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'Now And Then...!'
CD October 2016
Last time I heard anything by Dublin's
Paranoid Visions was 2011's
'Outsider Artist' 45, which boasted
guest vocalist
TV Smith. This time
around its gone one better with Steve
Ignorant of
Crass infamy, doing the
honours on this 10 track album, out on
Overground Records. On paper it
sounds an exciting prospect (having
not been familiar with their previous
2013 collaboration "When...?").
Straight away the presentation is good.
I love the artistic pallet of the sleeve
design and a whole batch of lyrics are
included to guide us through, and
don't we need em! What I do know is
Paranoid Visions never make it easy
for us to get in or around their
dynamic, but often confusing sound.
Before I slot in the CD, I'm left  
wondering if Steve Ignorant's vocals
could be as cutting as in his
Crass hey
day? Will Deko Dachau be as anti
Pistols as ever? Or will Aoife
Destruction (come back Sarah Bellum)
nick all the glory as per usual?
The sinister 'Look Mummy Clowns'
kicks things off and is not a tribute to
that old anarcho punk outfit, but does
give us Mr Dachau's level best Nick
Cave impersonation on this brooding
Paranoid Visions these days
do the slower more menacing numbers
best. And even when Mr Ignorant
contributes with some heartfelt tones,
he manages to nick all the best lines,
while Aoife adds that neat simmering
heat. 'Loudmouth' ups the anti and
aggression, as violent thugs on the
street gets a seeing to. Love the lyric
"I'm the type of fucker who will whack
you in the mouth"
which is barked out
to good effect. It's also funny, coz its
real. Call me thuggish if you like, but its
full on tracks like this that have a
bigger effect, and I suspect is more of
what the buying public and die hard
fans will want from the
Visions. Deko
Dachau's lyrics are akin to some 21st
century James Joyce of the Dublin
punk scene, and certainly a major
influence on
Paranoid Visions songs.
He writes the fuckin' lot, even the ones
he don't quite deliver as good as he
probably should. The haunting
'Strange Girl' is their most radio
friendly number, with Aoife Destruction,
the bands best vocalist giving us her
bewitching croon, before it kicks in with
a triple by-pass of Deko rants and
Ignorant chants. Which are more of a
hindrance than an enhancement. I
think this track would've benefitted
more if the male vocals lost those
annoying effects in the mix at least.
Musically its verging on... dare I say it
indie rock! 'Something More' is a
oldie resurrected from '84, as you can
tell by its anti bomb lyrics, which sound
pretty dated now terrorism is the new
threat, but is where Deko's snotty
delivery works best. Religion from an
Irish punk band and ex Crass member
is always a must hear subject matter.
On 'Fan The Flames' we bare their
guilt, we feel their anger while the
nymph like Aoife steels the limelight
and Deko mumbles on in purgatory as
the priest fiddles. 'Where Is love?'
signals Steve ignorants first full foray
and is an updated version from the

Stratford Mercenaries
track, which
sounds good as Stevie boy opens up
his heart and shows us his tender
loving side. I'd like to hear the original
to compare, but its a good one to start
with. 'Bleaktown Revisited' features the
full three vocalists who thankfully this
time merge well together, as we revel
in the bleakness of nowhere places
which we all come from, well most of us
do. However with
Paranoid Visions
based in Dublin, it beggars the
question, would any of these fuckers
know fun if it hit em in the eye? Surely
there must be room for one track on
this album that could've been slightly
humorous, even in a ultra dark way?
Because all this arty intensity is great
fun when your young and lean, but
quickly becomes pretentious and a
little sad when it's performed by the
jaded looking individuals in the centre
spread. Meanwhile 'Art And Craft'
sounds fantastic! Musically it's just like
a movie score from a Paramount
Pictures production. I suspect it's also
a superior version to the

original? However Mr
Ignorants vocals don't quite ram it
home. It has to be said his delivery
these days ain't a patch on the nasty,
powerful performance he can and
should've mustered from previous
recordings. You get the feeling he's
had a minimal rehearsal, then just
gone in the studio and dropped the
vocals. Or even more scarier, he truly
has lost the anger and the hunger?
