Feb. 2004
It's always good to get an issue of
Thirsk's Small Sailor, as they never
deliver the expected production line
ratio of pop punk/street punk bands
like so many other zines out there do
today. They go for a bit of diversity in
the lunatics they feature which is
always a strong pulling point. This
issue sees our dingy editors jettison
the regulation cut 'n' paste or die
delivery which they had become
seasoned masters at, for a more
formal looking desktop layout.
However it still works, and is easy on
the eye with careful attention to detail.
There's a good interview with UK
Horror film director
Alex Chandon,
whose biggest claim to fame is a
Cradle Of Filth video. He sounds like
he's just signed himself out the local
ghore house without taking his
medication, but it's a good insight into
how low budget filming is achieved.
Alex also gives us an intriguing 5 page
rundown on the best horror flix that
inspired him. Strangely no Exorcist
makes the grade, but I spose were
talking strictly gore hounds here. Next
up is Welly from
Artcore zine/4
Letter Word
fame. This Welsh motor
mouth could talk for England if he was
English, thankfully he ain't. He's
always got something interesting to
say and gives us an insight into his
bands fallout with BYO Records, who
sound like they dropped their bottle
over some pop band who apparently
have the same name as our Welsh
boyo's. Also in a supporting cast of
interviewees are short pieces with the
Smelly Mob UK punk promoters and
young Scotch punksters
Lastly a couple of E-ziners
& Nihilism On The Prowl!
(booo hissss!!!) make up the numbers
by telling us what makes E-zines tick.
There's a hold full of reviews from the
current punk world and print scene,
which thankfully don't pander to
freebies. Plus some interesting
columns on Comics, drinking Water
and a scary one on Cancer. You can
check out more on the Small Sailors
via the tried 'n' tested route at
Small Sailor for 50p & S.A.E. from
39 Station Road, Thirsk,North
Yorkshire, YO7 1QH, England

Feb-April 2004
Sad to say this is the last issue of an
Savage Amusement was one of
the few decent PUNK/OI! newsletters
doing the rounds in the UK today. Mr
Hagl's personnel reasons to quit are
spot on, specifically his families illness
which must be fucking traumatic. So
that alone would be enough to kill off
less enthusiastic zines. But in Trev's
case there's a multitude of other
reasons to take into consideration
also. The drastic state of punk today
for one! Good bands are extremely
rare in a sea of clones and drones,
and the apathy from labels and
readers is festering more each year. In
fact Sir Trev deserves a load more
respect for carrying the ink stained
torch this far along the line. How longs
it been?...gotta be over 20 years
(including  7 years with
). So he's certainly paid
his punk dues. Doing a zine or
newsletter these days is a REAL
fucking labour of love, with little or no
incentive to carry on. The lust of
having your say and promoting bands
that gives you a buzz is a zinewriters
drug. However Trev's plateful (Pardon
the pun) is also increased in other
areas, particularly keeping his new
young bird happy! Which must be a
full time job in itself, eh mate ha! I'm
sure the labels who put good punk out
will miss his endorsements immensely
and his loyal readership will miss his
critical snipes for sure, coz you knew
who to avoid and he didn't bullshit.
Wish the same could be said for the
sea of arselicking yes men writers who
are either liars, freebies junkies or just
plain dumb.So really the only winner in
this situation is the labels/bands who
thrive and continue to put crap out in
the name of punk. Trev on the other
hand ain't put the cap back on his
black biro just yet, he's found time to
do a review column for
Anorchoi zine
which I'm gonna get me mitts on next!
S.A.E. from Rosehill, 20 Front St,
Tanfield Lea, Stanley, Co. Durham,
DH9 9LY, UK.
