After 11-9-01 Terrorist Attacks on America. I was interested to hear what the punks
thought about it here's a few reactions you can e-mail me your views at
With some of the idiotic comments I see on this page, I'm almost inclined to giving up trying to defend
the U.S. from spiraling down the path of inevitable self-destruction. Terrorism, the capacity of
committing it, is in each of us, and we only need the right buttons pushed to activate it. how would
you feel about the U.S. if they dropped a bomb on your house killing your family/friends, or supplied
the military hardware, and financial and diplomatic support to another country to do it (ie
Israel-Palestine) ? Trying to "fight" terrorism, by killing people, and abrogating our constitutional
rights, is not going to ever stop terrorism, something that even neo-conservatives will admit. Asking
why people are motivated to commit terrorist acts against us, and seeing whether they are just or
rectifiable grievances... might.
Mathew Gatto - 25 - 2 - 03
Of course we're pissed off that it was innocent people that died... but so many people fail to look
beyond that. The terrorits' idea was not to harm individuals - it was to harm an ideal. (unfortunately for
them all they did was make it stronger.) I am so tired of hearing everyone defend the US like it's
forever exempt of any blame. of course the US did some thing to deserve this, no matter how much it
sucks. The United States as a whole has the attitude of being better than EVERYONE ELSE. There is no
doubt that American citizens fare better than Afghanis or anyone else for that matter, but when its
rubbed in their faces - when we are responsible for so many smaller countries' plights (and yet we still
rise up as the worlds most powerful nation) its gotta be so hard not to be pissed out of your mind. i am
not saying what the terrorists did was right. i am saying that the US was asking for it.
Judy P. - 28-10-01
Bang the war drums, baby. You don't have to be conservative to want dead every f--ker who works to
kill Americans. All you have to do is not be naive. There's real evil in the world, some of our own
making and some not. There's a crisis going on right now. Terrorism has hit our shores. We can work
to fine tune democracy to your version of it later, but right now some evil f--ks have to die and sit at
the right hand of their god. Only then can you go to your anti-America workshop at the co-op without
fear of being blown up. Yes, I do think we're better than the Taliban. Yes, I do think they've crossed a
line where only their death will stop them from trying killing all us infidels. Violence begets violence
until the violence stops. That's how it goes. The war begun by (in this case) Islamic Extremists is a
wake up call to every religion, nation, group and individual to reject the actions of the most
dangerous followers of whatever it is they themselves are associated with. This is a great opportunity
for moderate and liberal religious faiths to come together and pledge to work toward interfaith
understanding and unity while presenting a unified front against the Pat Robertsons and Talibans of
the world. This is the time for the Republican Party to tell their Nazi-Klan loving right wing to f--k off.
The gay community should fight NAMBLA as a disease in their midst. Gnome Chomsky should be
reviled by the punk community forbeing the intellectual hypocrite and coward that he is, and Anarchy
should be dealt with as the potentially dangerous mental delusion that that is. The list goes on.
Everyone's afraid to give an inch because they fear they're next. It's time for rational people to back
each other up and get rid of the scum. Who's to decide who's scum, you ask? Well, if you can't put
Nazis into that category, you're not qualified to judge anything, pal. There has to be a minimum
standard somewhere, not just intellectual impotence that leads to weakness in the face of evil. The
history of the world is filled with hate, slavery, war, mass murder, disease and famine. Peace has only
come from either geographic isolation or military might. Relatively recent times saw the emergence of
two ideologies diametrically opposed to each other: Communism and Capitalism. Communism looked
good on paper but failed completely in practice. Capitalism is by design based on inequity, but it does
have a Democracy component and does address the laziness, greed, and stupidity of humanity with a
carrot and stick approach. Fine, Capitalism sucks, but it's not the failed nightmare of Communism or a
mental defect like Anarchy. America has a lot to be ashamed of for how its acted in the world in its war
against Communism. The Communists have a lot to be ashamed for too. I'm happy I live under
Capitalism, and I'm glad Communism lost. If you hate America so much, leave. Find a place where you'll
be happy. Why be miserable all the time? Is it that you live at home, surviving off an allowance from
those Capitalist pigs mom and dad? Are you still a teenager who draws attention by moaning
everything sucks while being incapable of doing anything to make things better? Are you obsessed
by a utopian daydream that's as realistic as expecting all of Earth's population to whistle the A-Team
theme in unison while standing on one leg? Oh, I get it, you're an intellectual terrorist battling
Capitalism on the home front by being a pimple on the nation's ass. By always telling the "other side"
of the story, the one where everything wrong in the world is America's fault. That's real brave. Why
don't you try that in China or Afghanistan? Oh, yeah, I forget, you're afraid of torture and you like the
freedom to moan all day without being hacked to death. See, in America you get to be the brave little
coward you are. I hate Gnome Chomsky with a burning passion because he's an intellectual coward
and a hypocrite. He's a smart guy, and he knows all sides of history. He knows the crimes of
Communism, The Nazis, and all the rest, yet he only presents the side that blames America first and
always. His hatred of the United States and Capitalism is so pure he's backed Holocaust Revisionism.
Amazing - a jew who defends Holocaust Revisionism. That's how blind his ideology is. Anarchy, what a
fantasy world. Unicorns and Smurfs. Gnome's a coward because he'd be dead in a heartbeat if he
applied his huge itching swelling brain to criticizing the Taliban in their own country. And he knows it.
