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Split CDEP
(PRANK046) 2002
The latest 9-track release from the
Prank label outta San
Francisco comes with an equally
raging duo from the Extreme Hardcore
wing of the punk arena. Both
pioneering bands in their field so I'm
led to believe? Well you can call me an
old timer if you like but I'd say
Discharge are written all over these
pair, despite Ken Prank's claim of
Siege being the instigators. Well
whoever forged the first ring in the
extreme noise sulphur pits Rhode
DropDead are totally new to
me sonically speaking. I've spotted
their name in print over the last
decade in various hardcore zines like
Hell & Damnation, and know they
have a reputation worldwide amongst
the hordes of extreme noise orks.
However that rep. don't hold up to
much on these tracks. This session
sounds fast and extreme but
predictable thrash. It's like they gotta
be manic for manics sake, leaving a
trail of blurred irritation in their wake.
Maybe that's the point? This is a band
who's drummer needs an award for
flailing in an extreme environment. I
don't predict a drummers life span in a  
thrash band is gonna be very long at
all? And
Dropdead is a suitable name
as far a beating the drums goes, coz
the whole band don't change pace for
the entire 6 tracks. Which ain't no bad
thing if it was a diverse attack, but
sadly diversity is something
have yet to conquer. We have to sit
through a very samey set whilst the
screeching snarl supplied from Bob the
singer, is just adding salt to our
wounds. I was hoping they'd just for
one song try and break the mould or
change down a gear. They nearly did it
on 'Emipre Of Bone' with that sinister
intro that lasted all of 18 seconds,
before it was soon back to the heads
down and "fastest to the drummers
funeral gets a Discore badge!"
attitude. From this session alone, I'd
Dropdead are way overrated, but
maybe as Ken suggests they're a lot
better in a live situation, we live in
Totalitar who are Sweden's raging
godfathers of classic political thrash,
give us 3 snotty blasts in a less
predicable fashion. Great snarly vocals
are a bonus, backed with an
impressive raw dose of thrash
emanating from their amps. Despite
the Swedish delivery getting lost on the
translated lyric sheet (do we really
need to know what bands of this ilk are
singing about?) we are left to make up
our own minds on what motivates
goblins to pick up guitars and
microphones? For bands like
you go solely with the mood of the
songs, and these have a knack of
creating one with subtle diversions in
their style. Even a little chord change
makes a big difference in the overall
blitz. I think these would also suffer
from over exposure on maybe an
album, but the 3 tracks supplied here
are just enough to impail you. Their
best track was left till last and 'Ou Ar
Status Qu' all about status in your own
subterranean ghetto, has a great dirty
Discharge riff we can all feel coming
outta of a ripped up Marshall
stack...good stuff! For an introduction
not bad, but I still demand more from
my punk rock than just heads down
speed to get me charged.
6-track demo
October 2002
I picked up this, the latest 6 track set
from singer Deek whilst witnessing
live on stage in Brum last
month (see gig reviews). It's great to
say they live up to the songs both on
stage and on record.
Sad Society are
a class punk act in the old tradition of
tunes and big beefy guitars. However
it's a sad fact of our punk society that
they are still criminally unknown
outside a small but growing Scottish
fanbase. This set of demos brings us
yet another 6 reasons to tempt some
record company into putting their stuff
out instead of the production line of
crap a lot em flog us these days. This
band need a bigger audience coz they
just keep getting better and better.
The 75% totally new line-up apart from
original founder member Deek on
vocals is by far the best one yet!
have been given a new lease
of life, the new members have added
new impetus and I hope it pays off for
em. 'No Flowers' with a BIG guitar riffed
intro builds up into a mid-paced
monster that'll have you hooked from
the opening salvos. It's clean hard
power and tension at it's best
especially when the guitars fully rip in.
'No-One' comes in with poweful drum
rolls and more guitar bursts that move
up a gear and comes over as pretty
fast 'n' intense punk fayre till those
machine gun drum rolls move into the
grand finale of "No-One!" 'Weird' is
where Deek's Edinburgh accent makes
me think of Wattie Buchan! There are
similarities in delivery I never noticed
before and they're from the same city,
but that's where the similarities end,
coz Deek has a bit more suss I reckon.
