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'Happy New Year Zero'
CD July 2015
(advanced copy)
Fuck me, it's been nearly a decade
since I last heard anything by the
Antibodies. They were one of my fave
modern UK punk bands from Harlow
city limits during the late 90's - 2000's.
So it was a welcome surprise to hear
the concrete rockers are still breeding
in one shape or form, and have a
brand new studio album of urban
hymns for the disaffected. Bass
players seem to come and go in this
outfit more so than premiership
managers, but for this session Matt
Compton is in the hot seat. The ever
present Pete Doff's rancid vocals and
brutally honest lyrical reflections of real
life are still in place and make such a
great accompaniment to his stabbing
guitar attack. His partner in crime
during this 15 tracker is still Warlock
on those big heavy metal drums which
are the ever present nucleus of this
band and added backing vocal attack.
Gotta say on first impressions I think its
their best work to date, they've learned
a lot from experience. The sound they
have is punk rock just how we like it,
with clever twists 'n' turns to keep our
interest throughout. Although at times
the usually proficient Mr Warlock's
drumming does provide some irregular
beats which knocks a couple of the
tracks outta sync with my personal
audio rhythm pattern. However on
most he's as powerful and bombastic
as ever. It's so refreshing to hear a
punk band who sound like fuck all else
peddling their wares in 2015. Not one
Americanism in sight, or one pop punk
harmony to be behold, or even a
screamathon to hide behind no talent.
What you do get is rabid, snarly, gritty
and totally over the top sarc in the
delivery, as the
Antibodies universe
falls apart all around as its blown up in
our face by joy riding car bombers,
and if that wasn't enough its kicked in
the guts by shit house politicians!
Standout tracks for me were the black
'Drive My Car Bomb' with its
infectious pounding drums and power
chords. The addictive
'Last Train To
, which offers us a safe
place mantra that we're
"dying to live
. 'Madman' has one of those
hypnotic riffs but the drumming lets this
number down with too many fills,
before giving us the illuminating punch
line of
"fuck knows?". The
Antibodies have that old British
resolve of this is what life offers us ,
but we sure ain't gotta like it! I do
particularly like
'Degenerate Heart'
about the unrequited love of some
"two and eight", which is
fucking hilarious. This band can take
the piss big time and have a wicked
sense of humour amongst the
desperate debris they continuously
crawl through. Some of the tracks
sound like re-working's of older
numbers, but i could be wrong?
Whatever the case I much prefer these
versions as the production and power
is spot on.
'Insult To Injury' is another
fucking brilliant observation of the
'claim culture' and works really well.
Stage fave's like
'Concrete Cancer'
gets another airing as we hear the
soundtrack of the demise of Harlow
their stomping ground. And of course
Ruin Everything'
is always gonna be
the top of my shitlist, coz all that

"negativity is our positivity".
'Shackled To A Corpse' is
another corker of relationships gone
wrong before ending with two covers
and both are good for different
'You Can't Fool Me Again' is
an old Peter Tosh number but you
would be hard pressed to recognise it
apart from the anti authoritarian
sentiment. And finally an obscure
cover thrown in which is actually from
Pete's early 80's punk outfit
and its called 'Tampax' which he
wrote when he was only 15. The
apocalyptic artwork by Mr Doff is
always worth a butchers and
reminiscent of
Crass but in vivid colour
and fits in neatly with this bands snotty