The worthless piece of s--t. Pacifism is noble, and Gandhi was a great man with a great philosophy, but
they are ineffectual against concerted acts of violence. If the Amish had their own country in Europe
in the 1930s, do you really think their positive karma would have prevented Hitler from crushing them
under tanks for sport? Do you think the Taliban, modern middle eastern Nazis to the core, don't
consider pacifism to be any less than cowardice? I'm glad you believe in peace. I'm sorry you think
peace is a shield against terror. I believe in revenge and I believe that war is not pretty. I believe
America did the right thing by defeating the Axis powers in WWII, and in that war civilians were killed.
That's what happened when we liberated France and Italy. Dropping bombs on Japan was a travesty,
and the answer in this case is not to kill them all and let god sort them out. It will take war and death to
liberate the starving masses of Afghanistan living under the rule of the Taliban. Did you know that
they bury widows alive because they are seen as having no value whatsoever without their
husbands? Would you like to brush that aside as if it doesn't exist to tell me about the number of
hungry kids in America? Great point - thanks for telling me all the ugly truths about my so-called free
and democratic society. Just shut up while the adults make the world safe for you to be an ungrateful,
spoiled middle class f--k who'll become Capitalist yourself just like your unwashed hippie parents did.
Old Punks Site - California USA (Supplied by June)
I never thought that I, or most of my friends for that matter, would be hawkish on anything, but it
seems like the US is going to have to do some killing so that these people won't be able to do it again.
It seems like we're in a "us or them" situation. This has been a huge set back for the Palestinian and
pro-arab causes for most people in the US such as myself who aren't totally pro-Israel- it's difficult to
empathize w/ a organization or anyone that helps or supports one, that goes for the maximum kill- esp.
w/ a civilian target. Not that I was ever pro-Talisban. In fact earlier this year I signed a petition against
the deplorable way they treated women in Afghanistan. What they do to them is so deplorable that I
wouldn't kick too much if we got rid of the government there; even at the cost of more US casualties.
And I (and most of my friends, BTW) was against the Gulf war, so you can see the political shift this has
caused. There's more about this that I won't go into now- like how US citizens will lose some civil
liberties for the foreseeable future, if not permanently; already congress is pushing thru bills that
were defeated in past years because they were constitutionally questionable. The "Homeland
Defense Czar" position that was just created was shot down in congress just last year for that reason,
but now that we're in a war situation, Bush had enough leeway to push it thru. So who knows what will
come of all this?
Russ (KillerCrows website)- USA 26-9-01
No shit, this fucking sucks----- But what the fuck are we gonna do, i wont let my own government push
me around so iam sure the fuck not gonna let some piece of shit terroist do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!japan tried this
shit & look what happened to them, have they fucked with anyone since? i say we drop some serious
fucking bombs on afganastan,palistine,and any other fuckhead that thinks its a good idea to harbor
terroism. the real problem is how do we seperate good americans from the terroist that are already
living here?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? still
Hard , Pissed , Loud , & proud
Rory - Sacto, USA (Supplied by a Mike Oppressed Logic mailout)
I have been fighting back the tears (and have cried) because of what has happened. I am also afraid
for what is GOING to happen. My instintcts are telling me to get the fuck out of CA, I think the West
coast may be next. BY the way, I have been sending the message from the Canadian person to
everyone I know. Hang in there,
Andi Snap-Her - LA, USA (Supplied by a Mike Oppressed Logic mailout)
USA, bienvenidos a "nuestro" mundo. of course, "A Moment Of Silence" now. ....I'm sorry. punx rules.
David Argies - Argentina (Supplied by a Mike Oppressed Logic mailout)
Up hear we are (if that's possible) as shocked and grossed as your are. I think you should remember
that it's not americans that the human race has a problem with. It's just that America is the icon of
what's wrong with this planet. In reality, the whole white western world is more or less to blame for
our present problems but it's easier to digest if we all blame america rather than ourselves. I don't
think this is the time to be looking for new enemies. For one thing they might turn out to be way
closer to home than we ever suspected. I hope instead that this is a time when we can try to figure
out just what the fuck is going on on this planet. Unfortunately I suspect that we will all soon be
greiving for not only thousands of inocent american citizens, but many more than that around the
world. Peace be with you.
Cretin dayglo (Dayglo Abortions) - Canada (Supplied by a Mike Oppressed Logic mailout)
it is all somee fucked up shit we bomb them..they bomb us..we get angry, and bomb them again..and
on and on and on how many thousands are dead? how many thousands will die?? fuck anyways.....
