Dunno about you but I'm shocked as no
doubt a few more of you were about the
current appearance of the once youthful Tim
Armstrong of
Rancid. Beards and punk ain't
my bag at all image wise, but beards seem
fashionable these days and fashion was
never a big thing for me or even the rugged
mountain look that he seems to be
languishing in.
Rancid are currently
promoting their latest album 'Troublemaker'.
So don't be mistaken at your next
Rancid gig
if he resembles more of a tribute for ZZ Top
than those Bay area spikey tops we once
upon a time fell in love with. 'Gimme all your
lovin' indeed.

'The Great White Way'
"Canadian punks best kept secret...
The Black Donnellys should by rights be up
there with
The Forgotten Rebels or DOA in
our Canadian audio punk fornication..."
you can see for yourself I wasn't bullshitting
with the release of this must see Promo video
of 'The Great White Way' from last years
classic '
Orchestrate A Disaster' EP. The
video really captures the bands power and
presence live on stage in 2005, so do
yourself a favour and go check it out now,
coz we have!

I was shocked and truthfully embarressed to
see the size of Johnny Rotten (above)
photographed at Wolverhampton on his
current UK tour with
PIL. The once sharp,
extraordinary face of punk, has become a
bloated, bulbous self righteous old cunt
these days. He should quit or go on a diet,
coz his singing has deteriorated beyond
belief more so than his waistline as the years
progress. Even his
PIL 'esque shrieks and
wails which spoilt the
Sex Pistols reunions
(although everyone was too scared to admit
it), are no longer even much like his
recorded versions of
PIL songs. I expect the
'sold out' audience were expecting a lot more
from punks anti-christ, but were in actual fact
given a middle aged out of touch has been.
They were least treated to 'Religion',
'Albatross' and 'Rise' from PIL's back
catalogue, but dread to think what they
sound like, the rest as they say was the
purile new crap they record and put out as
PIL product these days.

The Poetry of Punk:
Tenderness and Rage
Poetry & Lyrics Festival
Spoken Word  /
Saturday, 11 June 2016 - 8:00pm
Hall One  
Online Price:  £14.50 – £34.50
Amongst the frenzied rage of the punk era
are some of the most romantic lyrics in the
English language. How has punk weaved
love, social commentary and uprising so
Hosted by Steve Lamacq, our festival finale
celebrates the poetry of punk with musicians
who birthed the movement and transformed
the landscape of lyrics with their blistering
new approach.
The Adverts’ TV Smith, Pauline Murray
Penetration and Crass’ Penny Rimbaud
as they discuss Punk’s lyrical heart, and for a
unique opportunity to hear them perform
some of their hard-hitting classics.
Curated by Steve Abbott (
UK Decay).
Kings Place
90 York Way, London N1 9AG
Nearest tube stations are Kings Cross/St

We are Unrest, a nihilist punk band from
Liverpool. We played extensively in the 80s
and 90s all over the UK, at squats, squatted
venues, festivals, and regular clubs, often as
benefit gigs to help out those fined for
activism. We were the alter ego band of
Radio Mongolia, with me instead of Bone on
guitar. We have reformed and have been
rehearsing hard for months to get the old
sounds together and tight and are ready and
willing to lay it on for the masses. We are
open to invitation to play anywhere.
I am including a short biog below, in case you
would consider putting it up on your site too.
We look forward to playing on the scene
again, and hope to attract new members into
the Unrest family as well as bring back
together the old family which were so
supportive in the past.
You can hear Unrest on Youtube below
contact Marc for gigs at

Here's a neat site to visit over the holidays or
any other time if you want a distraction from
the lager. And comes with some neat
imagery to view by long lost punk outfits with
a glam influence and dispostion. Its currently
featuring a new promo track by young
alternative punk outfit
VX who features
Spikey Steve
the son of regular Punk
contributor Joe Donnelly.
You can check it out at this link