This also comes with a sinister laugh to
keep you on the edge of your seat.
'Crucify' takes things on a more upbeat
slant with some of the best
arrangements, particularly the
feedbacking last verse and neat guitar
work. Deeks voice and the guitar and
bassdriven roar are well in tune and it
gives the band a new more powerful
dimension. 'Phophesy' is more
dealings with the future and what it
holds, which seems to be the main
influence on these set of songs...
whats gonna happen next? Last track
and my fave of the lot is a slow burning
anthem called 'Suicide Party' that has
a really nasty habit of kicking in full
blast with it's anthemic
Suicide...Suicide Party"
fucking great
stuff. Ain't it great to hear a punk band
in this day 'n' age who are able to
capture power, suspence and tension
without a barrage of gurgled screams
and hardcore ARRRRGGHSSS to spoil
it all. These geezers have a definite
simmering angst about em but it's
bought out with suss and it's real coz
they're REAL!
'Too Old To Live,
Too Young To Die'
CDEP (HBRO17) 2002
"Were the middle children of history
man, no purpose, no place. We have
no great war, no great depression.
Our great war is a spiritual war, our
great depression is our
....welcome to Weekly Carouse,
who despite their drunken name are
melodic German hardcore, crossed
with a solid core of tunes. This 6-track
CDEP is a lot better than I was
anticipating. It's a definite improvement
from my first sample of the band on the
Derita Sisters live tour CD (reviewed
elsewhere on this page).
in the studio are way more
superior. They create a fair share of
melody, which is backed with a crystal
clear powerful sound. They still sing
about their 'Friends', but the feel ain't
half as contrived as it sounds live.
Frank the singer/guitarist tells me he's
highly influenced by bands from the
California scene, like
and Social Unrest. Both
good benchmarks and bands with
tunes and turmoil in their make-up,
that pretty much sums up what
is all about. They can play
their gear too, having been around the
German scene for over a decade now.
But they sometimes come over as
perfectionists, which has a habit of
giveing some of their tracks a clinical
feel. And for uncultured swines like
meself utter perfection is a drawback in
punk. I was hoping they'd just let rip for
a number or two, and capture the
rawness from their live performance,
along with their ultra smooth studio
technique. All the songs are sung in
perfect English because they sound
better sung that way, apparently. They
leave us well impressed with their last
and best number, the epic sounding
'Who Are You?'. A track which is the
standout number in their back
catalogue, and translates well from the
live track into the studio. This brooding
number deserves your attention at the
very least, and if they build up on
tracks like this they gotta very bright
future on the piss.
WEEKLY CAROUSE now defuct!
Split 45 (UUR004) 2002
Two brand new young bands here
from the American populous, and they
are sandwiched on a split 45.
Drunken War hail from New York and
supply two tracks of snotty sounding
pissed off punk, but with a conscience.
Duel guitars give em extra edge and
they sound like they got an early 80's
influence in style on the anti-school
number 'What Are They Teaching The
Your Children'. It's a charging track
which slates the American school
system. Bands only sing about school
these days if they're still in school I
presume? And despite being such an
old cunt, I can still identify with their
views, it's the same the world sucks! 'I've Got No
Class' is probably the better track of
the two, and gives em chance to show
off a bit more ingenuity musically. They
change gear towards the end which
improves the track, but was a bit too
short-lived for maximum effect. They
also need to use that extra guitar
more. What
Drunken War need most
is more wars, drink, gigs and a few
more rehearsals to tighten up their
sound, but what they got already looks
promising enough to send em out on
Girlush Figure from Virginia are a
female trio of smudgy eyeliner, period
pains and a big early
Babes In
feel about em. They supply
one track only, but it's a good 'un
called 'Spy Eyes'. An acidic
denouncement of girlish traits. They
slow the pace right down with a solid
bass run and drum beat that sets the
scene for sporadic guitar attacks of
slashing chords. We have to wait for
the chorus for em to fully let rip, adding
impact to their noise. This is all
rounded off by a pissed off vocal all
about breaking out from the nice little
girl syndrome.
