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'Disruptive Pattern'
(Gummopunx Records)
June 2013 LP
A neat little vinyl artifact here for all
you budding obscure punk collectors
out there. Featuring
from the US Pacific Northwest. Who
were in my humble opinion, Portland's
premier punk outfit during the early
80's. This is the first time these songs
have been released, since they
appeared on 'Future Past, Present,
Tense' CD compilation in 2005. Now 8
years later they finally make their vinyl
debut after the original release was
shelved in '81. For those who are not
familiar with the band, Leesa Nation's
high octane vocal range takes up the
lions share of the 12 tracks on show.
While Dave Corboy, the driving force
guitarist and founder member, takes
lead on 4 of the other tracks. As an
added bonus, we end with a trio of
unreleased (in any format) cassette
tracks from '83, which was sent to
MRR as a promo and features the
powerful presence of  Mish Bondage
on lead vocal. The productions great
on all the tracks and
of the Netherlands have done
well to give this artifact a bona fide
release. Miss Nation's high pitched
yelp is certainly to the fore on these
recordings, which seemed to be a
prevalent presence throughout the
female singers style in this band. It
certainly adds an extra quantity to the
by now tight Sado sound and Corboy's
growl. Songs like the impressive 'Cut
Off The Cord' seems to benefit way
more from Leesa's less impulsive vocal
and was a neat foil for the sinister
undertone. Corboy's guitar is always
busy creating those razor sharp
shards that grate across their rampant
abrasive landscape. They take a
different approach on 'The Dark' which
speeds up and slows down as Corboy
displays his most heartfelt vocal. The
last 3 tracks blitz in at an unbelievably
accelerated rate (2 mins, 10 secs  in
all) and are hardcore to the max, as
Mish prowls your speakers as speed is
of the essence before the album
careers to a close. The band still play
when they can all get on the same
continent so this is a good example to
set for new listeners. My only
disappointment is the absolutely bland
looking record cover, which looks like
bad camouflage on the side of a
Sherman tank. But having personally
loaded Corboy's gigantic guitar
speaker on and off the
Sado war
wagon a few times, maybe that's the
thinking behind the mans big and
heavy artistic control. At least we get
the all consuming fascination with
nocturnal afflictions on the lyric insert,
but little else? And positively no band
pics, but we are teased with a small
cassette pic of the offending article
MRR might still have in their SF
review bunker? Always expect the
unexpected where
Sado-Nation are
concerned, but that's how we like it,
and this baby plays at 45 rpm too for
extra effect.
Cheers to Mish for signing my copy.
Dangerhouse: Complete  Singles
Collection 1977-1979
(Munster Records)
2013 2xCD
I just had to get this CD collection,
although the hardcore collectors
among us can get the same set on
pristine vinyl 45's, just like the
originals. Which must be very tempting
after a lot of these releases were only
issued in small quantity's
approximately 35 years ago, before
becoming iconic slices of Californian
punk rock. It all comes in a fantastic 2
CD digi-pack, with 2 neat booklets one
featuring all the 45 covers, plus a full
colour thick booklet that sets out the
background noise to all of these by
now legendary punk noises we grew
up to love and hate in equal parts...
Black Randy anyone? The booklet
lovingly put together by
really does do justice to
those fantastic Dangerhouse releases
and features some fantastic rare shots
of all individuals in action, plus some
neat memorabilia to peruse while it
blasts out your speakers. Musically this
covers a lot of ground breaking acts
making their vital debuts like
Avengers , the Dils, the Weirdo's,

X.  On the other hand there's also
the warts an all releases, like the
Black Randy lol.
First band up are
the Randoms who
are something of a supergroup that
featured Dangerhouse co founder
on Vocals and guitar, John
of X on bass and KK Barret of
the Screamers on drums. The
connection continued with
Dave Brown who was another
Dangerhouse co founder and who
wrote the informative sleevenotes to
the booklet. Along with various input
from other local luminaries. I'd never
heard these 2 tracks properly, but
remember John Peel playing the b side
'Lets Get Rid Of New York' on his
show. However 'ABCD' is a really weak
opener that drones on with almost
punk by numbers lyrics. But its flip
really excels in punk snottiness. 'Lets
Get Rid Of New York' has the snot
quotient ramped up to maximum levels
as inter city rivalry was rife even in this
scenes early stages, and is a must
hear piece of punk rock at its most
elemental level. The manic vocals steal
the show along with their fast and
energetic delivery.
