Call me a grumpy old twisted fucker if you like, but when I witnessed those cunts
on Live8 giving it the big one on TV I was nearly physically sick!!! Who does that
cunt Sir Bob Geldof really think he's kidding? The mans a fucking jaded rich
parasite with more ego than George Bush on the rifle range and ensconced in
more backhanders than Catholic priests on discipline duty. I don't like Mondays eh,
yeah me neither. But I don't lecture people on who or what they should do to end
the worlds poverty. Especially peasants like the man on the street who are barely
surviving  themselves. If we all had dosh it would be so easy to be on his
patronising side. I'd really respect the cunt if he just ploughed a load of his
attributes into some relief fund and went out there himself (without a camera crew
on tap) and done his little bit for humanity. But hey where's there's poverty there's
a mighty fast buck to be made. Why is it with all these warm hearted celebrities
that behind their botox mask it's really just me, me, fuckin me!!! If I seen a hobo in
the street would he really be grateful or benefit from my pearls of wisdom if I went
up to him and said
"wheres your contribution to world poverty you cunt?". Some of
us don't need lecturing on this humanitarian crisis, we are all to well aware. And we
ain't kids we do our bit without needing to get a goading by some swanky wanker
who we don't even respect. Well that's the feeling I got from hearing these rich rock
stars, actors and trendy lovies telling us how and what we should do with our
conscience. Especially when you get cardboard cutouts like Brad Pitt ha! He
comes on stage and gives us a speech on 3rd world poverty straight from some
hollywood script. Do these jerks ever stop acting? And this came immediately after
he's just rolled into the venue in some strech limo from some 5 star hotel in Park
Lane no doubt. Seems these fuckers really think we need to know about world
poverty, when it's staring at em a few blocks away from their high class hotel, if
only they dared to look. They treat their public as ignorant plebs well im afraid
some us ain't, we can see them preaching to the converted. Mind you does that
suprise you? Rich white men and women playing concerned white men and
women for a cause that didn't even invite any black artists on the bill apart from
backing singers.

If all the money thats generated from the worlds biggest rock show really does hit
the desert plains of Africa, the transit camps of Zambizia or the shanty towns of
Mozamique i'll be first to take back my words and be extremely happy to do so!
However in reality what we all know is that whatever does reach the 50,000 who
die on a daily basis, it will probably be a trickle compared with what actually gets
really generated from this promotion. I'm damn sure the millions out of the cut of the
rock stars, the actors, their enterage, agents, sylists, security and all the other little
parasites that these people surround themselves with alone would feed 50,000 for
a month. But the fact they actually get paid (or should I say recoup) for gracing us
with their righteous presence will be but a spit in the ocean of worldwide poverty.
Strange how Joss Stone has a new 45 out on Monday. When I looked behind the
scenes I had a real bad feeling in my stomach as I watched em all swan on stage
pretending they were so caring, so in touch with mankind and so priveliged to
perform for such a prestige event. Divas every one of em! I'd have had more
respect for em if they slyly stuck their hand in their skyrocket and threw a tenner
into the charity box every time they passed one. Paul McCartney you smarmy
fucker don't sit on the sidelines being smug and pretend your so into this thing,
because we all know you and your buddies are so out of touch with reality you
wouldnt know what real destitution was if it came and camped in your guitar case!
Your recording rights and appearance fees are enough to set up a minor satellite
state all on it's own. Then we had Bill Gates saying we can save millions. Yeah Bill
we know you could with your billions.  The rich preaching to the rich is a sickening
spectacle to behold, thank gawd the Pistols didn't ruin it all by being part of the ego
mania crusade is all I can say. And those dumb fuckers who paid out over a
hundred smakeroonies for a ticket never mind the privy gold area tickets which
were selling on E-bay for over a grand just underlines the hypocritical nature of
such events. Mind you, these white middle class tossers think its such a good craic
to be part of history than the actual cause itself is but an after thought. Yeah really,
they just want their 15 minutes worth that they can video themselves and tell their
overweight spoilt granchildren they were part of world hstory. Most don't give a
toss who's actually starving or not. And I hate to tell em that this time next year the
African poor will be just as bad off as it was a decade ago.

Live 8 my arse!!! These sleazy lowlifers are just another tentacle of the worldwide
global rich elite. Just coz they don't wear suits, don't fund wars and don't vote for
rednecks like Bush, don't mean they aint part of the same neuvou riche regime.
The rich in sheeps clothing can't hide their sickly stench from the real people. It
makes me cringe when Annie fucking Lennox slags off the man on the street for
not knowing what's going on in 3rd world countries. And then has the gaul to
pretend it's for sick kids in Africa with aids when if the truth is known it's for her sick
gay friends who are rotting away in their expensive LA penthouses. Cold Play do
me a favour, they were about as warm as a spare room in Barrington court in
January without no money in the meter. Do we really need spoilt fucking popstars
and sychophantic bozos like Jonathon Ross in his bright yellow death suit to tell us
the great British public what's so bad and what's so needy in our never had it so
good NEW world order. And it's the way they do it what really makes me heave.
Having a big party in a park may broadcast a revenue untold, but who actually
benefits from that revenue in the end? I just wish as the jet lagged rock stars and
bling encrusted footballers filled their faces and empty bellies backstage with
caviar and champgne, that they really believed that what they were doing is for da
kids. Coz I'll be very suprised if some young kid in africa will see that flamboyance
as a bowl of rice or a school book or even a tent in 6 months time. We all know the
people who gain from these events are first and foremost corrupt governments.
They are allowing genocide happen as we speak so do you really think a few
billion is gonna ease their sly conscience. It happened with Tsunami. Gangsters
and bent welfare agencies will sqander any aid that comes flying their way. While
all the time the BIG money and backhanders goes on it's usual merry go round to
Tv, media and the numerous companies these celebrities and polticians run.
They'll cream off the rights to keep their future interests happy and safe. I doubt
the Who will be going home penniless tired and hungry tonight. Robbie Williams for
one who had only just jetted in from LA wasn't on economy class I bet. Who paid
for his flight?, who paid for his coke addiction? Who cares coz we all know who
was gonna pay George Michaels rent boys tonight. Feed the world, abolish world
debt yeah great sentiments. But shouldn't that read   feed the egos of the fat and
bloated entertainers, child molesters and hypocrites who entertain us on a global
scale. Make Poverty History....take back the filthy lucre from the chosen ones in
there ivory towers and give it back to the real kids of our future.
St. Bob dies for his own sinsm, not ours! (DC Collection)