Another oldie but I only just read a
copy of this via Mich (cheers). It's a
split zine and one that has been widely
anticipated amongst the UK punk
scene. So for anyone outside the UK
it's between Scots zine
Product who
have been putting out issues since the
early 80's, though still on Issue #8!!!
You can guess by now that this is a
very casual publication! And on the
other side you get the brilliant
. One of the best punk reads
from the 90's UK zine scene. So here's
the beef. This is the last
(boo hoo!) so Speccy Twat
(the editor) informs us, and it looks
great in the big A4 format. It kicks off
with a
Stratford Mercenaries
interview, but no Steve Ignorant!
(bahhh). So no real chance of a
confrontational point of view to
entertain us, which was a downer. But
Phil the drummer gives us a good
insight. The reviews in this issue are
fucking huge and come at ya in short
and sweet bursts of gunfire, so unlike
mine you get a rapid, sharp view on
things. However there's also the 'read
it all before' pieces on Movement
Against the Monarchy (yawn!), but an
interesting piece on what really
happened at the Carnival Against
Capitalism demo. Andy Shocker
(Speccy Twats real name) is now a
University graduate and seems to have
been brainwashed like the rest of em
by more right on politics. Which is a big
shame, coz that crafty Geordie street
witticism that littered the pages of past
issues seems to be making a sharp
exit. There is a funny
Tubo Negro
review done by some Jock. But the run
of the mill and very bland sounding
Leatherface (who are hailed as gods
in the North East..could never
understand that?) piece was
pedestrian. A funny column by Mr
Price on Darlington was followed by
some heard it all before cracks about
the 'Toon' . The controversial 'PC'
article, would only be controversial to
cunts who know no better. A bit of a
anti-climax to end a career of great
punk print.
Product on the other hand took the
gold. I'd read issues before and it
always left me feeling cheated and
dissapointed. I particularly hated the
ghostwriter mailbag that just wasn't
funny at all. But this issue although still
having those mailbags came up with
the goods elsewhere.
The Casualties
interview was a good 'un, even though
they ain't my idea of punk (too much
hairspray!!!). But they put their aerosol
cans down for a few seconds and gave
us some honest answers. The
Sic Boy
inquisition was a hoot. But
the ex-mental patient and caravan
dwelling Wakey from punk super-group
The Wernt and English Dogs
infamy, took the biscuit! This
confession has gotta be read coz this
geezer is real!!!, one of the few in
today's scene. Again another massive
review section that tells it like it is, plus
an interesting article on the closing of
Edinboros punk pub the Tap! The
funny gig review on confrontations by
the bar was something I can relate to.
Punk Shocker, Product
seems to let their side down by the
phony page fillers aiming at a laugh,
which end up reading like shit. But on
the whole this 40-page punk split is
well worth a quid!
£1.00 from Punk Shocker, PO Box
I.T.A., Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99
ITA, England.
The hilarious, pissed off edtorial sets
the scene for yet another issue of
Jellybrain curiosities, bizarrre facts
and neat artwork topped off with a
penchant for punk rock sarc!!! Paul
hates the net (coz he can't suss it out)
with nearly as much conviction as his
long running war of words with
who cop for regular well aimed blows
along the way. Well Paul certainly
won't be reading shall I slag
the cunt off for being a Man U.
fan?...well I'm sorely tempted but you
gotta give credit where credits due coz
this 28 page read of text, cartoons and
assorted imagery has some great
moments. Moments where you catch
yourself sniggering away at his often
witty observations. Amongst the Pee
Wee Herman Indecent exposure
chargesheet (tee hee) and the potted
history of the Werewolf...
howwwwwwllll!!!! Those undisputed
kings of low-fi punk pathetique the
Rabid Grannies get the once over,
plus some very funny detailed live gig
reviews. The gig ambience is stripped
bare by Paul's knack of making the
blindingly obvious a tale of
amusement. There are gallons of
record reviews, well 3 pages! He also
likes his pop-punk more than is good
for his health, but his taste is more
from the rock 'n' roll Ramonesy side of
the fence, than the bubblegum
pop-side mafia. There's a good article
on Death followed by some great tales
on snubbing people and getting a dirty
look from a
Buzzcock! Yeah
Jellybrain is one of the few quality UK
zines that are circling the pit like vipers
at the moment. This mag shows
enough originality and flair to keep
zines from becoming a dieing breed.
