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'United We Stand'
(HSI25) CD 2001
Been a long 3 year wait for this, Mere
Dead Men's
3rd and I think best
album. That old saying "a good wine
matures with age" springs to mind. But
it's rarely true in punk bands today.
Cuz thankfully that can't be said of
M.D.M.. They're one punk
band who with the lapse of time just
seem to get better and better. This 17
tracker boasts punk rock in the truest
form. It's got a wide variety of styles
imaginatively imprinted onto this stylish
album. Lots of diversity mean lots of
passion with
M.D.M.. After all It's their
calling card. And delivered with
Mandy's extensive and powerful vocal
range it's a hit. Check out the
committed and proud 'Own Worst
Enemy'. Next up is the atmospheric
drum led 'Centre Of Attention' that has
the kind of
"matter of fact" feeling of
Penetration. It's introduced with
a bass driven rhythm track that runs
through your head like a madman. And
it owns probably the best guitar breaks
on the album. They lure us to the
grand finale chorus. Great track and
one of my favourites. If you want some
rapid in your face punk numbers,
they're here too.
M.D.M. can flip their
coin with ease via songs like ultra
angry 'F + M' and 'Kill The Trash'.
They also have a wicked sensa yuma
that's on show via the quirky local
boozer tribute 'Peter Brown'. Another
track was the intriguing 'Soap Opera
Queen'. Strange one this with the
telephone line vocals that remind me
of the Buggles 'Video Killed The Radio
Star'? Back down to earth with '1984'
that points out with loving tenderness
the stupid and sometimes hilarious
comments ex-punks seem to spout.
Especially when you bump into em in
the pub. Conclusion; Ex-punks make
disastrous role models! I've always
liked the way
M.D.M. can create songs
that deal with life on the street or day
to day without going through the same
punk by numbers approach.
are proud punks!!! And so they should
be, they've been doing it long enough.
So it was good to see one of their old
stage favourites 'Destiny' getting a
21st century makeover. And Mandy's
son, Connor makes his recording
debut by doing the intro. 'Clouded
View' gives us the more personnel
touch. It's a view of broken
relationships. But don't fret dear punk
cuz this is a real perspective, which
makes a change from the poppy
punkers who always seem to get it so
wrong!  Suitably listed as track 13,
'Friday' is fast becoming my most
M.D.M. song of their modern
set. And is a rumbling celebration of
the weekend escape. Which is sadly
fast becoming another thing of the
past. Great lyrics, addictive
arrangements. Good supporting
backing vocals too supplied by Rob
the guitarist that have an
X feel to
em!!! 'Tittle Tattle' spotlights inter
band rivalries and gives em a bitter
revoke. Mandy's vocals are still the
best weapon
M.D.M. deploy coz she's
actually singing em...shock horror!!!
This album is a good testament on how
the band have risen from the ashes.
Hard to think that this is the band who
nearly went down the plug not so long
ago. They end with a send up 'rap' all
about the UK's ex- international punk
playboy Lazza Ogden WHO???. Only
regret was another notch of power in
the guitar mix, but that's a minor point.
Comes with a slick booklet that
contains all the lyrics and info on the
High Society International
or check out their site at
(mass20017) Split 45 2001
This is an unusual 45 featuring two of
Hollands highly rated punk outfits by
Brezhnev themselves. So not well
known outside their native country I
suspect but a good taster of whats
going on on the streets.
Human Alert
do it in English and
Seein Red go
Dutch. The Dutch side has humour
and comedy soundbites added to each
track. Which I must say goes over my
head, as I ain't gotta clue what the
cracks are? But you can tell it's
something amusing. And the songs
about punk, bikes, fascists and other
stuff? are delivered in a no messing
fast blitzing hardcore pace.
Seein Red
seem to be playing as though their
lives depended on it!!! A novel idea as
you get both bands playing their own
takes on each others songs. So maybe
gives it a strange twist too. Gotta say I
prefer the
Human Alert sound given a
choice. It's got a geat beefy rough
guitar sound that's by far the bands
biggest weapon. And especially on 'PC
Not' which brings to mind a sort of a
cross between early
Black Flag/
sound. The songs are more
diverse too, which makes em more
addictive. Especially the lead breaks
on the anthemic 'C Red'. But actually
these are
Seein Red songs!!! So who
really knows? Well my final conclusion
in this mixed up review is
Seein Red
songs with a
Human Alert sound is a
great thing to hear. So each band has
it's merits. Comes in good foldout
sleeve with lyrics and band info.
