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'Noise Annoys Volume 1'
CD Winter 2000
26 track CD here that came free from
last years prototype UK punk magazine
Noise Pollution. It's been nearly a year
since publication and still no sign of
Volume 2 or issue 2? So it looks like
the mag bit the dust and all that's left is
this CD. 'Noise Annoys' is an eye
opener for me coz it gives me chance
to sample some of these 'hardcore'
bands that the UK zine scene seems to
go in a frenzy about. However a very
familiar band kicks off the proceedings
with Boston's
Dropkick Murphy's who
provide a cut off their recent 'Sing
Loud, Sing Proud' album. 'The
Gauntlet' is in keeping with their more
powerful beefy side with loud guitars
and strangled gang vocals. And you
know what, not a folk tinged
leprechaun in sight thank fuck!
Movie Life
are totally new to me and
produce a catchy anthemic track of
hardcore in 'Once In A Row', with smart
tuneful vocals.
The NerveAgents
have one of those excitable singers
that's barks out his machine gunned
anti American tirades on 'Fall Of The
All American'. Not the most original
outfit in the world but had some good
rapid guitar bursts when you lose the
singer. Next we get the new (to me) but
highly recommended rusty, throaty
sandblasting from t
he Distillers and
their 'Red Carpet And Rebellion'. An
angst filled track written and sung by
Brody Armstrong the rubber lipped
Aussie bird who's got a bee in her
bonnet and can yer blame her married
Rancid's Tim Armstrong? They are
followed closely by the hideously
Osker but this LA band are
probably my favourite new find on
here. They come at us with a snotty
sounding vocalist backed by some fast
well played attacking Punk Rock on the
inspiring 'Life Sucks'. Yeah Punk Rock
is alive 'n' kicking in the 21 st century
hardcore community.
Nerve live down
to my frustration about the pop punk
contingent with their whiny sounding
singer who sounds like he's pretending
to be angry and frustrated whilst
cramming a university degree for a
doctorate! Plastic!
Southport from the
UK I 'tink?, are another fucking horribly
named band but approach us with
some pretty good mid-paced guitar
interplay on their 'Morning After' pill.
But their emotionally flat vocals are so
bland it's a pain, and any band who
can write
"April Showers" into a lyric
has gotta be suspect!
The Swingin
who once were the pride of the
East Bay have really sunk into the bay
without a trace lately. They now just
manage to utter so so punk noises that
just sound very laboured in a safe
kinda way.
Less Than Jake sum up
for me that mid-American good, clean
livin indie rock that's camouflaged as
punk and haunts the high schools of
the US like gun-toting pupils. This ain't
punk kids, and don't let em fool ya with
a bit of fuzz. I hate this kinda soulless
crap with a vengeance.
and 'The Warmest Heart Attack' are
more of the same kinda drab
nondescript T-shirt rock that makes me
squirm. God those weak, clean vocals
really give me an art attack of the
nauseous kind!
Mouthwash (snigger)
were due for the same treatment but
they manage to give us a new slant on
semi jangling slow paced guitar
territory. Old Canadian warhorses
DOA sound like they just stepped outta
1980 with 'The Enemy' and although
it's not one of their best numbers and
the song sentiments sound cliched, it's
still got enough spark to show a few of
the younger spunkers a thing or two.
Powder Monkeys (aaarrgghhhh)
start up impressively with some good
chugging guitar riffs but are spoilt by a
pseudo heavy metal gruff vocals.
from New York are the snottiest
and funniest band on this comp. Their
hilarious 'I'm A Boy' is a simple but
effective rocker. Check out this lyric
"finger nails are full of dirt ,I peek
up ladies skirts, I look at girlie mags,
I use my brother as a punching bag"
classic '77 inspired punk rock. On a
serious note one of
the Bully's was
lost in the September 11th Twin
Towers disaster, he was a fireman!
