Summer 2006
Negative Reaction's latest dose hit's
the fan and Punks love struck writing
duo seems to be staying on course,
despite New Model Army manoeuvres
and stingy behaviour from our editor
in chief. They say there's nothing like
a woman's scorn to keep its nosey
readership informed. But this pair is
still on their honeymoon and she's at it
already! Trev's filthy habits are being
exposed each issue in microscopic
detail. It must be like living with a
private eye on yer case, and I bet he's
scared to take a crap in case it gets
featured in the next issue! Im
wondering whether Mr Hagl's secretly
regretting letting his bird run free with
the hilarious 'Trev Watch!' column.
Now I dunno about you, but I prefer
surveying the more amorous delights
of the female species than some
middle aged skinhead going about his
daily rituals. But Dawn (his Mrs) ain't
missed a fuckin' trick with no stone left
unturned! However I think a gagging
order (
naaahh not in that sense you
letcherous cretins)
might be
implemented on her by next issue. Coz
I can see Mr Hagl cringing in the
background with embarrassment as
she exposes even more cracks in the
Tyneside's hacks body armour. Hope
he realises he won't be safe to walk in
any bar in the North East again
without someone sniggering "theres
the tightwad who meassures his
envelopes". We await the fallout with
intrepidation. Negative Reaction #6
ain't quite as visually enticing or as
interesting to read as the last, but
there's still plenty in here that will keep
you amused. The 'Defending The
Realm' - 'Inside MI5 and The War On
Terrorism' book review rams home the
fact that no matter how many phone
taps or files MI5 put on so-called
terrorist threats such as Garry
Crass and even the Sex
once upon a time! There's still
supposedly 1600 terrorists plotting
and scheming and those are just the
cunts in Parliament. Bands in this
issue vary from the growing in
Holy Racket outta
Sunderland, who have joined a long
queue of Gene October haters. To
Fish from
the Skeptix who is now a
busy producer on the punk circuit as
well as playing. But we all know his
real love is for his new outfit
who have by a strange
coincidence just sacked their singer.
So I wonder what Cal from
is doing these days? In the rear
comes Canadian punks
The Fallout.
Who seem deadly serious, but
apparently sound similar to nihilist
Forgotten Rebels? There's
some amusing tales about how Trev
was dumb struck when faced with a
BBC interview at a recent Academy in
The UK bash. Missing perhaps his
only chance to flog his distro on
National TV. Along with greetings from
Chav central which seems to be
Scunthorpe these days? Plus a 2
page Wasted festival review. All this
comes in amongst 8 pages of records,
books and zine reviews. So well worth
a gander and still cheaper than a pint
of extra cold Carling!
£1 & 56p S.A.E. from Rosehill, 20
Front St, Tanfield Lea, Stanley, Co.
Durham, DH9 9LY, UK.
September 2006
Now this is more like it! A keen
improvement on last issue with a jam
packed 48 page issue from the
Australian city of Melbourne.
is eager, hungry and passionate about
its multicoloured spiky punk rock, and
that alone is half the battle in a zines
success. This fanatical attitude
feedbacks from its cut 'n' paste pages
with gusto. I think Flea must've been
reading my mind? Coz everything
lacking in the last issue is excitedly
modified and escalated in this one,
and done with such energy. From the
orange studded Beki Bondage front
cover to the ads on the back, this is
the kinda zine
Anarchoi could learn a
thing or two from regarding delivery.
The interviews are its biggest draw
and feature an international crew. We
discover what's lifes like in
. Currently one of LA's more
intriguing hardcore outfits, who have
got one of the snazziest looking
touring vans I've ever laid eyes on.
When they're gigging you'll certainly
know about it. There's a brief one to
one with Pat Reek from Aussie outfit
Wot Rot who explains how to escape
pepper spray attacks from the local
old Bill.
HOTPAC then head over to
Sweden for more fantails and this time
we have Emma from
Disconvenience telling us all about
the European quadrant. Have you
sussed the running theme in
yet? Then were back to the States for
an in depth interview with the Director
of that punk flick 'Punks Not Dead'
which I've yet to see myself? So this
interview made an interesting piece for
the uninformed amongst us. But from
what Director Susan Dynner (tee hee)
had to say, I ain't expecting a plateful
of Oscars. But the footage she
mentioned looks to be worth checking
out. There are some good live pix of
the Wasted festival in Australia with an
array of Mohawks and bands.
Alongside some scummy shots from
the Sydney punks picnic featuring
. Who is apparently
Australia's answer to the
Dead Boys?
The reviews are scattered so maybe a
few more wouldn't go a miss,
especially some zine reviews coz
Australia seems to be having a
welcome new lease of Punk life from
what Im picking up on the jungle
drums. The 2006 Pub Crawl edition is
due out next im reliably informed. One
last note. Flea deserves your support
coz this girl actually writes this, prints
this off and posts you a copy if you
want one all for absolutely sweet FA!
