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'Echoes Of War'
(XLNT CD-1) CD 2003
A remastered 6 track CDEP that
dates back to the mid 80's. This is
the alter-ego of Edinburgh ligger and
Stranded Records label boss,
Lawrence Nicol. He is the
in a round hole (with stripy
gloves). He's helped in his attempt at
world domination by 2 old
members namely Big John on guitar,
Gary McCormack on bass, plus
drummer Robbie Bain who was
probably kidnapped at gun point.
This collection was originally
released on vinyl back in '84 and has
now been given a 21st century
makeover returning once again on
Stranded Records. It features two
singles and one unreleased track.
The title track 'Echoes of War'
recorded in the nuclear rage of 1984
is pretty good in a laid back poppy
kinda way. It reminds me of the late
70's new wave in style. And comes
with a clean production, but with yer
typical antiwar statements that were
high on the agenda in those days.
The guitars on this track have a
Skids reflection while
Lawrence's vocals remind me of Paul
Weller of
the Jam. I much prefer the
next track, the more upbeat 'Bad
Connection' which sounds like one of
those old Vapors tracks. It's got a
quirky delivery and hilarious lyrics.
Distorted guitars give it a neat punch
but I dunno if the
Square Peg was
really aiming to be taken seriously, I
hope not for his sake. It all starts to
go downhill fast from here on in. 'No
Explanation' is more rhythm and
blues than new wave, and seems like
just a vehicle for Big John to flex his
plectrum with an over the top guitar
solo that failed to save this track from
obscurity. The following year they
released 'Cant Say No' which shows
Big John heading for bad metal
territory. Plodding riffs and
throwaway lyrics litter this typical
stale stoner rock track. 'Nuclear
Attack' continues Lawrence's fixation
with Trident but it shows the band
have hit a wall, coz it's basically
different lyrics and a different mix,
laid on the same guitar riff as the
previous song. Which by now
should've set the alarm bells ringing
in your bullshit detector manuals. By
the last track I think we can safely
assume Lawrence's real love of the
blues has been ousted. 'Leaving
Blues' is just a jazzy acoustic lament
about losing his woman. It jumps
back to life momentarily via a sloppy
bluesy guitar solo, that sounds like
Big John was having fun it but left us
feeling bored. This is an hilarious
release that just seemed to
degenerate as time went on, so
cheers to Lawrence for calling our
bluff and giving us a giggle. However
I don't think the younger punks out
there are gonna be catapulting this
up the charts this time around either.
And watch out kids coz the Square
Peg is threatening to rehearse and
record new material sometime this

Demo 2003
The latest blasphemous offerings
from Edinburgh's (still criminally
unsigned) punk rock outfit
. Once again it shows they
are still reaching the impressive high
quality of 2002's explosive demo.
This band desperately need to get
their break on a worldwide audience
before they start pulling their pension
and retiring from the punk scene, coz
they're wasted on demo's heard by
the privileged few. Even though this 6
track session ain't quite as powerful
or as memorable as tracks like the
brilliant 'Suicide Party', it still blows
away a multitude of punk pretenders.
From the moody 'Addiction' onwards
you know damn well they're a punk
force to be reckoned with. Chugging
power chords are now the feature of
this band, alongside Deek's gripping
vocals and a powerhouse rhythm
section, which makes for a very good
mix indeed. It helps having a singer
who knows how to deliver his vocals
and a guitarist who can serve em up
on a sulphur plate. If mid paced punk
rock with an uncanny knack for tunes
and loadsa power is yer thing, then
you'll be banging the doors down for
these. The second half of this demo
really starts to kick in and is heading
for the heights of their previous
demo. Songs like 'Nococain' hits
home hard and features a great
decelerated finale proving this band
are as in tune as Johnny Rotten's
bullshit detection. I like to hear punk
bands using their imagination instead
of the regulation verse/chorus/verse
format, and
Sad Society are a band
with plenty of ideas music wise. The
title track 'Religion' has got
everything that's good about
. It's tight on the ball sound
comes with a big early 80's gang
inspired chorus that attacks the
money making con that has infiltrated
religion since day one. They slam the
door shut with 'Sole Survivor' which I
spose is Deek's signature being as
he is the only original member left.