Jan 04
The last time I read a copy of this
barrel of laughs was back in 1997 and
it didn't impress me much. So when I
recently got a tiny flyer through the
post advertising this issue I thought I'd
be a responsible chap and check it
out, just to see if 7 years had improved
it's minimalism. Well it's still beavering
away from the wilds of Lincolnshire, UK
which deserves recognition for
stubbornness alone. The Times New
Roman type face has been reduced
significantly, giving us a more chunkier
read for our money and blow me down
he's actually discovered staples too!!!
But I'm afraid that was it as far
improvements go. Initonit ain't gonna
win the Turner prize for presentation or
alluring merit, that's for sure, not that
Paul would care he's too busy
punching holes in walls or sharpening
his cleaver! The varied bands in this
issue are it's main selling point...we get
Drongos, Scotland's
Swellbellys, Derby's Poundaflesh
and lastly Send More Paramedics
from Leeds. So if any of them are your
thing you'll be sufficiently satisfied.
This 24 page read still suffers
dramatically from a very lazy layout,
but what grates even more is Paul's
hysterical PC attitude. This geezer
typifies the crusty PC punk ethic in all
it's acned ways and right on dogma.
Everyone's a nazi who don't smoke
weed, ain't vegan or don't particularly
care for Osama Bin Laden. However if
you like a dose of hardcore Porn like
our editor, he'll show leniency. Fer
fucks sake! We've all got axes to grind,
but I seriously think our Lincolnshire
saboteur has one for each day of the
week depending on his dope intake.
And he could be highly lethal with a
gun in his hand in the local village
street one of these days. He does
however make some valid points if you
can look past the glint of his blade and
malnutrition in his eyes. His rants on
Factory Farming, Working overtime
and Geeko bollocks were on the ball.
Plus there's an interesting Gathering
of The Thousands gig review, amongst
a load of like minded zine and record
reviews.This zine will definitely put a
smile on your boatrace for all the
wrong reasons or bury a hatchet deep
in yer head with it's anger just ain't delivered
with the same energy.
**1/2 January 2004
Highlight of this 64 page zine has to
be the front cover. It's one of those
crudely drawn beastiality=Monarchy
toons, that's screaming to be left in
public view on a train or in a bar. It's
odds on to cause offense to
pensioners, people in authority or
middle class University Principals!
This rag is an improvement on the last
issue, but only just. The bands were
just as disappointing and tame as the
last lot...
Hero Dishonest, The New
Lev Lashin
and Human Fly. However
we did get a
Jello Biafra spoken
word review, which was an intriguing
read. I was curious as to what these
pompous spoken word events really
consisted of? Especially after hearing
his Blackpool appearance was a
financial disaster. Begging the
question...are Mr Biafra's rants only
suited to University types and the
artisans amongst us? I don't really
blame the man in the street for not
turning up, coz I wouldn't pay up to
£20 notes to see him mouth off
without a band behind matter
how clever the ranty was. Like I said
he's still without a doubt an interesting
comentator on life and knows his stuff
politically but lets give it a punk rock
back beat please. I'd personally rather
watch Johnny Rotten talking about DIY
plumbing in the jungle (which was a
right giggle) than stand for 3 hours
while Jello takes his revenge on his
canniving ex-band mates, Terrorism
and the Global Dollar etc. Funnily
enough it's the dollar that's the real
reason for these talks...he want's ya
money for his new Alternative
Tentacles legal defense
fund!...Anarchy for sale! From there
on in WIB went downhill fast! With
loads to read and see in this zine it's a
letdown most of what's printed has no
relevance to my world, so it's not
gonna register. Again it's the quirky
little pieces dotted around this zine
that save it from a fullblown stupor.
