February 2006
Billy Riot's currently chucking these
out every 3 months! And
Riot On
Your Own
maybe lacking the
finesse of other less frequent reads.
But this bag of spanners still
manages to entertain us, even when
the space fillers (check out the
dubious photo shop art in the
centrespread) are more evident in
this issue. But this is FREE fer fucks
sake, and it deserves to be read by a
wider audience.
Riot On Your Own
is rough but has me in stitches every
time. This is a labor of love and its
written from the heart by a blaggard
and thats good enough for me! This
edition's front cover stars are
Drunken Nights
who look positively
ghoulish in spikes and Halloween
face paint. They've also just released
a much improved demo featuring
'Downtown Depravity' if you don't
believe me. They along with
and this years new hot tip the
, get generous coverage
in every issue. So it was good to see
a short interview with coastal kiddie
Man Over Bored. These
young whippersnappers are talented
and very hungry. And talking of
hunger, Captain Oi! has certainly got
his hooks into Bills swag bag, and he
ain't gonna let go till he's got his
pound of flesh. Or in Bills case,
another 32 page issue hot off the
copier. It's really quite fascinating
watching the siege like mentality of
zinesters who have to feed an all
consuming conglomerate like
Captain Oi! I wonder whose gonna
be lying on the ground exhausted
come Christmas time as these two
personality's battle it out in the
zine/record label endurance test? My
moneys on South London to take a
fall or at least a breather. But don't
forget I ain't backed a winner since
Shergar! Alongside an almost
non-stop array of records, gigs,
books, DVDs and zine reviews there
was still more than enough room for
some of Billy boys more artistic
endeavours to surface. In other
words lots of camera shots of liggers
and bands dressing up, having fun
or getting pissed. The best shot
however had to be the back page
featuring Mohican Colm ex-
who is snapped
absolutely bladdered sat on a barrel
and wrapped around a post in a bar
fast asleep. Definitely one for the
Jap. tourist trade. For the punky
nerds there's '77 questions in the
'Punk GCSE quiz' to catch you out.
And finally, a fitting tribute to
Belfast's most famous son...Georgie
Best. Which ill hopefully publish on
site here soon, if Bill hasn't already
signed over the copyrights to
Trakmarks. Oh before I forget, Bills
the Violent Fuckwits are still
homeless and looking for a practice
pad, so offers like bars, garages or
ex-'Romper Rooms' will be seriously
FREE with an SAE to
January 2006
12 months later and Everlong
Bristol's premier punk zine makes a
welcome return after liveing up to its
name with an extended absence from
the typeset jet stream. However
editor in chief Shane has numerous
other publications to write for, so he's
a very busy chap which is a viable
reason. But as he's now in charge of
a growing posse of well versed
(just waiting for Rovers
lout Paul K. to chuck his 2 bobs
worth in)
, we can expect another
issue as early as this summer! And
by the list of ink donors in
attendance, they should easily have
enough ammo for that particular
deadline. Let's hope we also get
some snottier punk rock coverage,
coz this zine is still stuck in that safe
grey area of punk that all the prudent
bands frequent. Just take a look at
the collection of bands in this issue.
Most of which I ain't heard of before
in my entire life?
The Setbacks, the
and Black Friday 29, to
name but a few. And I gotta say I find
this new breed of punk band that has
crept in under the 'punk' umbrella, to
be from a totally alien landscape
compared to the vintage one Im
currently residing in. They all stink of
middle class rich kids. They give the
impression they're killing time till they
fuck off to Uni. And like most
Captains of Industry they emit zilch
personality wise, and fail to entice
outsiders like meself into their club.
Im wondering whether im from a
different culture, but now I know! I
knew something must be up when a
bit of spit 'n' snot was in so much
demand it was exhilarating to witness,
compared to the cool, clean
environment of today's punk scene.
A scene that spits out nerds by the
dozen, in favour of the far more
atypical and newsworthy guttersnipe.
I think
Everlong is doing a splendid
job of covering this slick breed of
punk. But it could seriously cross
borders and ghettos with a load more
attitude and opinion from its well-read
informants. Instead we get an almost
polite portrayal of its local and global
scene by 'n' scene liggers which
seemed to stifle this issue.
for example look and
sound like a complete band of
emotional impediments if you can
quite imagine that? Well they are
from Bath, so just think of
and other bands of that ilk and
you'll get the picture. And talking of
American wannabe's, we do get the
real deal in
the Xplosion from
Boston, USA. However they are
about as incendiary in print as a
Boston crab minus its pincers. At
Grebo from Bristol showed us a
bit of posture and they smash up
their guitars on impact too, so maybe
they're worth checking out. But
Flogging Molly from LA sum up
everything I despise in the punk
scene of late. Bland plastic Paddy's
doing their favourite
Pogues routine
and fooling everyone in the process.