SAD NEWS early 80's punk champion and
music jourmnalist for Melody Maker passed
away on 03/13/10 – Carol Clerk, 55, saw
more of rock and roll than most of us can
only dream of. She was a news editor and
writer at some of the UK’s most esteemed
rock publications and hung out and drank a
few pints with the people who made the
Carol Clerk (O'Brien) quietly passed away
13th March 2010. One of rock's finest
writers, a fantastic wife, wonderful friend,
amazing drinking companion and glorious
Throughout 2009, Carol bravely and quietly
battled breast cancer head on. She didn't
want her journalist or music business
colleagues to know of her struggle...
You can leave yopur condolences on the
facebook memorial page

Sad news from the Brummy Punk scene is
long serving Contempt and Police Bastard
bassplayer and well liked geezer Trogg
passed away Sunday July 20th around
midnight. As many of you will know, he's
been battling with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
disease since 2005, but it finally got the
better of him.
Trogg (44) died peacefully and was
surrounded by many friends and his wife
The funeral service will be held in Lodge Hill
crematorium (Birmingham) on friday the 1st
of August at 2pm. Anyone who wishes to pay
there respects is welcome to come. Please
do not buy flowers though. There will a
donation tin at the funeral for St Mary's
Hospice, which is where he died. Please give
to them instead on the day, as they were
really amazing to Trogg and Tina. If you
cannot attend but would still like to donate
then here is their website:
You can visit Troggs myspace site here and
pay your respects here
Cheers Trogg for letting me crash at your
place that one cold winters night back in the
90s was always a pleasure never a chore!
see ya mate!
Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché
A new feature documentary about the life
of X-Ray Spex singer-songwriter and punk
icon Poly Styrene.
Bi-racial, female, working class and possessing
an unforgettable warrior-cry voice, Poly
Styrene was "one of the least conventional
front-persons in rock history" (Billboard). For
the first time the jigsaw pieces of her
fascinating life are brought together by her
daughter Celeste Bell, writer Zoë Howe and
director Paul Sng, via original interviews and
rare unseen archive materials to present a
thrilling, poetic and at times impressionistic
portrait of a singer, seeker, a maverick and a

Class of ’77 new wavers RADIO STARS are set
to reform for one final gig next year.
The ‘Nervous Wreck’ hitmakers will reunite for
a 40th Anniversary show at London’s
legendary 100 Club on Friday 17 March.
Featuring founder members Andy Ellison and
Martin Gordon, former guitarist Ian McLeod will
also make an appearance with other guests
expected to join in during the night.
Featuring Andy from 60s freakbeaters JOHN’S
CHILDREN and Martin from SPARKS, Radio
Stars evolved out of powerpoppers JET in
1977, signing to Chiswick Records for the
iconic debut single ‘Dirty Pictures’ and making
their TV debut on fellow John’s Children
alumnus MARC BOLAN’s show Marc with the
classic ‘No Russians In Russia’. They tasted
chart success with ‘Nervous Wreck’ but split up
in ’79 following the release of their second
album. Although Radio Stars have reformed
periodically over the years, it is stressed that
this is their last ever gig, with the band set to
retire the very next day.
Check out their Facebook page here...