Mad Skull Records
'Hyped To Death #12'
CD  Summer 2001
Another series of long forgotten low
profile US/Canadian punk bands
beginning with the letters 'T- U'. I gotta
admit this collection didn't capture my
imagination quite so much as the
previous 'Bad Teeth' CD. Maybe
Chuck was dredging the punk canals
for suitable tracks on this session? He
still managed to drag out a few short
lived punk gems amongst the murkier
depths though.
Tracks get the ball
rolling with a great
Ramones inspired
riff on their '77 call to arms 'Bombs
Away', but was spoiled badly by a
crooning asshole.
Toxic Reasons
give us their by now familiar and highly
underrated debut 45 'War Hero' from
1980. A great mini US anthem that has
been covered far and wide by bands,
including the brilliant
Anti-Flag. Tools
from San Francisco were pretty
laboured but really picked up on their
third attempt with 'Asexuality' which
give em a big boost. Smart
atmospheric guitar work trades with a
strong platonic chorus.
from Boston are more rock 'n' roller
than punk. They would've gone down
well on an R 'N' B compilation. The
Marc Thor Band is another Boston
combo who trod the pub rock scene, or
is that the bar rock scene in the
States? They do have a sort of
Richard Hell quirkiness about em on
'Love Sucks'. But bands with pianos in
their sound are always very iffy if they
ain't used with suss.
Tot Rocket And
The Twins
sound like yer average
faceless new wave band, and
considering they get 3 tracks
compared to say
US Chaos who only
get one...beggars belief? However
their last track '24 Hour Protection'
saved em a major red face.
Truth from
Detroit were 'Doin Nothing' but were
followed by another Detroit combo who
were actually doing something and
were one of this albums highlights.
The 27 and 'Catastrophe' from
1978 which also boasted keyboards
(shock horror!). But these oddly
named sci-fi punks manage to add
some real new wave to the CD with
their catchy, distorted blasts backed by
a lively rhythm section. The brilliantly
Tru Fax And The Insaniax
present us their sarcy 1980's
'Washington' anthem. Boasting treble
guitars and the great robotic vocals
supplied Libby Hatch, was always
gonna get em noticed.
Justin Trouble
supplies a co-written/
/co-produced song called
'No Love'. It's hard to imagine
being anywhere near this
record, as it lacks power and sleaze.
Maybe he was out scoring smak at the
time of the mix? Snottiest track of the
bunch was supplied by the attitude
Tracers and their semi rapping
'Too Hot To Handle' all the way outta
New York City.
The Tyros from
California are an early
Talking Heads
circa 'Psycho Killer' band of angst.
Their anti-idol song 'Parasites' was
recorded in 1979 before they
disappeared into obscurity.
from Tampa give us two basic punk
blasts with fuzzy guitars and echoing
vocals on their best track 'American
Employed'. More male snot this time
from Frisco's
Urban Assault which
typified the American punk sound for
me in 1982. I loved their simple cry of
defiance on 'Product Of Society' great
stuff. Boston's
Unnatural Axe has a
truly original vocalist in Richie Parsons.
His piss weak delivery added
something different. And whatever he
was lacking in hardcore punk growls
the band made up for in some good
Buzzcocks inspired one note leads. In
true contrast
Unruled come out to
play with a 1984 inspired
romp entitled 'Time Is Running Out'.
Followed closely by Illinois's
Urbn DK
and their plodding drum sodden 1982
effort called 'Mass Grave'. They made
this antiwar statement before turning
into street metal merchants.
from Wisconsin sound the spit of
Northern Ireland's
Outcasts. They
displayed some great clean vocals and
a jolly good song in 'Attitude'. One of
my newly discovered American
favourites are up next and it's
from New Jersey. A band I just
can't understand why they never were
up there with the bigger guns? They
give us their nihilistic 'Don't Wanna
Live' from 1984, complete with
deadpan vocals and a mid-paced
ballsy guitar riff. More spirited big
Apple components comes in the shape
of early 80's punks
The Undead.
