- Johnny Gazale AKA Johnny Thunders.
Well he has, and sad to say there's more than a few more punk deaths occuring as the
years tick by. Here are a few recent and not so recent obituaries who have hit
the big bar in the sky...
Poly Styrene - X-Ray Spex (LATEST)

Malcolm McLaren - Punk Svengali
Died on April 8th of Cancer. (obit to follow)

Arri UP - The Slits
Died on October 21st of Cancer. (obit to follow)

Lux Interior - The Cramps

Trogg - Contempt

Jagger - Punk fan
Good local punk who i had known since the early 80's. He sadly died
from Motor Neurone Disease summer 2008.

Tony Wilson - Punk Enthusiast

Gary 'Gash' Brown - Barse

Sandy West - The Runaways

Tom Pig - Poison Idea

Jason  Sears - RKL
Died on February 1st 2006 no more details.

John Loder - Sound Egineer/Producer

Dave Goodman - Producer (Sex Pistols)

Marshall Rohner - Guitarist
Marshall played with Jimmy and the Mustangs, T.S.O.L., Cruzados -
(with Tito Larriva and Chalo Quintana) great guy, great guitar player.
The needle and the damage done.
Jet Rash

John Peel - British Radio DJ

Johnny Ramone - The Ramones

John McGeoch - Magazine/Banshees/PIL

Brandon - Leftover Crack/X-Possibles
Young drummer 24 year old Brandon Chevalier-Kolling who drummed
for New Jerseys Leftover Crack /X-possibles died in his sleep on
December 17th from an accidental night of excess in Dallas, Texas,
while on tour with Leftover Crack.

Robert Heaton - New Model Army
The former drummer passed away on Thursday 4th November. An
inquest concluded he was suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Mark Greenwell - Concrete Sox/Varukers/ Poundaflesh
The UK guitarist passed away on Sunday 31st October of an on-going

Stig - Icons Of Filth
Died suddenly on Friday October 21st right after the band played a
in London.

Greg Shaw - Bomp Records
Greg Shaw of the pioneering Bomp! Records label
(October 21st).

JJ Bedsore - The Blood
South London's early 80's shock rock combo The Blood (formerly
Coming Blood) who were described at the time as "a cross between
Motorhead, The Stranglers and Alice Cooper" have recently lost their
beer swilling guitarist JJ Bedsore. Joe Bedsore (44) died on Tuesday
20th July 2004 JJ (real name Jamie Cantwell) had been ill for the last
few months, and died from multiple organ failure.

Stu P. didiot - Charge
Stu-p-idiot the wild guitarist outta early 80's UK punks Charge passed
away last summer 2004, another victim of Cancer.
Joe Strummer - The Clash

Nils Stevenson - Manager/Mentor

Henry Knowles - Agression

Giussepe Codeluppi - Raw Power

Dee Dee Ramone - The Ramones

Chris Burleigh - Assert

Stuart Adamson - The Skids

Bianca Halstead - Betty Blowtorch

Joey Ramone - The Ramones

Bryan Gregory - The Cramps

Jeffrey Lee Pierce - The Gun Club

Johnny Thunders - New York Dolls/Heartbreakers

Ian Curtis - Joy Division

Sid Vicious - Sex Pistols

Thanx to all the punks who wrote or contributed some
of these epitaphs
And Erin from Texas for the skull guitar design.

If you want an Obituary putting up or wanna contribute one
just email me at...