Fraggle - USA (Supplied by a Mike Oppressed Logic mailout)
Everybody here is with the american people. What happened is just another demostration of the
brutality and cowardice of violence. Everyday in the whole world armies hit civilians and there is no
mistake in their action, that's what they are payed for: toss fear to preserve the power. Will it be an
occasion to think about the world as one, or just a step forward to the nightmare? we are with you
Arrigo - Italy (Supplied by a Mike Oppressed Logic mailout)
It is nice to hear someone in the punk community that I know of speak out with honest sadness in his
heart & soul. To many people in the "scene" think its all just bullshit, maybe it will all just disappear, or
fuck it, we'll kill the bastards, naybe they are to punk rock to care. Anyways, it's nice to hear that
someone has the balls to express their emoptions in a situation as horrid as what happened, and is
still happening. Thanks again, I hope you can inspire more to become vocal and try to make changes,
not wars. Peace
Michelle (you stole my penis)- USA (Supplied by a Mike Oppressed Logic mailout)
This is Ed from that obnoxious Boston band Kermit's Finger...I just found out and I'm spreading the
word to the other Stranglehold bands that we're friendly with....Johnny from the Bullys is an NYC
firefighter and (along with his entire company) is currently missing. They got some punks, too. We
played with the Bullys last year, and they were all pretty good guys (the show was a disaster, but a
couple of cold beers made it all better!) Anyway, I'm hoping against hope he's gonna come out of it OK.
I got the info from Larry Retarded of Amp Records by way of World Wide Punk, so it is third hand, but
still, I hope it's bullshit.....Later
Ed (Kermits Finger) - Boston, USA (Supplied by a Mike Oppressed Logic mailout)
it is a crying shame!!!and whoever is responsible should PAY!!!PAY!!!PAY!!! ten fold! even though by
their deaths will not make up for what they have done!they must be punished!i am sickened by the
whole thing! everyone that i have spoke to is behind AMERICA and its people! VIVA AMERICA!!! us
canadians are with you all the way!!! believe it! later.........
Scary - Canada (Supplied by a Mike Oppressed Logic mailout)
Fuckin A, You hit the nail on the head. Fuck the Middle East! World war three is here!
Mike (ZBS) - USA (Supplied by a Mike Oppressed Logic mailout)
If the U.S. murders innocent people abroad and calls it "foreign policy," they have no right to call it
"terrorism" when it happens here ... If Americans want to look for a cause for this, they should look in
the mirror. We have to stop bullying other countries and destroying their lives, cultures, and
ecosystems, just so we can have more "stuff" at cheap prices. That means that Americans who are
middle class and up need to give up some of their selfish lifestyles, starting with onsuming too much
oil (i.e., driving way too much), which is the root cause of this incident. Otherwise, this is probably
only the beginning. And no, we shouldn't retaliate by bombing, because, if we do, we will be every bit
as evil as those who attacked New York and Washington. Bombing always kills innocent people. If
perpetrators are positively identified, they should be brought to justice by ground troops, if that's
what the U.S. wants to do. To accompish this, the U.S. will have to be willing to take casualties, but this
is the only morally acceptable way to do it. Meanwhile, I have a friend who works in New York who I
can't get ahold of. I don't know what part of the City she works in, and I'm a little worried about her. I
also had several Arab friends when I lived in Chicago, one of whom was a very close friend. I'm
worried about anyone who lives in the U.S. and looks or talks like they're from the Middle East, and I'm
worried about what murder and destruction the criminally insane assholes who run this country are
about to engage in.
Hef - San Francisco, USA (Supplied by a Mike Oppressed Logic mailout)
17 Stitches - London, England 23/9/01
I feel its a shame and a tragedy for all those familes who lost some one in the attacks but at the same
time this does not come as a suprise to me. It was bound to happen at some point or another due to
the fact that America always has to stick their nose into other countries foreign affairs that should not
concern us. In many of the middle eastern countries the united states is seen as the bully, with that
and the fact that you have fanatics who are willing to die for their beliefs it is inevitable that a
situation just like this was bound to occour. I think we as americans at the same time should not be
quick to pass judgement off on the islamic faith. We can not condemn an entire religion just because
there are radicals that commit these acts which happen to be part of the religion. As for retaliation, I
hera many people talking about war and i propose this question: How can you wage war against an
enemy you can not see and that there is no definete battle field. I feel that what ever action the U.S.
decides to take should be well thought out and carefully planned or else we could end up with
another bay of pigs or somolia.
Seth Harr - USA 21/9/01
There's so many possible reactions to this unbelievable massacre. The death toll is stomach
churning...I can't imagine the paralysing fear + grisly pain of the innocent victims involved. But my
mind boggles when US politicians come on the telly wondering "Why us?". They seem surprised that
middle east fundamentalists could hate them so intensely. Not the most popular view point to hold but
I have to look back to all the air strikes and sanctions the American govt have imposed on the Middle
East in their role as 'policeman of the world'. People here moan how their taxes support asylum
seekers but what the govt keeps from us is the millions spent each year on Britain + the US bombing
Iraqi sheep farmers to keep the people hungry. Exactly like terrorism, sanctions etc never weaken the
target govt, they only claim innocent lives. On the news we see Palestinians partying at the news. I
know this is a controversial comparison but I bet our grandparents didn't weep when they heard
about Dresden + Hiroshima, where countless innocent people were melted into the ground. People
think a certain way at wartime, of course they will interpret everything from their own side, fair
enough. But when Bush strikes back he will kill children + sheet-clothed women, who have no part in
this. If an IRA bomb went off would we blow up all of Ireland? My whole sympathy goes to all the
victims + their families + the future victims.
