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Live Rehearsals Tape July 2003
This is a sneak preview supplied by
Joe in Belfast (cheers mate), of this
recently formed Belfast supergroup
$hame Academy. They feature Brian
Young ex-
Rudi on guitar/vocals, Greg
Cowan ex-
Outcasts bass/vocals and
Petesy Burns ex
Stalag 17 on drums.
With that kinda punk pedigree they
gotta be worth checking out, and on
this very good and remarkably clear
ten track taster recorded on 2nd July
2003, it don't let you down. These are
geezers who ain't lost that original
sound and vibe that so many lose with
the ravages of time. They're still
$hame Academy are
preparing for live soirees in the Belfast
area in the not too distant future.
They'll be playing live in conjunction
with the official release of the book 'It
Makes You Wanna Spit!' (Revisited)
covering the early Belfast punk scene.
So look out for em as I could see this
being a great treat for the punk purists
out there, and the younger kids alike.
Besides throwing in a few well selected
covers by bands like
Rezillos, Iggy,
Eddie Cochran and the
Ramones, all with Brian and Greg
sharing vocal duties. They done
particularly justice to
Iggy's 'I Wanna
Be Your Dog'. Ain't it good to hear
bands doing covers the justice they
really deserve and being very good
musicians in their own right makes one
helluva difference. The highlight for me
was the 4 great versions of their own
respective bands material, starting with
the Outcasts 'Self Conscious Over
You'. This song is particular favourite
in the Wolf's Lair followed by a
stomping 'Magnum Force'. This
collaboration wouldn't have been
complete without a couple of
songs and they give us a nifty version
of 'Pressures On' ending the set with a
storming version of the classic 'Big
Time'. Gotta say both vocalists ain't
diminished one iota in delivery
sounding as good as the day they
penned these tracks over 20 years
ago. If you live in Belfast look out for
live sightings very soon!!!

'Dine Upon The Dead'
CD (orca19) 2003
Very well put together CD showcasing
the Instigators best moments. This
collection comes with a generous 24
tracks spanning their UK career. Gotta
admit I wasn't too clued up on
at all previously? I
remember reading about their demo in
Punk Lives and seeing em in Sounds
during the later part of their career, but
never actually got into them. So it's
good to finally hear em for myself all
be it 20 odd years too late. This album
comes in two halves with the two
different lineups sharing the spoils.
Only axe hero, the talented Simon
Mooney remains throughout the bands
decade spanning career.
were originally part of the
UK Anarcho set, naming
and The Mob as big
influences. However they soon
discovered their own rockin hardcore
sound, which had more to do with
Power chord attack than the trashy
transistors of the trad. protest scene.
Their songs are more personnel than
political in my opinion. They don't
preach, but let you decide what's in the
message, so they hit people differently
which is always a good move. They are
more than capable of backing the lyric
up with neat arrangements that are
showcased on their debut album
'Nobody Listens Anymore'. They reflect
the Subhumans influence in their
early recordings with singer Semi's
high octave delivery giving us an
alternative Dewsbury slant to the
Southern dominated scene. Can't say
any one song sticks out above the rest
on this album, but with memorable
gems like 'It's gotta be stopped',
'American Dream' and my fave
'Hedonism', you know they're a good
outfit. During the dubby instrumental of
...'And Out The Other' we are cleverly
bought into the second phase of
career. By now it's the mid
80's and they've grown up and
discovered their live passion, shedding
3/4 of the original band, with only Mr
Mooney remaining. He's joined by the
remnants from another local punk
the Xposez. This change
signalled time for
the Instigators to
incite even more high energetic
numbers into their set, confidently
crossing over into more mainstream
territory. It was new singer, the high
kickin, acrobatic, Andy 'Tez' Turner
(UK Century Media pusher), who sold
the touring drug to the band. As they
developed their sound they celebrated
the fact with the release of their
second album 'Pheonix' in 1986. On
checking the sleeve notes,
seemed to have a good
supply of product available, but sadly
being on independent labels meant it
never reached a wider audience. They
were however a gigging machine of
epic proportions, and played
constantly all over Europe where they
were treated like Lords, unlike back
home where apathy reigned. Don't
think I caught em live? Although I
suspect I was in attendance in Wolves
once? Oh well I should've paid more
attention, instead of getting pissed coz
this is a good introduction to one of
those hard working, talented but highly
ignored bands that came outta the UK
80's punk scene. Comes with a fat
booklet of well researched info, lyrics
and pix of the band in action.