For instance the cartoons on the
centrespread and Luke B's rants on
Americanization, Black Tories and
Farmers (
ooohharrr!!!!) Along with
informative biopsies on the
'Neighbours' TV soap and 'more
reasons to hate Leeds'. I enjoy the gig
and zine reviews best, the music is
another lucky dip. This zine needs
way more diversity in the bands it
selects and covers, but I spose that's
asking a lot of 3 young piss heads at
#14 & #15
Dec 2003/April 2004
It's took me nearly 3 months to
recollect this latest zine experience, so
appologies for the delay to any zines
expecting faster reviews. I don't
relocate 6,000 miles very often so
future reviews will be dispatched far
quicker from now on I promise. Well
enough crawling onto the zines. Issue  
#14 of this tatty rag features Belfast's
elder punk statesmen
on the cover, whilst young
punk pin-up Erika from
NY Relix tops
the 'Totty' chart. So this zine covers all
bases apart from whiny PC punks
which are dealt with brutally! There's a
splendid HITS 2003 review which may
be well outta date by now but the dry
yuma and off the cuff remarks by our
Belfast fuckwit always makes it worth
an eyeball. This issue waves goodbye
to Belfast's only regular punk
squat...Giros, which sadly has
belsched out it's last bit of feedback
and could be a real blow to the punk
scene out there. But these NI fuckers
are resilient and should bounce back
soon. As always the rough cut 'n'
paste layout of this snotty journal is
littered with pix of the local scene from
toddler punks to fat old blokes. It's a
real glut of generations. There's even
an hilarious lookalike contest that
made me snigger. Issue #15 features
Ulster's best kept secret...
The Violent
on the cover. This bunch of
chancers by a strange quirk of fate
feature Billy Fuckwit on vocals! You
can hear em in their full sadistic glory,
plus a load of other equally rank punks
on the 'Riot Down The Lane Again'
compilation CD. I thought the print job
this time around was decidedly better.
It actually reaches a black 'n' white
status instead of the new romantic
fade to grey. But technicalities aside,
things like ink toner don't really take
nothing away from the nitty gritty of
this valiant freebie. For instance we
get a droll
Beerzone interview, even
though the fuckers ain't that
entertaining. Alongside a rather tricky
punk quiz, plus articles on crap follow
up albums by some of punks bigger
The Slits, Adverts and
Slaughter should hold their heads in
shame. There's an interesting
flashback (via a local newspaper
cutting) to 1980's Belfast punk festival.
Considering the time and location, it
featured such strange bedfellows as
The Stimulators from New Yoik and
The Saints from Oz. Plus a
recollection on our editors first glimpse
Dr Feelgoodds on the Old Grey
Whistle Test. 'It Makes You Wanna
Spit' book gets a contributers (Bills)
review, which made for a neat slant.
But what I like best about this zine is
it's got no ego to feed on and definitely
no pose to sham! It's basically how it
fucking is! Which I find essential in
today's ultra creepy zine community,
but lets not forget it's FREE!!!
with an SAE to
The current spiky Anarcho zine from
breezy Blackpool is really getting into
it's bondage stride, big time! A strong
thick black print job means you get to
read everything! including the smaller
handwritten print in all it's
dissapproving glory. Mitch god bless
her, loves her early 80's inspired
protest punk. And that enthusiasm
radiates out from every page. However
It won't immediately ignite everyones
view on punk, as some of the bands
glorified in here don't merit the shit off
ya shoe. But
4MW has so much to
sink ya teeth into, it's gonna be a big
fave with every black clad spiky top
since leather 'n' studs 'n' acne was first
introduced back in th'e doomy gloomy
80's. Blackpool's current flagship band
the highly rated (in most North-West
punk circles) Sick 56 seem to be
creating waves and flooding the
localised shootout within these pages.
They've easily overtaken nearby
Fleetwood's jaded
One Way System
in the hear 'n' now 'n' hungry for action
stakes. We then head south to the
encrusted London squats of
, who've just got back from a
debut US tour. They reluctantly share
a bar of soap with miss rawk Beki
Bondage. Brummy punk legends
talk to Vitek Formanek, who is proving
to be a crucial contributor and Euro
reporter on all things punk rock in this
mag. French wankers
Charge 69
make an annoying appearance,
bringing back pissed up garlic
memories of a confrontational
showdown on the streets of gay Paree
after a
Pistols gig back in '96.