Becca Puke (Puke zine) - Aylesbury, England 20/9/01
Not sure if its really sunk in just what happened in the USA and more worryingly what will happen in
the next few days, weeks, months and years. Without a doubt the world has taken a huge step back
from relative stability toward total chaos. Sound good to an anarcho punk? Does it fuck. The acts of
murder last week were the actions of the lowest forms of scum on this planet who hide behind
religion as an excuse for being sick fucked up individuals. No idea who did it but things point to that
Bin Laden twat hiding in Afghanistan, which don't make the prospects any greater for anyone trapped
in the mess of that country. Why do you think so many have been in refugee camps in Pakistan and
other countrys on the borders for the last 20 years? The Taliban are utter scum and that Bin Laden is
beyond words. BUT is there any proof of a connection to them?? After all the last person thought
responsable for the Oaklahoma bomb would of been someone with Timothy McVees background. I
dunno where i'm going with this cos it's a total head fuck, but me thoughts are with those already
directly affected by last weeks nightmare and those who are going to get dragged into it soon. And we
as a nation will jump into the top pocket of the USA in support, fuck me Bush and Blair go to war...
Tom Freefall - Wolverhampton, England 18/9/01
I have got mixed feelings at the moment, ultimately acts such as these are terrible & horrific and by
virtue of the fact that they are aimed at civilians is absolutely wrong. It also highlights the dangers of
religious fundamentalism both Islamic & Christian (dont forget the murders of abortionists by
Christain fundamentalists). But the scale of this is truly appaling, i just hope that the US government
isnt misleading its people or the world and that we never have to witness a terrorist attack of that
scale again. The ultimate lesson must be stop arming the fucking world!!
Pete (The Antibodies) - Harlow, England 18/9/01
I was watching the tele the other day when it happened, I was fucking totally horrified that something
like that could happen in these modern times, it was so un-neccessary for all those innocent people
to be killed, now Bush and Blair are going to war, but with Who ? ? They dont even know who did it?
Paul K. - Bristol, England
Yeah were back in the air, but theres still a terrorist organization at large. theyre talking every major
city and then some, in 50 different countries that we know. hell, we even had an attempt here in new
castle! some middle eastern doctor planted a bomb in a nursing home or some shit. if theres people
in my shitty little ghost town who are involved, i dunno, maybe some good will come out of this.
probably not, but we'll see.
Sam Sinister - Pensylvania, USA
Where does the Western liberal go now,inbetween revulsion at the sight of hijacked planes crashing
into the heart of New York,revulsion at the myopic US foreign policies in Iraq and Israel and revulsion
at the sick,illiterate fanatics of the Taliban and Osama bin Laden who pervert the teachings of the
Koran in the name of tyranny and control? If the USA gets it's military response wrong then the great
mass of moderate muslims will be pushed into the hands of the fanatics,who prey on oppression and
the feeling of impotence. The fanatics will also polarise us in the West by dint of religion and/or skin
colour,painting us all as imperialist oppressors.The point is,none of this is so black and white and
none of it makes much sense right now.A war on ALL terrorism?Does that mean the IRA and the KLA
Mike (Defiant Pose) - London
It's scary to realise how many people in my family or yours or anyones, have fought. All the way back my
wifes great grandfather went to Galipolee for England, before the first world war I've read an old
trench diary It's pure horror and the fact that I'm related and so on. So many people i know were in
normandy D-day in my family. My neice and nephew this will be their first war. My brother-in law is in
the service reserves and is my half brother is in too they were in the gulf war this unfortuneately will
be their second. They are on standby. We are sure everone in nervous. I hope whoever is watching
over them is doing it good. I don't believe in a god, just some higher thing... However small this may
be, it will make you feel good and proud to be a free AMERICAN PUNK. However we may have
differences were fighting for the same reason. Remember it's our turn now, our generation will
determine what happens to the free world. Thats US and YOU Listen to the lyrics and about how they
all come crawling to us when theyre in the shit! "I'M An AMERICAN"--Or insert your countrys name!
Gary (U.S. Chaos) - New Jersey, USA.
The US destroyed the water-purifying plants in Iraq, leaving much of the country with only poisonous
water. The US vetoed medicine export to Iraq. Since the Gulf War ended something like 500 000
children have died in Iraq because of it. The US's use of radioactive material in missiles are causing
deformity in thousands of babies born both in Iraq and former Yugoslavia and will for generations.
Innocent people died in the bombings of Afganistan and Sudan. 4 out of 5 killed in the Israeli conflict
are Palestinians. Many of them children. They're killed with American weapons. All these people have
friends and families - just like the people of New York and Washington - and it isn't much of a surprise
that some of them want to "retaliate", "wreak vengeance" or the ever-popular "kick some ass" - just
like a lot of people in New York and Washington. For those of you who wondered what Clinton and
Bush meant by the phrase "collateral damage" whenever they bragged about a certain "operation"
you now know. As for the groups of muslims celebrating the Sept 11 attacks I'm sure there will be
christian rednecks dancing in the street when the next batch of US bombs hit some faceless village in
the middle east.
Karl Backman, The Vectors/Summer Of Hate - Sweden 16/9/01
Well, I'm still in a bit of shock. On one hand I'm really pissed because some asshole had the balls to go
after innocent people on our soil. Unfortunately, on the other hand, I feel we kinda had it coming. The
U.S. since WWII has consistently stuck it's nose where it didn't necessarily belong. A lot of times a
country asked for it, but a lot of times we just played the bully and acted like we knew best. I kinda
know how Londeners felt when the IRA was really active. Car bombs constantly. Citizens never
knowing when there would be another attack. A couple of things that have really depressed me have
been: A. Punks. I can't say for every town, but here in Portland, some of the spiky haired "chaos"
punks have their heads stuck up their asses. Here's a quote... "Gee, it's too bad about that airplane
thing huh?" What an ignorant fuck! "Well, at least the producer from Frasier died." Again, what an
asshole. More worried about some worthless fucking band's tour than the security of our country. No
comment about the hundreds of police (love 'em or hate 'em they've worked their asses off almost as
hard as the fire fighters) and fire fighters who have been going non-stop since the tragedy happened.
