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JUNE 23rd: Just voted for the first time in decades. It was the only time id even considered voting as it wasn't for a party or a politician but for a feeling a
general feeling the country is being swamped
, we needed to get out of the European union. Don't get me wrong, both remain and Brexit are full of crooks,
liars and cheats but no, this was for a call for freedom of sorts. The public needed to voice their opinion, we needed
the Government to know how we really
felt. And
to take back control of our country from the bureaucrats. We still have our home grown bureaucrats here, but getting rid of one bunch of cunts is
better than dealing with two out of touch
wankers, and of course open borders. It probably won't change nothing much, but now the public has let the
government know what we really think! You can only take so much shit and the British people spoke
... in millions.

JULY 10th: I've added Stench and Torcha Shed to bandcamp in case anyone's interested. So you can hear a selection of tracks from both bands. I'll
be adding a few more tracks when i get time. They were both on Myspace but as thats password driven and pretty much useless these days I think
bandcamp has taken over and is fantasti with no big ads in your face. If your in a band or wanna hear some new stuff I highly recommend it. There's some
great punk bands on there and you can check out the albums, before you buy em!

JULY 13th: 40 years ago today Sniffin' Glue hit the streets (for a more in depth look, check out this months editorial). Although layout wise Sniffin' Glue
never massively influenced me. It was more
to do with the attitude and feeling that give us bourgening zine writers the means of expression.  People like
Mark P. were really from the streets,  working class, a kid like me or you. He discovered punk and it changed his life, a mag written in a council flat is now
residing in the British library. I
reckon thats fantastic! I asked Mark's website if i could interview him? They responded by saying they would pass on my
, but he never got back to me? Not sure if he's busy or just can't be arsed. I still think he has somert to say. I know he doesn't own any copies
, which is a shame but i can understand why. I recently had to buy some of my own zines that were missing. On another note, If your reading this
your probably thinking
...oh a new diary insert after 4 years! Well its true I just didn't get round to adding much over the last few years due to life taking up
my time. But I noticed a few of the links on here needed updating,
and thought id add something. See you in 4 years or maybe not?
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