Now that is dedication to duty, so
there's no EXCUSE...punks, Trojans,
clergymen and labels get it touch Now!
Trades are most definitely welcome!
(no longer in print)
September 2006
Good to get reaqainted with this
Gloucester zine which i aint read for a
couple of years. I gotta say the
improvement in layout and visuals is
vast! From the eye-catching Johnny
Rotten colour cover to the almost
professional silk screened zerox pages
that this A4 baby is laid on, shows it
has a touch of class. Zines out of Fred
West old haunts shouldn't be looking
quite so sharp and sexy for their own
well being (remember
Shadow?), but
this fucker does.
Fast 'N' Loud is cut
'n' paste done with an eye for detail.
Punk zines these days despite popular
misconceptions do need to look
authentic as well as inform their
readers I've always thought. And this
chunky 32 page read really will meet
all your requirements. It's backed up
with a massive 9 page interview with
Beki Bondage from
Vice Squad. Who
gets a deep probing and tells us
everything that's worth knowing.
Including how she overcomes rejection
(which I find hard to believe with her
sultry looks) and depression to bring
us the modern version of
Vice Squad.
We then get to grips with Southampton
Whole In The Head who
describe themselves as
"a blend of
fast, heavy crusty anarcho hardcore
with d-beat and blast beat tunes
and an outside toilet"
. A description
which certainly fits the bill from what
I've heard. And finally a dose of Indie
punk! The duo in question are
2 Sick
from Swindon who give us
drum and bass but from a strictly DIY
angle. There's a 4 page look back at
the dodgiest band in the World,
namely the
4' B 2's. Who are bought
back to life from our editor's
impressive collection of punk cuttings,
which was good to see once more?
Plus a piece nicked from a recent
tabloid titled 'When We Were Punks'
which shows us some startling
changes as one snarling punk grew up
to become a cop fer fux sake! While
Noel from
Menace is pictured looking
very salubrious in his health And
Safety whistle 'n' flute. There's a
gigantic amount of reviews from the
Captain Oi and Cooking Vinyl stables.
Which are now getting interesting as
our brave editor is starting to emit
descent regarding some of their
output, mainly
the Motors amongst
others. And there's a decent array of
zine reviews which for once portray the
covers which is a nice touch. And I
even spotted in one review that Punk
Rocker is tainted with an Oxford
Educated ha! Hmmm hate to
disappoint you but the only education
I've had from the city of Steeples is
probably a few episodes of Inspector
Morse and a live
Banshees bootleg
from 1979. Despite my schooling
Fast 'N' Loud is a very
well put together zine and John the
editor tells me there's gonna be a
website coming soon featuring all the
back issues that have run out of print.
Issue #7 is already looming on the
punk horizon.
£1.50 + 66p sae
or write to 88 Overbrook Road,
Hardwicke, Gloucester, GL2 4RZ UK
September 2006
From photocopied DIY to the high tech
magazine sheen. Punk in print rarely
reaches this kinda exuberance without
sacrificing something, be it vast
advertising campaigns on every other
page or shitty dialogue preening over
the pop punk circuit.
Worst has none
of the above and seems to be thriving
on just delivering flamboyant spiky
punk. First time I set eyes on a copy
was when I bumped into its web
presence via myspace (don't knock it
coz it does have some use y'know).
Worst editor Marc kindly sent me a
copy after I enquired whether there is
a English version available? Sadly for
Philistines like me and maybe you,
there ain't! This is utterly and purely
written in French. I know we
sometimes ridicule the French punk
scene because musically they still ain't
produced a top class worldwide punk
band, but as far as this mag goes they
certainly show us English speaking
twats how to put out a decent punk
magazine without losing that initial
punk appeal.
Worst reminds me of
Punk Lives would've looked like
had it come out 20 years later. Full
colour glossy pages of punks with
dayglo haircuts and studded jackets
are the order of the day. And it ain't
just a cosmetic thing either. You get
loads of reading matter inside that
keeps the adventurous layouts and
professional decor company. Like I
say highly recommended if you can
read French, and this ranks easily
alongside other Euro big high end
publications such as
Plastic Bomb
Ox both from Germany, which are
also printed in their native tongue.
What goes around comes around I
spose? We've had 30 years of punk in
a predominantly English form so now
we know what it must feel like to be
into punk bands who don't talk your
lingo. Front cover stars
The Epoxy's
do talk our lingo and dominate this
issue plus we get pieces on the
Brixton Cats (French), Drongos For
(UK), Street Dogs (USA),
CRI D'Alerte (French) and Frontkick
(Germany). So its definitely an
international vibe. There's also a
massive review section plus some
books and zine reviews get dusted off
too. I dunno if Marc is sitting on a pile
of Euro's coz this must cost a fucking
packet to print up and put out? But he
thankfully has kept to his early 80's
street punk vibe throughout. If it
actually does read as well as it looks
this can't lose. Which begs the
question can someone in England
give us something similar to brag
about? We wait with bated breath?

