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'Pogo Beer And Spiky Hair
This Is Our Life'
CD (PPPR005) 2003
The Rotten Bois were pretty well
known on the Euro punk circuit in the
late 90's. Even I'd heard of these
Parma reprobates. And this
professionally packaged roundup of
their entire back catalogue from 1997
- 2002,  is a fitting epitaph to this
Italian street punk crew. They
welcome us to their UK82 lifestyle
with a 28 song sound track of
pogoing tunes to run wild to. But
when you spot 'em on the inlay,
decked out in bleached jeans, Dr
Martin boots and painted leathers,
and stood huddled round a solititary
piss pot. It conjured up a vision of
stylish desperation, rather than some
defiant punk stance. Maybe first
impressions say a lot, and I admit I
wasn't expecting to be impressed by
this mob quite so much. But if you
stick with it long enough, you do get
to distinguish some good tracks
amongst the regulation express train
formula. The non stop gravely coated
vocals, supplied by the funny looking
Lux, reflects the music exactly. He
must use the chant of "
Oi! Oi! Oi!"
more times than the
Rejects ever
did in their entire career! The most
surprising and obviously the best
aspect of their sound, is how
condensed the production job is
throughout this collection. It gives the
band a head start on their more
transistorized peers. But standout
tracks were few and far between. I
quite liked the rowdy '
Police State',
and the well crafted '
Free Beer For
The Punks'
, which had some good
touches. And when
the Rotten Bois
ain't playing at such a breakneck
speed, they do make tiny leaps
forward. Take the musical slowdown
on '
No Room For The Punx' for
example. But as they rip through yet
more songs about cops, being
punks, religion, disco's etc. it gets
predictable. Evrythings mostly
delivered against a backdrop of early
G.B.H. circa ‘Leather, Bristles,
Studs & Acne' soundscape. You
begin to realise bands of this ilk
seem to have no personality of their
own whatsoever. By continually aping
their original inspiration, seems such
a waste of energy. Other highlights
included the chant filled '
Lino' or the
attack against the hated '
Mtv Punx',
both of which showed positive
progression, especially on the
guitars. They end with some raw live
tracks capturing a set from their early
years which mirrors the studio sound.
You do get a feeling as the band
gain experience that
the Rotten
were starting to sound better
than yer average street punk tag. So
maybe if they'd stuck around for
another year or two, they could've
produced something really worthwhile
to pogo to? It's all sung in Italian,
which is very brave of them, and this
record comes with a handy English
lyric translation for us non-speaking
dago's. So another devoted release
by Pure Punk Records, the Italian
Punkcore of Southern Europe
deserves applause. But the overall
effect of the musical content was still
Only 1000 in existence.
'Final Solution' EP
(Death1) 45 2003
I reviewed a demo CD by San Carlos
Death Squad 3 years ago
and they were threatening to release
a 45 shortly after? Since then heard
nothing? Well 3 years down the line
the band are but a name on a lonely
Californian tombstone but have left
this the 'Final Solution' EP in their
wake. Drummer Butch sent this in coz
he still has quite a few copies left of
its limited edition 300 run, and they
are still available in case anyones
Death Squad despatch 4
tracks of heads down UK82 punk
here with only the disappointing
vocals giving the game away that it
was recorded in the 21st century.
They're from the shouty realm of
punk in case you wondered. This EP
(musically) reminds me so much of
the early 80's with bands like
'Protest Ad Survive' being
of notable comparison. The
sound consists of a constant
buzz saw guitar, simple bass lines
and fast paced drumming. First track

greets us with that overworked
but highly amusing Death March riff
which must've been used in the 80's
nearly as much as a police siren
back in the late 70's. The drums and
guitars proceed to have an
fascinating duel with each other
before the vocals finally kick in on
this anti government track.
Of The Dead'
sees our Death
Squaddies singing about zombies
coming out the woodwork, fast simple
and completely forgettable. They add
a few interesting touches and drop
outs on
'Fight To Kill' but they ain't
there for long and a slight hint of a
solo is threatened on last track
which again you could miss
within blink of an eye. This record
ain't gonna change the face of punk
rock forever but it's a neat little
epitaph for a  band who had a short
life span and will probably be a must
for all you vinyl junkies and
completests out there in about 25
years time. Comes on a neat yellow
and black radioactive label with
regulation stark black n white fold-out
lyric sleeve with a band picture that
mirrors it's early 80's roots.
$4.00 postpaid
Dead Rockers Records, PO Box 975,
San Carlos, CA. 94070, USA
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