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SNOTTINESS... Punk Rock Classic - World Contender - Worth A Listen - Average - Plastic - No Future
'Danger These Animals Bite!'
CD 2000
These cheeky guttersnipes from North
London ain't the early 80's Oi!
incarnation that came out in the 80's at
all, but a totally different brand new set
Intensive Care units. And they
sound a lot fucking better in my
humble opinion. They've got a young
Jimmy Pursey on vocals courtesy of
Brendan who gives it that loud
mouthed, jack the lad sort of appeal. It
particularly comes out on the
memorable 'Bank Job', a song about
getting your mits on some dosh, and is
probably the outstanding track of the
bunch. A lot of their sound is tongue in
cheek and being backed by a fresh
sounding punk rifferama means they
can only get better with practice. They
have a ska-ish overtone on some
tracks specially their 'muff diving' song,
the oral 'Don King'. And I like the way
they ain't scared to state the blindingly
obvious in life, which is a fucking god
send in today's squeaky clean catholic
punk scene. I like the fresh honest
sound of
Intensive Care coz they
sound like they're capable of having
fun with just enough snot to keep em
from being a complete joke. Another
feather in their baseball cap was the
mid-paced salute to their drinking
buddy and punk artiste. 'Blasphemy
Ben'. Yep it seems Ben is a deserved
punk celebrity in the 'Golden Shoe'
pub! And all due to his splendid
artwork and alcoholic
inspiration. The
Bug Central 'family
affair' don't end there though, coz
drummer boy D. Rummer bangs the
drums for this mob as well! And must
be light respite from putting the world
to rights in his other outfit. Some of the
8 tracks are pretty average punk with
weak guitar solo's but that just adds to
the simple effect which is their best
quality. If they tried doing loads of
over-dubs they just might sound
contrived and anyway the clean
production and energy is evident on
this debut street view of life. This debut
culminates on the speedy 'Couldn't
Happen Here'.
so go to their site to hear for yourself!
It's at
'Pirate Songs & Zombie Love
Songs' Tape 2000.
This barrel of laughs starts off with a
windswept lament from these amateur
Hammer horror film buffs, which
sounds like it's recorded on some
remote Cliffside location overlooking
the River Severn (snigger). Yeah
Rabid Grannies
have really gone all
out on this village-hall production,
giving it an hysterical nautical setting.
Imagine pirates from long ago toasting
the delights of cheap 'white cider' by a
moonlit campfire? Well that's how this
tape grabs ya, as they serenade their
favourite tipple 'Attack of the Frosty
Jacks'. In fact on hearing of it's
medicinal purposes by these Welsh
punk pathetiques, you'd wonder
whether the gross selling technique
ain't the brainchild of some lowly
adman from the local Spa shop. But it's
more likely these deranged nutters
stuck in some god forsaken little town
in the Welsh countryside need some
form of entertainment to break the ice!
Well this is it! Lead singer, the well
suited and bunged up Undead Ted
has snotty vocals straight out of some
Walt Disney pirate yarn! And along
with the thick blood curdling riffs that
steer this ship along, makes for a fine
dose of punk mirth. What really takes
the biscuit on this tape is the between
song ad-libs and snippets from TV and
film. They could retire from punk
tomorrow and take up an editorial job
with this kinda CV. And to hell with the
copyrights coz these boys pilfer en
masse and so they fucking should, real
cutthroats eh lads? Piss takers to a
man, they zoom through a Batman
spoof called 'Black hair' along side
other homegrown anthems like 'I'm in
love with a zombie'..
."called Valerie".
Which has some great wooden bass
playing that Gaye Advert would've
killed for. And again this is another
song by em where they could actually
become some cult hit with the right
backing on some TV ad!!! Stranger
things have happened look at The
. The spiffing tale of 'Psycho
Mike' all about some backpacker they
met up with one dark night in the
mountains, had some splendid
harmonica added, pointing to another
hit in the making. They end with
'Gentlemen Of Fortune' that really
sounds very English considering their
Welsh background and another chorus
"day-ohhh day-ohhh". This tape
like their previous 3 is funny as fuck
and by cripes once you've got used to
the really homemade recordings you'll
be playing this to amuse anyone with a
sensa yuma, they're fucking mad!!! As
always it comes with some great
collage cut 'n' paste plus lyrics and a
slime green badge! Any promoters
take note they don't do kids parties!
aaahhhhh wot a shame!!!
Available for the knockdown price of
£1.50 Postpaid from 17 Cornford
Close, Osbaston, Monmouth,
Monmouthshire, South Wales, NP25
3NT, UK.
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