When are these jerks gonna wake up
and suss out these over hyped
press/zine darlings for what they
really are...sober, dull, yanks! So it
was a big relief to read about the
refreshingly unassuming
from Northern Ireland who
give us no bullshit answers and are
for once, the real McCoy. There was
also a neat delve into the Junction
venue in Bristol. They promote a
boatload of UK and international
punk acts in their intimate 100
capacity venue, which sounds like a
good place to check out next time im
in ciderville. We are then confronted
Black Friday 29 a Kraut strait
edge combo. So you can imagine
how riveting this interview is gonna
be. They along with the neu folk
disciple Steve Turner of
fame (who was themselves living in
the shadow of
Nirvana) don't exactly
ratchet up the tension.
The Surfin'
offer some light relief and
are Bristol's answer to a souped up
punk version of the Wurzels. There
was a note worthy but safe
tour diary from a member of
Valdez which loses punk points for
its author not shagging the groupie!
And finally we get a
Spartan obituary
written by the corpse himself. The
live gig reviews span ten pages of
faceless bands, but I did spot lurking
amongst the brass section and Big
Cheese wannabe's -
Texas Terri,
Midnight Creeps, Motorhead,
Lower Class Brats, Contempt,
Anti Flag
and the Drongos, all
adding some extra flavour. The
record reviews are pretty much on
the ball when they ain't gushing
about Ska punk, rockabilly or that
other crap that makes up the Warped
Van bills these days. Still a very
professional looking fanzine and
read, but like most professional
publications it’s missing that
personal touch this issue.
£1.00 & a5 SAE
Summer 2006
The Dawning of a new age for
Negative Reaction. Editor in chief
Sir Trev Hagl has fallen in love not in
Consett but on the internet! And
what's even more astounding is he's
told everyone in print so he can't deny
this one! He's even invited his new
bird Dawn to collaborate on the zine.
Could this be a new era in
inky rollercoaster ride that
boasts more pulling power than John
Prescott? Has Trev become a new
man?? The hardcore reactionaries
amongst his readership may well
recoil in uproar at Dawns inclusion in
a once strictly male domain such as
this. And rumours are already
circulating that the Jeremy Kyle show
is keeping a vacant slot open! But to
be fair, Dawn's no mug and used to
write her own fanzine in the early 80's.
So she knows her way around the cut
'n' paste thrust of zinedom. She's also
wise to Trev's lecherous excesses
and even laughs at his anti-gay jokes.
So they are joined in pen and ink bliss
across their domestic typewriter
landscape like some 21st century
version of the Birchill/Parsons
gunslingers of yore. A match made in
zerox heaven, or should that read
Durham? It's that intriguing. You
couldn't have envisaged such a
storyline in a script from Neighbours,
let alone on the
Angelic Upstarts
guestbook where they first met
beneath the AFA flame wars. This
true romance came about amidst a
backdrop of
Goldblade and Perkele
(pardon my ignorance but are they
some new brand of instant coffee??).
It makes Chip and Rachel's Yorkshire
zine fling look positively right wing in
comparison. And from this first joint
venture it seems to be working. We
still gets Trev's wicked sexist texts,
down the line reviews and hilariously
depressing view on Britain's decline
into an American method actor state.
But set against Dawns more feminine
style of writing it becomes the perfect
foil. Which is also aided by a good
sensa yuma (mind you, she fucking
needs it with Sir Hagl at the bar!). It
also has to be pointed out Dawns
injected a superior layout to the mag.
Just check out the eye catching
centrespread. Which is also the focal
point of a 4 page analysis of Blairites
Britain, which gets a savagely
accurate depiction. Good to read the
Trev's Asda fiasco ended with a few
grand in the kitty too. So maybe we'll
be seeing a few more issues hit the
street for quite a while yet. Let's just
hope the dreaded spectre of some
future poetry inclusion or New Model
Army intrusions are kept at a
respectable distance! The interviews
in this edition are all top notch. I really
enjoyed the Dr Strange one with its
candid insight into the Californian
record empire. We then get a look
back at
the Spitfire Boys career,
who were born in St Helens instead of
behind the bar of Eric's, like we all
assumed. The
Anti Nowhere
Animal was the only let
down. Even with a bikers hangover
the size of Hastings he should've at
least been arsed to answer why he
put out 'This Perfect Crime' which was
a true crime against obnoxiousness!!!