Black Randy of
the Metrosquad
may have been a
legend in his own squalid right
amongst the Hollywood punk scene,
but he don't really seem as interesting
or important musically as a lot of the
others on this compilation. Which
makes me wonder why he got such a
large quota of singles 35 years down
the line. The  song titles are way more
fun than the actual tracks, but best of
the bunch has gotta be the hilarious
line of
"im a loner with a boner'....
and gonna im telephone her"
is raw, fast and extremely diy but i like
it.  5 tracks in and the quality shoots
up, as we are confronted by
from up the coast in San
Francisco. And at this early stage
shows why they were the most popular
band in the arse end of '77 US punk
scene after
the Ramones. Musically
they're light years ahead of whats
previously been released on
Dangerhouse, with fast, sharp
abrasive outbursts on this their debut
vinyl with 'We Are The One'.

vocals make an instant
impact, you just knew they were
special. Even when she makes up the
words as she goes along during 'I
Believe In Me' it just sounds perfect
and underlines their pacy energetic
punk with attitude. 'Car Crash' seals
their fate as their ability and penchant
for creating blitzin atmospheric punk
with a vulnerability we'd come to love!
It's followed by whats undeniably a
punk classic via
the Dils 'Class War'
with its simplistic but highly contagious
Ramones like riff and snotty vocals
ripping apart the class struggle. 'Mr
Big' shows
the Dils in their Clash
inspired style best, with neat tunes and
great backing vocals. Followed by
possibly my favorite LA punk band who
looked as good as they sound. The
Weirdo's spit out their punk
classic double dose of nihilism with 'We
Got The Neutron Bomb' and their
unique view of madness in 'Solitary
Confinement'. A song so good it was
covered by bigger guns like
We then zoom back out the
asylum and back down the alleyways
with the
Dead Kennedyesque Alley
with 'Nothing Means Nothing' and
its shimmering guitars, just a pity
Randy Stoodoles vocals are a little
theatrical to give em the street cred
they deserve, but his guitar playing
was exemplary but not half as
appealing as Diane Chais photogenic
X 'Adult Books' seemed a
little weak on this take, but you can tell
they were something a little special by
the time the anthem 'Were Desperate'
kicked in, with its scratchy guitars and
hallmark duel vocals and
complemented the power of the record
cover which was outstanding and a
neat track to close disc 1.
Disc 2.
Black Randy kicks off disc 2 with the
cultish 'Idi Amen' which was classed as
"total rubbish" by Dangerhouse
themselves. In fact  during March '78
the label was starting to decline
rapidly. Our next offering was
the token Brit relocated to LA
who done a deal with the label to
release a 45 as a favour for
negotiating with
X, who by this stage
were not getting on well with the label
due to poor sales.
Howard Woerth
unknown here and still unknown in LA
was to remain in obscurity after these
two tracks.
The Deadbeats fronted by
the photogenic and slightly
Scott Guerin who looked
like the long lost son of Mr Spock is a
legend. And talking of legends his
Geza X also fronts the cover
of this compilation, but back to the
The Deadbeats offer us 4 cuts
including their minor cult hit 'Kill
" send em back to San
which i always found
amusing and full of snot. Then they
start showing off their more quirky art
rock side during 'Brainless' and 'Final
Ride' which has hints of ????
Next up is another fave the
Bags with their slinky spy
spoof intro before launching into the
bombastic 'Survive', which has the
Alice Bag who supplies the
best female vocals to come outta LA's
original punk scene. A delivery that's
armed with sarc and malicious intent.
Followed by the brilliant 'Babylonian
Gorgan' with its brilliant lyrics and that
fantastic guitar work by
Rob Ritter.
The Eyes appear next and are
another band I'm not too familiar with.
They supply well played new wave with
a definite poppy overtone, complete
with Doors organ. 'TAQN' or 'Take
Another Qualude Now' features
Charlotte Caffey on bass and vocals
who went on to form
the Go Go's.