Girlush Figure show
plenty of imagination with what they
can conjure up with a song, and prove
you don't always need a heads down
blitz to create atmosphere. Great
production too. Comes in a gatefold
sleeve with lyrics and band info. Good
debut and
DRUNKEN WAR now defunct.

'One Two Fuck You'
(Real George Records) CD 2002
Another live album from the Derita
second home, Berlin in
Germany. 'One Two Fuck You' boasts
a massive 30 tracks recorded at the
Wild At Heart Club on
February 18th
. For a band with literally
hundreds of songs in their 10 year
repetoire, they manage to select a
good dose of their best and latest
tunes. Like a lotta bands the anti is up
full blast as the live situation drags
everything into a higher gear. You can
smell the sweat drenched, coke lined
atmosphere from this little gathering,
and that's just coming from the stage
alone! As soon as one track is finished
they blitz straight into the next without
time for a breather apart from a few
one liners for the Krauts. Live albums
will never be my favoured sampling of
any band, be it
the Ramones or
Deritas and unless your in the
audience the vibe don't transfer. Like a
lotta bands they suffer from a fair
share of similar sounding numbers if
you ain't familiar with em. I recommend
you check out the studio albums first
for the full impact of what these cheeky
blighters from CA are all about. Having
said that we do get a couple of newer
ones slyly admitted  for us
trainspotters. Songs like 'You Nerve
Me' sounds like another ultra catchy
little ditty to play at your sister. The
pace of this whole set sounds like the
band have wolfed down a large bag of
speed or is it just they're very good
and tight at what they do? Whatever
the case they're certainly performing
on all cylinders. Standouts are the
brilliantly zany 'Last Gasp Of Youth',
'Whore Stories', 'Billy Wank And Bobby
Toss' and the anthem like '77 Forever'
for all us old cunts out there, plus the
tragi-comedy of 'Nobody Cares' all
about back home where they're
criminally overlooked. Biggest laugh
came about when they introduced
'Wino A Go-Go' by stating
"it's our hit
single in Slovenia"
(snigger). Mid-set
they ask the German audience to
scream 'Fuck' which I think got lost in
interpretation territory, but it was a nice
try lads. They encore with the title
track 'One Two Fuck You', a neat take
on Wires original '12XU' plus a fucking
great bonus version of
Turbo Negro's
'I Got Erection'. The production and
sound quality is on a par with major
label backing except these fuckers do
it all off their own bat which deserves a
medal and is great to hear, so well
'Northern Xposure Vol 1.'
Tape (?)
Just had a batch of 3 tapes sent in by
Punk Rockers Northern Ireland
undercover agent who wishes to
remain annonymous, which is ok by
me, but thanks for letting me hear
these anyway. Ain't sure where they
orginate from? But these are a great
insight into this small corner of punk
rock history. The collection consists of
demo tracks, rehearsal tapes, live TV
and radio clips from the Northern
Ireland punk scene of the late 70's
early 80's.
Well onto Tape #1 whose tracklistings
don't quite tally up so i'll do my best.
Rudi are one of my faves from this
scene and they get things started with
a recording from a 1979 TV
transmission of the youth show
Something Else. They perform 'Who
Are You' which sounds pretty tame
compared with the live version of their
cult hit 'Big Time' that follows, but
they're a standout band for sure. They
also featured in interview.
Rudi are
followed by two tracks by
They sound in the poppier vein though
not a lot to get excited about.
are up next who are
totally new to me in sound. They give
us a live track 'New Wave Love 79' and
a demo version of the 'The System is
here'. They're a band with a sorta
Rudi/Outcasts influence and pretty
good too.
Stage B are next out the
trap and these are for me the highlifght
of this collection and give us the
haunting but raw 'Recall To Life'  from
their rare 1980 45, which sounds
great. We also get a demo of 'The
Viper (You are him)' from the same
year thats equally as good! Splendid
new find for me.
Stage B have
definitely got their own moody sound
with original vocals and a nice riffy
guitar sound.
The Outcasts get a
good intro from a TV show and they
bring us live versions of 'Youre A
Disease' and 'Self Conscientous Over
You' from 1980.
The Outcasts live
don't sound half as good as in the
studio, but we do get a short studio
rehearsal clip which was good to hear
just for the argument alone ha!