They're more direct but equally as
snotty with 'My Kinda Town'.
Ugly from
Toronto were too laid back for my
liking, good name though. We close
the 28 tracks with a by now familiar off
the wall track, this time supplied by
That Hideous Strength. The song
'Steaming locomotive' includes a
hideous laugh, howls and is propelled
along by a generic mid-paced trumpet
roll call. This band of New Yorkers has
more personalities than a possessed
Linda Blair! These comps are proving
to be a great resource for long lost
punk bands if your that way inclined,
plus the usual in-depth sleeve notes to
accompany it definitely
'4 Years Of Blood, Sweat & Beer'
(mad2001cd) CD Jan 2001
A mammoth 37 tracks here covering
the Bloody Sods hot, sweaty
recording career from 1996-99. After
hearing their later output I wasn't
looking forward to this at all. And I'm
afraid '4 Years Of Blood Sweat & Beer'
ain't gonna change my mind! I like this
band in small doses...very small doses
like the 'Hate Of Mind' 45! So 37 tracks
of predicable streetpunk/oi! with a
heavy dose of hardcore is a fucking
tall order. Hey Oeb did you send me
this as punishment for missing their gig
in Brum or wot? I gotta say the music
at least is a lot more punk rock this
time around. It's in a more early 80's
vein than their present hardcore
sound. And believe me that is a relief!
Coz the
Bloody Sods as well as being
in the running for the ugliest band in
the universe slot (tee hee). Also own a
couple of those fucking detestable
Jack Russell dual vocalist soundalikes.
But even those pair can't drag this one
down to the depths their last album
plummeted too. But only just!!!
Highlights had to be some of the
diverse covers they maimed along the
The Circle Jerks 'Murder The
Disturbed' was just very pedestrian,
but Clint Black's 'Killing Time' was a
good 'un. Out of their own tunes, they
did manage to conjure up a decent bit
of interest via 'State Of The Union'.
Which kicked off with a great big beefy
riff. I thought hey at long last we're
getting there, but again those boring
fucking vocals fuck things up good 'n'
proper! Still without a shadow of doubt
their best track on display was their
rendition of the
Anti Nowhere
'For You' . Which is a good
song no matter who does it. They then
give us their version of the catchy
punk/oi! anthem '4Q' by
Blitz. Which
miraculously escapes a butchering.
But it comes to something in this day
and age when a punk band can
release a 37 track CD and the best
tracks on here are the covers!!!!!!!
Does that tell you something boys?
Take no fucking prisoners and sack
the singers before they drag you
further down the pit of oblivion. Great
cartoon back cover but it reminds me
of where this band are destined!
Mad Skull Records
'Killing Spree'
(mad20019) 45 January 2001
Now this is more like it, from the band
with the clever name. I wonder why
bands of this ilk powerful hardcore, are
great in short fast blasts and become a
labour to listen to on full length
albums? Well the punk jury are still out
on that? So whatever your tastes, this
4-track 7" EP by
Positively Negative
is a great introduction to the band.
Especially if you don't know em
already. For a start It's comes in the
thickest most colourful slab of vinyl I've
seen since the late 1970's boom. In
fact it's such a good looking picture
disc it's a shame not to hang it up on
the wall. Full marks to Madskull here.
And besides the look,
play blitzing punk rock with
angst filled vocals all about death and
murder. Not that you can tell from the
lyrics. But you don't need the lyrics if
the tunes can keep it interesting. The
title track 'Killing Spree' has a distinct
Threats (Scotland) feel about it.
Especially in those vocals. And is
backed up by enough guitar work to
kick sand in the face of their
comptemporaries. I particularly liked
the air raid siren track 'Emergency
America' . Which feeds us a full on
venomous dose of American paranoia.