However the very exceptional
Resistence '77 who've reformed
bring up the rear of this punky rant.
Just hope
the Resistance boys can
reignite the classy sound they had 20
odd years ago? Sad to say I missed
out reading the last half of this zine
after leaving it at the
rehearsal space that they share with
Defiance. When I went back the
following week it went walkies.
Defiance who no doubt lapped up this
issues positive review of their latest
release will no doubt have it on their
bedroom walls as we speak!
4MW still
remains one of the few UK zines who
gives you value for money, loads to
read And some naivety thrown in along
the way. But basically without posh
layouts and straight attitudes it's gotta
be worth your inspection.
£1.60 & A4 S.A.E. from Mitch Elsden
31 Fir Grove, Marton, Blackpool,
Lancs, FY16PJ, U.K.
Another brand new issue of this rather
orderly Bristol fanzine that walks the
fine line between punk and it's cleaner
pop punk posh cousins. You won't find
no Anarcho signs in here, no vegan
recipes to yawn at and definitely no
glue sniffing mohicans who in this day
and need snuffing out like those old
straight geezers with mullets me
Everlong can and will
sometimes give us an ultra squeky
indie feel. But luckily for us and them
that ain't no bad thing where this zine
is concerned, coz this is extremely
easy to read. Just wish the bands were
a bit more exciting. Either the editors
are are easily pleased or they ain't
into confrontation or bands who can
look em in the eye and tell em what
they hate? You can tell the
editorial have outgrew their rebellious
stage and are aiming at the more
mainstream punk scene which can
leave us awkward cunts a bit
frustrated. They do however turn back
the clock and pull off quite a scoop as
they feature a rare interview with Mick
Jones (
Clash) who's now running his
own recording studio. Unlike Strummer
who stayed passionate about his
music till the very end, even though it
was way too worldly for our guttural
tastes. Jones came over as a bit of a
wanker. Strummer always had
something sussed to say. However
Mick Jones who was the prima donna
the Clash by all accounts was also
the very good tunesmith. He gives us
a more laidback approach and makes
you laugh at him as well as with him.
He sums up
the Clash's influence on
punk and music in general with a terse
"We asked a lot of questions, but
didn't know the answers, and didn't
give a fuck!!"
Which you can't argue
with in my book. As for the rest of this
44 page read, we get cover stars the
energetic sounding
Filaments from
Chelsmford, who bring us their brand
of bouncy brassy punk.
from the US who seem
very talented on paper and feature
Tim Armstrong of
Rancid in their
line-up. But like all these side projects
by budding punksters seem to be yet
another bland splinter group formed
by jaded hipsters. They are joined at
the hip by the equally insipid
Bear vs
from jolly old Michigan. Things
lighten up somewhat with the
Hacksaw from Bristol, who
are described as a sort of Steptoe And
Son meets the White Stripes ha! As
always we get a fucking boatload of
gig reviews. Best of which had to be
the slating of fellow Bristolian outfit
Disorder. Plus 16 pages of records,
zines and book reviews.
Its available
£1.00 & a5 SAE
Summer 2004
Looks like Toxic Stress is creeping
out the Derby sewers anually these
days. I remember when Ade used to
knock em out every 3 months back in
the nihilistic 90's!!!!! Well you can
tell by our editors lethargic intro to this
zine it looks like
Toxic Stress is
feeling the strain and on it's way out or
at least needs a sudden and fast shot
of action in it's arm to light up the
Derby scene and fire up Ades
enthusisam? Ade your becoming such
a lazy sod, even I'm shocked!!! If the
editors of zines can't be arsed to give
us some real reason why we should
read their apathy on tap publications,
then what's left to inspire punks to
actually pick zines up? When this
arrived I seriously wondered why he
included 6 pages of reviews from this
site! Either he's not getting enough
review material in or he's lazier than
me. Well it's  flattering to get my views
used in print I spose, but not to this
extent!!!  I feel like I've squatted the his
Toxic zone and I'm sure his stressed
out readership won't appreciate my
awe in the soup, but that's his decision
and I can certainly live with it even if
they can't ha! And if that ain't bad
enough he's pleading for more people
to send in their reviews. It's good that
he's giving punks a chance to air there
views, but it's beneficial to have your
own say in your own zine too, coz lets
face it that's why we write the fuckers in
the first place aint it? Lets quickly move
on! He does actually do some of his
own reviews which is good to see, in
the shape of of zine and record
reviews, So he can still lift a pen when
the urge rises. I particularly liked his
Joe Strummer tribute show review.