They railed against consumerism, but the Sex
will now be helping to oil the wheels of
the capitalist machine as the band’s name and
artwork are to feature on a range of credit
cards. Virgin Money, the bank backed by Sir
Richard Branson, has launched an series of
Sex Pistols credit cards, including two
featuring the artwork for the band’s 1977
album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex
Pistols, in its full uncensored glory.
A third card features imagery relating to the
single Anarchy in the UK.
It is not clear that own-brand credit cards were
what John Lydon had in mind when he spat out
the line “Your future dream is a shopping
scheme” on that debut single, released in
November 1976. More recently, he starred in a
TV advertising campaign for Country Life
However, Virgin Money said it was
“time for
consumers to put a little bit of rebellion in
their pocket”
. Michele Greene, the bank’s
director of cards, said: “In launching these
cards, we wanted to celebrate Virgin’s heritage
and difference. The Sex Pistols challenged
convention and the established ways of
thinking – just as we are doing today in our
quest to shake up UK banking.”
The band first signed to Virgin Records in May
1977, after being dropped by both EMI and
A&M Records. “Even after nearly 40 years, the
Sex Pistols’ power to provoke is undimmed,”
Branson said.
While some fans of the band may take issue
with the decision, others may be tempted to
sign up – not least so that they can cause
outrage in National Trust shops and other
genteel establishments by flourishing a credit
card featuring the word “bollocks”.
Most of the cards have a representative
interest rate of 18.9% APR.
Its a strange case of deja vu if you hark back
to 1979.
Sex Pistols original 1979 poster
''Young Flesh Required, The Great Rock N'
Roll Swindle''. The infamous punk band turn
their hostilities on their own record label with
this poster designed by Jamie Reid. Banned by
American Express, its image of a ''Sex Pistols''
credit card with ''Virgin Records'' named as the
cardholder signifies the band's feeling they
were exploited unfairly for profit. Titles put this
sentiment in no uncertain terms: ''The Artist
(The Prostitute) / Your name could be here.
Your talents will become a source / of unlimited
cash for the Record / Company (The Pimp) /
The Record Company (The Pimp) / The
people who own this, own you. They will spend
the cash you / generate on schemes to
increase / their own power. You will get a /
small percentage of what you earn. The
Business (The Swindle) / Played by everyone
including / the Record Company The manager
/ the Promoter the Press the Disc Jockey / and
if you're smart, you.''

16 May 1960 - 24 May 2010
Londoner Steve New (50) the former whizzkid
guitarist of the late 70's Rich Kids who
reformed for a one off special in January of
this year died on the 24th of May surrounded
by family loved ones. Steve had been battling
Cancer for a long time.
Steve came to attention at the age of 15 after
being asked to audition for the Sex Pistols as a
second guitarist alongside Steve Jones. But
was refused the job because he wouldn't cut
his hair. When Pistols' bass player Glenn
Matlock was ousted from the band, he invited
New to join his new group Rich Kids alongside
Rusty Egan and former Slik singer Midge Ure.
New also later played with Sid Vicious, Public
Image Ltd, Iggy Pop, Kim Fowley, and a solo
Glen Matlock.
He would later prefer to be known as Stella
Nova and was the musical arranger/producer
in Beastellabeast along with vocalist Beatrice
Nova faced terminal cancer in 2009, so he
played with a reformed Rich Kids in London in
January 2010 at a SOLD OUT benefit concert
for his family.
He leaves behind two children and lots of

Ron Asheton, who was found dead
on 6 January, 2009, was the
musician whose scuzzy guitar, along
with Iggy Pop's furious vocals,
heralded the start of punk rock with
The Stooges' self-titled debut album
in 1969.
The nihilistic garage rock band were a
commercial failure but their kinetic live
performances germinated the punk movement
that would grow steadily in New York and then
London over the next decade.
It eventually resulted in world domination by
the likes of The Clash and Sex Pistols, the
latter covering The Stooges' No Fun at the
start of their career.
Asheton co-wrote the songs with wiry frontman
Iggy Pop and played the sole guitar on The
Stooges and 1970 follow-up Fun House,
before switching to bass for the group's final
album, Raw Power.
However, by this time he had been pushed out
of song-writing duties by new guitarist James
Williamson and was sacked shortly before the
group disbanded in 1974.
In 1975 Asheton founded a band called The
New Order with two former Stooges and the
MC5's drummer. They released one album on
a low budget independent label. In late 1976
he joined experimental rock band
Destroy All
In the 1980s he relocated to Australia to form
the band New Race, who played a mixture of
original garage rock and music from their
former bands.
He acted in a handful of films in the early
1990s and in 2003 - following on from Iggy
Pop's solo success and an increased interest
in The Stooges' work since the punk explosion
- he reunited with his former band as Iggy Pop
& The Stooges for live shows and a new album
in 2007.
Ronald Frank Asheton, who was born in Ann
Arbor, Michigan, on 17 July, 1948, died at the
age of 60 in his home in the same city. After
hearing about Asheton's death, Sex Pistol
Steve Jones said The Stooges were his
"blueprint for how to play guitar.
Are a brand new punk band from out of Umea,
Sweden. They were formed in late 2016 by
punk artist Karl Backman formerly of
and the Vectors. The full lineup is...
Jojo Anderbygd - vocals
Karl Backman - guitar
Adam Hägglund - bass
Christopher Olsson - drums
ACID BLOOD have performed live 4 times
already. But are currently booking their first
tours. They've just uploaded the video for the
title track of their forthcoming 7" EP "Dagger
Eyes". It will be out on
JanML Records later
this year, no release date yet?
The video was directed by Nicklas Viberg. You
can check it out on the linkl below
or follow them on Facebook at...