So fucking get a copy now!!!
50p & s.a.e. from 4 Clarence Street,
Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 5PT,
Fall 99
At long last I finally get round to giving
this splendid Canadian zine a review.
Yeah I know it's been out a while but
I've been harping on about this issue
since it came out and only just got it
back in my possession. The punks
who've borrowed it liked it so much
they must've passed it around the
block to read. Well enough of the
bullshit and excuses onto the deal.
This worldwide issue comes in a nice
shade of blue card with those
extortionate Brummies Jock and Colin
G.B.H. modelling early 80's
underwear. As always with this zine,
the superior interviews take the glory
in this...possibly the best issue yet!
First punk legend to kick off was the
irrepressable Randy Rampage. Yeah
he of the high energy, death defying
bassplaying jumpin jack flash from
D.O.A. He gives us the lowdown on his
20 year plus career right up till his
current band of shocking....dare I say
it... heavy metal exponents,
Annihiliator. We then cross over the
Atlantic to Europe for a pre-reformed
world exclusive (snigger) interview with
The Partisans axeman Andy Leyland.
"World Exclusive!", are you kidding???
Now if you had the delectable Louise's
side of the story, that would've been
news! Especially as she's a Nanny to
the stars err... Posh & Becks. But they
must've put the kybosh on that one
with their nanny surveillance! We then
cross the Severn bridge to Bristol and
get a
Vice Squad retro from original
drummer and now Record Collector
reviewer Shane Baldwin. Did you know
he used to steal bottles of milk from
doorsteps with Beki in the early days, a
crime in the UK tantamount to capitol
punishment! We then head back to
North America and the legendary Cliff
Hanger, lead singer out
The Freeze
from Boston. Now here's a punk who
with his band must count as the only
scruffs to get a life ban from Canada
for smelly feet!!! Then it's over to Long
Beach, CA and the painted faced
T.S.O.L.'s Jack Grisham. They got the
True Sounds Of Liberty from
some Religeous TV showband can you
believe? Well if all that subterfuge ain't
enough to keep the most hyperactive
punk amongst us quiet for a few hours.
We get treated to a cosy bed-side chat
with Jimmy Zero from the
Dead boys
telling us scams, bans and thankyou
mams. Phhhhheeeeww!! that's some
issue. The reviews, columns, Ads and
mailbag are mere slight distractions
amongst this historical artifact. Comes
in a great format too, so get it now
before it becomes a collectors item!
BALD CACTUS #16 ****
Well speak of the devil, here's Mr Cacti
himself with his latest dose of healthy
(???) anarchy for the masses. Yet
another issue here from my favourite
ex-distro (snigger). Yep punks my old
The Suffragette parted company
in late 1999 with
Bald Cactus over a
storm in a tea-cup. But let's not see a
difference of opinion spoil a good
hatchet job shall we!!! Y'see I like to
tell it like it is, but could quite easily
proscribe this zine to the 'too good to
be true, preaching, pious anarchist
squat bracket' they sometimes call PC,
if I really wanted to. But nooo that ain't
how I operate. I just thought I'd let you
in on that behind the scenes set two!
So onto the zine itself. Right from the
off with those blitzkrieging bastards
from South London,
Throw Bricks At
it captured my interest. Yeah
T.B.A.C.'s very own Rob Filth spews
out some hilarious tele-scopic baton
charges on the British constabulary,
aided and abetted by our totally
unbiased editor. There's a massive
Submission Hold interview, who
eminate all the way from Vancouver.