Rhino 39
i'd seen numerous times on
vintage punk flyers from the LA area
but had never actually heard them till
now. They're pretty good too with 'No
Compromise' speeding along giving a
nod to pop punk before it had even
been thought of. As we hit 1979
Dangerhouse Records were about to
finish and it was all down to this man
Black Randy And The Metrosquad
to bid us farewell with 'I Slept In An
Arcade' which is one of his better
numbers and has a neat organ filled
backing by the now pissed off
Definitely well worth getting for a
glimpse into this historic punk package
with some great pics and a booklet full
of info that gives us a fantastic
snapshot of 3 years in LA's
burgeoning punk scene.
'Hold Your Ground'
November 2013 CDEP
Rabble rousing testosterone punk
here all the way from Atlanta and done
with showmanship, flair and an
agonizing amount of brawn. Their
seemingly Oi! defiance merges well
into a more rock'n'roll hardcore
approach. Apparently they gig like
animals, have a mis match of
personalities for a band, but belt out
the numbers well and sound like they
mean it. They label themselves as
'working class rock'n'roll' and I don't
doubt that for a minute. So if your still
struggling with such a schizophrenic
amount of styles in their Georgian
polemic, just imagine
the Dropkicks
Murphy/Streets Dogs
but with out
the blarney or unique vocal. 'Hate City
Rock' leers out the speakers, but
unlike most of the other bands in this
genre, the lead guitarist injects a
definite late 70's fill into the mix which
the Antagonizers a neat
dimension. On the other hand the riff
in 'City Boy' reminds me of a Micky
Geggus creation. While the title track
'Hold Your Ground' is by far the best
track and sets us up for a full on
attack, but the big singer called
Bohdan doesn't quite match up to his
obvious on stage antics, his delivery is
a bit flat in contrast to the music.
However it is kept afloat by yet another
neat gang vocal and a
Dead Boys
killer riff. This EP is produced by Joe
Queer of
The Queers, which is an
unlikely alliance but works really well.
Hes definitely captured the power
without one pop harmony in sight.
Comes in an limited 200 promo copies
which are probably all over the globe
by now. They are after a label to
release a full length album so this
sampler should easily secure them that
privilege because they certainly have
the publicity promotion thing well
You can find out more here...
(Angels In Exile Records)
18th March 2013 CDEP
Really appreciate this EP arriving as
I'm a massive fan of anything Miss
Texas Terri's and her infamous
Iggy Pop drawl routine puts
her name too. Which is a punk rock
pleasure to witness both on record or
especially live. Again apologies about
the delay in review space but better
late than never. It's a sure long way
from South-fork to Southend where the
Vampire Junkies reside. And a
collaboration id never have really
envisaged. But its a good one!
of course just seems to keep on
going in all sorts of weird n wacky
places. And is usually placed in Berlin
these days, so she sure gets around
having more recently fronted a version
the Damned with Rat and Bryan
James playing 'Damned Damned
Damned' which id sadly missed.
Decent backing bands are a must for a
performer like her and
the Vampire
don't disappoint. The
accompany her sleazoid take on life
with aplomb. And is such a breeze
coming from a female perspective
rather the usual men only in these oh
so PC laced times, its sonically
mesmerizing. 'With My Machines;
offers a scuzzy guitar riff you recall
from god knows where, but fits her
vocal style completely.
'Mainline' sounds like another junkie
anthem but this ain't drugs were
pushing its blood! As the junkies lurk
through the city at night with tongue
firmly in cheek. Drum rolls and guitar
riffs signals 'Rocket Red' which could
quite possibly be written about Miss
Terri's big red lips, you just wanna
kiss. But you soon get the feeling miss
Texas Terri is just the voice as the
lyrics sound like they were written from
a male perspective? 'Denmark St' has
has an almost
swagger as it celebrates being
dumped in such hallowed surroundings
complete with cool backing vocals and
a Thunders solo you could die for.
Finally 'Tokyo Rubber' sounds sleazy
in a strange perspective but when its
sung by a woman it flips it all around
and works on these 5 originals.
It all comes with an 8 page colour
booklet and is out on
Vampire Junkie
drummer Steve Pegrum (aka
Steve Machine), Angels In Exile record
label. You can check out the promo
video clip to
'Denmark Street' on the bands website.
For further information go to...