This track moves along with dogged
determination and features the
inspired works of guitar hero Gav as
he brings this demo to a close. Not a
bad track on here and shows there's
definitely an albums worth of material
just waiting to be unleashed on an
unsuspecting public. Luckily they've
now got a web presence so hopefully
that'll give one of the few clued up
labels out there a real chance to give
these boys a break.

'The Golden Age Of Piracy'
CD 2003
First time I heard anything by these
LA '77 punk rockers who seem to
have made a credible return to the
scene without even a sniff of stale old
men going through the motions for a
quick buck. Well played smart arse
punk rock is always good to hear.
The Skulls have some rather
good tunes in their swag bag
amongst the 14 on show. Highlight of
this new album is the fucking
splendid and totally bang on 'Can
Punk Rock Pay The Bills', which lead
singer Billy Bones sings resignedly in
his best Rottenesque tone
"I don't
think so!"
It's memorable, addictive
and has also got a great guitar lick
that follows it around like a colostomy
bag. They remind me of
the Briefs
from up the coast in Seattle but with
not quite as much flair for the 1.30
min. tunes as their neighbours.
songs are less hit and run
and more laboured and do show
signs of predictability as the set
progresses. But 'Summer Of Hate'
wasn't predictable at all, chronicling
the Hillside Stranglers ghoulish
shadow over the Hollywood hills.
'Trainwreck' is another fun filled take
this time on picking the wrong bird.
Apparently those birds resemble
trainwrecks in LA!
"whooo whoo" It's
good to see veteran punks still aint
lost the spark and energy of their
youth and unlike so many others they
seem to genuinely have fun and
should be a scream live I reckon. A
neat guitar riff brings in the
atmospheric 'Monet' where they lose
their quirky fun approach for a
moment and show us they're capable
of writing songs that would stand up
against any of the more serious punk
outfits in the genre. 'Rattle Your
Bones' reminds me of the early
Stooges with Iggy vocals and a
subsonic guitar workout. They close
the album with the yobbish 'Pirate
Song' which seems to fascinate the
Yanks but I'm afraid Steve Jones got
the punk rock shanty down 25 years
ago and everything that followed
paled in comparison.
'Ready Aim Fire' Demo CD
December 2003
This is a brand new outfit from Umea
in Sweden and features bass playing
vocalist, Emma and axe merchant
Rickard targeted on the cover. They
are accompanied by an unnamed
drum machine which they're hoping
to ditch for a more human beat box
as we speak. They describe
themselves as
"punk/power pop"
which I spose is a fair description.
They have touches of the Stooges
and the
Ramones but there's also a
Joy Division influence in
there too. So some pretty eclectic
styles make up this 4 track demo, but
I like what they're striving for. They
ain't going down the popularised
punk tracks that are prevalent at the
present time. However the first two
songs are sabotaged badly by the
erratic drum programme which really
fucks up the rhythm. I have sympathy
with Rickard who programs the beast
coz I've hear drum machines are a
real pains to work with. But at least
the duo realise they gotta scrap the
box for a real drummer who they can
bark out orders to slow down or
speed up as they develop the songs.
Track 3 'Ones That Fail' shows
Disconvenience (I'd lose the name
it's very inconvenient) really getting
their act together as they deliver a
hybrid of stylish
Joy Division lead
breaks and Hooky bass lines. Emma
vocals sound like she can put her
primal instincts across very forcibly,
but they also do get a bit
melodramatic sometimes. Her bass
playing on the other hand is spot on
and well brutal which I like a lot. The
final track 'Done Before' is the best
and has a definite
Ramones heads
down feel about it, showing the band
finally getting to grips with rhythm as
the addictive riffs pummels your
speakers. They certainly got the
ideas to improve on and with the
missing ingredient... a decent
drummer you'll likely to see this band
make a bigger impression. Comes in
a spray painted handmade case... do
I detect art students?

