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'Money And Riots'
(promo for Money And Riots' 7")
More from the angriest band in the
land and I was led to believe these 4
latest demo tracks was gonna be a
more mellower version concerning Mr
Noodles acidic vocals. But I'm glad
they ain't lost that pissed-off view. The
songs on this are a touch slower but
they more than make up for speed
with power! I'm glad they have used a
slightly different approach on this set
coz it's makes em more diverse. So
don't worry kids, the rage and venom
is still here with bucket loads to spare.
Bug Central are one of the few
bands today who can write a page full
of lyrics that don't bore the arse off
ya. And I take my hat off to Roman
Polanski...sorry Noodles Romanov for
playing guitar, spitting the massive
lyrics out and still ramming home the
effect of anguished gleee! It takes yer
back to the good old days of
and Mr Ignorants saliver soaked
verbalisations. They get off the blocks
with the anti-capitalist
'Money & Riots
(That's Life)'
with it's "From the
wino's down at Old Street tube,
whose streets are paved with cold
concrete, To the homeless beggar
that plagues your world, who's the
shit beneath your well heeled
Followed by 'Smart Bombs
For The Nation'
which takes a
sneering view at the cathode grey
tube culture. They do a great version
Intensive Care's 'Bank Job', in
fact it's my favourite track of this
bunch plus an updated version of the
'Halo Protector' from their
recent LP. For demo's these seem like
the real thing! Great production as
well, which shows the punks are
learning from their surroundings.
(rpro20) CD July 2000
Toxic Narcotic are a new band to my
ears but should be well known on the
US circuit. They hail from Boston, US
and are the longest serving punk
band from that city! They've been
around in one shape or form since
1989, and are about to inflict their
noise on a European tour this
summer. Well '88-99' is their calling
card of songs and venue meal ticket!
This CD features 19 tracks from the
bands 12 year career. And it kicks off
'Junkie Bastard' by far their best
number. It's a fast, powerful hardcore
punk blast against anarchists, nihilists
and any other cunt under the sun who
robs to fix! Followed hot on it's heels
by the blitzing
'Alleston Violence'
which is another steamroller of
intensity. With frantic guitars and
horse drawn vocals. It's all done in a 'I
hate the world' style of punk, that only
the metallic hardcore fraternity can
make a career out of. I find the
'anti-everything' lyrics humourous as
fuck. They're bitter 'n' twisted attacks
on anything with a pulse and they
make me laff in all the wrong places.
But I suspect the
Toxic message
they're putting over ain't quite so
funny. Bill the multitalented ex-bass
player/ vocalist now front man, Rodent
Popsicle Records label boss
extraordinaire and founder member
on vocals, spits em out in classic
hardcore dog tag machine gun style.
He's never gonna be the most original
sounding growler on the block, but
who is within this genre? Especially
when that yawningly dull over the top
"whoooarrrghhhhhs" and the
Tyrannosaurus Rex impersonations
come into play! Gawwwwd, when are
the punks gonna realise this style is
so overrated and restricted? From
about 5 tracks in, it all went downhill
pretty fast. And no matter how intense
you style the music, it soon becomes
just another monotonous stop/start
drone. There just ain't no fun for the
listener after so long. You should get
an idea of what fucks these geezers
heads up by song titles like
'All bands
Suck', 'Fuck You', 'People Suck'
'Scum bag' tee hee! Yeah Toxic
ain't got a good word to say
for anyone which is promising, but
sadly their anger and spite is wasted
on the way it's put over! Hey Bill I'd
really like ya to try and sing for your
supper, just for curiosities sake?
They've now gotten a bagpipe player
in their midst which should make for
an hilarious addition to their sound.