'Back To No Future'
CD (K102) 2003
This is a special Derita Sisters
offshoot album, featuring 24 punk rock
covers from the golden era of '77.
Marky Derita and his pink haired
German wife Silvie Pussycat front this
specially tailored combo, who shine a
bright light on their fave tracks.
Between his CA twang and her thick
German accent they give these songs
a novel delivery. In some ways
reminding me of that other cover set of
Samba punk by
Bloco Vomit back in
'98, but without the calypso. The real
big difference on 'Back To No Future'
compared to other cover compilations,
is they choose from some of the rare
B-sides and tracks not usually found
even in bands live sets. There's even
a few songs on here no-one would
ever dare covering, which takes guts.
So Don't worry you won't be getting
tired old versions of 'Anarchy', 'White
Riot' or 'New Rose', thank gawd! What
you do get is a wide selection ranging
from some of the bigger guns to the
lesser known shootists like....
Boys, Rezillos, Damned, Dickies,
The Saints
to name but a few. There's
also some very obscure bands thrown
in for good measure like,
The Proles,
UXA and The Eyes. To be fare, most
of em sound great. But like a lotta
cover albums you do get an eclectic
mix giving us the odd reason why punk
really did deserve a bad name some of
the time. Songs like
the Cortina's well
overrated 'Fascist Dictator', or the
Celia And The Mutations
which were dire first time round.
Highlight for me was
the Clash cover
of '1977',
Dead Boys - 'I Won't Look
The Saints - 'Demolition Girl'
and the impeccable 'Plastic Bag' by
X-Ray Spex complete with a good sax
reproduction. The arrangements are
done with total precision, they don't
wander far from the originals, although
most have been reworked up a gear.
The vocals gives em a definite fresh
sheen all of their own too. If you ain't
heard the originals already, you got no
excuse not to, coz all the bands
featured all have web site links printed
on the sleeve. 'Back To No Future' is a
neat addition to your punk rock
collection done with due care by fans
of the era!

'Lunacy & Devestation' CD
(prison064-2) April 2003
Don't seem like 4 months since I last
the Heartaches from Antwerp.
That particular sitting was on their split
CD with
the Forgotten. Before I
caught my breath, they're back to
torment us once more. I wasn't
impressed then, and I gotta say this
ain't immediately sending any other
positive signals in my direction. They
are ultimately fucked by yet another
faceless Tim Armstrong sound alike in
the vocal department. A sandpaper
coated larynx is so fuckin lame these
days and the individual responsible
goes by the name of Leroy (snigger). If
these had someone ripping out the
songs with a bit of originality in the
delivery, then they could possibly have
way more future in the punk rock
scene. But as it stands here,  
are destined to be just
another bunch of 'also ran' from some
Belgium outpost. Kerry Martinez from
US Bombs infamy produced these 13
tracks! And you can see vaguely why
he was interested, coz they got some
good guitar workouts on a track or two.
But I doubt he'll be putting this album
up on his wall of punk trophy's or
bragging about it down the strip!!! The
title track 'Lunacy & Devestation'
showed a bit of nifty guitar work in an
Buzzcocks kinda format, and
was definitely this albums standout
track. And maybe 'Ripped To Shreds'
shows some depth in it's
Clash rip-off
intro. But I'm being very generous
here! What I wanna know is, where the
fuck are these gonna go from here?
You can't make an impact on one
songs presence or a bit of name
dropping can you? Maybe I'm in the
wrong scene here?
The Heartaches
don't leave much to tempt you with, be
it power, style or intrigue. And when
they start their folky, acoustic rubbish I
quickly fell asleep.These fuckers won't
be breaking any hearts real soon
unless your the record company. And
even they had the nerve to lie through
their teeth on the sleeve notes stating
that this is
"raunchy and honest
music from one bored generation to
.....well I was definitely
I Used To Fuck People Like You
In Prison Records
'Scandinavian Leather' CD
April 2003
The one we been waiting for and the
highly anticipated follow up to 1998's
punk rock classic 'Apocalypse Dudes'.