'Ghetto Blaster'
CD 2003
Just had this in via Trev Hagl and it's
my first run in with this South East
London mob.
Superyob are named
after the axe that Slade's goofy Dave
Hill used, and they do not disappoint.
In fact they turn out to be refreshingly
good with an healthy array of street
punk anthems executed with
commitment and beef in the guitar
department. If bands like the Sparrer
are your cup of Rosy Lee you'll be
getting off on these. They start
rucking with an intriguing spoken
word intro called 'The Punk' that sets
the tone of this album perfectly. I
thought it was another Phil Daniels
narration but it is in fact lead singer
Frankie Flame's barrow boy brogue.
So if
Superyob don't take off, I'm
sure there's gonna be a job for Mr
Flame in TV voice overs. Frankie
came to prominence in the late 70's
fronting UK glamsters
U-boat before
discovering the more subtle nuances
of Oi! The title track 'Ghetto Blaster'
is one of the stronger tracks that
greets us, with a rowdy gang chorus
and aggravated chugging guitars.
This is a band who sing about
crooks, street life and jack the lad
exploits. Familiar territory if your a
Business fan, but they do it well
enough to stamp their own individual
sound to the proceedings. Frankie's
warm vocal makes for an imposing
presence on this hard hitting album.
His famed piano tinkling is kept to a
bare minimum adding subtle
atmosphere here 'n' there. 'Vicious
Circle' about crime feeding crime has
some great chiming guitar that works
well with the subject matter. They
may glamourise their London
neighbour hoods like all Oi! bands
do, but it's all good escapist fun.
These geezers have been round the
block a few times and it shows on the
gritty portrayal of junkies via 'Smack
Trash'. A song that pulls no punches
spelling out exactly how life really is
under the needle. On a lighter note
they reprise two sixties hits with
'Friday On My Mind' that some of you
may remember
London doing back
in '77, as well as a modern take on
the Who's teen anthem 'The Kids Are
Alright' but with an updated lyric.
They end with the biographical 'Love
Us Hate Us' that's as catchy as a
dose of the pox in Steelhouse Lane.
It's a mid-paced signature dedicated
to the scum from council estates all
over London and beyond. Pretty
good stuff for a newish group of Vets
and a band to look out for down the
DINA 'Work The Switch'
CD (jsntgm) 2003
One word describes this band and
album to me... Indie! And lets face it
kids there's nothing quite as
offensive or as mind numbingly
boring as Indie is there? What was
Ged Baby thinkin of sending me this?
Clever intricate song structures can't
hide the fact that there's no balls, no
drive and no guts attached to this
band. The singer really makes any
self respecting punk cringe with
embarrassment. They apparently
belong to Ian Roache of Drive fame?
Who the fuck were Drive? I must've
been banged up for threatening the
editor of the boring Melody Maker
when they conquered the punk
scene in the early 90's? One thing
about this album that did impress me
was the production. It was spot on
and considering they recorded the
whole thing in various bedrooms in
and around Birkenhead, UK you'd
have put money on it being a studio
recording. But good production don't
mean fuck all without the songs.
Ahhhh the songs!  They come with a
sickly clean sound, a clean ambiance
done by a clean fucking band
basically. This is way too clinical for
my grubby mind. I bet they even say
"please" and "thank you" when they
order their dope! The songs are all
personnel ditties that have no
passion, no energy and no bearing
on my life. You hope maybe one
track could pull you in but it was a
thankless task. And I simply can't
stand the adoptive yank nasal tones
that really grate on 'Strike Third',
gawd someone gimme a gun! The
last track 'Final Echo' did show a
teeny bit of rebelliousness as they go
off into a semi freak out, but it
probably left em guilt ridden for days
on end. By this time the switch had
already been pulled on these
Scousers. Comes complete with the
inevitable solitary telephone pole as
front cover artwork. I somehow don't
think it's gonna connect em with
potential buyers or new fans unless
your currently studying sociology
degrees at the local university or
were a subscriber to Fracture mag.