Boy Floyd
bring us their rare 'Spread
The Word Around' from 1978 which
sounds pretty poor in comparison to
the rest of the bands, especially the
crappy heavy metal styled vocals. The
quality is improved by
who close side one with a
more scuzzy pop sound in this their
1979 demo of 'I'm Sorry' which owns a
raw riffing guitar plus a very melodic
English vocal delivery. Side Two kicks
off with a
Ruefrex interview about the
dangers of punk in Belfast, which was
an understatement.
Ruefrex are the
other great new find for the Wolfs Lair.
This is a demo of 'Perfect Crime' from
1979 and shows em to be a powerful
outfit with some great lyrics and a
knack for some angry explosive punk.
No strangers to anyone reading this I
presume are
Stiff Little Fingers, who
give us 2 live tracks from 1980 and
1978 respectively. 'Gotta Get Away'
was recorded in the bands hey day of
big stages, big following and big
atmosphere. 'Alternative Ulster' is from
the time before expensive mobile
recording desks and is of poor quality,
but captures the venom. We then get
an interview with
the Outcasts, which
talks about the Harp Bar and it's
influence which is followed by an
unfInished scuzzy demo guitar track
The Rays called 'Glamstar' which
was neat to hear. More big guns from
Derry follow next and it's
who give us a live 1978
glimpse of their future hit 'Here Comes
The Summer' which again suffers from
poor recordings but you can sniff a HIT
even at this stage.
The Doubt are
more new boys and they give us a
demo from 1979 called 'Fingers', it
sounds ok but not on a par with some
of the others on here.
The Defects
signal the arrival of the second wave of
Northern Ireland punk with a 1980
demo of 'Guilty Conscience'. They
adopt a more hardlined approach but
on this track don't have the spark of
their late 70's older brothers and
'Northern Xposure Vol 2'
Tape 2002
Volume 2 of this epic voyage around
the streets of Belfast and the late 70's
early 80's Northern Ireland punk
scene. Tape 2 takes us to
. They're a sound little punk
combo, who give us their rough round
the edges 'Bondage In Belfast' demo
from 1978, and showed em to have
great potential in a snotty protest style.
S.L.F. give us a live rendition of
'Barbed Wire love', one of punks
classiest young love songs, set against
the barricades from 1980. Followed by
a very early '78 live version of their
scorching protest number 'Suspect
Device' say no more.
Protex the
Everly Brothers of the Northern Ireland
punk scene reestablish themselves
with a live take from New York of 'Don't
Ring Me Up', which shows why they got
a major label contract, but doesn't
explain why
Rudi failed? They then
follow with an earlier demo of 'I cant
Cope' which has a certain sheen. Terri
Hooley (Good Vibrations) gives us a
vivid insight into his first sighting of
Rudi at the Pound, complete with a full
blown account of the affray that
followed. Also a perplexed Owen
McFadden (
Protex) cites Rudi as a
major influence. We are then treated
to 2 doses of
Rudi who from these
tapes, seem to be the band everyone
cited as a major influence, and you
can see why! Firstly we get in the flesh
and live from a 1978 show 'Fill Your
Balls (With Alcohol'' that gives us tunes
and a
Heartbreakers swagger. It's
followed by
Rudi's Brian Young
summing up, how with no major help
they were doomed. We then get a
1979 demo of 'Mission Impossible'
which is very good indeed and just one
more reason why the majors missed
out big time.
The Rays, that
mysterious lone guitar slinger gives us
another buzz saw riff to send us on our
way to a couple of live tracks from
circa 1980.  Both potent,
especially the rendition of 'The Cops
Are Coming' followed by one of my
favourites... 'Teenage Rebel'.
Ex-Producers are up next with a 1980
demo called 'Behind The Door' that
has a massive
Rudi influence,
particularly in the arrangements and
vocal delivery. And with bands like this
it's no bad thing coz they do it well. We
then get a couple of young Belfast
punks squabbling which is always a
Victim who are probably one of
the early original bands on here who
were knocking around in '77 gives us a
gritty live slice of 'Trademark City' from
78. This is a band when put in a
studio, gives us a major overhaul in
their sound as they run through 'The
Teenage', which is an action packed
stomper and reminds me of early
Slaughter & The Dogs musically, but
with a pop vocal, great stuff.