Turbo Negro the Norwegian lords of
sleaze with a weird sensa yuma are
back! Having sufficiently recovered
from a premature breakup on the
verge of world domination back in '98,
they return in soiled bloodied denim to
scare us! Currently out on a world tour
and flogging their now leather clad
goods to a growing army of denim and
sailor outfitted devotees. This album
was touted by the bands multi layered
guitar hero Euroboy, as their best
album to date! That's one mighty claim
even by his power chord standards!!!
And 'Scandinavian Leather' is one well
constructed Rock album for sure, but
the potent punk ingredient is only
present in very short doses. Don't get
me wrong, there's some really good
songs on here, but it ain't the classic
we were promised.
Turbo Negro have
turned their perverted sights on Heavy
Metal, and it don't leave half the impact
the previous punk masterpiece left.
The intro sequence boasts a
synthesized ambience that leads
unsuspecting listeners into a false
sense of insecurity. This could be
something from a 70's 'War Of The
Worlds' concept album until the deadly
guitars of 'Wipe it till it bleeds' kick in.
They are joined by an orchestrated
sound, reminiscent of
Chiefs Of
...anyone? The album only truly
kicks off with the pumping 'Turbo
Negro Must Be Destroyed'. A throbbing
monster of a track, that comes closest
to the 'Dudes' period, with it's addictive
anthem of negativity and those
"No..No.. No". Hanks vocals on this set
have lost a lotta their sinister edge.
Although his warped intro to the
blatant chugging heavy metal of 'Sell
Your Flesh To The Night', was his only
major high point. Guitars still reign
supreme in
Turbo space. 'Remain
Untamed' greets us with one of those
big dirty riffs and more throbbing bass.
However it lacks that certain unique
raw power we know the band can
deliver. 'Train Of Flesh' their most
obvious sexual gratification song (one
of a set of many I might add) gets off to
a familiar riffy start, but quickly falls
into rock territory once more. They
make one last throw of the dice as the
keyboard driven middle eight saves
this track from HM obscurity, by
building up into a memorable climax.
The epic 'Fuck The World' and new 45
changes mood once more with a piano
playing rock ballad, that despite what it
sounds like in print, bodes pretty well
on the ears. As the air-raid siren
triggers another Jeff Beck type of
guitar soundscape, they build up into
the anthemic
"just gimme a minute....
while I Fuck The World!"
. This band
may not be the saviours of our punk
rock universe on this set, but this
album underlines their musical
dexterity. We then jump out the rock
opera universe into the solitary 'La
Saboteur' . This is a great track as it
sly's in with a sinister accordion,
bringing to mind Parisian brothels in
occupied France. Hank serenades us
in French to a well loaded gritty riff that
made em infamous!
Turbo Negro sign
off in fine style on a song that would
Motorhead looking on in envy,
as they rev up their engines and ride
off into a denim clad sunset via 'Ride
With Us'. This album definitely grows
on you with more plays, but I suggest
checking out 'Apocalypse Dudes' for
the band at maximum power. As they
so aptly put it...
"when everybody
hates you, you got nothing to lose".
These aint got nothing to lose, but our
expectations always ride high with this

'Up Yours...'
CD March 2003
This 26 tracker came free with the
March 2003 issue of
Mojo Magazine.
And it supposedly represents the old
and the new PUNK bands out there
today. What that really means is some
classic late 70's punk rock beefs up
the decidedly inferior new marketable
'punk' acts of today. I say 'punk' in a
very lose term here, but I'll try and
show mercy.
The Strokes from New
York are hotly tipped by Noel
Gallagher, so straight away lose
credibility. They bring us a weak but
clean sounding new waveish kinda
song called 'This Is The New Age',
which does own a very catchy chorus.
The over hyped
Hives from Sweden
are highly stooged up on their track
'Main Offender'. This band would make
for a great
Iggy tribute band, but are
way too close for comfort to realistically
claim their own sound. Comes
complete with
Iggy squeals too! Hot
Hot Heat
from Canada were a total
bore. I hate the name and never rated
XTC much either, who they ape big
time. This kinda plagiarism don't get
me excited at all.