I hope that every one of those fire fighters gets a year off paid because of the work they've done...
they have more than earned it. B. This need for revenge against Americans because they are Arab.
Yes, Usama bin Laden is the main suspect. But just because a person is of Arab heritage does not
make them a conspiritor. Wake up you idiots! Really when it gets down to it... I kinda feel for the dumb
bastard(s) when they find him/them. It's one thing to shout a bunch of Anti-American slogans and burn
a flag on your home turf... but it's a completely different thing to torch a symbol of America. Americans
have a reputation for being lazy, rude, unmotivated, foul mouthed bullies who don't know how to fight
a real war... ask the Nazi's if we know how to fight. Ask the Japanese if we know how to fight. Hell, ask
the Iragi's if we know how to fight. Better yet, ask the British, or the French, or the Saudi's, or
Kuwaiti's. Without us (I don't want to brag here Pete and this is by no means a put down of the British
during WWII. Your soldiers and citizens were and are some of the bravest people I have ever seen.
There is a good chance you could have held off the Germans for years, but it would have been bloody
and you would have lost a lot more men.) there is a good chance that both the French and British
would now be German states. Sorry, I shouldn't go off on tangents like that. Here, I'll make it short and
sweet for you. When we find the people responsible for this, they will pay. Not just in sanctions and
political hand slapping. They will pay in blood. If a country helped them, there's a damn good chance
that when we are through with that country, it will be a parking lot. I'm not a big fan or war, I don't even
like fighting, but you fuck with America... well need I say more? Usama bin Laden, you want a war? You
got war. Step up or Step back, but don't hide out there like a pussie. Pack a lunch 'cause it's gonna be
a long day, and when we find you, we'll fuck you in the ass with a Sidewinder missile.
Tim Trouble (Statch & The Rapes) - Portland, USA. 15/9/01
The US are close in Britains' hearts at present. It is so horrific. My own dad was murdered a few years
ago, so I have a small understanding what people are going through. Stay strong.
Rebecca (punk & oi! in the uk) - Leeds, England 15/9/01
It is difficult to articulate feelings and put any real meaning behind words but I'll try. The bodycount is
currently around 5000. That 5000 isn't all coke snorting deal making yuppies but people trying to make
a living. Office workers, cleaners, fireman, policemen (they may not be on your Christmas card list but
do they really deserve this?) and of course tourists. Multi ethnic people of multiple nationality and
creed like us, not soldiers, politicians or policy makers. What an awful, awful way to die.
Maffof - England 15/9/01
Shocked & horrified by it all. I was at home watching it all unfold. Anyone who thinks that they have the
right to take away thousands of innocent lives for what ever reason deserves retribution. The Twin
towers were a symbol of capitalism but they were deliberately targeted when they were full of workers
& visitors for max impact. Why not do it, if they had to, at a less populated time. Whatever the
motivation they do not deserve to get away with it. As a footnote to this i wonder how Bush will now
tackle the IRA & south American funding question?
Flipper (Poundaflesh) - Burton On Trent , England 15/9/01
Well it's been one hell of a week literally!I still can't believe what i've seen.Did anyone else get the
feeling at the time it was like watching a film.But this was BLOODY REAL.I've always been against
mercenary values big time but there is NEVER any excuse for terrorism,it's the curse of the modern
world. Whatever was going through the "minds" of those bastards who highjacked the planes is
anyones guess.Probably some form of brainwashing or mind control. You can't imagine what it must
have been like to be aboard one, and how can a bunch of cunts with knives get through security in
the first place. I can only sympathise with those who've lost people or are waiting to find out the fate
of those missing. Some form of retaliation is sure to happen,i just hope it won't be gung ho and cause
more loss of innocent life.A worse loss of life than Pearl Harbour in 2001!Christ just shows you never
know what's round the corner.
Tidy - Wolverhampton Punk (based in Shrewsbury), England 14/9/01
LIBERTY I am absolutely and positively disturbed by the reports I am hearing from TV. People think
,use your heads please ,How the hell can anyone blame innocent children and people for the actions
of a group or Terrorists! Maybe we should all blow up our neighbors ,cause of the actions of
McVeigh,yea you bastard your white so I gotta kill you ,or we should kill all Germans because of Hitler!