They are followed by their female
The Donnas. Now here's a
bunch of birds who give us some great
punk rock 'n' roller fuzzy guitar and
seductive vocals on their addictive 'Hot
Pants'. The impressively named
own a powerful guitar sound
and create a slick catchy chorus but I
just can't get to grips with the whiney
vocals, pity coz 'White Hotel' is a
potentially commercial track.
from Manchester, England kick
off with a great 'I wanna Be Your Dog'
riff and quickly heads off into a
powerful semi
New Bomb Turks track.
These have the power at their
fingertips but the vocals just don't
match the noise they create. The
highly rated (in some circles)
from New York just
don't live up to their hype. Way too
much metallic cock rock for me, with
irritable vocals and too much twiddling
in the guitar department.
Vision on the
other hand blew me away with their
polished but classic anthem 'Close
Minded'. This is a band which has
everything a punk rock outfit should
strive for. Great riffs, catchy chorus
and enough 'pop' to get em into the
charts without compromising, one to
look out for.
Sick Of It All are another
band who are a staple diet in some
hardcore scenesters collections but I
find this chugging, rappy, metallic
bollocks a chore and a bore.
Hope Conspiracy
continue in this
STOP/START mode with more
screaming angst by numbers.
StraitFaced should know
better but give us even more heads
down nonsense on 'Fuck Your Scene'.
I was very disappointed and they're
another 'name' band that ain't gonna
make me wanna go out there and buy
their anthology in a hurry.
Drowningmen could be Straitfaced's
younger brothers they're cloned I tell
ya! The interestingly named
Death By
don't even get out the traps
with even more stuttering rap and
those angry duel vocals sound too
rehearsed boys.
Not From There are
playing the sort of stuff that's more at
home in a rave. Talk overs and radio
inserts bring to mind crap like Fun
Lovin Criminals god!!!!! Finally
are like a duck outta water on this
collection. They slide in with a snail like
Jesus And Mary Chain track called
'I'm Coming Down'. It's doom laden
atmospheric vocals are abetted with a
sombre distorted riff and drum
machine beats. And showed more
novelty appeal than the previous 6
bands could conjure up. Apart from 6
good bands this was very
Free with the now defunct
Noise Pollution magazine.
'Positive' Demo Tape
Picked this tape up at the recent
Oppressed Logic gig in Birmingham
thanks to singer Ian. So it was good to
hear what they sound like in a studio
after an improved energetic live
performance. I gotta admit it shows the
band off to be a far more interesting
prospect than a bottom of the bill
inclusion merits.
Intention at long last
seem to have got that big sound finely
tuned. They play well constructed
hardcore. With a crisp, clear
production from Gavin in Wolves.
'Code Of Misconduct' their best track
and most accomplished tune on here
kicks off with some beefy guitars. I ain't
a big fan of screaming entity vocals in
my punk and
Intention do display this
but its a more controlled shriek and
some of Ian's delivery are diverse
enough to change styles with ease.
Giving em extra mileage and saving
me from a boring review thank god! It
ends with a repeated quirky guitar
signal showing they ain't scared to
experiment. 'Here Goes Nothing'
comes at us with some sinister guitar
play and more strong riffs, which are
always welcome in the Wolfs Lair.
Topped with some clever vocal
overdubs which is rare in this genre. It
sounds like Ian's got a hidden agenda
on life, pity the lyrics wasn't included.
'Talk is cheap' is more of the same mid
paced duel guitar blasts that can
actually change direction without
sounding choppy pity some other
hardcore bands don't take note. Still
ain't gotta clue what's going on in the
subject matter but I suspect they ain't a
happy bunch of campers. 'When Will It
End' was spoiled by an irritating
skanking interlude which wasn't their
best move. But
Intention close with
some serious intent and another of
their more memorable live songs
'Positive' which is more traditional
hardcore but adds a suprise riff similar
to the opening chords from the
'Keep On Runnin', which gives it
an espionage feel. Good demo tape
and a now entertaining live band, so
one to watch out for.  