Negative Reaction #5 rounds off
with a good
Upstarts interview
conducted by Dawn. We get the low
down from a militant Mensi on bottle
droppers who never turn up to
confrontations! Wonder if he ever got
that spray off the van? Yeah It's
gonna be very interesting to see what
develops in the next issue of this zine!
Can't fuckin' wait!!
S.A.E. from Rosehill, 20 Front St,
Tanfield Lea, Stanley, Co. Durham,
DH9 9LY, UK.
Spring 2006
The UK's most regular punk zine
comes running out the backstreets of
West Belfast with petrol bomb in
hand! Well maybe not petrol, but with
enough innuendo and sarcy absurdity
that if Bill could manufacture it and
sell it off on E-bay to the baying
young American punk market, who
seem so obsessed with being
sarcastic. He'd make a fuckin' packet!
Listen kids why try so hard? You've
either got it or you ain't, you can't buy
a commodity like that, so get this tatty
rag instead, coz it's the next best thing
and it's FREE! Whatever this zine
lacks in state of the art presentation it
still manages to keep us all amused
with its no bullshit approach. That is at
least until Bill's big Wasted special hits
the streets, which will be floating
around the bars and stalls at
Blackpool's Wintergarden's this
August no doubt. But until then,
ROYO #23 will keep you primed,
titillated and enthralled in between Big
Brother TV breaks and those heavy
Kournikova grunts at Wimbledon.
There's loads of chunky reviews in
this issue, which is always a good
sign. Coz they actually tell you about
what's on the deck, be it records,
DVD's or in the zines. Instead of lazily
going through the repetitive
production line analysis that
etc. seem
happy to churn out. We get tongue in
cheek respites like the cryptic punk
anagram, sandwiched against local
scene updates. And on a serious note
a poignant farewell to a young Belfast
punkette who died recently. There's a
Shame Academy CD launch
gig review, where the bouncers get
ridiculed and on another support
groups with Beards get mocked
Runnin Riot command a
live centre page spread performing
live on stage at the Empire in Belfast,
where lead singer Colin complete with
cloth cap looks uncannily like some
Farming auctioneer presiding over a
livestock auction. There's a call for
any self respecting punk with a pulse
to offer up their suggestions for the
'All Time Punk Top Totty Chart', which
will be revealed in the next issue. It's a
tough one, but ill probably go with
Debbie Harry for sheer sexual
magnetism during her late 70's
heyday. There are 3 interviews in this
issue, best being a thoroughly
intriguing one with Nicky Tesco out
the Members. Mr Tesco like Arturo
Bassick seems totally down to earth,
which is a pleasure to read in this day
'n' age. We also get grittier ones with
young spiky tops
the Lobotomies
who are not only this issues covers
stars but currently doing a UK tour.
Plus a short sharp one with kiddy
punk outfit
White Noise, who are
named after the
SLF song, in case
you were wondering. There's also
news that Billy's own bunch of
cutthroats the
Violent Fuckwits will
be wrecking a stage near you very
soon. Where's me hard hat and
earmuffs when you need em!
FREE with an SAE to
Spring 2006
'The fanzine that's even more punk
than McFly'. Hmmm, like most honest
UK punk publications today (apart
Destroy who took my money
and run), it ain't gonna be hard to out
punk McFly. Despite the misguided
misconceptions bleated out in the
mainstream music press about em
being (adopt commas with finger tips)
"PUNK". McFly are about as punk as
Plastic Bertrand, with the emphasis
on synthetic. At least you could pogo
to 'Ca Plane Pou Moi'! Luckily for us
Negative Reaction #4 ain't fake, it's
the real deal! And this issue marks
the last of the unholy trinity of editors
combining their inky talents in one
issue, which did dog this zine for a
few issues. Coz lets face it, it wasn't
working with shoddy space wasting
and arse licking punk star interviews,
which didn't really suit Hagl's rigorous
worth ethic and impartial viewpoint.
You can almost hear the sigh of relief
emanating outta Stanley. Meanwhile
Trev diplomatically blames the split
on spiralling postage costs and low
demand which I'm afraid is always a
factor. But I think we know better
don't we? In
Negative Reaction
land we were always looking for
laughs, genuine reactions and even
negative ones on the punk scene in
general. And this issue does go out
with a bang with everyone pulling
their weight and inspiring a reaction
good and bad. The anti Big Brother
stance is underlined with an amusing
Tourettes institute spread across the
front page. Which in case anyone
don't know is a dig at Pete the
Tourettes sufferer, who bought back
'wanker' to the Big Brother screen.