The UK New Wave band who first formed
in '78/79 and scored a huge Worldwide hit
with ‘Turning Japanese’ in 1980 have
reformed in 2016 to perform a small
number of select gigs in the UK & Ireland
in October and November on the ‘Waiting
for The Weekend’ tour with a view to
doing a full UK tour in 2017.
Original members David Fenton, Edward
Bazalgette and Steve Smith will be hitting the
road to Dublin, London, Wolverhampton and
Liverpool playing songs from their two albums
‘New Clear Days’(1980) and ‘Magnets’(1981).
The band, all hailing from Surrey formed in
1979 and after establishing themselves locally
as an exciting live outfit got their big break
after   ‘The Jam’ Bass player Bruce Foxton
saw them playing in a local pub and invited
them to tour with The Jam on the ‘Setting
Sons’ tour.
Paul Weller's Father John undertook
management duties for the band and after
signing to United Artists the band released a
number of singles beginning with  'Prisoners’
in 1979 and followed up with what would
become their biggest hit ‘Turning Japanese’
which peaked at Number 3 in the UK singles
chart in 1980 ; taken from their first album
‘New Clear Days’(1980).
A follow up single ‘News at Ten’ was released
via EMI in 1980 and numerous appearances
on BBCs Top of The Pops and other Music
shows combined with successful tours of the
USA and Australia to promote the singles and
album kept the band busy.
1981 saw the band release the singles
‘Spiders’ and ‘Jimmie Jones’ taken from the
2nd album ‘Magnets’ again on the United
Artists label.

"There's going to be a special evening this
November in Manchester, U.K. called "London
1976 LiVe!" to celebrate next year's 40th
anniversary of the birth of British punk Keefy
style on
14 November 2015."
Keith Levine (ex-PIL) is going to make a rare
public appearance and is going to play a few
tunes live.  There's also going to be a gallery
display with Keith's original art work, a world
preview of Keith's visual art pilot to "London
1976" based on his book "I was a Teenage
Guitarist" and a discussion where Keith's
going to talk about the movie, his art, and the
start of a movement in West London 1976.
But that's not all.
The London 1976 Project will also include an
educational piece for new artists, designers,
writers and musicians who subscribe to the
independent ethos and spirit of '76.
As Keith puts it "I’ve been an independent and
DIY artist/composer/musician for a long time.  
Both of the Commercial Zone projects
(amongst my other releases) were done
independently and DIY by me from start to
finish. I feel if I can pull that off the students
involved in 'The London 1976 Institute' can
Keith goes on to say "I want to share my
experiences in everything from project
development, production, distribution, finance,
sales, marketing, legal issues and beyond in
an effort to provide today’s artists and
musicians with the tools so that they may
hopefully carry on where we left off when that
first wave of British punk hit. It's basically the
original PiL brief:  Manage yourselves.  Be a
company not just a band."
The institute will include various modules.  
Students will be accepted into the program
commencing January 2016.
For more information visit....

