July 1999
This is the only issue I have in my
possession of the Fracture zine and
this was passed on from Mitch (thanx).
I was curious to see what was hailed as
the last great hope of the UK punk
printing masses. And also coz I had
more than a passing interest in the
letters page. Well I won't be as stupid
or naive to dismiss this mag outright
coz that's doing exactly what Fracture
preach! So let's see what's in it worth
noting. The
Wat Tyler 'Top Ten of the
most over rated punk bands' has to be
taken with a pinch of salt. Although
only two of the bands were wrongly
included, those being
Black Flag and
the Pistols!! It was always gonna be
the Pistols one way or another, just
for the crack I bet!!! But
??? Trev Hagl's (he of Savage
) column lacked his usual
bite and character, but that was
probably due to the slashing editing by
the powers that be. The
Destruction Records
profile was
without a doubt the only other thing
that kept my attention span for longer
than a few seconds. And of course the
mammoth reviews section are worth a
browse. The rest of this mag, however
was bland non-descript ego mania
trading. Well what do you expect for a

Oct/Nov. '99
More DIY ethics from the American
punk community. Community and punk
is certainly not every punks cup of tea
or vision. But this long running mag
has some good points and some really
naff ones! The naff ones in question
mainly concern the almost 'ippified
statements some of these punks come
out with. They are thankfully kept to a
bare minimum via parts of the editorial
and some of the guest columnists. As
S&L's biggest attraction is the
monster reviews section. Which takes
up the bulk of this issue. They are
unbiased for the most part and give
you a good idea of what's on show in
the U.S. punk bracket today. It's a
good resource outlet. Also
S&L is
intersperced with some often great
action photos of the editors favourite
bands (check out this
Aus Rotten
snap on the left!) But Christine's
non-punk images leave a lot to be
desired! (Ha!) And for fucks sake
Chris, can't we lose the back page ad
from Sound Idea Distribution! Or can't
the fuckers have enough imagination
to design something new, please!!! It's
been the fucking same since the late
80's no doubt!!
Send an s.a.e. to PO Box 26632,
Richmond, VA 23261-6632, USA
Another issue sent for perussal by
Mitch, which eminates from the US
capital of crustie Anarcho punk,
Portland in Oregon. This is a darkly
brooding portal of typewritten sermons
verging on the gothic/ metal side of
printed reading. Fuck knows what the
name is all about? I can't even
pronounce the fucker, so it's gonna
find a hard time lodging in a punks
memory! ...
"hey have you read a
copy of "arrrleh?"
why don't they just
call it Harley? And who the fuck is
when he's at home? I must
admit horror authors like Steven King,
Mary Shelly and Bram Stoker are
about all I know on this genre and
that's through films, but this issue I'm
informed, is dedicated to this author.
Oi Polloi take the lions
share of this 24 page read, with as
always a good indepth debriefing of
Scotlands blood splattered history and
Anarchy In The UK if hiding amongst
the ruins of Stonehenge is really
gonna change anything! Deek lead
singer with
Oi Polloi is the only Scotch
bloke I've met who ain't got a Scots
accent!!! work that one out? But
considering this, he don't half make up
for it by his dazzleing and informative
knowlege on the history of the Celts.
He's definitely a 21st Century Robert
The Bruce in the making. There's a
few pages nicked from other sources
and reprinted plus ads and an
interview with more Anarcho's, this time
from Malaysia in the form of
. There's a few pages of
reviews of anarcho incorporated bands
and a couple of poems sit
uncomfortably amongst the gothic
artwork. I love the blackness of this
zines layout with only the white print
straying from the blackness, but like a
million other anarchist zines this can't
or won't stray off the regulated path,
leaving a very half hearted, seen it all
before kinda read. It makes yer
scream!!! Come back
Statch And The
, at least they reflect an honest
side of Portland Punk scene!
PRICE? from PO Box 40113, Portland,
OR, 97240-0113, USA

AGAINST April 1999 ***
This one's a DIY info sheet all the way
from Poland. I had this through the
mail and although it sounds like a very
quick read, the layout and style is
professionally compact. Which gives
Against a larger than expected
information quota.
Against is mainly
politically motivated. Covering
organisations who are trying to free
prisoners in the European theatre. It
also gives some interesting contacts in
the Polish punk scene. With a good
scene report on the bands, zines etc.
Plus for any crusties out there a review
section. Should have a few more
issues out by the time you read this.
(Print run 2000)
Free from Daniel Winiarek, Terebelska
66, 12, 21500 Biala Podl., Poland.
(Don't write 'Against' on your envelope)