INTENTION c/o Inane PO BOX 7804
Birmingham, B13, 8AS, UK
'Boston Punk 2000'
(rpr-034) CD July 2000
Considering Toxic Narcotic ain't my
ideal punk sound they have put
together a well worthy CD release
here. And they themselves kick off this
23 song release with the menacing
'War Song 2000'. That sounds good in
very small doses. So full credit for
giving other bands a sniff of the action
as their label Rodent Popsicle seems
to be pretty active lately. A lot of the
bands appearing on this compilation
promotes the raw new punk acts that
emanate from the Boston landscape.
Global Threat show why they're
the most widely known band on this
comp. with their neat '3 Words Or
Less' that brings together melody and
angst! After these first 2 opening acts I
was treading new ground so it was
good to hear some of the novel acts
residing in Boston.
A Poor Excuse
are one of the promising new
contenders in the Boston punk scene
with their charged chanting 'For All
Those In Power'. Followed by
who boast a powerful female
vocal with a political outspoken
overtone on 'Violent Fringe'.
Razorwire are hilarious with an over
the top loudmouth excitable streetpunk
vocal in their 'Heroes' that has some
good guitars running through the song
Indignation have more dual
vocals, this time with 2 punks giving it
their all. They're another standout coz
this band has more good guitaring and
song structures. They don't quite
scream so much as some of the other
acts which give em a bit more scope.
Best band on here for me had to be
The Short Lived and their simplistic
but addictive street anthem 'Blame It
On The Punks' . This is made even
more so by the fact a snotty little
punkette is giving it the big one on the
Entrophy come at us with
some melodic styled vocals backed by
a riffing guitar attack.
The Nockers
boast another girl singer but with not
quite so much snot as
The Short
However 'Small Town boasts an
out of tune guitar solo which reminds
me why punk is such a great beast to
be part of! The brilliantly named
and their hateful 'Full Of
Shit' was a great, fast, blast of
definance with a vocal that dripped
with gob! The feed backing
Shoot The
end things with their
atmospheric 'On Your Knees' which
from a great start disappointingly
turned into metallic punk, but was well
worth an inclusion coz it ain't got too
much guitar twiddling. So for a 23 band
23 song CD this was worth checking
out just to see what resides in the
former home of US Hardcore today.
Rodent Popsicle Records
'Street Justice'
(begcd016) CD 2000
This album kicks of with canned crowd
noise from
the Ramones 'Its Alive'
album, and an instrumental called
'Anthem' . A nice try and not bad for a
few bars but it soon deteriorates into
an anticlimax as far as anthems goes.
Well at least they're showing a bit of
imagination which is rare amongst your
typical Canadian Oi! exports that hug
the street corners of this label. The
album really gets started on the
French sounding 'Mon Days' which
seems to be a French/Canadian call to
arms and is a good mid-paced track
apart from that niggling high-hat sound
which dogs it and gives the
engineering on this album some
serious thought. A good track none the
less and one of their best. They then
throw in some pretty basic punk/oi!
numbers about scrapping, no Saturday
nights etc. which is what lets em down.
Sometimes the vocals of Can Canada
their lead vocalist/guitarist and main
songwriter are pretty restricted too.
One minute they're pleading less
fights, the next they're saying
"get em
boot boys get em!"
as they batter
some local arse bandits!!! Biggest
surprise of the album was 'On The
Run' which is a brooding instrumental
which creeps in with a great guitar riff
and has a touch of the James Bond
spy film theme tune in their
somewhere. Little touches like this
really shows another side of this band
that needs way more exposure than
the oh so feeble street punk they seem
to have to supply on demand to the
boneheads. With hindsight they
should've kicked off the album with
this. That's what I like about 3 pieces,
they all seem capable musicians. They
then go and let themselves down again
by giving us a few more dumb plodding
numbers before the hilarious 'KKK
Klansman' comes breezing in. This
track is a fucking great rowdy pub
song with some sarcy lyrics, that in
actual fact is taking the piss something
rotten out of the hooded sect. They
end on a skanking track which is a
good expose of the deadly
'Blatherskite' which seems to be a
Canadian boot boy legend in those
parts. 'Street Justice is worth a listen
for 4 tracks but the rest was pretty
fucking dire.