Dublin punks Hooligan are about to release a
new 45 called  "No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs"
out on 7" coloured vinyl. The EP
from cover to cover, is head and shoulders
above most anything that has come out in
recent memory. Pure guitar driven anthemic
punk, reminiscent of the
Angelic Upstarts
circa 2 million voices with nods towards
Clash, the Ruts
and even Thin Lizzy.
Absolutely authentic and absolutely a
necessity in your record collection.
Available in limited GREEN VINYL, WHITE
Available on the Indiana based
Oi! The Boat Records

Really sad news hits the punk world today as
we lose yet another outstanding female artist.
Poly Styrene (53) former lead singer with  X-
Ray Spex whose 1977 punk anthem 'Oh
Bondage Up Yours' 45 ignited a whole
generation of dis-enchated youth lost her
battle to fight Cancer.
Poly peacefully passed away in her sleep
last night (26th April) shortly after releasing
her new solo album 'Generation Indigo' in
March 2011.
Poly was admitted to St Michael's Hospice,
East Sussex, diagnosed with spine and breast
cancer. She will be sadly missed by her
mother, daughter, friends and, not least,
her fans
Punk Rocker tribute page

Malcolm McLaren the svengali entrepeneur
who bought the Sex Pistols to the worlds
attention, the man who took credit for creating
punk has died of Cancer.
McLaren (64) was synonymous with
provocation, he would antagonise, irritate and
outrage a shocked public. A loveable rogue or
a unscrupulous despot? Whatever you think of
him he was incredibly funny and a downright
artistic genius. The art/rock scene will be a
poorer place without his indulgence. When
asked in in 2006 what he thought would be put
on his epitaph he said...
"Thats a difficult one to guess at. I might be
remembered as the most evil man who ever
walked the planet.
Flip the coin and I could be remembered as an
artistic genius that people didn't quite
understand while I was alive. At a push I think
my epitaph will include the words
"troublemaker", "childish", "everything this
hates" and "he made ugliness beautiful".
Malcolm McLaren was born on January 22nd,
1946. He died of Cancer on April 8th 2010.
Cease and Desist: An open letter to
Brewdog from PUNK
Seems like It has recently come to light that
the beer company have trade marked the
word 'punk' and are threatening legal action
against people using that word. Punks
around the world have something to say
about that....
This is an open letter to Brewdog from the
global punk community....
To read the whole transcript go HERE...
I'm assured this ain't some belated April fools
hoax, but on the other hand it could be a
subvertly played advertising ploy on behalf of
the Brewdog empire? We all know bad
publicity is good publicity. Whatever the case
I ain't heard of the Brewdog company before
or even tasted any of their product? I don't
really drink in trendy student bars, I prefer my
glass of sulphur in more gritty shit holes like
the Tap. And I sure ain't heard of any 'punk'
being sued for besmirching the 'name'? Who
are these people? However trade marking
'punk' whoever wants to do it, besides a
couple of yuppie jocks must surely have
consequences for us all. Because we all
know who really own the rights to that already
tut tut!

‘40 Years of Punk:
Photographs by Adrian Boot’
Proud Camden’s upcoming exhibition ‘40
Years of Punk: Photographs by Adrian Boot’,
which opens
3rd November 2016 - 8th
January 2017.
This exhibition will celebrate
the legacy and continuing influence of
London’s Punk scene, which challenged
establishment and championed radical
fashion. Renowned photographer Adrian
Boot captured intimate moments of the rise of
punk culture in the 1970s documenting rich
moments of musical history.
Emerging in the US in the 1970s as a product
of the ‘60s countercultural movements, the
punk subculture spread across the globe like
wildfire and evolved into many forms and
musical sub-genres over the years. This
exhibition will feature photographs of
taken in 1977 at the infamous
Rehearsal Rehearsals studio, Stables Market
where Proud Camden resides, marking a true
homecoming for Adrian Boot’s photographs
of the band who heralded the birth of
independent music through revolutionary
punk style and attitude.
‘40 Years of Punk’ will showcase the ethos
and raw spirit of the punk heyday, revealing
the bands that led the distinct cultural shift of
the most incendiary era in music history.
11-5 Monday - Sunday
Proud Camden.
The Hporse Hospital,
Stables Market,
Chalk Farm Road,