'The Northwest
Kicked In The Nuts'
(LC007) CD 2003
This motley North West compilation
was passed onto me by Mark from
Last Chance records outta Portland,
Oregon. And he's doing an admirable
job of promoting local talent.
'˜...Nuts' showcases 25 female
fronted outfits from the indigenous
and not so local underground music
First up are
Hell Candidates who
sound like a female fronted Iron
Maiden with their over the top
Of The Union'.
A song that displays
all the hilarious spandex histrionics of
BXF offer some midpaced, but
unmemorable punk with a hardcore
edge. We then get a quirky
experimentally flanged soundscape
from Seattle's
Pink Chihuahua,
which I'm afraid didn't quite keep our
attention span.
The Triggers shoot
off half cocked snotty punk on
Execution', which did show signs of
more potent projectiles hiding in their
Anti-World who are no
strangers to this site give us the
screeching '
Crawling Eyes' which
sees the usually monotone Granny
Fiendish adopting a suprising
Blackjack Bettie remind
me of
the Bags on their track
Demons' and comes with a
stimulating vocal. Portland anti-
Sado-Nation give us their
bloodthirsty '
Cut' number, which adds
some much needed nihilistic punk
rock to this collection. Some bands
positively wreak of reality and
attitude. Blonde riot grrls
deliver a typical trashy mid-90's pre-
menstrual workout. The rockabilly
Die Jobs yelp out 'Bitch
, which again was lacking in
impact but had some good vintage
guitar reverb. The banal
Cookie are
a band with better stage names than
actual songs. They veer dangerously
close to more metal territory with their
road song '
Texan Motor Speedway'.
Macho Borracho which roughly
translates in Mexican as macho
drunk play pisshead rock that sounds
positively staged for the record. Bet
they all drink Perrier water when no-
ones looking.
The Nightmares from
Portland were a let down. They
sound like bad r'n'b. Pity really coz I
like the name.
The Torture Cookies
feature Jerry's (
Poison Idea) other
half on vocals. And yeah they were
way more like it on their down in
flames '
Slave Master'. The bass
Amazombies were really
rather quite good on their gang
anthem '
Skirts And Scars' too.
Followed closely by the buzzsaw
Pistuns who kept up the ante by
blitzing in with a reckless no messin'
Your So Weak'. Didn't much care for
the whiny
Cootie Platoon, who
appear to be influenced by the way
Veruca Salt, but without the
Chicago impact. Move over and
make room for Seattle's
Apocalypsticks who sound
interesting if your into big women!
They supply big riffs and ample
presence. Portland scribe Christeen
Aebi swaps roles to become a
performer with
Cherry Bomb. They
pay a neat homage to
with their adroit
'Runaways Rule'
anthem. Bettie
Mayhem And The Disasters

donate the crooning almost avant
'Bud & Blood'... strange one!
Zipper Trouble feature singer/
songwriter Holly Cole who pleads to
be groomed for a wider audience on
MTV. However her green 'Nicoteen'
street ditty ain't gonna be her
passport this time.
Betty Already
feature duel vocals on '
which rolls along without leaving any
lasting impression. While the
Hazmats are yet another vet
Portland punk outfit. They give us the
unassuming but highly impressive
PDX'. A tune that gives us an
endeering snapshot of the
Puddletown landmarks.
The Jolenes
look and sound like they just stepped
out the sixties. With cheap toytown
guitars and psychedelic imagery their
catchy  '
Kelly's Got A Stalker' really
does gets under your skin.
named after the infamous penis
slaying case try the zany root with the
disappointing '
Ten Foot Women'.