The flip side keeps up the momentum
with 'Compliance' with it's distinctive
buzzsaw riffs. Even the obligatory gang
chorus was fitting. They lapse slightly
towards the end on 'I Hate'. Which had
way too many stop/starts that seriously
damaged the EP's momentum. But 3
outta 4 ain't bad. This is a 300 limited
edition, so a definite collectors item on
E-bay in a few years time I bet?....but
not this copy!
Mad Skull Records
'Westernize, Customise, Bastardize'
Demo Tape 2001
Good to see a new young punk band
coming out in the UK and
Affray have
been together 12 months. The cover
tells you straight away this is gonna be
Anarcho incorporated with the
style sleeve design and sentiments,
but the music ain't. It's pretty fast
uncompromising early 80's punk, with
duel vocals. In fact the lead singer
Larrraaa has that high pitched,
Dirt tone, down to a tee! And
just like Piglet Warrior, her
high-pitched shrill can get pretty
fucking annoying unless you spend
your spare time in a large bird Avery!
She's supported in the vocal
department by the brilliantly named
Bassist Gary Violent. Mr Violent gives
us the lower guttural pissed off growls
every now and then just to give the
listeners some variation I spose.
Variation is pretty sparse on the
ground in the
Affray camp, but they're
a new band so maybe there's plenty of
ideas still growing. Their best song has
gotta be 'Jesus Sucks' which starts off
slow and rumbles into an all out attack
on Religion. The rest of the 5 tracks
cover pretty much the same ground
musically with scathing attacks on
designer babies, western civilization,
dead-end jobs and fox hunting.
There's also a 6 track rehearsal tape
added on the end which gives you
even more
Affray but this time in
relative low-fi mode plus a couple of
covers of
the Epileptics 'Tube
Disasters' and
T.B.A.C.'s 'Get That Tit
Off Your Head'. Maybe they need more
time, so don't write em off yet but this
debut was pretty
Promo CD
These are a new Toronto band to my
ears and are highly rated by Dick Vein
Soap And Spikes
fame, who is gonna be releasing a 45
by em soon so he sent me this 6-track
The Class Assassins sound a
pretty adapt bunch of streetpunks.
Lots of
Dropkick Murphy's styled
influences on here, but without the
power or impact. Some really well
arranged songs do make their
presence felt though. I just don't go all
out for this kinda working class
rebellion stance put to music! Y'know,
the raising fists in anger at company
bosses and such stuff. Maybe it's a
Canadian thing? I'm a working class
dolester so unions and bosses and
this kinda punk stuff bores me.
had a thing about it too, but that kinda
stuff comes over as pretty shallow
subject matter for a barfly like me. But
the Class Assassins can play
their instruments and they can knock a
tune together so maybe I'm a bit fussy.
Chad Nugents vocals sounds like
another Canadian Ian Stuart (no
kidding). Is this some kinda new retro
fad creeping in the Canadian
wastelands? Well the dead ringer
vocals shows itself on songs like
'Uprise' which is nothing suspect
lyrically, but that's the feel I get from
his style of singing. There seems to be
lacking some punch or spit to this
band, I can't quite put my finger on it
coz it's a top class production with
some good riffs aired on songs like
'Breakout'. So they can produce the
goods but it seems a bit too polished if
you know what I mean? Whatever the
case a good worthy introduction and I
can see some label giving em a push
somewhere in the scene.
Soap And Spikes Records
'Advance Tracks' CD 2001
This is a 3-track sneak preview of the
sort of sound due on the bands follow
up to their highly rated self titled debut
from last year. And
The Pits from
Sunderland are a band who can pull
off melody and tunes without it
sounding tame. Definitely a bunch of
veteran punks who can play their
instruments like masters. In fact too
well sometimes? From the off I can tell
they've matured. And from the
chimeing first track intro I was
beginning to think have they blown it.
But they proved me wrong and
'Nauseaville' become the best of the
three on show. It's up there with their
best stuff from the previous debut. The
Rottenesque vocals are in attendance
but not quite so Rotten this time. I think
Mr Pit Jr. is finding his own identity.
Which has gotta be a must for a band
trying it out on their own.
The Pits are
growing up. You can tell by their more
adventurous and accomplished sound.