'Lord Of The Rings'
(pp058) CD/45 2000
Just in time for the Euro 2000 Football
Champion-ships next week...and I can't
fucking wait! And neither can
Guitar Gangsters who
cash in with 4 tracks of gangsterdom.
They kick off with a powerful version of
that old school hymn 'Lords Of The
Dance' Although the thought of that
sounds pretty preposterous, they pull it
off with their great beefy guitar sound.
As always the Pete Ley vocals give it
that distinctive but sometimes
pompous sounding flair. The title track
was over-shadowed by it's (Euro 2000
Mix), which for me was the standout
track of the EP, with the piss-taking
lyrics. Followed closely by yet another
cover this time 'The Great Escape'
complete with that distinctive whistle
which is terrace terrain no doubt about
it. Their only self-penned track was
'Match Of The Day' , which recalled the
after match activities and all of it's
"scoring for England"
with the local girls in the park, was a
more melodic tune. A lot of punks
seem to write this band off coz they
don't fit any pigeonholes. But I think
this is alright and makes a nice change
to hear a punk band with tunes and
anthemic choruses instead of some
Top Twenty rubbish that will no doubt
rear it's ugly head in the coming
month. Comes with a crystal clear
speaker vibrating production.
'A Cancerous Society'
(mass24) LP 2000
This was a big surprise. I'd only heard
their previous single on this label which
I didn't find that good at all, so when
this came in I thought
"oh no, not
another load of growls from the
. But ain't it great to be
proved wrong! This is a fucking ripping
improvement on the previous
In The
. Biggest highlight had to be the
big sinister power-chord riffs and the
suitably nasty anguished vocals.
Power is a thing that has some obvious
definitions but it comes crashing out
the grooves of this LP, without a
shadow of doubt. Maybe it's coz of
vinyl? Whatever, this record definitely
has an atmospheric which was
originated by the blinding intro of
'Minds At War' . Which really set the
aggro raging. Great production as well,
which was notably missing from their
earlier releases, but not on here! Crisp
and clear makes all the difference.
The Shit
are for want of a very big
word PISSED OFF! And this album is
one big wrath-filled statement of
discontent and hate, that rages in the
underbelly of Britain today. And ain't it
always a pleasure to hear when it's
captured and done with conviction!
These punks ain't playing at it, they
are it! And with that monstrous guitar
in command, that drags you round the
room like a rag doll you are at their
mercy. The guitar riffs alone on this
make for great punk. The strangled
singing completes the rage, although
some of the depressing lyrics can be
hard o take for 12 tracks, but who
needs em when the momentum keeps
this monster on the rampage. They
sustain this state till track 5 rolls in with
a Subhumans type of skank that turns
into the big ugly monster they call
'Disease'. Side two keeps this up with
an untamed 'The Meek (Shall Inherit
Nothing)', only letting slip once or twice
with a screechy 'U Make Me Sick'. The
paranoid 'CCTV' slows things right
down with a another great intro but
quickly heads into a stop/start mode
that was fucking frustrating and
probably ruined the makings of a really
good track. They end things with the
throwaway Screaming Beer' which was
pretty average till the final chorus
chant kicks in and come to a finale with
a strange choice of cover...
'Exploitation' , which although created
a few new twists of their own didn't
really do the original any favours. But
not a bad record at all and comes with
some good computer graphics on the
Mass Products Records
'No Nonsense'
(fake01) CD 2000
Another new band here from Dundee
in Scotland on a brand new British
label Tenderloin Records. And this
ain't a bad debut. I was expecting a
much more Oi! style in sound from
what I'd read about this band but these
have some good powerful guitars
kicking off amongst the early 80's style
of songs, that remind me of an
Exploited circa 'Dead Cities' , but far
less manic. Especially on the first track
Fake Patriots come
across as a no messing bunch of
street punk toughs who do actually
know what's going on around em. Take
songs like 'Force Fed' about the
education system and 'This Is Now'
cussing how things have took a turn
for the worse. Having said that they
also own a dry sensa yuma, although
it's hard to spot without a
read through their lyrics. Take the
'Tug, Tug, Tug' track which is a true
story about a women's underwear
kleptomaniac and of course 'Pervert'
with the hilarious line of
"I'm right
behind you!"