Rodent Popsicle Records
'My Castle'
(mad20002) 45 2000
Another new band to hit the 'Nihilism'
stereo and this four-piece hail from
Altlanta, GA. Another US city which
seems to be spewing out street punk
combo's by the boatload at the
moment. But
Terminus City on this
showing are one of the more
competent outfits from that neck of the
woods. The title track
'My Castle'
boasts some good punk tunes done in
an original manner that had hints of
Menace in the guitar sound. The
rants are spat out in a strangled
brogue by a singer who has enough
depth in his vocal range to make it
interesting. The title track is a song all
about your local neighbourhood being
overrun with skum defiling your
property and invading your personnel
space. A tight rhythm section makes
this the stand- out track. On the flip we
have a couple of shorter blasts that
maintain the
Terminus City
momentum, boasting a cover of the
Cro-Mags 'Hard Times' which brings
up the rear. A promising new band
who you should keep your eyes and
ears open for in the near future!
MadSkull Records
'Danny's Wednesday'
(hsi20) CD 2000
Thorsten's the High Society
International record label guru warned
me when he sent this in that is was
pretty poppy, and by Jove he ain't
kidding! The promo sheet mentions
aggressive pop-punk but that's a
sham! I'm a sucker for female vocals
most of the time and if the singers
good looking, that's an added bonus!
But what can I say about these Italians
with the atrocious name?
singer, Amanda who is
blonde, good looking and looks like
she's just stepped out of a Maria Carey
video, is the bands selling point full-
stop! But I'm afraid good looking birds
alone, won't make it in punk! This ain't
the gullible mainstream pop market
here y'know, this is a full on punk rock
den of iniquity and I'm afraid I can see
right through this release like a pane of
glass. There's nothing there! No
substance, no character, it's a fucking
joke! At the end of the day all there is
to talk about is the lead singers looks.
Girls like Amanda should be hitting the
indie arena not the seedier side of
punk where she'll get ripped apart by
cunts like me! Perhaps these bouncy
Genova kids see punk as their best
shot, a sort of stepping stone to the big
time? But I hate to shatter their dreams
coz bands like this will always get found
out sooner or later. Although her
vocals are okay if you like yer sugar
coated crap, it was far too sickly for me
and my dole Q viewpoint. The lyrics
are totally throw- away, and to tell you
the truth it all sounds exactly the same.
The guitars are riffed out like a leaner,
Jam but that was about it. The
Bam Bams
(who are also on the same
label) do this sort of stuff so much
better. One poppy band is more than
enough for any punk. Thorsten for
once has let his dick rule his brain coz
blondes are definitely his weakness.
And this blonde is fodder for the Euro
charts not punk. Some good band
snaps by Paul Jellybrain litter the
inside and we know why he was there
High Society Records
'Rape The Pope' EP
(rabidalligator731) 45 2000
4 raging slabs of punk hit you like a
baseball bat around the head. This is
Sweden's answer to the blasphemy
squad. Rapeing the Pope don't exactly
fill me with glee, but the music sure
rams it home!
The Vectors are manic,
they're fast and it's all over before
censors can draw breath.
'Spit On
is even faster and aimed at Bill
Clinton's extra curricular activities, but
forget the lyrics coz
the Vectors
biggest asset is their rampaging
untamable noise. All delivered on a
backdrop of blitzing guitars, pounding
bass and rumbling drums. Flip it over
and Side B kicks off with '
Babble' that's
the slowest track on here by a
millisecond and has the best riff by far.
Last track
'See You In The Parking
begins with a Pistols 'Satellite'
crescendo and reminds me of early
Pack in the way the revenging guitar
rings out, which can't be bad. A nasty
little punk 3-piece here that deserves
more attention.
'Negative Reaction'
(promo tape) 2000
Trev Hagl from Savage Amusement
newsletter has been gagging about
this Stanley, UK outfit since he got hold
of their demo tape. Well this promo
tape for the CD (which is finally out) of
"100% authentic and varied 77 punk"
is another hit or miss affair. Sure these
cunts sound authentic, but varied is a
hard one to take after 19 tracks. On
first impressions
B'Arse 77 or (Birds
Arse Seventy Seven
Stanley's refined confines), just fails to
get my spine a tingling in quite the
same way as his Lordship promised.
Sir Hagl's usually spot on concerning
new bands, but a low-fi production and
consistency factors were against em!