The people at Undercover festival have
released a promo video to give you a taster
of what to expect at this years festival....
Undercover Friends
We have a cracking promo film for you… are
you in it?
Undercover Festival IV back for 2016 @ our
new home Brighton Racecourse 9 & 10
Sept…2 packed days of alternative music
including punk / Ska / dub / reggae / post
punk / + so much more
“Big Enough To Matter Small Enough To
Thanks to James Ford for the film work and
to Spear Of Destiny for the track, one that
you may recognise .Check it out on..."

STEAM PUNKERS The Men that Will Not
be Blamed for Nothing
are pleased to
unleash their first official music video for THE
GIN SONG.  The video was shit by acclaimed
director Tom DeVille, and stars many a
reprobate from the UK Steampunk scene.  
The song is taken from their recent double a-
side single 'The Gin Song' / 'Third Class
Any help spreading the word from news
pieces and reviews to personal RT’s would
be really helpful.
The Men that Will Not be Blamed for Nothing

HERE it is!!! RUBY RAY's tome of iconic and
stark photographs from the first years of the
California Punk Scene IS NOW PUBLISHED!
Over 250 artistic B&W photos and 400 pages
of the legendary and bold musicians, artists,
and fans who got no thanks for nothin' - till
All your favorites that forged the punk
rebellion are here and more! See what
makes early SF and LA punk cult favorites
and eminently photographable!
Punk Passage 1977-81 is an Ebook only,
you can get a free taster by following the link
below.  You can only view the whole book
online and if you purchase it you will look at it
online also. There is no plan to print it at this
time, as it is over 400 pages!
Check it out coz I did and theres some great
imagery in store. Go here for more

Cramps frontman Lux Interior died
Wednesday 4th February at a Glendale,
Calif., hospital as the result of a pre-existing
heart condition, the band's publicist
confirmed to Billboard. He was 52.
The Cramps formed in 1976 and were part
of the now legendary downtown New York
punk scene. Their lineup shifted over the
years but always included Lux and his wife,
Poison Ivy. The band's rockabilly-infused
punk has been credited as an influence by
bands including the White Stripes and the
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
Interior, whose real name was Erick Lee
Purkhiser, was born October 21, 1946, in
Ohio. He met Ivy in 1972 and started the
band shortly thereafter.
The Cramps released 14 albums over the
course of their career, their latest being
2004's "How To Make a Monster." Their best-
selling album, 1984's "Bad Music for Bad
People" has sold 95,000 copies, according to
Nielsen SoundScan.
(Source Reuters/Billboard)
Cheers to Joe Donnelly for the scoop.

Paul Fox, guitarist and co-songwriter with the
lost his battle against Cancer and died
Sunday 21st October 2007. Paul "Foxy"
Fox aged 56 helped create some of the best
loved and most enduring work of the punk
The Ruts, who came together in 1977,
were among the best of the second wave of
British punk bands, inspired by the likes of
Sex Pistols and the Clash.
For the full obituary go to the

More sad news Nige Miller guitarist from early
80's street punk pioneers
Blitz was tragically
hit by a car and killed whilst trying to cross a
highway outside Austin, Texas USA on
Friday February 2nd 2007 following a show
at Elmos venus. Nige was renowned for his
blazing riffs that littered the bands early
releases and was the only original member
left after managing to get a band together to
tour the States.
meanwhile our condolences go out to Nige's
family and friends!