However, I do like the lyrics as he puts
us right in the picture concerning the
scary Masonary corruption in the
higher echelons of society. 'No More
Running' is a lot more like it from the
Stratford Mercenaries era. The
lyrics are throwaway but the overall
vibe is what we really needed on this
album...a more upbeat number to pogo
our brains out to. They end things with
another mammoth FOAD production
number called...shock horror 'War'!
Which is a
Paranoid Visions
reworking from 1988. It often makes
me wander how many more songs
about 'War' can we hear with integrity?
But to be fair, they quickly steer us
clear from the nuclear blast, to war on
the streets, as the Babylon feel the
lash of the
Visions cosh. And if that
ain't enough, we get some neat
skanking and a good guitar sound,
before being injured by some over the
top heavy metal solo's. The combined
trio of vocals really do work well, and
even chuck in a bit of 'Banned from the
Roxy' just to really confuse us. On the
whole 'Now And Then...!' boasts a
great production, with good ideas, but
we are left a little disappointed overall
as this could've been so much better.
The album is released in a limited
edition of 700 purple vinyl pressings
with CD.
'Orchestrate A Disaster'
5 track CD EP
February 2016
Canada's best kept secret, if your
looking for punk rock with suss, power
and delivery. You really do have to
check this mob out (who I'm ashamed
to say id never heard of previously?).
This 5 tracker exhumed from 2005
should definitely be your next port of
The Black Donnellys (not the
gruesome local family of legend) but
an equally decrepit band of punks out
of London, Ontario are sadly no more,
they split shortly after these recordings
were put to tape. But a reunion is not
ruled out if the enigmatic singer Dan
don't orchestrate another disaster.
Guitarist Al Hate and now producer
seems like he would love an
opportunity to put this right, but the
hard to deal with Mr Rudball is another
matter. For a sound check imagine
the Offspring would sound like if
they hadn't any Californian sun and/or
exuberant LA lifestyle, because
Black Donnellys
sound like the real
street deal! This unlucky crew are
dirtier, grittier and way more realistic.
London Ontario certainly ain't no LA
and we wouldn't want it any other
way.Their surroundings are like a mini
London with its own river Thames, and
like the original London punk scene
they sound like they have a lot of pent
up frustration and fuzz guitars are our
introduction to the 5 tracker via 'Dead
And Bleeding' before Al Hates guitars
histrionics kicks in on this song about a
love sick kid'. 'Bugs And Twigs'
could've come right off 'Smash'. I can't
see the Rotten comparisons in Dans
delivery sound wise that were bandied
about in the promo's, but attitude wise
its definitely there in this tale of finding
a dead body in the woods. The pivotal
track 'Lucky Man' is a really strong
contender for a wider mainstream
audience than the scummy punks who
frequent this site. Especially with its
catchy chorus and the great way they
incorporate different aspects on
guitars. Mr Rudballs vocals and potent
delivery really draws you in on this
track. The dark lyrics convey a very
unlucky demise but the sound they
create doing it is infectious as hell.
'Away' keeps up the insanity to escape
"this skin I'm in, the sin I'm in". Mr
Rubball is an angry almost disturbed
man, but we wouldn't' want it any other
way.They end with another anthem
'The Great White Way' which is
probably my fave track of the bunch,
slightly slower but a lot more sinister
with a great dropout on this identity
crisis song. It all comes with a big
juggernaut of a production and needs
your attention fast!
'Fast Fun Punk'
(self released)
CD April 2016
Socks For Cocks is not the best
name in the world to call your band,
but don't be put off too much. This trio
started out in 2013 and are pretty well
known in the Russian underground.
They are the Rusky (Podolsk to be
precise) hybrid of
the Toy Dolls. If
Podolsk was Sunderland these would
be the bastard offspring of the original
inspiration its that much of a close call.
 'Fast Fun Punk' is their 2nd album
and features on some of the tracks
renowned showbiz guests like Qualcast
Mutilator of
Lawnmower Deth (UK)
fame and Staffi from
Rumble Militia
(Germany). Both of whom I'm not at all
familiar with, but who cares, coz luckily
for us it's all sung in English and not
Russian. And most of this crazy
endeavour is all the brainchild by a
mad bespectacled yank called Dimitri
Rotten, who is the loving father of 6
children! So how the fuck he manages
to conjure up so much energy with the
vocals and guitar playing is anyone's
guess? He even manages the band fer
fux sake!
