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CD 2008
Gotta emphasise this 3 tracker is the
Girlfixer sound (well 2 years to
be precise) but its the only release I
had after picking it up at a gig last
winter. It'll certainly fix you right up on a
cold winters night, and along with their
live performance later on that evening,
gimme a good primer for what this
band are capable of. Since this
release they've gigged loads and
earned their spurs in no hope punk
bastions across the UK. Giving short
but impressive confident sets that only
early support slots offer. Took a long
time but now the band have finally
been seen by a reputable booking
agency who has seen their potential,
and they secured a significant support
on the
Street Dogs (former Dropkick
front-man Mike McColgan’s
band) imminent UK tour. Maybe Hellcat
Records are sniffin' too? Comparisons
between the two bands are poles
apart, coz
Girlfixer (apparently named
after a street term for 'hardcore girls'
who like a bit of bovver) are coming
from a different angle. Opening track
'Regret' introduces the power
have at their fingertips. This young 2
girl/2 guy line up from Nottingham
show a lot of older bands how's it can
be done with enough imagination. The
chunky production sees em firing on all
4 cylinders with the defiant
"you will
live to regret this"
installed in your
memory. Combined with big beefy riffs
by Antony the track rides in very
confidently. Natalie's unique (in punk
circles) vocals are deep, sexy and
seem more akin to the Metal market
than the hardcore punk sound they
dispatch with precision. I might be old
enough to remember Janis Joplin
blasting out the jukebox of a rock bar I
frequented in the late 70's, but the
comparisons are quite startling. The
band also possess a competent
powerful drummer in Nicola which adds
to the dynamics of this band as she's
rhythmically entwined with the intricate
bass-work by Lance. Making for a
good all round package. 'Blackout' is a
mid-paced potent grinder as they wait
for the city to blackout. 'Human
Pollution' sees
Girlfixer flex their
musical muscle with impressive
instrument focus that adds a great
backdrop for Natalie's rawest vocal to
date leading up into an impressive
Girlfixer are definitely one to
watch out for. The only thing missing is
a definitive chorus in some of the
songs to really captivate our audio
pleasure. I'm sure they'll be big on the
Kerrang punk/rock crossover circuit.
Then who knows what lies in wait?
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CD 2008

Here we are in the 21st century and we
have a
Discharge album that boasts 3
of the main 4 main original ingrediants
of guitar, bass and drums. Although by
looking at Rainy these days those hard
cold nights slumming it round the
pottery back streets smoking dope and
growing his beard has taken a severe
toll on his once bohemian punk
appearance. No ripped up zipped
leather, no axle grease on his jeans
these days. He looks like he just
crawled outta some Canadian trapper
sketch, but his bass playing is still as
menacing if a little low in the mix on this
album. Tez Roberts who once sung for
the band back in the days before Cal
reverts back to his drum stool and
certainly fits the bill and seems to have
gotten the lions share of the mix on
this recording, which ain't always a
good sign. On vocals in Cal's place we
have Rat from
the Varukers who is
possibly the only serious contender
having made his name in a band who
were the first
Discharge clones back
in 1980. Musically the
battalion of riffs is still present and
correct but seems to have made a pact
with speed rather than power and the
devil. And sounds not quite so rabid
and raw in todays digital studio
confines. But thats more down to
technology than Bones amps or
attitude i reckon. The power is still
there in their artilliary for 3 of the
numbers which come unnervingly close
to the original
Discharge sound we all
loved. But if you didn't know who was
playing on the rest of the disc you'd
probably just accept it as yet another
d-beat outfit from the  dark corners of
Europe. It strange and a little sad that
the pioneers of this genre don't seem
so unmistakable or as aggressive as
some of their clones. Maybe middle
aged punks can't tap into that youthful
power these days? But
Discharge are
a gigging entity so maybe next time in
a studio we will get a totally recorded
and all gears oiled engine to dole out
some turbo power! Opening track 'The
Blood Of The Innocence' makes for a
considerably loud and powerful
entrance and gives the listener the
hope that they really have recreated
the original essence with those
unmistakable riffs. It's followed by
'CCTV' with even more neat
dischordant guitar. However 'They Lie
You Die' is by far the very best of
these outstanding
Discharge tracks
that could keep the
Discharge legacy
roaming well into the 21st century if
they create more anthems on this
scale. It boasts all the great riffs you
associate with
Discharge those
chugging refrains and those excellent
guitar overdubs that were so much
part of the 'Why' era. Even Rat's
minimal vocals bring back the ghost of
Cal!!! Well
outstanding 3 tracks mentioned above.
The rest were OK but nothing you ain't
heard a million times before. Maybe
they should draft Mike Stone in if his
ears ain't shot to produce the next
album? There are no other
benchmarks on this record its just a
regular run through and could possibly
pass off as a new
Varukers album if
we wanted to be cruel.