Now I can see Trev's point about
24/7 reality TV voyeurism being a
rather sad state of affairs. I certainly
don't condone watching people make
tea as entertainment. But I gotta say
that hour of selected highlights every
night makes me laugh out loud,
cringe with embarrassment and gloat
as we watch those hang up
merchants play up to the cameras.
It's certainly for me, an alternative
form of entertainment as England's
World Cup dream is shattered and
the Tennis swamps our summer
schedule. But let's not get
sidetracked here. What's inside the
fuckin' zine, I can hear you cry? Well
we got a solid interview with the
Lurkers /999 bass player Arturo
Bassick who used to do pony trap
rides near Hadrian's Wall when he
wasn't lurking or it wasn't pissing
down. And from one extreme to
another, we get motor mouth John
Robb from
Goldblade who has
suddenly become the darling of the
punk scene. Taken in by all as a
punk figurehead in the 2006 punk
scene. But no-one seems to recall
his 'raver' days in the late 80's when
he wrote off punk in the music
weeklies in favour of the then current
trend...rave culture! Whoops have I
let the cat out the bag!? Meanwhile
back to reality. Life in Britain has
never been murkier in the 'Greetings
From Small Town England' column.
This piece sums up the UK's
imperfections perfectly. We also get
Part one of Trev's 13 year battle
against Asda's Americanisation which
is a real eye opener. However I'm
finding Trev's increasing socialist
view point becoming more extreme as
the years pass by. He's got a
conscience for sure, but I'd really
hate for the cunt to turn into County
Durham's version of
Billy Bragg or
even worse Andy Cactus! The
reviews however are as always spot
on! Other interviews in the bargain
basement include a yawn inspiring
one with
Resistance 77, whose
singer Oddy looks like a young
version of actor Pete Postlethwaite,
GBH's Colin lets us in on his
well guarded secret, he wants to be
Elvis! Glasgow's
Splinter give us the
pedestrian insight from the Oi!/Street
punk scene. And Joe D. from
admits to chucking away
a hard earned giro at a Slipknot
concert fer fux sake! But what's even
more disturbing is he went back for
more! We finally get anaesthetised
as Bison waffles on at the Fury
Festival in Le Mans, so no change
there then. Despite the obvious
drawbacks this is one zine that will
always get a reaction! Which is the
whole point!
S.A.E. from Rosehill, 20 Front St,
Tanfield Lea, Stanley, Co. Durham,
DH9 9LY, UK.
Summer 2006
First time I've actually read a zine from
Australia im ashamed to say in almost
30 years of punk scrawl. But I've just
had a seven zine consignment sent in
here to break my duck!
creation of Flea who when she ain't
running round town taking pictures of
drunk punks on pub crawls, or dying
her fantail Mohawk crazy colours. She
plays rivvum guitar in my fave (well I
have only heard one) Melbourne punk
outfit called
Crack Whore. So Flea's
definitely a busy girl round town and
has been writing zines to her credit
since she was at school in the late
90's. There she co wrote the
amusingly named
The Stranger
Wears Green Tights
with her
emerald accomplice Mel. This ink
splattered, handwritten scruffy
prototype was a good learning curve
and reminds me of our very own
Puke's early ink dripping's. Im glad
she's stuck with the zine scene though,
coz im sure the bands who she covers
appreciate it nearly as much as punks
across the other side of the globe do.
But that was then, this is now! So fast
forward to 2005 and the birth of the
current publication.
HOTPAC, whose
title ain't quite as creative as its
predecessor, but is a more refined 24
page punk rock scribble in luminous
green cover. This particular issue
celebrates 12 months in existence and
with roughly a 3 month turnaround
figure, it's giving Billy Riot a run for his
money. The editorial explains all you
need to know...
"Where we
acknowledge substance but rely on
style. A punk rock 'n' roll zine with
big pictures and small words"
. This
certainly ain't
MRR by any means, but
it's speedy energetic delivery gives us
a healthy snapshot of punk from down
under. Amidst the cut 'n' paste thrust
of leopard skin layouts you can almost
sniff where this is coming from. There
are mini rants on 'dog shit', 'Barbie In
Confined Spaces' and 'Dress
Etiquette'. You lose points for not
looking punk in this mag, so beware all
you bland fuckers out there. I wish
Flea would review more zines or
records coz her solitary
Punk Rock
magazine review was
good considering I've never read a
copy. Although
HOTPAC also features
local band reviews from other
publications. The interviews are short
but give you enough information on
native outfits like Skin band
who recently reformed with lead
singer Doug recruiting new members.