Erase Errata bring
us some kinda disco punk from the
East Bay area. They are
the Slits
circa 'Cut' on their scratchy 'Tongue
The Hunches from Portland,
Oregon (Where the fucks
Sado-Nation when ya need em?)
have got a young
Jimmy Osterberg
on vocals. They scratch their way
through a raspy 'Lisa Told Me'.
try and tempt us with a heavy
distorted guitar, but with a name like
this and that UK Brit pop feel, it was
always going back in the cage.
were another chore, and
hailing from Seattle they positively
rejoice in regurgitating that
Mudhoney sludge for our sins. New
Yeah Yeah Yeah's who are
really getting big press coverage in the
UK, create a sparse DIY drums 'n'
guitar sound. They do offer some
originality as they run through the
addictive 'Our Time'. Those crackly,
sickly Karen O vocals hit a maternal
chord, but this sounds almost like it
came from the late 60's peace
movement! More UK press darlings
The Libertines were a very big
disappointment. These cunts sound
like swinging London 40 years too late.
Hated those weak guitars too.

the former Riot
turned good from Olympia,
sound like one of those early 80's indie
outfits that Rough Trade and John
Peel foisted upon us. Heartfelt vocals,
but a bit too tinny for my power chord
taste. On the sleeve it said
"you can't
get more punk than Mudhoney!"
me favour perrrrleazzzeee!!! These fat
Seattle wankers need a gun sticking
down their throat...and I'll volunteer to
pull the trigger.
The Warlocks from LA
sound psychedelic and arty in a muddy
kinda way. Definitely not my thang at
all!!! Lastly the quirkily named
Swearing At Motorists don't hail
from Accrington Stanley, but Dayton,
Ohio. They're a duo of indie inspired
chancers who probably will fare OK in
the student world of the University gig
circuit, but this ain't punk maaaan!!! Of
the old and genuine punk tracks on
show, you just can't go wrong!
Everyone is a potential classic! We got
the Pistols on a Submarine mission,
The Clash in '1977', X- Ray Spex
looking for an 'Identity' and
Iggy & The
about to 'Search & Destroy'.
Plus another 8 crucial tracks to add to
your CD collection. A good mix of old
punk and dodgy new pretenders ain't
the best advert, but it's a neat
supplement. Maybe if they featured
Turbo Negro, Kylesa, Girlush
or Mad Sin we'd sit up and
take notice!
for the 70's tracks only.
CD March 2003
Now here's a band who are the
undisputed Granddaddy's of
Psychobilly, not forgetting
of course! And although they
may have influenced loads of
diagonally quiffed combos throughout
the years.
The Meteors to this punk,
never seem to live up to the hype and
gore of their bloody reputation,
sonically speaking at least. Compared
with outfits like the way superior and
highly energetic
Mad Sin, the
are pretty one dimensional
indeed! But lets give credit where
credits due, they're 20 years old this
year. And to celebrate that fact, they
have sporned 'Psychobilly', as a
defiant howl on their return to the fray.
This their latest 12 track offering to the
devil of rock 'n' roll. However on the
whole pretty tame. This album falls
short in the high expectations
department, and I'm sure 'old Nick'
wouldn't give these transistorised vets
a second glance either. But P. Paul
Fenech, the bands mainstay lead
singer/guitarist does have a good
picky guitar style. Pity the energy and
power is lacking big time in their overall
sound. Tales of perversion, violence
and horror have dogged this band
since day one, but they fail to deliver
anything slightly risqué studio wise on
here. I wanted and expected
something way more hard hitting and
tense, but what we get here are 12
formularised, thinly coated psychobilly
workouts. When I hear this stuff it
reminds me why this genre never got
me excited in the first place. This
album won't be tempting very many
punks to check em out! 'Psychobilly' to
all intents and purposes is strictly for
the Meteors diehard wrecking crew
fan base only! Talking of which, If this
is the music your meant to 'wreck' to at
gigs, I just can't see it meself? I'd
personally need way more bombs of
snot in the grooves to get me psyched
up. Mr Fenech's snotty vocals are
genuine enough though, but besides
the expletives in song subjects, this
collection harks way back to the safer
and tamer climates of Bill Haley and his
Comets, than it does in representing
today's darker side. I enjoyed their
Shadowesque styled, James Bond
instrumentals, like 'Blood beat'. But it
was left to the one true gem on this
album... 'The Forsaken', for em to
really excel. This track boasted a very
impressive guitar sound, that should
have spy movie producers everywhere
clamouring for it's future use. Those
twisted warped notes that Fenech
teases out from his instrument are very
distinctive indeed. Other highlights
were a cover of
Anti Nowhere
'I Hate People' , the PIL
inspired drumbeat of 'Hellfire' or at a
push 'I could kill you', which kicked off
with a good raunchy chunky riff. Sadly
they never dwell on these sporadic
moments of class, for too long.