Derry's premier punk
band, give us a live shot of 'Teenage
Kicks' their teen angst anthem, plus a
live TV blast of the hilarious 'My
Perfect Cousin'.
Pretty Boy Floyd who
I didn't rate at all from the first tape are
up next with a live track and a demo
from '78. They still sound too slick for
me, but they could easily have come
from the 75/76 era Bowery during
'Rough Tough'. They then redeem
themselves further with 'Sharon' that
gives em a way more punkier edge.
The quirky
Stage B. are up next, and
was one of the NX1 faves, but these
two tracks 'Light/Hillside' and 'Numbers'
was pretty pedestrian!
P.45 are
another new one for me, and they go
along the well trodden path of
etc. in style, but again
do it with style on 'Teenage Love
Song', although the strained vocals
were pretty naff.
close this collection,
and are the tapes real Turkeys. Firstly
there's a big jump to 1984, and the
sound, style and delivery is typical
Human League/ Frankie Goes To
Hollywood who were dominating the
charts at the time, if I remember
correctly? Well whatever the case, this
is just like that kinda crud and best to
ignore, but I get a Sneaky feeling this
must have some punk connection
somewhere?, but for the life of me I
can't think what? Like the last tape
apart from this last track NX2 is well
'Kob Vs Mad Butcher'
CD 2002
Got this FREE with the Nosebleed
fanzine (see zine reviews for more
info), and it's a very big 24 track
selection in a smart cartoon sleeve, so
a neat addition to the zine. Never
heard much from the two labels that
are behind this release. Kob Records
are Italian and Mad Butcher Records
are German. They premiere a massive
Worldwide contingent of bands. So lets
get going...
Punkreas (Italy) give us a
skanking track with a clean lead guitar.
Analogs (Poland) builds up into a neat
fuzzy anthem that sticks inside your
head, dunno what they're singin
about? We also have to endure quite a
lotta ska tracks in-between the punkier
The Skywalkers (Sweden) are
more of the same.
Derozer (Italy)
have a noxious vocal, hate it with a
The Prowlers (Canada)
have some big gorilla on vocals, boring
Oi! Followed by
the Boils (USA) who
sound OK but nothing to write home
Scrapy (Germany) are more
average Oi!.
Ska Wars (France) hold
their own with a clean cut ska riffing
Class Assassins (Canada)
bring a bit of class to the proceedings.
Brigatte Rozze (Italy) are full of
energy, but spoilt by a croaky singer.
Possible Suspect (Netherlands)
remind me of the late 70's UK scene.
Inerdzial (Italy) bring us the first
female vocals, very  sloppy.
(Italy) and their bland
skanking skinhead trip. Now here at
last are this albums highlight and it
comes from Italy and
The Twinkles
who are getting better by the minute.
Forget the atrocious band name coz
'Twinkles Army' is a fucking great
addictive anthem with simple riffs and a
big chorus, magnificent!!!! We are
bought back down to earth with
Oversight (Italy) who give us
stop/start hardcore (yawn).
Heroes 'N'
(Netherlands) are more skins
singing about being skins.
(Germany) have more horns
than sense, lose em fast!!! Probably
the best known band on here are skins
Klasse Kriminalle (Italy) who come
up close to
the Twinkles with their
reasonable outing.
The Gerneratorz
(Canada) supply the second girl vocal,
and the second highlight of this comp.
with their neat 'Dead End World'.
Dynamo Ska (Germany) give us a
Sports TV show kinda instrumental that
turns into a an hilarious ode, novelty
record of the comp.
The Argies from
suprise, suprise (Argentina) play
average ska-tinged bollocks.
(Ireland) give us an energetic
'Motorhead @ 5pm' which is OK but
nothing special, featuring Boz from
Nosebleed. And lastly the Stage
(Germany) who were very
good last time I heard em, supply us
with an average sob story that sounds
so corny but does have a good chorus.
comp but good eye opener on some of
the more obscure international bands.