Other interesting topics
covered were class struggle, trendies
in the punk scene and GM food crops.
Scotts gruff vocals can be a bit one
dimensional at times and the
MacGregor brothers musical outbursts
can get pretty wooden here and there,
but maybe they'll pick up a few more
fluid tricks of the trade as they get
more experience on the live front and
on record? Their best songs are when
they fire in the protest like on Diktators'
with its
"Jackboot law...Diktators,
Broken Jaw...Diktators"
Having said that I couldn't really pick
out one outstanding track from this
textbook 13-track set, so they could
definitely do with some experimenting
in the rehearsal room before their next
full length, especially in their style and
sound. If you like your punk as the title
says...'No Nonsense' and are happy
with 32 minutes of no thrills punk, then
this is for you!
'Don't Give Up The Fight'
(mad20005cd) CD' 2000.
Now here's a totally different approach
to punk with it's testosteroned twin
buddy vocals and ultra- hardcore
sweaty reveal! I'm afraid this album
don't really move me one way or
another. Yeah sure the duel vocals
have differing styles like the higher
snarly growl and lower guttural growl.
But the noise they emit comes across
as a couple of drunk ex-commando
barks to me! They appear to be very
poor Wattie Buchan imitators, and
without the Scottish brogue and
broken English, it just don't cut! The
whole vocal approach to this record
drags it down and totally fucks it right
up! The lyrics ain't too bad on closer
inspection, which is a shame, coz they
don't get past the sleeve with two pit
bulls as interpreters! Geezers like
Roger from
Agnostic Front can make
it a threat, these make it a chore. The
inclusion of the by now 'compulsory'
comic sketches in between tracks are
good and made light relief to the
clumsy band stampede. In fact they
steal the whole show from the very
bland pedestrian music on offer. The
guitar riffs just ain't inventive enough
to carry this off. And for fucks sake
they've got duel guitars as well!!! So
why the fuck don't they take advantage
of em, is anyone's guess? Where's the
fucking power then lads? And what
happened to the far better sound they
conjured up on their previous 'Hate Of
Mind' EP? Some bands just ain't ready
yet for the big leap to album status and
the Bloody Sods on this recording
are one of em! There just ain't enough
quality tracks to justify it! Having said
that 'No Safety' was a one of the better
tunes on display with a pretty good
chorus, along with older favourites like
'Stoic Enemy' and Win Or Lose'
retaining some dignity but that was
little recompence. They also do a fair
cover of
Suicidal Tendencies 'War
Inside My Head' which does make
good use of the those duplicate grunts
for a short while, but if you've got an
albums worth of songs and the covers
are one of the main highlights, I think
you need to seriously consider where
the hell do you go next from here?
They are doing a Euro tour any minute
now so I'll be able to see what the live
situation brings up!!! But on this
showing don't give up the fight yet and
definitely don't give up the day job!
Mad Skull Records
'Latent Image'
Tape 2000
Decipher are a new London combo
straight out the bedroom. From the
stark cover and the officially minimal
sleeve layout, you get a distinct
impression that this is gonna be
pseudo-intellectualism on a grand
scale. Well maybe not grand but they
quote Rimbaud, Fromm and some
other geezer called Pablo Perelman
(who?) on the photocopied sleeve. Mr
Perelman, whose film 'Latent Image', is
apparently this 3-track demo's
inspiration. So still none the wiser and
armed with my thuggish council house
outlook on life, lets see what tunes or
should I say statements are on offer?