Sure there's a snotty charm about this
band that I like a lot. And their dog
rough real life council estate scenario's
are hilarious occasionally. Take a song
'Thin, Good Looking & Clean'
where women are put in their place
and come a close 4th after beer,
football and grub. It has some
sniggeringly funny moments. But with
the laughs aside, this sounds a bit too
much like a demo to me. Yeah, bands
were releasing stuff like this in '77 but
fucking hell that was nearly 25 years
ago and surely studios have come on
a bit since then? This don't go near the
Richter scale on power, but maybe that
was what they were after? The weak
production and sometimes one
dimensional songs driven by a thinly
coated guitar keeps the interest to a
minimum. The cheeky vocals are really
good on some of the outstanding
tracks, coz you can tell the singer likes
to ridicule with as much gusto as befits
a Stanley wide boy, but they also
sound a bit tame and jaded in places
too. And even with chancers like Phil
Bile Duct (who - ?) drafted in for that
early 80's "don't know what they're
doing" sort of influence, it was obvious
the band had no control over the
original sound recording (which was
done by some nonce with pop
connections). Maybe if they'd have
threatened the stoned engineer with a
slap and told him to pump up the
volume till it hits the red lights, this
might've come out with a more
impressive mix, that it so badly counted
on! 19 songs in one session is great
value but you can push some things
too far! Even Trev admits that, but hey
the band wanted em included so they
have to face the consequences. And
no it wasn't all arse over tits, songs like
'You Can Bring Who You Like Around'
'Fashion Parade' were rough-cut
diamonds. And that
'Guttersnipe' track
could've definitely have come straight
out of 77's 3rd division punk scene!
Y'know, one of those bands that
appeared on Live At The Roxy or on a
bill down at the Vortex, It's that kind of
sound and feel. Followed by the
'Chelsea Bridge' , which is yet
another North East 'top yourself'
song!!! But for gems like these.we had
to sit through fillers that were queuing
up like Kurds at Dover. So with only
about 10 tracks doing the bizness
maybe an EP would've been the wisest
move, coz songs like the hysterical '
Bird Got Hit By A Car'
with it's classic
"Get off the road you fucking crazy
will go down in the North
East's punk history books for years to
'Nobody Cares About The Derita
Sisters' (st32) CD 2000
Still in my book the most humourous
US punk band around today who can
still churn out volumes of piss taking
jerky punk rock for the masses to laff
at or get upset about. Maybe the jokes
are wearing a bit thin on this their
latest album, coz some of the targets
are turning up once more all be it in
different scenarios, but this is a
Sisters & Junior
album so you expect
it and they're the purveyors of the 1.20
second tracks, so you never really
have time to get bored. And anyway,
these ridiculing odes need telling and
if it's done in a clever way the more the
merrier. This is one trait that points to
why this band has such a phenomenal
recording output. Take the hilarious
'Banned From Wal-Marts' with it's
classic line of
"Lots and lots of filthy
words, shit 'n' fuck 'n' cunt 'n' turd"

(snigger). That has gotta go down in
the anals of punk history alongside the
likes of Strummer/Jones or Biafra for
pure Shakespearian punk rock verbal!
This band still manage to produce at
least a handful of superior melodic but
snotty punk rock tunes in every fucked
up sitting. And on this album they show
an increasing
Buzzcocks influence
sound wise! But if it's love songs you
want, forget it! The nerdy Messrs.
Smith/Gilman are incapable of such
heartbreaking tales of boy meets girl.
These suburban sarcy middle aged
individuals are more passionate about
dropping literary turds from a great
height on the Homeless and Ant
farms!!! So take that frown from your
face coz they're telling it like it is! Go in
any bar, in any town and you''ll hear
these remarks, which I find fucking
great! Punks don't seem to mix in the
real world much these days but these
fuckers do and they eavesdrop on
what's being said. Out of the mammoth
27 tracks on show there's bound to be
the odd turkey but I only spotted a
couple, so wasn't disappointed too
often. Another highlight was the
infectious reverbed guitar on
'We Miss
. If you didn't know any better
you'd think it was destined for the
charts, but whose gonna push a band
like these on an unsuspecting public,
they're just too wacky for that, which is
a pity!!! Another pity was no lyric
sheet!!! Hey you fuckers print em next
time coz the hilarious lyrics are what
make this band a step below the rest.