What the hell is going on in the minds of everyone Blind Rage ! Stop please and think about what you
are doing ! It is not all black and white remember that . And bombing or killing your neighbor because
he is Muslim is just not American .We know who the cowards are that attacked us and they will pay but
we cannot forsake the innocents,especially the children.I want revenge just as much as the next
person but not on the wrong people . So stop and think before you do something just as wrong to
your neighbor . New York is our melting pot anyway there is so much mixed up blood there maybe
that's why Bin Laden wanted to blow it up ! How fuckin stupid does that sound ..America opens its
arms and takes in all races ,and for Americans themselves to attack the other Americans cause of
their race ,creed or color ...Well its just not American. And you ,Yea you if you do it you are a Hypocrite
of the worst breed .You have no right to fly the flag at all.. cause you are not what America is all about
! I heard a report this morning of Australians stoning a bus full of children ...WHY ? Does it make you
feel better ,just go out and scream up to the sky it will feel just as good . But to attack children,any
children is a crime unto itself! Believe me Bin Laden is probably laughing about all the chaos he has
caused. And you are just feeding the beast !If this is the way it is gonna be "STOP THE WORLD I
Erin - Texas, USA 14/9/01
Peter and whomever is reading this I'm going to be working search and rescue in the remains of the
structures this saturday in NEW YORK AND WTC, after my normal weekday job and as for as many
weekends as it takes. I probably be crawling through piles of dammage and rubble. You all know how
bad it is. My wife Julie is donating time to animal rescue, for the pets that have no parents to come
home to take care of them. Production will not stop here at, it may slow. If
anyone is interested contact us here at As I worked and had my life
involved here at the WTC I feel obligated as a human and a professional in a brotherhood; with
electro-mechanical and construction backround. I have knowlege of the area of the WTC, I was as
involved as any of the missing before tragedy struck, trying to go to work. I could have beed killed, I
was lucky, it is simply my duty as is any other to help as much as I can. It is as dangerous as I can
expect as over 300 hyave lost their lives in the first cave in. This is part of life and to continue our
standard of living. This building was a fixture in my morning commute to work. I have seen it as long
as I have been alive, I remember when it was half finnished, and not existant in the NY skyline when i
was about 3 or so years old as my grandfather took me into This great City Of New York. I saw new
york tonite up close from across the river. it bought tears to my eyes. I know now how my wifes father
and family felt during the German Blitz of WW2. Its a scene from a text book like all the footage you
see and dont want to believe. Like England or any other country that has been under attack. It's a
strnge kind of suffocating darkness, to see a vibrant city half black. No light just light from the zero
area from the recovery team of thousands. with searing lights. Plowing from behind billowing,
towering thunderheads of smoke and dust. Dust that has gone and fire has burned for this long. like a
soccer match seen from a distance in a stadium but the field eclipsing the light. I am able to be a punk
because simply, we have earned that right and it was also given to us by our parents. For our beliefs
we dont die, most other places you would be murdered in cold blood for having looked the way we do.
Or for listening to our music, playing it or recording and selling it as free enterprise. I have had my
time to complain about injust acts in this society. I have seen people come and go and talk about how
hard-core they are and how tough they are, how big their mohawk is If they want to protect this way of
life and be able to continue this for others; just go do it- Go and donate Your time to help somone
whos life was interupted by some moronic ideal. Moronic act of jealousy. Show how you give a shit,
not just by your music and dress, but by your action.

Marty Munsch - New Jersey, USA 14/9/01
================================= As a friend once wrote in a record i produced-
"Actions Speak louder than Words"
Pat Leck, Violent Society
A lot of experts were warning that something was bound to happened sooner or later, from a
combination of current american foreign policy and domestic security levels...but who would have
ever guessed something like this? Absolutely atrocious damage. My parents are american (NYC and
Chicago), so they've been especially shocked and appalled. Personally, the images of people hurling
themselves from the towers to avoid the flames will stay with me for a long time. I think that had more
impact on me than the buildings themselves collapsing for some reason. My cousin worked on the
82nd floor of the first tower, and he got out along with his office colleagues shortly after the plane hit.
He said that he had to step over bodies on the stairs. The government up here is getting nervous
over the possibly that some of the terrorists may have crossed over our open border to the USA,
which has happened before. It's a well-known fact that this country is used as an organizational base
for this sort of activity.
Brendan - Canada 14/9/01
People are suffering just as bad a death as this every week in the world. Its just we dont hear about it
to much because on a normal average sort of day the news paper seems to have stuff about
celebrities instead of the horrors whats going on. And dont forget when the US and UK bombed shit
out of loads of countries 1000's of innocent people died. Lets just hope when the US find out who
done it that innocent people are not killed again. Having said all the above I think it was unbelievable
what the terrorists done. Taking out the towers from an anarchist point of view was a good thing. But
if one single life was lost from an anarchist point of view it was terrible. And how many died? 1000's of
innocent people. I think the US are in a no win situation. They cant stop the terrorists who are
prepared to die for their cause like we have seen. Tighter security is the only way. That and having a
plane clothed security guard on EVERY plane with a gun and trained how too shoot. Any more
terrorists on the plane he could take a few out in a few seconds if he was trained well enough.
(especially if they had pen knives like they did this time).
JJ (London Punx) - London, England 14/9/01
It is a very, very tragic event. The idea of this happening in U.S.A was never a possibility to me. I seen
it live on the television set when the second pane hit tower two of the WTC. I felt a pain in my stomach
for all those who must have been so frightened at the time. It took us all by suprise because...America
has always been sheltered from War and Terrorism. I guess I cannot put into words how me and other
fellow Americans feel. I am very proud of how the American people have come together to support
each other. We are a very compassionate and loving country. The reason these Terrorists took
advantage of us is because ..we ask no questions..we accept everybody. We as Americans have to
move on and get beyond this tragic and barbaric event. Because we are a civilized nation. Not only is
this a crime against the people of The United is a crime against all of humanity!!! We
Americans appreciate all the kindness and sorrow showed by the rest of the world who is grieving
along with us. May I quote Senator John McCain of Arizona, May God have mercy on the
guilty...because we will not!! Thanks for the thought Peter...GOD BLESS AMERICA.......
