What a fucking charade!!!! I like everyone else in the UK would just like to say how disgusted and
appalled I am to hear how the ordinary taxpayer of this country must feel with the recent revelations
surrounding the vast amounts of hard-earned cash these suppposed Honourable Gentlemen and
Ladies in Parliament have been fidddling off us behind our backs.
The parasites try and feed us the lame excuse of "I've done nothing wrong" and insulting us by insistting it is within the rules
and OK for them to cheat and steal - yes, steal is the appropriate word for virtually everything they rob or require from us, the
great British public who elected the fuckers in the first place. Naively so because lets face it what alternative do we really have?
Some of the claims that have been made are no doubt criminal in their deceit and secrecy '- do these glutonous MPs ever
spend any of their own cash? Apparently not.
The Police surely have grounds for investigation now on many of these very dubious claims that have recently come to light
and must do so - not doing so would mean that they condone such activities. And lets face it corruption in the Police force is
rife also. Yet these fucking hypocritical SO-CALLED guardians of our national morals and standards have the gall to pass
laws, run adverts on TV and radio clamping down on benefit fraud while they are committting even more fraudulent acts
themselves - what a fuckin nerve these lowlife have got.

Politicians' £65,000 a year wages are more than enough to pay for the mortgage on and furnish a decent house of their own
and live an extravagant lifestyle. A far cry from one parent familys or the homeless.
It is a certain fact that not one of them has any shame, conscience or decency, theyre MP's fer fux sake.
They are claiming for expensive TVs, furniture for their several homes, free food, paying utility bills and council tax, stays in
expensive hotels, first- class travel lol, gardeners, cleaners, repairs to tractors and swimming pools, brand new central heating
systems - they even have the brass neck to pay for glitter toilet seats, light bulbs and even horse shit with our money.
It is absolutely disgraceful and immoral, and has gotta stop else people will take to the streets - and we must make them pay
back every penny or be sacked and prossecuted for fraud. Like we have to.
Just think of the millions they have wasted over the decades (this has been going on for years) on their multiple 5/6-bedroom
houses in the countryside and their lavish spending sprees, while poverty blights their constituancys.
Just think how much better spent that money could have been to pay pensioners a decent, proper pension, to help the
critically sick and needy, to modernise schools and educate our chilldren better, and to improve and clean up the festering
NHS and tackle poverty and crime.
Instead, it has pored into the many, already bulging, Swiss bank accounts of already very, very, wealthy people, who have
made it quite plain that they could not give a damn about the rest of us in this beleaguered land governed by the most
decrepid government ever.

It is surely time to bring these fat shady, bulbous hoodlums to book.
We the public must insist that they show receipts for everything over a tenner and that they have no control over their own pay
and employment conditions, pensions etc.
And if there is any (independent body of accountants) left that ain't poisoned by greed or susptable to bribery set up to keep
an eye on all their expenses - no more freebies for greedy blood suckers everything; everyone of us has to live to a budget,
and so should our politicians. Also their family members must not be employed by them, as this inevitably leads to corrruption,
and MPs' spending details need to be published on the internet for all to see.
There must be no more bare-faced lying if thats at all posiible in this day n age of spin, no more deceit or hiding of expenses
from Joe Public - the gravy train robbery must end here now!
MPs have gotta learn to put their money grabbing hands in their own pockets. If they want £1,000 TVs and lavish items for
themselves, then no problem - buy them yourself.

By all means, give MPs a state-owned second home if the council housing queue is not in the red and which the MP would
furnish at their own expense and which would revert to the taxpayyers for sale or use by another MP when the MP retires or
quits and cannot be sold on for private profit.
If they want an extra home, then they have to pay the mortgage and furnish it themselves from their own coffers like everyone
does. Simple.
It is such a cop out coming out and saying sorry and volunteering to pay back the relatively insignificant (in their eyes only)
sums of money.
"we don't want any more excuses you lied you cheated - the damage IS done.
We want back all the money they have taken by deceit - every penny - or get out. Resign or be sacked.
MPs have now lost all public trust; thank fuck for that coz its something a lot of us knew already they simply cannot now be
trusted again.
Thousands of people will no longer vote in any election due to these politicians' lies and dirty dealings. You can count on the
fingers of one hand the very few honest ones.
We the public now at long last have the upper hand, and we must bring these (our) crooked employees into line and demand
that they are accounttable to us - or we must simply refuse to vote en masse in any election until they compromise and agree
to a fair set of rules and regulations, which if abused gets them the sack immediiately and a spell in jail if neccessary...off with
their heads.
Once this debacle is sorted out (if ever?), we must then turn our attention to the bed wetting letcherous House of Lords and
the out of sight out of mind MEPs who are also on the Gravy Train robbery.
Just think, if the politicians had not insisted on the Freedom of Information Act being implemented (they thought they could opt
out), then none of these crimes against the taxpayers would have come to light. They have really shot themselves in the foot
this time and deserve everything they get.
I am sniggering seeing them duck and dive and trying to concoct fantastic excuses, as I am sure are milllions like me. Buts not
funny at all in fact its a sick fucking joke!
Elections are looming soon do we really have a choice...of course not!!!!

Peter Don't Care (May 20th 2009)