blade back in 1978 your left no wiser than what you think you
already know. A couple of plus points for the DVD came in the
form of the length Alan went to interview the people who were
alleged to have been there, and with that, hats off to Alan. The
Extras on the DVD are worth a nose to. Not a bad DVD but don't
think by the end of it you will be any the wiser.

Sid (Nuneaton) 2009
Who Killed Nancy
A Film by Alan G. Parker
DVD release February 2009
Recieved this brand new DVD release as a present earlier this week
and I'm glad I did as its rather good.
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and the more I find out about Sid
Vicious the more I realise that the punk icon /action figure is someone I
really don't like.
Yeah even though he couldn't play the bass he managed to wangle his
way into one of the most important bands of all time and yes he had a
great image we all bought into. But underneath the cartoon lip curled
punk front of the spikey hair, studded leather, swastikas and chains it
seems to me he was a pretty useless person and dangerously mentally
unstable throughout. Facts which we've only found out years later in
installments as the layers of his scuzzy life have been peeled back one
by one.
Alan (G) Parker the director of this bio/doc in the opinion of many has
done more to milk the Vicious cash cow than anyone else that I could
name offhand, but in an ironic twist this film could be his finest hour as it
is really good .
Hopefully this will be his final nail in the Sid + Nancy media coffin and
he'll be happy to move on knowing he is leaving this well worn subject
on a personal high and let the legend rot in peace .
(Loved the Motley Crue too fast for love t-shirt Al )
Overall the film doesn't offer any solution to the whole "who killed Nancy"
mystery, suspects names are bandied about. But the conflicting
reminsces from a number of contibutors like Steve Noir, Steve English,
Howie Pyro etc etc and some previously untapped sources plus some
bad animations makes for a fascinating insider peek to the sleazy world
the doomed couple inhabitated before they fufilled their tragic destiny.
The repulsive cat killing story is retold once again in chilling detail, only
this time its an eye witness account and not a Sid appologist like the
boring Viv Albertine (also here) trying to justify and make light of the
incident like she disgustingly did in a recent radio 4 doc broadcast a few
weeks back.
Its very disturbing to watch Mark Helfond? relive the moment as he is
clearly distressed but as he says himself "why didn't he stop Vicious".
I'll tell you what if I'd been there I'd have battered the fuck out of the
arsehole for even attempting that act of blatant cruelty on a poor
defenseless creature.
This vital DVD release can happily sit alongside "The Filth And The
Fury" without any shame unlike that other piece of trash cinema "Sid
And Nancy" from 1986.
The ton of extras on the disc are worth the sticker price alone, I love the
Pizzo and the Delinquents track "Pretty Dope Fiend" from the movie
soundtrack and I don't hate Nancy!
Definitely reccomended viewing . Buy it.

Joe Donnelly (Belfast) 23/2./09