Emil - Hollywood, USA 14/9/01
I guess my thoughts on the events in New York will be similar to the opinion of most of the civilised
world. I just can`t understand why any human being would want to commit atrocities like these but
then it`s impossible to rationalise something so irrational. Only a lunatic could possibly believe that
killing thousands of innocent people and destroying the lives of thousands of families could ever be
a justifiable act. Unfortunately, we live in a world with an alarmingly high proportion of fanatical
morons, who are mad enough to do this in the first place ...and insane enough to believe that it might
further their cause....whatever that might be. The horror of witnessing Tuesdays events on TV will stay
with me for a long time and I feel so, so,sorry for all those people who are now missing family or
friends as a result of this madness.
Phil Hendriks (The Stiffs) - Blackburn, England 14/9/01
Marty - New Jersey, USA
"This Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most generous and possibly the
least appreciated people on all the earth. Germany, Japan and, to a lesser extent, Britain and Italy
were lifted out of the debris of war by the Americans who poured in billions of dollars and forgave
other billions in debts. None of these countries is today paying even the interest on its remaining
debts to the United States. When France was in danger of collapsing in 1956, it was the Americans
who propped it up, and their reward was to be insulted and swindled on the streets of Paris. I was
there. I saw it. When earthquakes hit distant cities, it is the United States that hurries in to help. This
spring, 59 American communities were flattened by tornadoes. Nobody helped. The Marshall Plan and
the Truman Policy pumped billions of dollars! into discouraged countries. Now newspapers in those
countries are writing about the decadent, warmongering Americans. I'd like to see just one of those
countries that is gloating over the erosion of the United States dollar build its own airplane. Does any
other country in the world have a plane to equal the Boeing Jumbo Jet, the Lockheed Tri-Star, or the
Douglas DC10? If so, why don't they fly them? Why do all the International lines except Russia fly
American Planes? Why does no other land on earth even consider putting a man or woman on the
moon? You talk about Japanese technocracy, and you get radios. You talk about German technocracy,
and you get automobiles. You talk about American technocracy, and you find men on the moon -! not
once, but several times - and safely home again. You talk about scandals, and the Americans put
theirs right in the store window for everybody to look at. Even their draft-dodgers are not pursued
>and hounded. They are here on our streets, and most of them, unless they are breaking Canadian
laws, are getting American dollars from ma and pa at home to spend here. When the railways of
France, Germany and India were breaking down through age, it was the Americans who rebuilt them.
When the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central went broke, nobody loaned them an old
caboose. Both are still broke. I can name you 5000 times when the Americans raced to the help of
other people in trouble. Can you name me even one time when someone else raced to the Americans
in trouble? I don't think there was outside help even during the San Francisco earthquake. Our
neighbors have faced it alone, and I'm one Canadian who is damned tired of hearing them get kicked
around. They will come out of this thing with their flag high. And when they do, they are entitled to
thumb their nose at the lands that are gloating over their present troubles. I hope Canada is not one
of those."
Gordon Sinclair (Canadian television commentator), Toronto Congressional Record
Do I detect a slight bit of sarcy piss taking in this? - Don't Care
Terrible thing of course but I can't help feeling that once again there's an element of
sensation-seeking in the news coverage. It's the age old fascination with other people's troubles - a
cheap holiday in other people's misery. I also get the impression that, as ever, most of America would
be happy to get SOMEONE and never really mind who was responsible. The old Bin Laden option is
always a good one. One day someone'll pop him and the US will have to come up with another cure-all
scapegoat. Nice to see Araffat giving blood! Just think, a couple of days later and the cream of the
world's indie-rock mafia would've been wiped out - the CMJ Music Marathon bases all its industry
wheeling and dealing at the WTC and was due to start yesterday. I was there once. It was absolutely
Steve (Fierce Records)- Wales 13/9/01
I am loss for words for the actions that took place on the East Coast. It is a fucked up thing that
happened and we are all very saddened over it. No one ever thinks it can happen here, it happens in
other countries all the time. Was this a retaliation of all the times U.S bombs other countries? More
than likely. And when U.S starts a war now against who is responsible, will this cause more terrorist
attacks in the States? And if we do nothing, will there still be attacks on the U.S in the next few weeks
or months anyway? California is a big target and all ready we have had our own share of disasters, L.A.
riots, earthquakes, Pearl Harbor, so another big disaster is bound to happen here sooner or later. But
what happened in New York & D.C, was so huge and happened so suddenly and effected the entire
world. Everyone I know, including ourselves in Oppressed Logic feel really sickened and sad over
this and I feel a huge amount of sorrow for all the people that were killed and that are missing and all
the families, and I'm basically speechless. One thing Americans should realize, all the times we had air
strikes on other countries, some of those missiles hit suvillians, wrong targets and innocent people
and there lives were also destroyed. What do Americans think, oops? How do we feel about those
people? Those people get bombed and are fighting everyday with other countries as well. But what
happened Tuesday was no accident, and should not have happened either, but it did and it's fucked
up. I know a lot of people in other countries hate Americans. On our resent tour to Europe, a lot of
people told us they hate Americans and I believe it. There were even Bush protests in Belgium the
same day we landed, among other places. Shit, there are tons of Americans that even hate America,
after what just happened do they still? This shit is just going to get worse before it gets better and
there is not much than can really be done to stop it. Terrorist attacked Americans with a surprise
vengeance and it's all over the media, the news is now stating U.S will get actions and there will be
ground troops and air fighters. Our own guitarist Todd is a reserve in the U.S. Air Force and has been
in for 18 years or so and has one more year until completion. Will he be sent? Wouldn't doubt it.