This ain't a band who write 1 minutes
blasts. These are a band who aim at
anthems. And maybe they oughta give
the short blasts a go too? Well not this
time coz these songs are all well over
the 3 minute mark. But they seem to
pull it off. 'Marxman' is the most poppy
of the bunch. It's got a good chorus
but they're moving into a different
domain from the snotty one they once
walked in. And I ain't sure it's gonna
last as long as songs like 'National
Anthem'? Finally the new mammoth
album title track...'The Face Of
England'. Boasts a great bass solo
that JJ Burnel would've been proud of.
And the early
Stranglers influence is
a lot more dominant on this session,
particularly the guitars. They've lost
that Steve Jones sound which I thought
gave em a bit more oomph. But it'll be
interesting to see what the whole
album sounds like when it hits the
streets any time now.
The Pits (now defunct)
'Stiffology 1981- 1988'
(sjpcd062) CD January 2001
Another new compilation by The
. I was really looking forward to
this, the next leg of the bands career,
as I'm a big fan of their wall of sound
punk power, circa 79/80. But I'm afraid
'Stiffology 1981-88' is an album of two
half's. The first half was all mainly new
stuff to me, with some smart un-
released demo's making their
worldwide debut. This is a band whose
demo's are worthy of release in their
own right. They've still got their power
on tap although be it in a more refined
manner with a far slicker production.
And production is one of
The Stiffs
outright qualitys..guaranteed clear as
fuck and punktual!
The Stiffs have
however gone to
the Skids in 1981.
By that, I mean they've adopted a
more Celtic orientated guitar sound,
and it's done very well indeed. Take
songs like 'Standing Ovation' which is
definitely the standout track of the set
(and we get two versions to verify that
fact). And the quirky sounding 'Over
The Balcony' ,which was recorded for
a Radio one session, and probably
their most experimental of the period.
We've still got the solid Phil Hendriks
no messing vocals, that guide the
songs through choppy waters,
accompanied by tunes to brag about.
So for about 8 tracks I'm happy as
Larry. But by 1983 all this was gonna
change. First off, a name change to
Idol Rich and track 9, 'Peso Trail' with
it's throwaway tinkling keyboard sound
and soda pop arrangements. Yeah this
was a stark warning of things to come!
You can sniff the urgency has started
to wain, and the power loses pace to a
more commercial sound. Which is one
important loss for a band of this
The Stiffs had gone limp! And
they weren't the only ones to fall victim
to this disease, look at
Lords Of The
New Church
etc. No matter what, as
soon as the keyboards start to become
a major part of their sound, they get
lost in the empty sea of early 80's pop
chart fads. I mean c'mon this ain't
Dave Greenfield were talking about
here, this is more like Howard Jones!!!
Having said that 'Best Place In Town'
and 'Standup' were exceptions to the
rule. Sadly from here on in the album
went completely downhill fast for me.
The band went into their alter ego
, Bono Twins and the glam rock
period. Their sound became puny and
lost it's aggression that gave em the
edge on others. And If you read the
fascinating sleeve notes (done by Dale
Griffin) that accompany this CD, you
can see the times they were a
changing. And yeah although they
tried to change with 'em,
The Stiffs
should've kept to what they do best,
and that's bang out full on motors
running punk rock songs, with that
sting in it's tale. Maybe that path wasn't
gonna put bread on the kitchen table,
but at least it's honest. They even
started recording stuff with wanker
tribute artists, which is the kiss of
death for any band. They do resurface
with a slightly more anthemic sound on
the rocky ballad of 1985's 'In Your
World' which only hinted at past
glories. The original
Stiffs were the
band for me and countless others, and
I think Phil Hendriks leader and
mainstay throughout all the bands
lineups changes knows that more than
'Industrial Strength Records
Compilation 2001' CD 2001
This is a 24 track compilation of 12
Industrial Strength Records bands who
get a couple of tracks each to tempt us
with. Can't  say I'd heard most of these
bands before so it's great to put a
sound to the names. I think most of
these originate from the Californian
wing of the US scene.
Rats come out
the starting gate with well played but
average punk. They do show some
interesting touches on the second
track 'Apocalypse' but didn't live up to
their name.