There's also one with East Bay
the Vamps, accompanied
by a fitting band pic. This band remind
me of what a female version of say
would look like, without the
stubble and spunk stains. And they
create a similar less creative thrashy
noise. There are also some good
shots of an array of Melbourne bands
in action and a few more reviews and
various quotes lifted from the anals of
punk. Issues 1, 2 and 3 as well as this
one are still available. Flea will do
good, fast, efficient trades for your
booty so if you wanna check out hers
or what the Melbourne punk scene is
like today you could try here first.
FREE for a trade!
(no longer in print)
DEVIL ON 45 #1
January 2006
Brand new zine here from the wilds of
County Kildare, Eire. And for a first
issue is very generous on input and
Devil On 45 is a zine
that from the start tells us it's gonna
feature the weirder side of music.
And you can't get more bizarre than
the history of Spade Cooley in a
punk zine. Spade who? You may well
ask. Well he was a gifted fiddler
(know a couple of those meself) and
was a big name in the early Country
and Western scene after Roy Rogers
(snigger) spotted him. Not exactly
riveting punk rock literature you
maybe thinking, but the well dressed
cowboy hid a gruesome secret
behind his fame and fortune. He was
in actual fact a bullying tyrant on the
domestic front. He subjected his wife
and family to years of abuse after
drunken rages. Before finally going
wayu too far and killing his spouse
before sodomising her body with a
broom handle! Sounds more like a
GG Allen album don't it? Joking
aside, wife beating anywhere ainâ
€™t big or clever, and I certainly
don't condone burning his wife's
breasts in front of their 14 year old
daughter either. The depraved
Cooley certainly got found guilty at
his trial, but missed the gas chamber
by luck and spent the next 9 years in
prison where he was a model
prisoner, like most pschopaths are.
He amazingly gained early parole in
1969. However his luck ran out the
night of his comeback gig for he
keeled over and died of a heart
attack straight after his final set.
Which in retrospect was an easy way
out considering what he had done? I
doubt whether Spade will be making
my classic punk album listings
somehow, but this is a fascinating
story into a realm of music id never
consider reading about previously.
Of the more saner rock 'n' roll
articles. We get the story of 'Louie
Louie And The FBI', the classic
Kingsmen /Paul Revere And The
Raider track, immortalised by
Motorhead and numerous others.
There's an interview with Cynthia
Plaster Caster the 60's groupie who
has become something of a cult
figure casting the penis's of rock
stars over the last 3 decades. Fuck
knows how she found Pete Shelly's?
And we still don't get to hear how she
actually does it? So I spose we'll
have to find out from her forthcoming
book. There's part one of a 'Punk
And Porn' article with some
interesting facts 'n' figures
uncovered. For instance didn't know
Lydia Lunch had a pistol shoved up
her in the brutal black 'n' white flick
called...wait for it, 'Fingered'.
On 45
ends with the story of the
banning of Body Counts 1990's 'Cop
Killer' track. Which is still the only
record to ever get a blanket ban in
the USA? Some great research has
gone into this body of work by Ed the
editor, but maybe more punk input
would be a bonus next time out if you
wanna aim at the punk scene.
However if you wanna read about the
less savoury side of rock 'n' roll from
a more obscure angle, this zine fit's
the bill perfectly. Ed is also after
contributions so if you've got
something weird send it in coz Issue
two is currently being put together.
Cheers to Erin in Minneapolis for
passing this on.
You can visit
for further information on how you
can gain a copy.
March 2006
Bald Cactus just gets better and
better and way more bitterer 'n'
twisted as Comrade Cactus gets
older. In this, the latest edition of
probably the longest running 'right on'
punk zine in Britain today. The new
reign of cynicism that's kicked in since
around issue #22 is still thankfully in
evidence.  Excellent Pro print job on
eco friendly paper no doubt, makes
its packed 28 pages and 'a flying kick
to the balls of the system' so much
easier to take in. Alongside that by
now warped Anarcho attitude which is
still a chore to deal with, as Andy and
co. hunt non-existent bogey men,
while the Al Quada death cells live
within their midst. But hey this is punk
in the Leeds militant ghetto, where
they still thinks it's the early 80's and
Nazis wanna ruin their fun. A land
where they still 'smash the fash' in
print, breed sneering postmen, and
crucify meat eaters. Featured
interviews in this issue were a mixed
bag. Best being the face to face
confrontation with
Abrasive Wheels.