36-page Anarchist zine here from an
Open University course member! This
seems to have sprung up from
nowhere. It's a hard one to define in
that it's more about the idealogy than
the music. So some good stuff and
some bad stuff gets covered. The
pathetic Stuart Home interview brings
home the negative side. I can't
understand anyone falling for Mr
Holmes flawed punk views? In fact they
ain't punk at all! The mans a charlaton
and the sooner these zine editors suss
that out the better. What a waste of
space, and his books are even worse!
Also an article on Dadasim which was
interesting for five minutes. Were they
all a sex crazed gang of misfits!!!? Well
that's art for ya! Quite a wide range of
reviews that cover a large arena. The
later half of this zine was it's best point.
With a Chris Wheelchair
(Bus Station
) interview, a re-print of a
Steve Ignorant (
Crass) interview from
the early 80's when he meant it
maaaannn!!! There was a really good
article on CD writing technology, a
must for all you record labels growing
out your back bedroom! From what
started off as another intellectual
Neurotic Realism has some
good hidden agendas worth checking
out. James the editor is after
contributors, ranters, bands and noise
merchants for future editions. ?
C/O James, 48 Sandylands Road,
Kendal, Cumbria, LA6 6EU, UK.
FAT WRECK Issue#8 **
This is similar to the NRA catalogue
but with one major flaw. Of the 24
pages on offer only 7 wasn't actually
selling you stuff! Although that could
be coz they were being very sly!!!?
We've got band questionaires,
competitions, photos of lots of fat
smirking wrecks and a bowling
tournament!!! Is this some sort of
joke... punks and bowls? Apparently
it's big news amongst the older
Californian punk celebrities. I somehow
can't see
Duane Peters doing it
though! I must be missing something
here. Well the differences in labels
speak a thousand fold! College school
humour and jock rock observations
from so-called punks. Don't these
yanks know nothing?
Fat Wreck Chords, P.O. Box, 193690,
San Francisco, CA 94119-1936, USA.

Another 8-page newsletter here from
the Valleys. Phil is putting these out
pretty regular now. Although his funny
explanations on delays in the intro are
worth reading just for the craic! This
issue is predominantly reviews only,
and that's just what makes this rough
'n' ready photo-copied and typed
freebie good! There's no bollocks and
no pandering to bands feelings at all.
The reviews are straight down the line,
honest and how it should be! Unlike a
lot of other wanna be dilluted so-called
punk journals out there in the UK
today. Cheap (free) and throwaway
and what real punk news- letters are
meant to be! If your a bargain punk
record fair trainspotter you might catch
Phil's stall around the South-West of
the UK.
PO Box 15, Pentre, Rhondda, Mid
Glam, CF41 7YG, Wales.