And he aims a well armed pot shot at
the growing army of celebritys who don
punk t-shirts as fashion statements.
We also get two interviews with
Rong Uns
from Leicester who sound
about as exciting as Sunday
morning in Derby awaiting for the pubs
to open. And the equally stimulating
3CR which stands for 3 Cornered
Rug..... by jeezus!!! These jokers
come from Manchester which
obviously accounts for the drop in
Toxic Stress has a better print
job than last issue, so at least we can
read everything. But Ade old bean, try
and be a bit more enthusiastic next
time, for the zines sake as well as ours.
You can get this for
(No longer in print)
Summer 2004
I'd get hung, drawn and quarted by
the crusty DIY-hards if I reviewed this
in a printed UK zine, but fuck it I don't
care! This Kerrang! 'Summer Punk
Special' was worth getting after it was
bought to my attention by Joe
Donnelly (cheers mate) while I was still
in Portland. However I managed
to pick one up on my return. There's a
24 page punk poster pullout featuring
an array of old and new comers to the
punk scene, some of whom look
decidedly tame and fake compared to
the brilliant live Clash shot for a great
vibe on punk. This full coloured 132
page jam packed mag is really very
entertaining, because we get some
rather good honest insights into a vast
array of punk outfits like cover stars
Green Day, Rancid, Bad Religion,
and why they formed etc.
As you can see this is predominantly
US focused with only the UK featured
from an historical angle, along with the
original New York scene. Which when
you think about it is a shame really as
there are some good bands here, but I
spose unless you sell a million + you
don't count. We also get some
exceedingly dodgy players who will
last 18 months before showing their
true colours, some of whom having
already done that and
Blink 182 are
at the top of the list. It'll be interesting
to see if the predominantly metallic
Kerrang! readers can suss out who's
who, out of this melee. Lars
Fredrickson of
Rancid is one helluva
fat bastard these days. I feel his
parody of punk look is becoming ill
fitting as time creeps on and his
waistband thickens. But he still talks a
lotta sense and I think he's genuine in
his own delusional way. However total
wankers like Sum 41 really do convey
whats wrong about mainstream punk
today. They're just cunts, but I was
suprised that the equally suspect
Casey Chaos outta the attrocious
Amen had the right attitude at least.
There's a predominent Skatecore US
feature which covers it's begginings
which was well worth a butchers to
read up on. There's some good
roundups on the best gigs, books,
venues, Dvd's and films on offer, plus
punks influence on bands like
Motorhead and Guns 'N' Roses.
The biggest downer was the 'Shape
Of Punk To Come!' I think every band
listed look like they're gonna be about
as exciting and as threatening as a
trip to Fred Myers! But if you can look
beyond the glossy groups in eyeliner
and expensive tattoos, there's a
wealth of potential information in this
issue that'll keep you entertained for a
few hours at least. Back issues are
available so check out the website if
you ain't already seen a copy.
August 2004
Has it really been 2 years since Puke's
last throw up in the zerox dog bowl?
Per fucks sake!! Not that the
bastion has been dawdling in it's
absence, coz Miss Puke's promotion
sideline is kicking off big style in
between drunken excursions. So we
have to content ourselves with a now
bi-annual shot of
Puke, which is still a
stimulating experience in punk print.