They're reformed home grown spiky
legends to some. But I can almost
smell Andy's blood lust as he serves
up the killer question to singer
Shonna. A rare breed indeed, who
actually met with the
BC nemesis and
all round hate figure Maggie Thatcher
when she was PM and he was but a
spotty barrow boy. I think Andy
Cactus was disappointed Shonna
didn't run her through with his Stanley
blade and spent the next 25 years
banged up for it. But Martyrs in the
punk scene seldom wear studs.
Abrasive Wheels didn't get me
rolling at all musically, but Shonna's
feeble answer and excuses had me
rolling all over the floor with laughter
as he grovelled to the Cacti
inquisition just barely escaping with
his life. Next up is Andy Higgins who
runs JSNTGM Records and has just
put out an impressive new edition of
his own zine
Blackpool Rox II. Even
a well adjusted, 'right on' individual
like MR Higgins, gets a petty, almost
sad interrogation over the inclusion of
the dreaded
Skrewdriver on last
years Blackpool compilation. Now this
kinda nit picking on one compilation
track for a band who are literally dead
and buried actually spotlights their
minor input in the punk scene more
so than a pub full of right wingers
ever could! It makes you wonder how
preoccupied this resentful critic has
really become, to dwell on historical
baddies so much. Im sure there's
more up to date threats out there
today who you could be venting yer
hate on. But we know that ain't gonna
happen on the Bald Cactus watch.
That's the real downside to this zine,
because all that animosity although
highly entertaining to cunts like
meself, can become relentless even
in the shrinking paranoid
neighbourhood it dwells in.
Dauntless Elite
also from Leeds
sound about as interesting as their
band name suggests. At least
my fave crusty punks from
'Acne give us a good insight into
buzzsaw life amongst the squats. The
rest of the zine is dominated by a
massive record and zine review
section, which sits mockingly amongst
the entertaining columns of hate and
moans against consumer technology,
the Ramones fascist tendency's, the
rock star antics of
Anti Flag and the
Royal Mail who actually pay Andy's
wages. All this from a geezer who
dresses up as Darth Vader for the
kids at Christmas. But what's even
more disturbing, is this zine features a
back page dedicated to Margaret
Thatcher's termination. But why waste
it on some old geriatric cow when the
current danger of Tony Blair sneaks
out the back door? Entertaining for all
the wrong reasons, but paranoid
fixated zine writers are a dying breed
in punks print world. Which makes
this zine even more essential for all
walks of punk life to read and ponder?
50p plus SAE from
September 2006
Bill's latest scruffy photocopied epic
comes at us with kiddie punk outfit
Outl4w making this issues front cover
and deservingly so by all accounts.
This edition is focussed on the annual
Wasted festival for a large portion.
Which is probably the reason for it's
chunkier than normal mass. And even
though it has a load of photo static
images as the backdrop it's packed to
the rafters with reckless text intrusions
and hysterical innuendo that makes
for a genuine first class read. The
reviews are becoming more involved
too, which is a good sign. Because
despite popular belief we do still need
an opinion on stuff before we buy it.
And Bill lets you have it without
pandering to favours, well most of the
time anyway. The Celebrity Dream
fights was a right fuckin' giggle as a
list of fictitious bouts gets reeled off
with pre-fight conjecture including
Colonel Gaddaffi V Tom Jones
guffaw!), Steven Hawkins V
Christopher Reeve (
snigger!) or how
about Dicky Best V George Reeves
howl!). The 8 page Wasted Diary is
always the most entertaining gig
review of this event I read in the zine
culture or anywhere else for that
matter. Coz it actually includes tales of
the real world and all its obstacles.
From this years encounter with
Airports delays to, pouring beer on
body space invaders right through to
the glassy eyed biting of lips
moments, that brings this excellent
assessment to life. Scarlet the Harlot
Barnyard Masturbator made
this years Top Totty chart at Wasted.
But should be thoroughly ashamed of
herself for not having a clue who Bill is
or was ha! Err Scarlet honey, he did
interview you once and you did
appear on the front cover of his zine!
But hey what's an interview and cover
shot amongst the swooning Oi polloi
eh babe!
ROYO is littered with some
great shots of the bands and punters
pity the reduced shots turn into a
mass of greys but they at least add
ambience to this zine. Another
highlight was Bills report of his 11 year
old son Scotty's entry into the
European Kickboxing Championships
held in Worcester. From a complete
outsider to this event young Scottdog
came out the traps knocking his
opponents senseless and was unlucky
not to lift the Champions trophy
himself. Sounds like a Hollywood film
script but there's a future Champ in
the making! The news around town
gives an update on what's kicking off
on the streets of Belfast and beyond.