But along with
The Tone (yawn!) and
the 'Forum' piece it was all paled into
insignificence by those Cop haters and
A-Political. Oh yeah and of
The Subhumans interview.
The rants are up there as well,
especially the shockingly dubious
Vegan admission (by the hardline
editor himself!), which I must say put a
few home truths to rest on this eating
disorder (tee hee). Other rants
included 'trust' in the hardcore
scene...Trust!?? I wouldn't trust half
the cunts as far as I could throw em!
And Christians... yeeeurrrghh do me a
favour! UK Anarcho label
BBP gets
spotlighted and the curtains are drawn
with 7-pages of staple reviews.
is still a chunky read, even
though it's 10-year old layouts could
do with a massive overhaul!
50p plus SAE from
ARTCORE #13 ****
Another first for Punk Rocker and
another well packed read. This is done
by the lead singer of Cardiff's
Letter Word
punk combo. And Welly
the man in question certainly knows his
stuff as far as layout and design goes.
Artcore is like browsing through some
IPC music mag, it's that slick. The only
pointers that this is a fanzine and not a
mag from off the shelf of some
newsagents is the black and white
imagery and it's size. This is one big
leap from the photocopied, badly spelt
xeroxes of times gone (and also on
show on this website -tee hee). But
Artcore still retains that back bedroom
feel which is good. I've never heard
4LW before but have come across
some of Welly's graphics, and I must
say they're impressive. This slick
printed zine is packed to the gills with
text that is easy on the eyes.
Letter Word's
mammoth 2 month US
tour from 1998 takes up 60% of this
journal, with some harsh realitys of
road-life for the green UK punks. They
do seem to cope well with only the
occasional slap and band fallout. No
deaths, no hospitalization!... well no
battle scars at least! The other well
over-shadowed bands on show are
Notts geezers
Panic, Manchester
Grover and buzzsaw Scots
Turtlehead, plus local Taffy hooligans
In The Shit. There's an interesting
peer through the punk vaults via the
Dead Kennedys and Crucifix
profiles, plus 7 compact pages of
reviews. For a real good looking zine,
it's a pity some of the writing style is a
but bland but you can't have it all can
First time I'd laid eyes on this Notts
punk/football zine. I like my football as
well as the next fan, but I've gone past
all that reading about it, coz it bores
me silly unless it involves my beloved
WOLVES! So from the cover alone I
was expecting a so so read, but was
quietly surprised! What makes this is
the attitude. I was was contemplating
some dull, technical football fact
orientated kinda read, that would only
touch on punk when it neded to fill
some column space. But this was the
exact reverse... totally!
Kick In The
comes in a strictly fierce looking
'slashy 'n' epoxy' format, with a broad
spectrum of UK punk bands on show.
Sheffield's Oi! boys
Violent Affray get
the ball rolling (pardon the pun)
followed by Cumbria's heavy drinking
Distortion. Next up are
Wisbech's ultra gigging road
Combat Shock plus a very
Subhumans interview (which
has gotta be a first for Lord Lucas).
We then get those slimey limey LA
Bladder Bladder Bladdder.
There's also an expose on the highly
GMM record label from
Atlanta plus a handy label
discography. There's a few refreshing
columnists including Derby's mohican
ligger, Flipper, and Enfield Wolves fan
(yeehaaa!) Bobby Smith. I can't
understand what mid 80's grebo's
Crazyhead were doing amongst all this
streetpunk? But thankfully they're
restricted to just a paragraph or two.
This scruffy zine has a got a good
honest review section that shows the
editor Big Dave has got some taste,
even though he supports Grimsby
Town (snigger). Yeah
Kick In The
makes a healthy change from
the lecturings of the oh so serious
punk fraternity. And the football that is
covered is done purely from the point
of view of a set of lads sitting around a
pub a real fans perspective!
50p from Big Dave,
Livvo Towers, 40 Grafton Court,
Canning Circus, Nottingham,
NG7 3H, England.