They can still speed it up too on the
anti-LA PD track
'Chokehold' which is
basically heads down punk rock but
tells a comic/tragic story that resides
on the LA streets. And y'know what,
the Sisters can still lead you into a
false sense of insecurity on the slower
numbers like
'Big And Fat' with it's
sensible talk over styled vocals and
spazzy backing vocals all about eating
disorders. They still stick their tongues
out and sneer at easy targets like
short arse blokes, bible punchers and
mullets, but hey that's life! And thank
fuck someone's doing it. Although their
unhealthy fascination with quirky
English habits is heading for overkill
via the impressive
'Down The Pasty
, a song you'll be humming all
the way to the chippy in downtown
Bilston. One downer on this album I
found was the production wasn't quite
up there with their previous album, the
sharp 'Sylagomania'. Their previous
hard hitting power was a bit swamped
in the mix but it's still better than the
majority of punk releases. They end
matters with the paranoid but funny
'Stalker At The Mall' with it's
observational lyric of
"he's big and fat
and kinda tall!"
(tee hee). Check em
out if you can but watch what your
saying, it just might go into a song.
'I'll See You Never Walk Again'
(imb6004) CD November 2000
So-called London deviants on a
Brummy based record label, with 11
songs of ska, jazz and political
comment makes for a pretty diverse
sound eh? But I ain't sold in the least,
coz one sniff of ska or jazz and I start
to yawn! Less ain't a band that really
colours my black 'n' white punk rock
imagination I'm afraid. And the highly
attractive Magic Roundabout sleeve
with black and red lyrics still couldn't
save this from an early grave.
Jazz/rock fusion has always spelt
trouble for me, it's a form of music that
screams session musicians and has
no part in world of feedback . It takes
over the songs like a fucking terminal
facelift. Having said that there's one
helluva crisp production on show,
something a lot of punk bands can
only seem to dream about these days.
But musically this ain't a punk album...
far from it, so who do they think they're
kidding? Although the best tracks,
namely the auto- biographical
and it's punkette desires and
Night John'
(Sidernee Vish) lyrics,
would say otherwise. I'm afraid Less is
a band I won't remember very quickly
and forget almost immediately. Some
of the hardcore elements are there
merely as window dressing as they are
then wrapped up in a psychotic
overcoat which just seems to dwarf
any punk spirit on here. Suprisingly
John the singer who also fronts
skanking political Anarcho's P.A.I.N.,
seems to have adopted a Sting mode
to his voice, which just adds to the
"muso" feel of this album. Less so I'm
told like to wind people up, and maybe
they succeed on the odd occasion, but
this just makes me wanna wind down!
Iron Man Records
'Brewed In Canada'
(DPO4) CD July 2000
I was really expecting more ham fisted
Oi! here from a label that does it's
utmost to promote the worst of this
genre, but thankfully this compilation of
Canadian Oi! ain't bad at all. It's
without a doubt the best thing I've
heard from this label so far, and full
marks to Peter from Blind Beggar
Records coz you've saved yourself
from more ridicule. However things
don't get off to a good start with so so
Blatherskites who are strangled
pedestrian vocal tones dropped over
the standard Oi! by numbers
backdrop. But I guess someone had to
warm the stage up for the heavy
Hammerboiz from
Hamilton,Ontario. These hoodlums do
the honours with a bit more suss on
'Common Man' , that's all about
corruption and malpractice in big
business. Yeah they are thug rock, bit
it's done pretty good. They seem to
have a viewpoint within the skinhead
world that ain't just big boots 'n'
braces, although the urang-u-tang
backing vocals could prove me wrong.