And although it's not as up to date as it
once was, or as 5th form and ink
stained as past issues, this Stirchley
based zine will always be a cover to
cover read here in the Wolfs Lair. For
the simple reason it's still got that
raging, messy, handwritten/typed
layout with a caustic attitude that
makes it a veritable contender for one
of our septic isles most notable zines
today. Good to see Becca Puke
changing her mind on Joe Strummer
whom she slagged with a vengeance
(circa his solo period) and rightly so.
However since his untimely death she's
given him a rather good and poignant
send off. Pity some of the interviewee's
in this issue don't live up to
Pukes on
the edge vibe. We get a somewhat
mediocre one from from Geordie
Crashed Out. Derby's
strumming punk minstrel Paul Carter
adds a bit of humour, whilst long
running Brummy skankers
stay well on the fence for fear
of aggro or upsetting their fellow
comrades.. .chickens! Like I said
these days seems very grown up
alongside earlier editions. Not sure
that's beneficial in the big scheme of
things, but I spose even zines written
by Aylesbury defects graduate to
adulthood sooner or later. The reviews
are short and candid, but some of the
matured taste as the
Puke bowl
widens leaves a lot to be desired. But
one thing you do know with this zine is
it ain't gonna pander to freebie favor,
as the now defunct
Fracture gets
dispatched without mercy. Keeping the
entertainment ante rolling, there's a
great shot of some meat shop sign with
the immortal 'Bush & Son Ltd'..
.Wholesale Butchers', which was a
giggle. We also get a 2 year update on
all the gigs
Puke's made a mess at,
and there's been quite a few. Plus an
amusing if slightly surreal fly swatting
routine in bed-sit land. As we speak
Puke is making a long awaited
appearance on the WWW so hopefully
we'll be getting more up to date vomit
and views pretty soon. If not buy this or
check out one of the forthcoming
Brummy Puke promotions at the Royal
George bar in Birmingham where
copies will be available no doubt!
(No longer in print)
April 2004
This is one THICK fucker, as in page
count, not intellectual performance.
What you have here is a couple of
zines with plenty to say and totally
different ways to say it. From
Gadgie's textual minimalism to WIB's
crazy clutter, we get two very different
angles what make split zines so good.
Hailing from Lincolnshire, UK comes
the by now veteran Boston Queen of
the UK zine scene,
Gadgie. This is a
fanzine bought to us via Marv, who's a
strange breed in zine circles. By day
he's a PE schoolteacher, but by night
(and during school holidays) he
miraculously transforms into a punk
scribe. Now if that ain't a weird twist of
persona, I dunno what is? Punk has
become so inbred into mainstream
culture these days, that even
schoolteachers, priests and god forbid
cops make up remnants of our cultish
phenomenon. I'm not knocking it, I just
find it strange that some pupil at his
school into punk could be reading his
PE teachers fanzine ha! In my days
teachers were authoritarian figures,
especially fit sports teachers, who
were the enemy at the gate. And for
lazy, unfit cunts like meself who were
barely made the cross country run
before dinnertime, we deemed these
bullyboys as positively satanic! But
there ya go the times they are a
changin. Marv retains that school boy
view on life in his writing style, and I
bet the kids think he's sound. Although
I hope he don't switch personality at
work. But back to the zine, we are still
inundated with tales of his schoolboy
past which can drag on somewhat, but
luckily for us his other main topic of
coversation is Middlesboro FC, which
never fails to gives us a sly smirk at
their expense. If you peel away those
faded reminisces,
Gadgie brings us
up to date with punk reviews and
interviews. What I like best about
Marv's accounts are his Boston Indian
Queen (local punk venue) anecdotes
and tales of punk rock intrigue. So
more punk please Sir!
Waterintobeer based in the
Yorkshire urban grime of Leeds, reads
better when it's more compact and
there's less space for trivial filler.