Maybe this is all meant to be for some reason and is just the sign of the times, if so, then we are all
doomed. Fuck it, let's start a war then, bomb the fucking Middle East again, if it's gonna happen, it's
gonna happen! A lot of innocent victims will die from here and there. Are you ready for World War III ?
Terrorist from the Middle East just started it here, and it's not over yet. There are a lot of people on
this mailing list from other countries like Israel, Indonesia, Macedonia and all over Europe and the
world, what are some of your thoughts on what happened? I hope all of our friends on the East Coast
are coping with all this o.k and are safe. Stay strong, we'll get through this shit. Yes, it is fucking shit!
Mike Oppressed Logic - California, USA 13/9/01
I got LOTS of thoughts. The sadness of the loss doesn't dampen my desire for revenge. I can't believe
they held that many people at bay with box cutters. I'm proud of the men who took a vote and decided
to take back their plane. THAT'S how a TEXAN would act. What's the point of all our technology if we
aren't using it to illuminate the unenlightened? I'd like to write "Say Howdy Allah!" on some cruise
missiles and send 'em over. Make Afghanistan into an Afghani-stain. We are too worried about the
perception of the U.S. Most people think we're murdering , gluttonous assholes anyway so why not
live up to our full potential? We could really show the world the dark side . So, How's YOUR day?
Barry Kooda Ex- Nervebreakers, Texas, USA 13/9/01
my view on the events of Tuesday are very sad cos of the loss of life of people that no say in the
running of the country. I am a little concerned that the UN are going to back America to the last if it
turns out to be from aboard. As with the always the Americans answer is likely to mean a massive
retaliation and more people will loose their lives. This attack has little to do with religion, I would like
to know how many dead Americans were Muslims. If Muslim Extremist are involved cos of the
treatment of "innocent Muslims" then it just shows how hypocritical they are, how many innonent
people died cos of their actoins on Tuesday? We may never know the real figure! Well I could go on &
on about this but I think that I've made my point. Cheer 4 now,
COL (The Rong Uns) Leiceister, England 13/9/01
It's a bad crack!!! I first thought it was some Anarchist act of madness continueing on from the whole
anti-capitalist demonstrations? But I soon realised it was bigger than that. I know there's loads of dirty
money dealing in that building and it represents to some....corrupt rich western civilsation. But I think
even the most radical anti-capitalist punk amongst us will see that this was wrong. I don't think it was
ever gonna be right to kill innocent people. Whether it's in Ireland or Palestine. Terrorism is no-ones
excuse to justify wrong doing. This was just a cowardly act that's meant to drag the world down to the
level of the perpertrators. Especially the cunts on the planes knifing innocent stewardesses. Those
wankers ain't doing it for religion or to make a statement about how they're fighting for
freedom....they're just doing it coz they're fucked and wanna drag us all down with em.
Peter Don't Care - Wolverhampton, England 12/9/01
My first thoughts when I saw the news reports from the States were "WORLD WAR III".
June - Australia 12/9/01
As I look up in the sky that is usually buzzing with air traffic there is not a plane in sight . I go down to
the store in a very small town square and I see an old woman sobbing and people sitting by or in their
cars listening to the radio . Everyone has a look of shock or no emotion at all. This tragedy reminds
me of November 22,1963 and although I was only 5 years old I can remember it vividly,The day America
cried out and was heard around the world. I was hopeing my son would never see how truly tragic and
cruel this world can be . I am of course talking about The World Trade Towers and The Pentegon.The
Palestinians dancing in the streets of Israel and seeming to be overwhelmed with delight upon
hearing of the deaths of thousands of people. And these are suppose to be religious people? How
much hatred can be measured against an event of this magnitude much less understood. This is truly
a great country open to all race ,creed and color,offering a much better life for those who strive and
work hard. How can so many innocent lives be destroyed so casually? Truly a crime against all our
freedoms ! Then I remember in the back of my mind the beginning of the end and just how nervous
hearing the word Israel makes me . America Attacked ,' never ' we would think to ourselves . How the
hell can this happen ?? Pray not for WW3 ! Its 5:00 PM now coming to the end of the day and the
beginning of a very long night of overwhelming devastation. Still not knowing who is responsible .
The call for blood donations is out across the country so if your able please Donate Blood ! There are
more than 200 dead from the planes alone and 800 from The Penetgon.The numbers of fatalities from
the towers is still unknown, it is predicted to be 10,000 or more . This is AMERICA the home of the free
and every American will fight desperately to keep it that way.This country may have many problems
within its borders but when something of this degree happens we will not be divided. After all it is The
Erin - Texas, USA 9/11/01