Socks For Cocks ain't a
tribute but come scarily close, with
zany songs and an even zanier guitar
sound which is a carbon copy of the
originals they ever so lovingly emulate.
But these fuckers possess even more
manic energy dare I say it. The silly
song matter moves down a level with
'My Hair Is Longer Than Thine'. But
with two albums written and recorded
under their stripy socks they continue
to gig like madmen across the Siberian
expanse. There are currently more
than 1300 fans on their CIS social
media page so they're doing
something right. It's one of punks
craziest ideas and something you'd
imagine coming outta Japan maybe,
but Russia lol. The strange thing is it
actually works despite no sign of the
usual negative missing Russian sense
of humour. The guitar is a combination
of a theatrical heavy metal wizardry in
a previous life, but is totally brought
back down to earth by the blitzin speed
and zany punk riffage. On tracks like
'Surgeons Bride Loved Goregrind' you
even get a deranged
vibe slinking into the proceedings
with the muddy vocals and blood
curdling lyrics. 'A Troll From Tirol' is
another standout with features some
hilarious yodelling. The lyrics are funny
too, even the ones written in semi
broken English. Dima Rotten the lead
singer is an American throwback which
makes this whole escapade even more
unique especially with his numerous
personality disorders he displays
throughout his whole singing
technique, it just has to be heard to be
believed. The title track actually has
some bass high up in the mix for the
first time on this album, but its yet
another fast instrumental with the
emphasis on mental. The brilliant
'Tenor Terror' track is probably my
favourite of the bunch, which combines
a punky tenor activity on a grandiose
scale along with a suitably brutal gruff
chorus of...
"He is an opera sucker,
sings like a motherfucker..."
Fun Punk' takes the whole genre of
'punk pathetique' to a whole new
frenzied level and makes a marked
contrast from the run of the mill street
punk, Oi! and Ska punk genres that
are usually peddling their wares
throughout the punk scene!
'Where Does The Wind

Come From?'
CDEP March 2016
Indonesian hardcore band Full Strike
are new to me, they formed in
Lamongan, Indonesia in 2012. So its
always exciting to hear punk from
different parts of the globe and
unexpected sources. They have
released this their debut EP entitled
'Where Does The Wind Come From?
via Profan
Records, which comes in a
igipack CD. It looks like Indonesian
is just filtering through to poxy
webzines like this. The artwork looks
very distinctive and middle eastern
which makes a neat change from the
usual hardcore imagery.
you suss out these kids have a great
powerful sound with crunchy guitars
that I can't get enough of. And that
along with some clever song structures
and ultra catchy riffs are displayed to
full effect on the opening instrumental
track '
Intro'. Track 2 'Under Pressure'
continues the addictive mid paced
hardcore with even more big beefy
chunks of guitar, but the vocals by
O'ok seem pretty muffled and don't
match the musical prowess of the
band. If you read the lyrics they sound
nothing like what is being sung?
Maybe its lost in translation? But his
singing and overall presence seems
very one dimensional
and quite flat on
these recordings,
compared with the
big riffs and confident song
O'ok needs way more of
the fire and passion that his band
mates generate. And if they're not
it will inevitably start to let the
music down.
'For The Hopeless
People' has a neat dropout with ultra
grinding guitars ripping through our
speakers. Track 4 'Determinasi
Bernayali' is
even better, and maybe
coz its sung in
the local tongue and
boasts a gang vocal which really adds
to the tension
. The riff builds up and
explodes with some powerful drumming
towards the end of the track. I liked the
sinister slow
grindy riffs on 'Golden
best, but the vocalist again
really does need to up his ante to
compete with the top notch music
which begs a more powerful r
expression that could put this band on
the international hardcore map. The
live pics of the band in action look
exciting, sweat drenched affairs and as
they say
themselves..."Their music
comes from the heart, and nothing you
can say or do will tear it apart!” So
what the fuck do i know?

for the music, but
could've offered so much more with a
better vocal delivery!