Having said that, it's trio of editors are
itching to dispel their scribbles to an
ever growing mass (if there distribution
links are to be revered). The best
section in this developing zine was the
editorial focusing on ghettos, which I
gotta agree was bang on. There was
also an amusing, if slightly fawning
Justin Timberlake piece. The wanker
was spotted on some local ski slide.
Which made me wonder whether those
rumours circulating the punk world,
that he's gonna play Johnny Rotten in
the new Penelope Spheeris biopic are
true!? Gawwwwd help us if it is! Back
in the real world, Trev Hagl keeps the
humour flowing as a guest columnist in
the 'I hate Leeds' series, which was a
guaranteed laugh for anyone who
been viewing his run in with the Leeds
PC punk police. Some parts of the on
going Finnish gig diary were
interesting, particularly the hitchhiking
bit. I enjoy the gig reviews best though,
coz it reminds me of my not too distant
past...sleeping in doorways, missing
trains and meeting aggro on the
street. You know the score. Although I
think these kids may need psychiatric
help if you're walking the streets at
night talking to yerself! As always a
fucking boat load of reviews that
sweep a pretty big section of what we
deem punk rock and all its offshoots.
There's even room for a couple of
interviews with Canadians,
The Real
(ha! that's a laugh)
McKenzie's, and
some faceless ska/metal outfit called
Goddamn Minivan making up the
I picked this zine up in Wolverhampton
of all places, at a recent dark
Drongo's gig. And it wasn't until I got
home the following morning, in the
cold light of day and in alcohol
recovery, that I checked out the
residue littering my skyrocket. What
scared me more than being skint was I
realized I got the latest edition of
!!! Hmmmm the omens weren't
looking good, as this was possibly the
worst zine that I read in 2001! However
from the 'Gurning' front cover
onwards, I have to admit this Leeds
zine has made one massive
improvement on the last dismal time
we met. The whole zine looks like it's
had a major, and I mean significant
overhaul. Loads more artwork comes
in a fucking crystal clear print job, with
dare I say it... a professional looking
layout. And there's just enough cut 'n'
paste to keep it from being the clinical
boring drudge we were once witness
too. It's even gotta a fucking upbeat
feel to it! So Andy old bean, well
fucking done! I really thought you'd
lost the inky plot by issue #19. It's
such a relief to be proven wrong, coz
the longest running Yorkshire punk
zine has finally arrived into the 21st
century along with a full Anarcho
battery a blazing in it's wake. Although
it's PC politics and high almighty
sectarianism is still prevalent,
don't ostracize the passerby
nearly half as much as it did once
upon a time. BC features good solid
interviews with a good set of
characters. First up are the vagrant
Scarborough noise niks,
. They give us a real insight into
touring Euro squats, dog kennels and
Belgium which sounds nearly as bad
as Scarborough! Local and lean
hardcore outfit Indicator who are now
known as
Burn The Borders bring in
a fresh hungry outlook. And finally we
get Anarcho autocrat
Colin Conflict,
who sounds like he had his lawyer
present when answering the probing
questions. A revealing interview for
what he didn't say I must add, and
Conflicts assertive profile
did ring alarm bells. Sacre bleur!
there's even humour too. Check out
the welcome return of the Andy
Anarchist cartoon strip on the back
page. The eclectic reviews are honest
and on the ball, and this zine must be
the only one I've read who's given
those Scottish weirdo's
Opaque a
slot, all be it with the inevitable
slagging. The letters page was
entertaining, featuring Croats pledging
undying love, money making schemes
and football in punk. The columns
were worth your perusal too with wide
ranging topics like Security at gigs,
capitalism, consumerism, first arrests
and Christians tee hee. Good to see a
few new UK zines making their debut in
this issue too, which is promising in
our UK zine scene. We do need NEW
blood and ink badly! With this issue
Bald Cactus makes a welcome return
to form so c'mon kids can you match
this blueprint?... we wait with baited