Oozies boast a rocky
kinda vocalist. Which inevitably gives
their songs a bit of a bland feel. But
they get a bit better on 'Red White And
Blue' which don't sound how it reads.
Strychnine play more average stuff
and sound pretty much the same on
each track. The singer gets pretty
excited on the former 'Liqueur And
Poker' which showed signs of metallic
Cell Block 5 (named after
the ozzie dyke TV show?). I wouldn't be
surprised! Give us a whole new take
on punk with slidey acoustic guitars on
'Scooter Boy'. A song which was just
too folky my liking although the lyrics
were pretty skin orientated. They kick
in with some amplification on 'Going To
A Fight' but those clipped vocals
sound too dumb to be taken seriously.
First time I heard the
Shitgivits and
are the first band on here who seem to
have the right attitude. These veteran
punks have more than a passing
interest with this label as their guitarist
Todd Dammit is an Industrial Strength
guru and plays in
Oppressed Logic
too!! Well they're a lot more melodic
than I was expecting but with that
snotty feel which I like. I thought 'Kaos
Control' was their best number. They
lose it a bit on 'Sour' but sound nothing
Oppressed Logic which was
good to hear. Talk of the devil and
Nihilism favourites
Oppressed Logic
are up next with two tracks from their
highly rated 'It's Harassment' album
with 'Void Of Society' and 'This Is
Reality' both giving most of the other
bands who preceded em a nod on how
it should be done. But hey their
Industrial Strength crown ain't totally
safe as I'm the sure the explosive
Glamour Pussy will have something to
scream about that. Especially on the
hilariously over the top 'I Won't Take It
Up The Ass' which is so wildcat and
obnoxious its a blast. An over the top
bunch of punkettes if ever I heard any
who are either a massive joke or could
be real fun. Best band on here by a
cats whiskler. We are then given some
Shadows guitar play by
(Ex-Dead Kennedy's) Which
is anything but a diverse inclusion on
this comp. I love my instrumentals as
well as the next punk. Gimme 'Down in
The Sewer' , 'Handling The Big Jets'
etc. and this had a kinda funny novelty
feel to it. I'm beginning to sense this
label has it's tongue firmly planted in
it's cheek.
East Bay Chasers bring us
back on the more familiar punk track
with some good tunes. And once you
get used to the familiar sounding
vocalist who has a Keith Morris (
) feel to his vocals. Especially on
'Your Generation' you get a pretty
good idea where the band are
heading. Another of this albums
The Process are another
bunch who give a good run for their
money although the vocals let em
down a bit and those
"ohhhhaaaahhs" get to be a chore
Doomsday Device bring
our first and only taste of hardcore
thrash. Which like all the rest of this
genre was boring for me. Although the
atmospheric bell chiming inserts on
'Set In Stone' were good. Last but by
no means least come
Where do they get these names from?
They sound English in vocals and their
'Motorhead' track is not a cover but a
definite tribute to 'Lemme a fiver's'
outfit. They sound ok but the vocals
sounded too tame in places and
lacked power. Their 'Albania' track
blatantly nicks the riff from the
Buzzcocks 'Walking Distance' . So
definitely a band with a personality
crisis. Comes in great cover with a
lethal looking circular saw and was
for the outstanding tracks alone.
Industrial Strength Records (Defunt)
'V-Boy Riot! Live In Germany 2000'
(Real George Records) CD 2001
The Derita Sisters (and Junior?...who
seems to have got lost somewhere?)