June/July 1999 Free ***
This is a good 20 page broadsheet
and would be even better if the
coverage was more punk and the
adverts and selling technique wasn't
quite so high up on the agenda.
Pulped sells you every page! But I
spose this has gotta sell to keep it
being free! Yeah it's free at certain
gigs or if you buy something (The
Mailorder does have a lot of good
punk stuff on it as well.) What punk is
covered inside is done very well, in a
smart format and professional way.
Some good interviews with the
Bombs, Garry Bushell, Gundog
Rough Kutz. Plus straight- edgers
Earth Crisis and a Dublin Ska band.
So you can't say it don't cover all the
corrners of punk. But the none punk
stuff bored me silly. Some good news
items and a UK gig-guide which made
all the difference. So if you see a copy
at a gig pick it up. This kept me from
going insane in Derby, while I was
waiting for the pubs to open one
Sunday morning, so it also has
medicinal purposes!
STP Mail Order, PO Box 12, Lockerbie,
DG11 3BW, Scotland
SCANNER #7 ****
This zine just gets bigger and bigger
every issue and for a change there are
a pretty interesting array of punk
bands and individuals to tempt us out
the boozer on a hot summers night
instead of those other fucking geezers
who claim to be punk and end up
sending us to sleep. I must admit the
Dan McKee article on terrorism was a
bit longwinded for a barfly like meself
but it was a brief chink in this issues 76
page Scanner armour. American label
Revelation Records head honcho
gives us the rundown on his label,
Matt Dangerfield makes a rare
zine appearance with some interesting
anecdotes from their punk roots
Blood And Whiskey who
are Eire's new
Pogues but a lot more
rowdier. Telfords's hardcore gangsters
Assert, dish out some honest
opinions, plus a funny, snotty
Randumbs piece. With only the
slightly duller
Gameface, Shelter,
and Fishsticks bringing up
the rear. Also brief snippets on UFO's,
the Net and of course films. There are
gangs of records, zines and gig
reviews that tell you exactly how it is,
plus some fresher columnists. The
columns have had a major refurb, but
one tosser from Wolverhampton lets
the side down badly! For a quid
Scanner's gotta be the best all round
punk read in the UK today. It's a
positively packed script will keep ya
outta trouble for fucking hours. Just
heard it's being distroed in Sweden
now, so world domination beckons!
Spring '99
My old Canadian sparring partner Dick
Vein is really getting hs shit together
on this zine. And he's actually fucking
hit the nail on the head.
Soap &
is definitely the only punk that
matters in the vast wastes of Canada,
world domination is imminent. You want
groundbreaking interviews? You've got
em! You want an outspoken
humourous attitude? Well that's here
too! So what more do we want? Well
first off is the
Keith Morris autopsy.
Keith, the original lead singer in the
Circle Jerks and pioneering
Black Flag outfits gives us some great
insights into the early Californian punk
scene. This is the full trip and you
won't be disappointed. Then
, fellow Canadian and D.O.A.
ringleader lurches into the
interrogation boothe for more
grassroot tales of debauchery and
line-ups or was it punch-ups? These
were definitely the highlights of this
particular packed 60-page issue.
Although Dick produces smaller but
interesting one to ones with Spit Stix
Fear), pioneering Canadians,
the Diodes vocalist, Eeri Von (Misfits
bassplayer) and the UK's
Wernt and
(GBH guitarist) Jock. The Brummy
spills a few home truths about getting
the Wernt up and running. There's no
two ways about it Dick is the master of
interviewing technique. He gets so
much historical info out the bands in
question that there ain't a lot left for
any potential biographys!!! Of course
amongst all this is a great snotty
attitude, which earns my respect
straight away. And of course the
throwaway reviews. But easily the meat
and heart of this zine is the interviews
and great layout.
Essential! $3.00 Worldwide
Karl lead singer/guitarist from Swedish
The Vectors threw this
one together and for a start the name
of the mag is already in use in the UK
and was out previously in the US so
original sounding it ain't but like all first
issues deserves a bit of space for
improvement. It comes at at ya in a
large type printed frenzy of slash 'n'
epoxy and has more enthusiasm than
style. Karl tells us in his editorial that
he's after music, propaganda and sex
'n' violence... practically almost
anything will get reviewed apart from
Ska and softcore which is promising. I
like his attitude as he covers the
demise of porn mags in Sweden
(never! - shocked Don't Care) and
censorship. there's also rants on
coppers, cuba and pop stars. No band
interviews or reviews this time but they
are promised next issue, and it's all
done in English! An eager start which
can only get better but I'd drop the
name and look for something a little
more about 'Stay
Wild,Stay Punk!' which Karl signs his
correspondence with?
$2.00 (worldwide)
Autumn/Winter 1999
'For Herberts, Skinheads and real
punks!' Well fuck the herberts off, I
never really believed such things
existed, only in the mind of Garry
Bushell. And if they did, they'd be the
ones hiding at the back of a mob
goading on the aggro, and as soon as
it looked risky or the old bill arrived
they'd be first out the exit! But fuck this
name tagging, this zine don't cover
that ground at all. What we do get is a
comprehensive 36 page A4 guide
through the music of bootboys. This is
well put together with a neat, easy to
read text and clear pictures. I get the
feeling Tim the editor has been in the
Skinhead scene for years, and his
background knowledge is pretty
Running Down The
is definitely the best UK
skinhead fanzine on Britain's streets
today! It covers a wide range of
territory, but sorting the wheat from the
chaff is pretty hard in todays Oi!
scene. Coz for every good band
there's a fucking pub full of
non-entities apeing the myth. The
interviews kick off with
Violent Affray
from Sheffield and Crawley's
Beerzone. The ex-punks who have
the distinction of looking like a middle-
aged local pub pool team! Benny from
Dragnet tape label and Carry No
website fills a bit of spare
space in, by informing us the earth
shattering news that there's no scene
in Presteigne!!! Along with a
retrospective look back at the career
and a recent interview with that all-girl
band from the 80's,
the Gymslips.
There's a big Holidays in Morecambe
'99 festival review, plus some skinhead
activity from far flung places like
Indonesia and Japan. And everybody
knows Japan is a dishpan!? Well the
middle East is dishing out Micky
Geggus method actors by the dozen
Running Down The
ends with opinionated
reviews and an up to date news
roundup. All of which makes this zine
essential for any skinhead with a nice
shiny pair of cherry red Dr Martens,
and of some interest to any punks with
a black pair of pointed brothel
creepers...and those Herberts who
wear Caterpillar boots can go and
£1.00 from 13 The Croft, Badsworth,
Pontrefact, West Yorks, WF9 1AS, UK
or check out the site