The New Breed from Halifax, Nova
Scotia are probably the best band on
here. They've got good punk rock
tunes via a distorted guitar, and a
singer who's got his own identity, which
is pretty rare in the Oi!/streetpunk
scene today. And given the three
tracks allocated (most of the rest only
get got 2) speaks for itself. Although
there sound is in the demo stage, this
showcases they could produce the
goods given time. Standout track had
to be
'The Times'. Subway Thugs are
from Vancouver. I heard em before on
their debut 45 a few years back. Well
they still bring us that
style delivery with tinny guitars and an
Ian Stuart styled vocal, but that guitar
sound was never a big favourite of
mine. I prefer a more beefy noise that
matches their physique, but it ain't
happening here. They do try and bring
some tunes to the proceedings, but
the low vocals seem to be an after
RabbleRousers sound the
punkiest Of the lot with their low-fi
em Bootboys'
chants, but it soon
looses momentum lashed to basic
arrangements. They do show a good
sensa yuma with their piss taking
track, that adds some
pseudo barber shop quartet onto the
front and back of the track. And I put
money on the PC punks shunning it as
extremist? ...but who fucking cares coz
I don't. Lastly it's
King Size Braces
produce the kind of Oi! that's got loads
of influence from the
Rejects to the
Business with some good Dropkick
fashioned backing vocals
threw in for good measure. However
the scrawny lead vocals let it down and
those out of tune guitar solos are
either taking the piss or they meant it?
I wouldn't like to say? On the whole
though, not a bad preview of the
Canadian Oi! scene, and has gotta be
at least
if only coz this is dedicated to the
tragic loss of label boss Peter's, 6
month old baby son Robin, whose
picture appears on the back cover.
'The Final Punk Sound'
(DPO4) CD July 2000
NCA are yet another new French band
out the Mass Products traps, and this
their debut album kicks off in fine form
with a hypnotic wailing guitar sound
that quickly leaps into their
Motorhead influenced opener. I was
just reading their promo sheet and the
"Breton street punk" band I.D. was a
bit misleading. Coz
NCA ain't your run
of the mill street punk apes, they play
well constructed powerful Hardcore.
And with just enough 'street' in their to
keep everyone happy. Crunchy mid
paced rocking tunes trade blows with
the chanting "Oi! Oi! Oi!" chorus's. A
mix that sounds good on paper, but it
don't always work on this album. The
songs are well mixed with the
French/English lyrics so dumb white
suburban punks like meself don't get
lost amid the rustic and sometimes
very French style of crooning. A lot of
this album just don't tempt me any
further coz it's simply too French in the
vocal department. But the standout
tracks of the 13 on display (and 42
minutes in duration) had to be the anti
Oasis song '
Oiasis' . Yeah even us
Brits can't stand em either. The piss
taking intro to
'Get The Nazis Out' was
good.too, with a cartoony keyboard
intro of the French National Anthem.
They end things with a hidden bonus
track that was just a humourous pub
song complete with jangling beer
bottles. Comes in a great misleading
pastiche of Europe (spandex rockers)
cover shot, which was a clever move.
But overall humour aside
NCA need a
more diverse vocal to really ram home
the songs. This album is released on 4
different labels giving reviewers a
nightmare but being as Mass Prod.
sent this in, they get the credits.
Mass Products Records
(im6003) CD Nov. 2000
P.A.I.N. are the band who like all things
in initial's.
Propaganda And
Information Network
bring us this
their second album 'Our Universe
Commences Here'.
P.A.I.N. are South
London's "finest exponents of Nuclear
Dub, genetically modified Ska and
B.S.E. laced Punk Rock!" So now you
know what's what! But only one of their
ingredients fills my universe! And that's
the one featuring their punkier
outbursts like their signatune '
with it's sax attack and heartfelt action
plan which is diverse enough to drag
any blinkered punk out his rat run of
punk sectors. However this album is
crawling with over 50 minutes worth of
dub/ska and folk tinged mellowness
that bored me to the brink of
amphetamine frenzy. I like the odd
keyboard intrusions, but it's just too
laid back for me. I'm an old punk but
still crave for some snot to wipe off my
leather, not some ganga influenced
aroma drifting out my speakers. And
like weed, this album is great for a
while but too much skunk numbs the
senses and you become just another
apathetic bloody mess glued to the
chair...."I just speed!...that's all I
need!". And Kate Bush is pretty ironic
too don't ya think? She's a big
supporter of the band and with a name
like that who could blame her. The only
other song on this 12 song set that
tempted me from my lager was the
'Super Drugs' with it's catchy
"oooh we oooh!" chorus. But P.A.I.N.