'Sex Box'
(Virgin) CD Summer 2002
Well what can I say? All those years of
waiting for some of these tracks to
appear outside an over priced, hard to
find bootleg wasn't in vein! This is the
Sex Pistols collection and
what 'Kiss This' should've been. 3
discs and practically an 80-page book
with lyrics, rare pix, recording details
and history wrapped up in the Union
Jack flag, makes for a very attractive
set indeed. But before we go ahead I
just wanna say to all the kids who
witnessed the band recently. The band
you saw and this can of demons are a
totally different beast. Let the real
evidence speak for itself instead of
playing shows that will leave the fans
disappointed and the kids thinking
....was that it!!? 'Sex Box' is the real
Pistols legacy, this is how they
actually were, this is the real band that
turned Priests into Exorcists, parents
fraut with fear and sent furious lorry
drivers to kick in their TV sets!
Disc 1 (Studio Tracks & Early Demos) -
Gives us 'Never Mind The Bollocks',
the definitive 'punk rock' album that's
still the best without exception. It's
been remastered, so you've got the
best ever sound I suspect. I could give
you a whole review on that album
alone, but I won't bore you with epic,
landmark details. You've heard it, you
got it, or you should have? We also
get those B-side babies like the A & M
- 'No Feelings' version and the classic
unedited 'No Fun', which I bet
would've been proud of. Plus on every
disc there are hidden (why?) tracks at
the end which seem a bit pointless to
some, but I bet those
collectors out there will be licking their
lips in delight, and of course not a
booby in sight.
Disc 2 (Demos & Rarities) -
Which is for me personally my
favourite disc of the 3. You can now
hear a lot of these long lost artifacts in
pristine audio, instead of some tape
from a tape or crackly boot that my
mate got from his mate, who's big
brother lent it him back in '77. You
know the score, these are historical
punk documents that you read about,
from a punk monster that was
untamable. Rotten's hate 'n' loathing
comes out on this disc big style as he
cusses Matlock in the background. We
also get to witness Steve Jones
growing prowess from a trashy guitar
sound into the monolith of Bollock
proportions. You can still sense the
snot in the air 25 years later, and
realise that what was being put down
on tape in some basement was gonna
make a difference somewhere,
sometime soon. The rejected demo
version of 'Anarchy in The UK' alone
was enough to get em hung, drawn
and quatered from the nearest gibbet
in '77. Even the most stringent bootleg
collectors out there are in for a treat
on this disc!
Disc 3 (Live) - Is the disc I least play.
Not coz it's shit or a space filler but coz
I've never been a big fan of live
recordings be it
the Pistols or anyone
else, apart from a few exceptions like
'Ramones - 'Alive' which springs to
mind. Why the compilers never
included the infamously, brilliant
Huddersfield Christmas day show from
1977 is anyone's guess? But we do
get a raw 'Screen on the Green' '76
set, plus more tracks from sporadic '76
appearances, but the best of the
bunch being 'Belsen Was A Gas' from
Dallas '78. This track really captures
em in the most grotesque fashion.
Despite the final disc not living up to
the previous 2 blinders, this whole
package is still an undeniable
for newer and older punks to savour,
and gives us the Real reason why we
got into punk in the first place.....
"We're Rejected!"
Virgin Records -
cost me £30 odd quid.
'Helmet VS Anteaters
Live All Over Germany'
(Real George Records) CD 2002
This is a mammoth 35 track/4 band
compilation of live recordings from all
over Germany during
the Deritas
recent live reign amongst the
Bosch. 'Helmet Vs Anteaters' (don't
ask!) is a novel idea other bands
oughta try out and gives the Santa
Barbara's support acts some decent
exposure. Now not many bands do that
do they?
Camel Boy get the proceedings off to
a hot sweaty start, with some
exuberant punk rock 'n' roll, but was
spoiled by a large sounding, hairy,
sweaty vocalist who don't really gel
with the guitarist (who plays a blinder).
Mr Goring especially with his tone deaf
strangulated approach to making a
noise, sounds like a laff and a good
warm up act, but thank fuck they only
get 4 tracks.
Weekly Carouse are Germanic
hardcore by the sounds of it, and are
given ten tracks to coax us into
submission. They also seem hell bent
on creating a thrashy atmosphere
which the crowd certainly appreciated.