First impressions are 3 abrasive, cold,
low-fi dirges stripped back to basics
with guitar, bass and drums,
reminiscent of early
Wire. But unlike
Wire (who were great innovators in the
first wave of punk) Decipher just ain't
mastered the edge to create an
effective noise. They're just too
highbrow for their own good, and
never keep your attention span for
very long. The lyrics are like minor
manifestos written by ex-public
schoolboys and are delivered with the
standard tortured vocal. Their only
major saving grace was the slashing
guitar that made a welcomed entrance
now and again. Less lyrics would've
helped the songs no end, and some
rhythm wouldn't go a miss. Can't really
see these making a big impact on a
punk audience let alone an
experimental one!
'The Reverend James'
(dlpr2006) CD 2000
Happy go lucky melodic Brum punk
here and it's a pretty small dose of
action for an album nowadays, with
only a measly 8-tracks to scrape em
up from the indie pit that they seem
destined for.
Pigfish sure know how to
arrange a song and are accomplished
musicians, although Paul Jellybrain
would dispute this fact! But like a lot of
their other stuff it's lacking that bite,
that all out yell of defiance that could
make em a contender in the punk
scene today. The vocals are either too
low in the mix or Rod Frame (the
singer) just ain't got the power to
project em over our spikey heads.
Apart from that hiccup the production
on here is top notch with the guitars
crisp 'n' clear. I much prefer em though
when they go for a more sinister
approach like on the addictive 'Get
Out', that boasts a great riff chugging
away. This is easily their best number.
And this sort of style is what
should strive for, not that fucking
weak-willed, diluted, bit of a twang
nonsense that they seem so very
happy and content with! Punk bands
should never be happy. And show me
a punk who's content and I'll show you
a liar! It's followed by the only other
highlight 'Shut Up', that has a much
more abrasive sound than the rest of
the album, which was pretty fucking
dull by comparison. I fucking hate the
horrible cover picture, it reminded me
of some Bangra compilation and
depicts the said Reverend who
apparently done a bit of serial killing in
his time! So I'll give you a snap of the
lads in action instead.
'Deadhead'/'The Witch'
(sns003) 45 2000
Fast, frantic, fiendish horror punk here
from the wilds of bonny Scotland with a
heavy cryptic gothic feel, especially
amongst the song matter and B-Movie
horror sleeve artwork. 'Deadhead' is
over before you can say Boris Karloff
and was a chanting blur. Flipped with a
cover of
The Sonics 'The Witch' and
this for me just steals the credits with
it's ineffective riff. The vocals on both
songs are good but the screaming
over excitable yelps dotted amidst the
fog ain't really my chalice of blood.
This band has a big garagey feel in
the way the songs come over, but after
a few listens you can see why Derek
stuck em on his minor but enthusiastic
punk roster. Definitely one for the
ghouls out there!
Soap And Spikes Records
.AND Grisly Ghosts Of Guy  are
'Temporary Lifestyle'
(opa006) CD/EP 2000
Anybody wanna good laff???? Well
this won't be for you!!! This is basically
a CD with two tracks (8 minutes and 9
minutes respectively) of some spaced
out guru who's obviously smoked too
much weed strumming away on his
guitar. Takes me back to the good of
old days of those experimental outfits
that used to haunt the classified tape
columns of Sounds, pleading with
someone to buy their 'off the wall'
racket produced on cheapo tape
decks the length and breath of the
land. Literally hundreds of em with
weird arty names and titles like
Opaque. In fact this could well be one
of the last breed to strum the face of
the earth. Fuck knows how they afford
to duplicate em? (what's even more
alarming is that these musician
cooperatives have the nerve to let
loose this stuff on society!!!) Maybe
they get it on the National Health, but
hey this is number 6 you'd think they'd
have got the message by now!!! How
the cottage industry of collectives has
moved on these days is astonishing.
Well this is a good space filler if
nothing else. But £3.00 for this is
fucking taking a liberty. I can listen to
my baby nephew playing his plastic
guitar for nothing!!!
£3.00 (snigger) Dental Records C/O
Lancaster Music CO-Op 1 Lodge
Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1
1QW, England.
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