For everyone in the UK it was bought home in stunning Technicolor in the last week of April, just how inept
this government we live under really is. No wonder every crook, nonce and drug fiend in Europe is
flocking to these shores to exploit their trade with glee. They all know England is a safe haven where they
can hide, scheme and live off its bloated pickings as they suck off its gilded system while they fester in
their own ghettos, soil our culture or just blow up tube trains. And all with such ease. The UK must be
seen as an isle of incompetence to anyone with a plot, an ulterior motive or just a sick mind. Surely heads
must roll as the futility of these bungling politicians and their complete lying hypocrisy looms on all fronts
and steers us into a deeper crisis of mistrust, danger and neglect.

Sir Charles Clarke the Home secretary a man with bigger ears than morals. He begrudgingly handed in
his resignation knowing full well that an even bigger ego tripper
Tony Blair, would save his bloated
bacon. Hey Tony how long will it take for you to save a life and admit you were wrong in employing this
bungling buffoon? Another murder, another rape or just another Paedophile crime? Well with such an
unsavoury legacy as yours already, what's another tragedy to add to your extensive death wish. And while
you reflect on your decision as you attend yet another showbiz pageant, lie through your chessy grin to a
nation with uncanny ease or just spin your hype to your genuflecting corporations, why not walk the plank
yourself! Oh I forgot you ain't got earned your baby wings yet, you fucking wanker?

Jeered on by those hard working nurses, while endorsed by those corrupt health executives
is our most loathsome health secretary since the public Health Service was born. She must surely
take her cyanide pill with grace over her dumbfounded unawareness. This callous tart has feverishly
pushed the NHS service into a pit of despair and gloom faster than you can say Health Cuts! You can bet
she's on Bupa too. But you just know this sneering little cow whose dragging out her own downfall in bullet
proof spectacles and Cuban heels with a lot more gusto than she's ever shown in her official capacity as
Health Minister. She will probably melt into the political background with a grossly unfounded pay check
awaiting her next scam.

Finally the biggest parasite in this government who just sucks in every perk and whore to unprecedented
heights without actually doing anything in return. Da Prezz
John Prescott. This cunt is a totally boorish
fat Yorkshire louse whose only major goal in life is to do absolutely nothing whatsoever for this Country as
he licks its fiscal plate dry. He unapologetically ponces off the state more so than even the most adept
asylum seeker. And in his embarrassing role as Deputy PM which must be a great cover for his corporate
swindles and foreign bank accounts. His job of an endless line of free lunches, free Jags, free beer and
free hand outs must surely have pushed this Governments perks to the limits. A professional leech such
as this is hard to extract and this voracious cunt has become so accustomed to his lavish lifestyle that
only his beer belly is overshadowed by his unquenchable thirst for excess. Despots such as this will not
give in their luxuries and power easily. He's buried his bloodsucking fangs so deeply into the UK's financial
artery's were gonna need another fraudulant Tax bill to feed his habit.

I find it completely repulsive that we are governed by such a sickly bunch of sneaky bigots who have only
one skilful trait amongst them and that's dishonesty. It wouldn't be so bad if there was a glimmer of
respect from these cretins but im afraid the rot is terminal they're all corrupt through and through. This
power mad desire to line their own pockets and endorse their own egos at our expense stretches right
across the political spectrum and down through the ranks to their lowliest minions. And what makes it all
so much harder to take is that they are all laughing at us from afar. They're untouchable! Even Prescott's
slag is coining it in now with showbiz agents selling her sordid tale to the Sundays. But lets face it she has
been groomed by sleaze central!!!
Politicians for the people are indeed an extinct species, if in fact there was such a thing in the first place!?
As this disease seems to be reaching pandemic proportions, It looks like people power is probably the
only real alternative. If nothing is done soon...
the streets are beckoning!
Peter Don't Care (May 1st 2006)