They have the makings of some good
songs like on 'Sometimes It's On You'
and it's duel vocal outtings which
makes full use of the other
blunderbuss backing vocalist which
works well with decent rifferama.They
do let themselves down with the catchy
but ultra cringe worthy 'Thanks To All
My Friends' which sounds really naff
vocally. Now who the fuck writes songs
like that if they really mean it
maaaan?... c'mon. 'A place to Hide'
has a good buildup with some
guitar work, but the lyrics and
approach by the vocalist was hilarious.
The funny 'Bleary Eyes' has a good
juicy riff with more over the top vocals.
I still find those broken English lyrics
absolutely hysterical so if they had
some poignant moment it was lost
forever amongst the sniggering in the
back rows. They end the set with
definitely their best song 'Who Are
You' which has the best guitar riff of
their set to send it on his way, as it
chugs into the BIG build up which
despite not having a much called for
chorus to take advantage of, still
manages to drift towards epic
The Cockroach Candies give us a
welcome respite from all that
testosterone flyng around the room,
with some female fronted beefy punk
rock. This band has the added novelty
of being Mr Mark Gilman (
) wife's band. So I'd better
watch my P's & Q's here unless I
wanna feel the wrath of
the Sisters.
Well despite the charges of nepotism
aimed at their inclusion
Cockroach Candies
are in fact
worthy of their place here with a more
punkier sound. They gotta New
Iggy feel on the 'Pussycat
Incognito' opener which is definitely
their best number. They then for some
unknown reason blatantly use duel
male/female vocals for the next couple
of songs which until you hear his barf
definitely ruins their chances of
slaughtering their rivals. It also ruins
the balance of their sound as the
drunken sounding male guitarist slurs
his vocals so much so it's like he's just
sunk a gallon of schnapps dosed in
Garlic. You stick to guitar pal and do
us all a favour. 'Reality' is going back
to their opening promise of songs in a
more diverse manner and is a fast
quirkily paced jump around. The last
track 'Suck The Pogo Girls' is another
fueled outing helped considerably by
Mrs Gilman's clear delivery. Maybe
they could get a more tighter sound
but they show promise.
The Derita
sponsers and main act prove
why they're the top band on this comp.
and they give us 13 numbers of their
'best of' set from their extensive back
catalogue. Do yourself and me a
favour and check out the '1 2 Fuck
You' review on this page for the full
CD-EP 2002
Mr Defekt, HC Kismet's manic spiky
drummer thrust this CDR onto me at a
gig in Brum recently. I gotta admit from
the opening salvo this 5-tracker is a lot
more hardcore and intense than my
previous encounters with the band.
These fuckers from Stoke are keeping
the power of
Discharge firmly tapped
within their Staffordshire locale, as
they excellerate towards the speed
barrier. 'Mass Hysteria' kicks off with
barely a mid-paced rocker of a riff,
before they drag us screaming into
metal territory. However Miss Defekt,
the pink haired medussa kicks in with
her dominant protest stylised vocals.
This is angry, fast as fuck punk that's
driven along by Defekt's manic
drumming. This geezer is the most
energetic drummer I've heard since
young Rat Scabies sat on the throne
back in '76. He literally attacks the kit
and keeps this bands momentum at full
pelt for the duration!!! This CD don't
relent one iota and it's shows exactly
what this band is capable of in the
studio. Their live sound ain't always
the best introduction, so If you get the
chance, check em out on record first
before deciding their fate. Even the
duel vocals which I ain't too keen on
work well on here, they're dispatched
with just enough male presence for it
to work well. Miss Defekt certainly
steals the show in the vocal
department, particularly on 'Earth', as
her more melodic style is let loose and
is definitely this bands best quality,
along side the duracell drummerboy.