have found a second home in
Germany. They are regarded by some
there as folk heroes in certain parts
after only one tour and still remain
relatively obscure in LA. So it comes
as no suprise that this 31 track LIVE
souvenir CD was recorded on their last
tour there in 2000. And like all live
albums I'm afraid it's got the rough with
the smooth. Including most of their
unsavory classics and a quite a few
news ones too. But alas live albums
just ain't my thaaang! at all. Even when
the Sisters in action!!! Obviously
some of the songs just don't cut it live
and unless you've got a few mobile
sound recording studios parked in the
back lot some of the tracks are a bit of
a blur. Having said that though there's
only a couple of live albums over the
last 25 years of punk that I can safely
say really captures a band in a truly
live context without coming across as
second rate versions of the recorded
original. And one of them's gotta be
Sham 69's 'Tell Us The Truth'. Anyway
enough of this bollox and back to
, who are a totally different ball
game and a definite fun band live by
all accounts. 'V-Boy Riot' does have
it's moments and kicks off with a
humourous handful of intro segments
from most of their tour....before moving
into the short lived but brilliant 'Bitch
Slap' . Which is a great short '77
inspired punk instrumental and proves
they can play it live as well as on
record. Taking the lions share of this
30 song set, was their most recently
recorded output (they've made a
staggering 13 records to date!!!). Ultra
contagious numbers like 'The
Scaffolder' sounding as fresh as on
record with it's flanged guitar breaks
hit the button. This live set also proved
drunk o not they're a lot faster in the
flesh. Take the blitzing 'Sawn Off
Shotgun' or the unpatriotic 'Lynryd
Skynyrd Has Risen From The Grave'
for evidence. Other highlights were the
tongue in cheek 'Given Time' and the
quirky lookout....'Ant Farm'!!!! However
this was all eclipsed by the hilarious
(new one to me at least), and epic
'Freak in The Middle Town' which is
another hit if only. But for every good
track there's the so-so average track
like 'Tomorrow Was Yesterday' to
contend with. But the schoolboy
humour of 'Billy Wank And Bobby
Toss' wins em praise along side the hit
single (snigger) 'Wino A Go Go' made
it worth the effort. With no mention of
the war whatsoever and after dragging
their 'United States Of The World' rep
around the brothels of Hamburg.
end up on their best crowd
sing-a-long song to date, the waltzing
'Stop Me before I Fuck Again' that
screams release me as a 45 now!!!
This is bound to go down well in any
bordello in any town. It was that good it
gets aired twice. And on the second
more rowdier version we sample some
pissed up German
Ramones fan
giving it that extra bit of umpa. Tee hee
he nearly steals the show!!! After all
said and done this CD don't exactly
add a new dimension to the bands
anthology of tracks. Coz I for one was
expecting way more inter-song banter.
But for the fans who ain't seem em live
yet (myself included) , it's a good
momento into their live repertoire. It's
ends with a sneak studio track called
funnily enough 'V-Boy Riot' that has a
really big influenced sound of their
most recent collaboration with
Real George Records
'Buzzbomb Sounds'
(hsi24x) Promo CD March 2001
The latest 13 track taster from the
band who are described in their press
release as
"catchier than a case of
the clap in a Southeast Asian
ha ha ha! I like their
promo style, but yet again those
whiney little poppy vocals by Sean
Wolf are just too good to be true for
me. They camouflage this bands piss
taking lyrics far too much. Maybe it's
coz I was born with a shard of sulphur
in my mouth instead of a piece of
bubble gum, coz the only thing I caught
from this was it's well played,
sugarcoated new wave that don't
exactly stand out in the crowd!!!
However these Pennsylvanian punkers
can still create some good tunes with
squeaky clean but addictive guitar riffs
soaring above the skies of our seedy
punk pits. But constant pop melodies
and attitude gets a bit stale for me
after a while. Maybe if they had a
couple of more rawer sounding tracks
without 'the Who' styled backing
vocals, I might've been tempted to play
this more, alas that's not to be!
comparisons are pretty
true. So if that's yer bag they underline
it with a very good cover of 'I don't
Mind' by Manchester's bubble gum
godfathers. I couldn't really see
influence?... although my
favourite track 'Heaven Help Me' about
your girl getting possessed by the
devil, had some hilarious lyrics. And
the overtly ironic 'Killing Me' is still one
of their better numbers. They also do a
rare cover of
the Jam's 'Life From A
Widow', which was an obscure
surprise. It all comes with a great spot
on production by Curt Cash, so the 9
months incubation period for this
album has paid off on that score. I
liked the opening Messerschmitt dive
bombing intro and quality control was
evident right through to their finale with
their rawest number 'E=SB2' .
Stiletto Boys
do the power pop '77
inspired style really good, pity it ain't
got more grit!
High Society International
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