Theres a new album from
nearing completion and a debut
album from
Violent Fuckwits be
jyzus!!!! Oh and Buck from
has just opened up a punk
shop called 'Teenage Kicks'. Along
with a good healthy gig roundup
including the Belfast Punks Picnic.
Which always looks better in Belfast
than anywhere else? Must be all that
Buckfast they sink? And a cautionary
tale of Cheese addiction this is bang
on. Riffy dog eared zines of this
nature are essential and I doubt if a
slick, high tech glossy format would be
to its advantage coz this is starry eyed
punk romanticism at its best.
FREE with an SAE to
August 2006
Blackpool Rox II #9 certainly has
grown into a majestic looking A4 piece
of work these days. I can see the local
Leisure Council's money is bein' put to
good use. The transformation is quite
remarkable. From what was once a
bland desktop newsletter into a fully
fledged sharp 30 page fanzine, that
now challenges Blackpool's other
chunky read
4 Minute Warning for
effort and input. So hats off to Andy,
who looks like he's declined tempting
offers from local drug barons and
hookers and sensibly blew his ill
gotten gains on something a little more
rewarding and long lasting maybe?
But this vice like compression of text
that promotes punks more prudent
wing of sounds, can often feature dull
and Indie perspectives. Which
certainly ain't gonna register with
hooligans like me. I prefer my punk
with a less controlled attitude
something that makes the scene look
untidy and ultimately way more
interesting. However in Blackpool Rox
land everything is well ordered and
structured, with a slightly superior
tone. But that's the way Andy likes his
punk. However I'll be first to admit
alternatives in this scene are vital. So
as another thesis gets rolled out, it's
hard to jump in head first like in some
zines. But when it's presented this
efficiently it makes you wanna read it
more, just in case you miss something
good. Promising to rock us at regular
3 monthly intervals, Andy has bought
on board a host of other like minded
punk pundits and theologians to widen
his brief and inject an escalation of his
views on punk and the state of the
planet. It can become a pretty hard
slog to focus on the more in depth
pieces. Coz they are often sabotaged
by an eye watering 8 sized print font
which is squeezed onto its pages,
taking full advantage of space but
leaving us with an unwanted
Specsavers appointment. However we
get specialist help with high quality
images that grace the high tech
layout. This is of course the perfect
accompaniment to promote Volume #2
of Andy's 'Ugly Truth of Blackpool' CD
series of compilations. And like with
Vol. 1 we get a concise track by track
rundown. He's also threatening to
bring this format to other UK towns like
Ipswich, Lancaster, Bolton and
Preston which should be interesting.
The Interviews are at least diverse.
The best of which coming from Jennie
Russell of HITS/Wasted promotions.
She's by now a slick, diplomatic
spokes woman for husband Darren's
juggernaut. Which by a strange
coincidence has re-launched itself yet
again as wait for it...Rebellion! On a
smaller scale a Californian promoter
for 'Anarchy In Hollywood' nights
throws in his 50 cents worth. While we
hear Steve Lake from
Zounds has
discovered acoustic (golly gee!). And
of the others, part one of Canadians
The Weakerthons brings a whole
new meaning to the word weak! While
The Great St Louis from Bolton was
about as riveting as one of Fred
Dibnah's back garden creations.
There's an array of columns on
copyright, TV, Frank Black and
Blackpool. Some of which read like
University papers but hey, what do you
expect from University graduates. You
get 9 pages of reviews (despite one
reviewer running off with most of the
records, including a
Torcha Shed 45
ha!). Alongside book reviews and gigs.
Some of which are notable for dating
back to 2004? I think the real test of
this zine will be the next edition which
will be when everything's bang up to
date. Comes with the above
mentioned 26 track compilation CD, so
if none of the above interest ya you
might find it on the disc.