And it's left to
The Del Toros to
close this compilation with an ultra
squeaky vocal that sings the virtues
of the
'Karaoke Bar', nice ending
though!...25 tracks in all and a a
good account of the local feline
'Do America'
Demo CD 2003
Bad Habits were a hardcore punk
band from Sweden, who existed
between 2000 and 2003. Not to be
mistaken with the melodic rockers
Bad Habit also from Sweden. This
bunch of scruffs have since split up,
but left us with this ballsy 8 tracker in
their wake. Some members have
gone on to form other bad habits no
doubt, while bass player Thompa
(who sent me the CD) is busy putting
together his current creation called

Inglorious Bastards
, which has a
more traditional punk rock sound.
They’re due to release a record
of some sort any time now!!!  So with
that in mind, this ghastly remnant of
his old band is probably a taster of
things to come maybe? I gotta say
'Do America' is pretty impressive for
demo's especially after a few plays.
And if you can put up with the
metallic interruptions that deface the
songs now and then, I think you'll like
it too. I am a big sucker for a heavy,
tight punk vibe, with lashings of thick,
big, juicy guitar layers and a solid
wall of sound.
The Bad Habits come
crashing through 3 demo sessions,
and reside in the angry school of
rage filled punk. The water tight
playing is accompanied by some
hardcore rockish vocals. No lyrics or
any other information is available at
the time of this review, apart from a
grainy Photostatted track list and
picture. But you certainly get a good
idea of where they were coming from
or have been...soundwise! Standout
tracks include their midpaced theme
tune '
A Bad Habit', with pseudo
heavy metal lead breaks, a chanting
chorus and loads of defiance. Or the
wayward attitude of '
The Hate Beat',
that builds up into an anguished
growler. But it was the seedy '
Facial (Outro)'
which I like best. This
has touches of a metallic
Black Flag,
circa '
Obliteration' in it's grinding
delivery. This predatory deed
steadily builds up into a ripping
crescendo of guitars, while some
unfortunate wench gets immoral in
the background. As the guitars
escalate, so do her moans, giving it a
positively lewd ambience, that only
the Swedes are capable of
producing. I'm surprised these never
got more exposure within the punk
for the moans!
For more information contact
'12 Punk Moves'
CD 2003
Now this is an extremely well
polished, high octane comeback from
The Threats. This early 80's
Dalgeith outfit, who originally split up
in 1983 never to be heard of again till
a few years back, are hitting the
studio once more and threatening on
all cylinders via this slab. They
rediscovered the punk rock bug in
the late 90's when they played a
couple of low-key gigs in Scotland.
Then in 2001 the HITS conglomerate
dangled a big juicy carrot in front of
their tartan noses via a slot on the
Annual HITS punk festival. And their
career has kicked off again. Since
then they've reunited the original
duel front men of Gogsy
(guitar/vocals) and Jim
(vocals/guitar), with a new beefier
rhythm section as back up. Must say
this is a water tight release to
resurface with. Not much room here
for filler or jaded stale performances
on this fucker! They look set to be
going for it big time.
The Threats
don't quite reach the snotty heights
of their highly impressive 'Politicians
And Ministers' EP from their original
era, but for a bunch of middle aged
straights, who rediscovered their
punk late in the day, it's like they
never went away. '12 New Moves' is
probably one of the few reformation
albums that seems to have
progressed from their earlier years
without a hint of bloated fatigue
lingering around it's carcass. Well
played and professionally delivered
hardcore punk rock anthems like
'Drug Culture', 'Freaks' and possibly
the best track
'No Rules' standout.
They all come with loads of power
and lead breaks plus the rowdy gang
choruses that makes for an addictive
The Threats are a band
who shows they've learned and
picked up a lot of technique over the
years. They deliver the songs with
suss in a studio environment.
