Evening punks, Trojans and clergymen. This is the page where I get to
brag and boast and generally slap meself on the back for being such a
jolly nice kind punk rocker!
This is the part of the site where I get to blow my own trumpet. My name's
Peter Don't Care, I'm the self-confessed tosser who has written (yeah the
grammars still appaling), designed and pilfered almost everything on this
web site (with the odd exception of course). So I take full responsibility for
any bands who make it big or split up coz of what's been done herein.
Bigheaded ain't I? So don't forget any misgivings, threats, idolatry, bribes,
loose women, filthy lucre etc just send it to me. In case you never guessed,
I'm from a mesmerisingly violent and mind numbingly dull little hovel called
Wolverhampton. Which is a city (wow wee!!!) situated bang in the centre
of England with the worse view from a train window in Britain (see
for the real depravity when its been revamped). I've been based here most
of my natural, but I spent time in Watton DC, Jersey (Channel Islands) and
Portland, Oregon, USA.
and Wigan.
I've been in various punk bands from the early 80's to late 90's. Including
such household names as
Stench (1981-84) who released a single in 1982
and 2 posthumous albums, 'CULT STATUS' in January 2008 and
'OBSESSED WITH EVIL' LP in the summer of 2010, both out on
Pure Punk Records of Italy. Stench were also immortalised in a brief
section of the UK punk book
Burning Britain. I was also in Anti-christ,
Socially Nasty and lastly
Torcha Shed who finally made their vinyl debut in
2003...posthumously again on California's
Puke N Vomit label). None of
these bands got much exposure! But we were real as the song says!
Un-like so many disillusioned (snigger) veteran punks, I didn't wanna lapse
into a surburban coma when punk faded, but turned my song writing hand
to writing a fanzine in 1996. I christened this tatty blood splattered ransom
The Suffragette. That run for 4 years but became extinct like my stage career in 1999. The zine reached issue #11
before being prematurely silenced in January 2000 when my cheap printing source went bump. I still needed a vehicle to spout
out my views as writing became the main focus of my punk rock activity.
Which left me with one alternative... the Internet! So here I am on the net. This is about my 6th portal with various previous
FREE squats such as Homestead, Tripod and finally Geocities , whose slumlords all eventually kicked me out
unceremoniously. Actually Geocities/Yahoo discontinuing their FREE hosting service was the main reason
Nihilism On The
ProwI! finally got silenced, and they did give us at least 6 months warning.
Nihilism On The Prowl! was my main punk presence, a webzine archive
odyssey featuring over 500 plus pages which took up most of a decade to
create and was great fun. The site came second in a Punk website Top Ten
published in
Record Collector magazine MAY 2006 by those in the know.
However the website was bought to its knees and endured its ultimate finale
in October 2009 after nearly a decade of punk rock verbal.
To make matters worse I had a few health scares in the winter of 2009/10
with Liver and Heart problems (30 years of punk rock abuse can take some
wear 'n' tear), but scraped through with some major life style changes
(diet and tabs). Major mode of transport these days was my trusty
Carrera Vengeance mountain bike but buses and trains are becoming
more my thang. However life without a punk site was unthinkable. Even
World Of Warcraft or Fallout 3 wasn't as consuming or as entertaining as
a window to the punk scene. So on October 26th 2009 I launched
onto a world. I reluctantly resorted to more freebie slumlords like
50webs and to host it till I sussed out how to buy my own space.
They seemed ok but I should have known better. Coz by the summer of
2010 when my health was becoming more stable, they too pulled the
switch on my web presence with alarming consistency.
Time for a rethink, as I was still working (for the time being) in between
caring for my mom who has dementia. I opted to go legit in August 2010
and bought some web space and even a domain name. After a few scary
PUNK ROCKER now has it's own portal
which I own after a decade of squatting with unreliable and annoying rule
abiding miscreants. So will be here at this address till 20
20 when the name is up for renewal once more. Optimistically this site
can grow into a newer bigger grotesque monster than in its mid 90's heyday. Its a slow process rebuilding all the pages once
more and combining them on the new portal, but thats the aim as well as adding new pages. No more unexpected deletions or
site downtime if I survive the few years... fingers crossed.
Although my lifestyle maybe a little different to what it was, the attitude remains the same. I still ain't after your sympathy, or
your money (although the later would be preferred). No, I leave all that to pop punkers, crusty paraffin's or the punk elite! I'm
just here to add a bit of panache, a wagon load of attitude and a dose of reality, as that seems to be lacking these days! Hope
I retain some fucking honest but brutal views on Punk and promote the new and exciting elements when I come across them.
And will all be set amongst some eye catching pages.
Errr that's about it for the time being. So if you want more from the Don't Care universe check out the links on this page (if
they're up and running?) When I can think of any other lies, deceit and subterfuge to confound you with I will...till then hope
you enjoy the site..over and out!
STENCH 'Obsessed With Evil' LP (Pure Punk Records 2010)
Peter Don't Care June 2016