CASTRATION IS not a topic commonly discussed by men. The thought of losing their manhood
is a fate too terrible to contemplate. But to American singer Wayne County, it's a treasured
dream, a fate to be embraced with heartfelt; enthusiasm. Because Wayne, born a boy, wants to
be a girl.

I talked to him about his life long ambition in his Soho flat. He lives above a massage parlour and shares his hallway with
a lady of the night, who also apparently does a roaring trade in the day.
I dived in the doorway quickly, before anyone noticed, and bumped into a nervous little gent who was waiting outside
"Verna's" door. He eyed me speculatively, possibly under the impression that I was Verna's partner, 80 I hastily rang
Wayne's doorbell; No answer. I rang again, more urgently, as the little man took his hands out of his raincoat pockets
and moved towards me. I hammered on the door frantically and at last Wayne opened it.

Despite the warm weather, he was still wearing his famous woolly hat. He explained that
he feels secure In It, having worn wigs for so long and gotten used to the feellng of having
his head covered. Also he still has a mascuine hairline, natural in a man of 27 years, and
he thinks it detracts from his looks. His growing breasts show plainly under his T-shirt, a
sight that cheers him enormously.

Wayne was born and raised in Georgia, and indeed talks like President Carter with a
slight, but attractive, lisp.
"I didn't have a little boyhood," he told me, "I had a little girlhood. But the' older I got the
more difficult it became. My mother always knew and was very good. My father used to
get mad and scream at my mother, because he expected me to play with boys', toys.
" At one time, I did try out for the football team, but I lasted less than 10 minutes. I came
from a very small town and people did talk and referred to me as.a cissy boy, but I had
very little trouble. "

Wayne arrived in Britain via New
York where he lived for many
years. He feels safe in London,
not threatened by people who
don't undenstand transexuals.
Because Wayne is a transexual,
quite different from a homosexual.
It's precisely this difference' that
makes it so difficult for him to form
relationships. He needs to find a
straight man who wants him as a
woman, not a man who wants
another man. Confusing, until you
get the hang of it, so to speak.
"I'm also a very jealous and
possessive person, said Wayne.
And I mother my boyfriends to
death. I have a very motherly
instinct and would love to have
children. "

This last dream however, will
never be realised. Wayne will be
for the chop as soon as he raises
enough money to pay for the
operation - that may be another
couple of years, but clever as the
surgeons are, he'll never be a
The cost of the op will be in the
region of £3000, but his first priority is to have a nose job. A streamiined nose will help him look more feminine. And for the time being, Wayne's mostly
concerned about the bits that show.

This piece appeared in RECORD MIRROR April 8th 1978 - reproduced here from the Don't Care archives.

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