However they do sound too good to
be true, with glimpses of a souped up
rock outfit being put through it's
paces at times. And some
nondescript vocals lose a few of the
songs that all important edge. But we
gotta remember this is a band who
rely on the duel guitar attack as their
main weapon of choice. If you like
your punk with tunes and in a
semi-americanised hardcore back
beat, you'll dig these. Naturally they
seem to be very popular with the
yanks, whose Dr Strange label has
signed em up for two albums. They
preceded this with their 'Demos And
Rarities' CD which apparently sealed
the deal, and which id rather like to
hear meself. They finish with one of
those irritating jokey accoustic bonus
tracks that doesn't show up for 12
minutes after the real albums
finished. It's a version of their early
'Underground Army' track. But
forget that coz '12 Punk Moves' by
The Threats is definitely worth
taking seriously.
'Back Home'
(ahoycd231) CD 2003
I think I can count on one hand the
number of LIVE gigs I got on record
that I actually attended. So this live
blast of
Cock Sparrer from
Morecambe's HITS festival in the
summer of 2003 was an unexpected
souvenir. Ged Babey from Punks
Throwback zine sent it my way when
he deemed it an unwanted item on
his punk Xmas list. Well as this web
site is the official home to waifs 'n'
strays of all punk persuasions in life,
I'm glad he did. This CD gives us a
well recorded version of the band
considering the acoustics of
Morcambe Cattle market. And it
certainly gives my blitzed brain cells a
handy action replay of the nights
events. Love em or loathe em, you
can't take away the fact that
are the undisputed kings of
Oi! They give us Yob rock with tunes
and a blood hounds nose for
anthems! Which is conveniently
helped along by their massive
skinhead fan base. A fanclub that
has put this band into the realm of
stadium rockers, all be it on their
brief annual live appearances. Not
many bands can entice 4,000
drunks, punks, strays and walking
wounded to last the distance till 2 in
the morning like this band can. It
helps a great deal with the quality of
songs they play in their 23 song set.
You get em all, the long the short
and the tall from the 30 years this
band have been around!!! What I
can recall they don't exactly leave a
memorable impression visually. Beer
bellies and friendly uncles don't
exactly terrify us. But what they lack
in stage presence they more than
make up for in numbers! They take
the stage to the sound of the
Metal Kids
overture, before
crashing into the siren wailing of
which sets the scene.
Extremely professional they proceed
to trot out the Oi! anthem
Your back',
the black economy tale
'Working' and the middle aged
spread of
'What's it Like To Be Old'.
But it's songs like the amusingly
'Argy Bargy' that stands the
true test of time, before dedicating
Take Em All' "to Travis, Coldplay,
Radiohead and Tottenham"
'. They
also excel with numbers like the
'Because Your Young' that
proves these old geezers ain't
forgotten their youth. And the
majority of this young audience
agreed whole heartedly. They attack
the class of '77 in the sour
Are They Now'
before running into
aggro with their best known song
'Runnin Riot'. They slow things down
for the r'n'b sleaze of
which is still a fucking great
song. Before picking up the pace with
the snotty anthem...
'Chip On Your
. Maintaining the pace
(amid a few boo's from the younger
skinheads up front) with a pedestrian
version of
'White Riot', which was
dedicated to Joe Strummer who
singer Colin reckons
"was the real
They round off the album
with (the controversial in some
'England Belongs To Me'.