Summer 2006
This is a massive bumper 48 page
edition of the proficient looking
desktop creation outta Bristol known
Everlong. This time out features a
cross section of the current punk
scene. Kicking off with local Ska outfit
the Scrub and native record label
Crime Scene Records. A good name
for a label that features releases by
political hardcore along with loads of
grunts 'n' groans. Veteran punks
from Brixton are threatening a
US tour and a book on their
reawakened adventures in the punk
rock. Wonder what they gonna fill the
missing years in with? While front
cover star John Robb from
(whose currently blowing Stiff
Little Fingers
off the stage every
night of the week on their UK tour)
does what he does best, And that's
preach! Ain't it surprising how
ex-ravers can reinvent themselves
without no-one questioning why? But
with such a feeble bunch of rival
outfits in the UK today who can blame
the punk masses for falling at the feet
of rock 'n' roll rave? We are then
bought back down to earth with the
Eastfield from Brum who take
us train spotting. While the cocky
Captain America keeps the
Everlong faithful happy with their
new school punk smarm. There's a
surprise inclusion in this zine from
The Unseen, who must be
the spikiest bunch to hit
yet. Pity these and most of the other
yank studs 'n' bristles brigade seems
so inanimate in print. Found a
massive review of the 2006
Amsterdam Wasted festival pretty
interesting. And it made a nice
change from the usual Wasted
reviews we usually get in zines. And it
also makes you wanna try a walk
down those red light dark alleys in
Amsterdam's meat market, because
that's what real punks are supposed
do ain't it? We are then bombarded
with over 18 pages of gig, records,
books and DVD reviews. Including
rare live sightings of
Anti-flag and
the Epoxies on these shores. The
record reviews include
Decca years and the
latest stroke of brilliance.
Penetration entice us on DVD.
Everlong gang apologise for no
zine reviews this issue because
getting two issues out in 12 months
was a bit too much to include in time.
Hmmmmmm call me a slave driver if
you like, but I remember when some
zines were putting out 40 page issues
every 3 months and without internet
aid! Mind you that was when bloodlust
and hunger were fuelling our pen and
ink rage and photocopiers were being
run dry! At least
Everlong this issue
has something for everyone so a
definite improvement on its usual
Skarred landscape as far as content
goes. And of course its jam packed
and easy on the eye to read!
£1.00 & a5 SAE
ANARCHOI # 17 ***
Be Jyzuz has it really been 10 issues
since I last set eyes on Scotland's
very own
Anarchoi? Otherwise
known as
"dyslexic space wastin
, which was such a
compelling statement, they even
featured it on last issues front cover
(snigger). Nahh didn't think I'd be
sniffin' round its spacious pages quite
so fast if the truth be known. So
blame Belfast contributor Joe who is a
Shame Academy fan coz he
asked if I had a copy of this issue? I
also needed a zine for a trade so I got
two of the fuckers. Well that's my
excuse so I must be a sucker fer
punishment? Issue #17 is looking
rougher than a wake up call from
Needles after a heavy night on the
whiz! I think this zine sums up how
gross negligence can prevail in
zinedom. Even with first class facilities
at its disposal, namely the neat print
job and sturdy paper it's printed on,
can't save it. So why does
have to go and fuck it all up by lazily
churning out shoddy input?
Compared to zines like
Fast 'n' Loud
who show you what you can do to add
impact to a page, this one is just a
joke! Zines who last a few issues can
get away with sloppy seconds, but
one that's been going for 17 issues
and demanding money for the service
is takin' the piss! The front cover is a
handwritten scrawl on top of those
sticky white labels which must've took
all of 5 minutes to conjure up and
knock together. Including a butchered
piccy of Queen E. Even that was a let
down coming from such a Royalist
stronghold as Scotland. I was at least
expecting a big carving knife or even
an axe embedded in her eyeball
instead of a poxy pirates patch and
ballpoint 'ACAB' scribble on the sow's
forehead. Rab C Nesbitt would be
turning in his drunk tank! This issue
seems to have a slight Aussie theme
with contributions and an interview
Bombscare from down under.
Now here's a band who I know
nothing about? And after reading the
interview I know even less? Things
get better with Brummy punks
D'Corner Bois interrogation. Which
is actually laid out good with some
decent pix? Just don't take any notice
of Ben's waffle. There's a reasoning
and review behind the recent
Chernobyl charity punk bash. But the
best thing in here is a
interview with Rudi's ex
main man Brian Young giving some
good answers. And to come full circle
he's followed by one of Belfast's latest
breed of punk bands
The '30 years Of Punk'
Part Two article has gotta be a seen
to be believed. It was scribbled on two
sheets of paper in about 5 minutes by
some Aussie Dag fer fux sake! We
need more quality pages in this zine
for it to be given respect coz when
you look closer there ain't a lot of our
editors (Big Jimmy) input in this zine.
Apart from reviewing the punk
records. So I think we know why he's
still knocking this out? Add profiteer
to his long list of accolades!
from 3 Hazel Grove, Kilwinning,
Ayshire, KA13 7JH, Scotland.