Next issue due out now!
3 Euro's
December 2006
Billy Riot continues his quest to bring
Belfast punk and the more younger
exciting aspects of UK punk from a far
wider scene successfully to his
readers. And
ROYO still maintains
that snotty drive with this its 25th
issue! The reason this decrepit riffy
parchment ain't just another sloppy
quickly thrown together knock up job,
like so many other printed dirges out
there. Is coz its full of that dry Belfast
sensa yuma. And not many seasoned
editors have the ability to mix it with
the new bands as well as dragging the
original punk inspiration to the party.
When Bill ain't busy shooting footage
of the bands running around fields
trying to shag sheep, singing for his
the Violent Fuckwits or filling
this zine up with those grainy but
highly entertaining snap shots and
afterthoughts he's spreading the
disease to new users. It makes you
wonder where he finds the time or
energy? And talking of DVD's, if you
wanna see all the bands and more
that Billy gets excited about in this zine
and previous issues you can catch em
on his current DVD release 'A Riot
Down The Lane', which is highly
recommended and will be reviewed in
full when I pull me finger out. But back
to the zine. This is a zine that loves
punk and its that enthusiasm which
gives this that extra surge the others
don't quite grasp. ROYO is always a
pleasure to read even when the
chaotic layout appears haphazard. If
you like your punk rock down to earth
with no egos or blinkered infatuation,
then this is a good place to start.
Actually the only thing Billy is
infatuated about that needs to
concern us (apart from young totty) is
Punk Rock! Which thankfully for us
covers most genres with an open
perspective. He even reviews those
pious Leeds zealots just to see what
they've slagged him off about. I do
have to say his loyalty to some bands
in the scene can sometimes be
swayed by over indulgence, but who
exactly ain't guilty of that? He does
take a well aimed pot shot at the
"punkinafoodmixer" genre as he
calls it. Which I must say I totally agree
with, although even I was partial to
some early
Discharge and Disorder
before the Swedes kicked in and took
it to another level. However new
young punks on the scene
with their clockwork orange
gear grab the centre page spread this
issue. The featured band interviews
come from Sunderland punks
who lose credibility points by
dropping their bottle and declining to
mention Gene October's over active
ego for fear of being blacklisted? And
kiddie punk combo
Outl4w from
Fleetwood whose ages range from 17
- 12 get a deserved look in. Wonder
what their rider consists of....coke 'n'
Cadbury's cream eggs maybe? I gotta
say the Belfast punk birds take some
beating too, but don't just take my
word for it, get this fucker now coz its
a RIOT!!!
FREE with an SAE to
November 2006
Had this sent in very kindly by Mandy
MDM so cheers Mand. Your
Stench promo is on its way. From
what I gather on the
myspace page Flea (the editor) is
starting to have difficulty sending out
FREE overseas copies which you can
understand being all the way from
Australia. So if your really gonna ask
for a copy please send her a decent
trade or add postage costs. This is a
zine that captures the current moment
in the comtemporary Aussie punk
scene and one who thankfully
chooses good covers shots over
banal ones. Which is a must if your
writing a zine and prefer to make
some kinda impact. You can almost
guarantee it will feature a fantail
mohican or something equally as
spiky. This edition of
HOTPAC is the
'Melbourne Pub Crawl' issue, which
from looking through the images
inside strikes me as being on a par
with the Belfast punk scene in many
respects. Melbourne has a very young
spiky scene with lots of colour and
energy which is great to see if
Neighbours was your only other
reference point. The only old geezers
you'll find in here are
Anti Nowhere
who actually look good on
the shots taken from their Melbourne,
Art House gig late last year. Of the
new breed of punk
the Intensives
from Edmonton, Canada get the ball
rolling and look like they just stepped
outta a 'Burning Britain' chapter, and
from what I can gather they sound like
it too. Continuing the studded moody
look we get a slightly more bunch
the Ghouls from
Philadelphia,USA who are taking the
90's street punk thing and giving it a
bit of horror, which could be
interesting. Local drummer Joel from
Bulldog Spirit gives us some drum
techniques via interviews with other
local drummers and Rat Scabies
wannabes. And add to this some
fleeting zine and record reviews to
break up the impressive gallery of
shots from the street, the stage and of
course the bar and it makes for
another contagious issue. Im sure
issue 8 is due out any day.
FREE for a trade!
(no longer in print)