seem to have lost that earlier rawness
and power on this album. And it don't
half standout on the more lively
numbers by it's blatant absence! Lets
also not forget the message this album
is conveying. Coz being banged up for
your rights to smoke weed is bang on,
but surely there's more important
issues to base an album on? Whether
possession of dope is illegal or not, it's
pretty insignificant besides the fucking
national health issues and the poverty
line bollox? Surely you punk rock
radicals can see that through your
cloud of smoke?. Great cover artwork
though with a full lyric sheet. Damn pity
the music don't back it up.
Iron Man Records
'Viva Le Rock 'n' Roll'
(st29) CD 2000
Fades in like some impending doom or
a squadron of bombers! But don't
worry coz it's only a welcome return of
Apocalypse Babys who have
been totally UN-Apocalyptic in the UK
punk scene for over 2 years now. This
CD heralds their healthy return back
into the fray with as many hook laden
tunes and rhythm as they left us with.
They also still have their totally
original sounding vocalist/ bass player
and mainstay songwriter Asterix the
Brat in their fold. A punk whose
sometimes irritating vocal delivery
made this trio of Derbyshire sons a bit
of a novelty act amongst the more
hardline studs 'n' spikes brigade.
However fuck the snide comments coz
'Apple Tree' for a nondescript song
title opener, has some great quality
punk rock. It's great, mainly due to the
vocal delivery and guitar playing off
each other. Asterix has been slated
quite a few times for that frog in his
throat by the more meat head
whooarrghhh singing pariahs in the
UK scene. But I gotta admit I quite like
it. It certainly gives this band that
something extra special in the more
poppier punk rock field they roam..
The Apocalypse Babys in case you
didn't already know give us that much
copied but rarely achieved classic pop
punk rock sound. And they continue to
dish it out with vigor on this 37 minutes
worth of punk rock n roll. And you
know what?....there ain't a skateboard
in sight!!...but plenty of dirty nappies!
They are straight from the 78/79
school of British pop-punk but with a
21st century slant. And the spiky
undercurrent goes well with their
acned look. Take the addictive
'Secrets' all about bailing out the nest.
It's got a chorus that'll go down well in
any family planning clinic. Great little
tunes and good song structures like
this are backed by clean cut riffing
guitars and a more than capable
rhythm section. They sing of
unrequited love, drink, boredom,
obsessions. All the things that goes on
in South Normanton every day of the
week. And don't it make for a much
needed interlude from the usual
Armageddon or cop/nazi moans.
These have a sensa yuma too which
is done neatly through the lyrics. They
also have a real sickly sweet side to
em that thankfully only shows up a few
times on the 12 tracks. But like a lot of
their stuff it's tongue in cheek so gives
em a much needed escape route.
They even corrupt a cover of the
'Saw Her Standing' which is
given the buzz saw treatment, and
quite rightly so! And talking of buzz
saws it's followed by a
tribute song called 'No More
which is pretty prophetic
considering it was released just prior
to Joey's recent demise. They reprise
one of their earlier better tracks
'I will
always Love You'
which signals they
were struggling to filll an album worth
of new material, but they just about
manage it coz it's still a worthy of your
attention. They do make one major
mistake! They introduced a cheesy
sounding keyboard to their ultimate
wannabe song
'I wanna Be A Pop
. This was the low point of the
album for me. But they end on a high
with the title track
'Vive Le Rock 'N'
that has a Pistols sniff in the
guitar stakes. It also lists all the things
you need in the Alfreton nouveau
riche rock set that these boys
obviously live out (tee hee)..Mind you
that 1 minute plus drum solo at the
end reminded me more of Roy
Castle's Record Breakers than Rat
Scabies! They close the album with a
poignant '
Stars In The Sky' which I
presume is all about the Dunblaine
school massacre? So a welcome
comeback and well
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