Didn't have a copy of the lyrics, but
they sound angry as fuck. This ain't a
band who write happy little snatches of
pop I can assure you of that. '20th
Century Close' is spoiled badly by the
male screamer in the band, it sounds a
bit too predicable after the first two
tracks, until they slow things down
slightly with a sort of skanking workout
that screams a transistorized
It then feedback's into
obscurity. Next up is 'Less Than Men'
which has some great big beefy riffing
going on, with some smart squealing
guitars leads to accompany the
screams. But those duel screams are
lost on this one. If they wanna send a
message out this aint the way to go, as
they spit out a constant stream of
end is nigh"
and god knows what
else??? Last track is all about
domestic violence called inevitably
'Violence II'. And this is their other
standout track with it's Anarcho intro
and vibe. The clever tempo changes
work well as the love struck couple
curse each other out, aided and
abetted by simple but sinister
Discharge era riffs. We are left
battered 'n' bruised as Miss Defekt
"I'm not just here as a fuck
....Welcome to a domestic
nightmare! If you like yer punk fast and
intense with plenty of energy then
these are definitely for you.
'Northern Xposure Vol 3'
Tape 2002
Final tape in this historic Northern
Ireland series, and we are treated to
an account of
the Clash's publicity
stunt visit to the streets of Belfast,
which the locals sussed when the gig
was pulled, finally ensuing aggro and
their car getting pelted with cans. And
hotly in pursuit are the strangely
Electromotive Force, who
give us two snotty nosed demo blasts
from 1980. 'BBC/UTV' is a fast basic
piss-off to the media, they then change
gear and bring us the less frantic but
far superior 'College Boy' with a great
riff and a really fresh sound.
keep the momentum firing, with
an ultra addictive trashy workout called
'Parents' from 1978, plus a truly live
rendition of 'Teenager In Love',
complete with dropout sound and an
imaginative arrangement. More live in
Outcasts follow, doing 'Mania'
which is rough on the ear, but we do
get a raw 'Machine Gun' demo from
1981 as recompense. I much prefer
the Outcasts in the studio, it's where
they excel! Some Harp Punks make
some very valid points, before leading
us into
The Rays once more, who
make their customary unfinished demo
appearance with a particular fuzzy
'Nasty' and 'Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead'
double session. Again no vocals or
bass or drums, just guitar, which
reminds me of my puerile attempts at
playing in my bedroom circa '79 when I
first bought a guitar out the catalogue
tee hee. The impressive
Stage B.
continue with two more moody riffing
demos from 1980. The murderous
'Lizzy Borden' taking the biscuit and
the eery 'Self Portrait' continue to
make them a big favourite.
make their bloody presence
felt with 'Lies In Vein' live from 1979,
which has a certain
Stage B. feel in
style. Also making a first on this
collection is another band who got
some acclaim in the UK press, and
the Moondogs. They share
with us a demo of 'You Said' which is
more pop punk with tunes, followed by
another interview with a
The Parasites sound like they came
from a
Crass Bullshit Detector
compilation, very basic Anarcho punk
by numbers, but ahead of their time
considering it's recorded in 1978.
Terri Hooley & The Terrors makes a
rare appearance on record, with his
hard to find single 'Laugh At Me' from
1979. And you know what, it sounds
fuckin good too!
Rudi show up once
more with a 1980 demo of 'Murder On
The 13th Floor' which is another
standout track with it's sharp jagged
guitar riffs. They then treat us to a live
'Ripped In Two' from 1978, which only
suffers from the live situation.
Continuing on the live front we get
from 1978 and 'Under
Cover Lovers', followed by a blitzing
version of
Johnny Mopeds
Incendiary Device'. There's a great
Undertones interview segment where
the band talk about aggro and fashion.
SLF benefit from mobile recording
desk technology, with 1980 versions of
'At The Edge' and the brilliant 'Wasted
Protex are caught live in NYC
circa 1980 with 'Place In Your Heart'.
And it sounds weak in comparison to
bands of better quality, that's followed
by a '79 Demo of 'Popularity' which is
better but continues in the same vein.
The Zipps bring this trilogy to a close,
with a rare B-side of 'Don't Tell The
Detectives' and was worth the wait, coz
it's very good pop tinged number. As a
closing tribute we move up to the 90's
The Adventures (ex-Starjets)
doing a cover of 'Teenage Kicks' on
N.I.TV, which sounded tame compared
to the original, while
Therapy supply
'Alternative Ulster' and 'Big Time' also
from NITV and both never coming
close to the originals power, but done
with respect. As the tape states THIS
MR Defekt (Don't Care collection)
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