Controversial or not this was sung by
every nation in the auditorium,
including the Jap's, Europeans and
Yanks, and was captured on here for
posterity brilliantly. That by rights
should've been it, but they seemed
determined to outstay their 73 minute
welcome after what seemed like
numerous encores and stage
invasions (which were thankfully cut
from this album ) they do finally "fack
orrrf" with an anti-climatic
Coming Back'
. I believe there was a
Cock Sparrer album released
only last year, so do we really need
another one? I don't think so, but for
everyone who was there this was a
neat bit of memorabilia to look back
Captain Oi! Records
'A Riot Down The Lane Again'
CD 2003
Another fucking admirable
home-grown compilation album from
the scruffiest photostatic zine that's
come outta Belfast in years. The
editor in chief, and compiler of this
equally shabby babble of recording
artistes, deserves full credit for
herding em up and giving em a
surprisingly natty home. And it's all
on a shoestring budget too. This is a
lesson to all those bigger punk labels
who skimp on packaging to get their
act together. Coz if Bill can do it and
do it well, why not you? What we
have here is the good, the bad, and
exceedingly ugly, from some of
today's totally unrefined street punk
scenes. With notable inclusions
coming from as far afield as
Adelaide's (Australia)
On Active
who remind me of an
Antidote on their laid-back
but attitude loaded
'Kick Against The
). Belfast is represented
adequately. The best track comes in
the shape of Ex-
Rudi leader Brian
Young's other squeeze...the
Sabrejets. They get in
touch with their feminine side on the
'There's A Little Bit Of
Whore In Every Girl'.
We then get
possibly the best track of the whole
lot. It eminates from Coatbridge near
Glasgow in the shape of the reborn
Past Midnight.
The trio bring us
their highly addictive militant stomper,
'Party Political Bullshit'. This will have
ya singing along to em before you
can scream "spin!"  There are no
classics on this collection, though
there's no better way to hear some of
the more obscure punk acts in one
sitting. Especially the ones that get
acclaim in 'Riot Of Your Own' zine.
Even Billy's own combo
The Violent
who knocked their track
together in less than an hour,
succeed with the pisstaking
. A stain that should really go
down well in Yorkshire. The only real
inferior track came from
Walking Abortions
, who ejected a
really weak irritation of a song. All
told though, no mean feat for 24
Atilla The Stockbroker
winds up the album in mandolin
fashion, as he pays a live tribute to
Joe Strummer on the sainted
'Commadante Joe'. I hear there's
more new Belfast groups itching to
be included on the next instalment.
So look out for round #3 later this
year maybe? This CD is dedicated to
the now defunct Belfast punk venue
Giros and Joe Strummer. To round it
off Bill's young nipper stares out from
the label with blue hair and looks
uncannly like Billy-Joe from
£5.00 inc p&p from
Billy McConnell, 5 Glen Rd, Belfast
BT5 7JH, N. Ireland.
Dirtnap Across the Northwest
(Dirtnap Records) CD 2003
Hello! It's a Dirtnap comp--what else
do you need to know? (Will the last
Northwest band to sign to Dirtnap
please turn out the lights? Is there a
band anywhere around here who's
NOT on Dirtnap? Did somebody say
"empire"?) Needless to say, this is
one filthy-ass heap of steaming-hot
hits: 31 flavors, to be exact. And not
a dud in the batch. In case you
hadn't heard, the Pacific Northwest is
leading yet another rock ' n' roll
revolution. These bands--hailing
from the triumvirate of Oregon,
Washington, and British
Columbia--form the front line. (You
may refer to back issues of
BACKFIRE to research many of the
various personalities featured
herewith.)  Among this cream of the
crop are bands like
the Epoxies,
the New Town Animals, the Stuck
, the Exploding Hearts, the
, Midnight Thunder
, the Diskords, the
, the Gloryholes, the
, Lopez, Cookie, the
Mexican Blackbirds
, Electric Eye,
the Pist'uns
... on and on--this is a
long-player,  Besides, you are a total
feeb if you miss
the Spits, makin'
like killer MCs dissing their
thoroughbred labelmates; imagine
Starantula (somebody sign them
up!) humping
the Beastie Boys on
a bad PCP trip. Really, you can't go
wrong with this one. It just goes to
prove that Cascadia rules! I wanna
secede already--it's a Dirtnap
generation nation.
(Dirtnap Records, P.O. Box
21249, Seattle, WA 98111; USA
(Guest reviewer Christeen Aebi)
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