seem to be straining to put
out a decent albums worth of new
material these days. And as if
anticipating a luke warm reception,
P.P. Fenech half heartedly sings
"No-one likes us, but we don't
as the album closes. Maybe
this latest resurgence in the bands
career signals a new lease of life? Lets
hope so, for the sake of the devout
Wrecking Crew!!!
I Used To Fuck People Like You
in Prison Records

'So Bad We're Good'
Demo CD 2003      
All the way from Pittsburgh,US comes
The Runs. They are the latest
ensemble formed by that local maniac
Sam Sinister (from
Outsider Webzine
infamy) who is the true star of this
bunch. This 16 track recording
reminds me of
Torcha Shed's early
rehearsal's that rough! And
sounds like it was recorded on a
portable cassette player as the band
run through a rehearsal. A rough
demo of this quality is stretching the
imagination to it's outer limits in this
digital age, so if the Runs really wanna
give us something to worry about, they
gotta get into a real studio fast. They
do manage to shit out a couple of
worthy tunes, in-between some well
chosen and well worn covers (Who,
Pistols, Troggs, and Jerry Lee
Lewis!!!). They kick off proceedings
with a neat cover of
Iggy's 'I Wanna
Be Your Dog', complete with dog
hoowwwllss courtesy of Mr Sinister. At
least it shows you that the kids today
do have taste. Sam's vocals have the
makings for a great new snotty front
man to scare your parents with. I bet
his ad-libs get the front rows reaction
big time! However he's held back by
lashings of out of tune riffy guitars and
a bad rhythm section. I think
the Runs
are either very drunk, stoned or rank
outsiders...just take yer pick? Their
own original songs just don't touch the
covers. To be fair they borrowed a
drummer to record these, so it's early
days in
the Runs illustrious career.
Sam's favourite track was called
'Whiskey Man' which had some funny
lyrics in an early
Angry Samoans
kinda way, but it was '(There Is No
Right) Side Of The Bed' which was the
real standout. This track actually had a
rough gem of a chorus some of the
bigger bands would've gladly nicked.
This band need way more songs of
this calibre, and way more rehearsals if
they wanna be a real threat to the local
neighbourhood. They've added an
extra 4 covers on the end (Crazy 8's
session), which are recorded and
played in a slightly superior mode. Not
suprisingly a demo of this quality won't
score em any gigs outside drunken
friends parties, the grossly stupid or
maybe a residence in the Baghdad
The Runs are just about to
make their live debut on June 30th so
we'll just have to wait for CNN news
reports of civil unrest on the streets of
Pittsburgh? For attitude...
For delivery NO FUTURE!
For more info...
'Sweet & Innocent?...Loud & Dirty'
CD March 2003
This band never fails to deliver the
goods. Originally released back in
People Like You... have
rereleased 19 tracks (including 4
unreleased bonus tracks) of
adrenaline soaked Rockabilly punk.
And please don't be put off by the
'Rockabilly' tag, coz these larger than
life German lunatics are way more
punk in attitude and sound than a lotta
the so-called bands playing punk
today. From the spaghetti westernised
intro of 'Sin City Calling' to the bass
slapping 'Misplaced' we are
bombarded with an array of crazy
sounding, ultra addictive sounds that
you'll never get tired of playing. 'All
This And More' contains a great dirty
riff to send it's sung/spoken chorus on
it's way down to hell. Followed closely
by 'Dead Men Tells No Tales' with it's
ghostly Boris Karloff intro of ..
bastard you did this to me but you'll
not escape"
. Also that buzzsaw riff
together with some quirky high notes,
seals this songs fate. This blinder
really buries itself into your
subconsciousness, before going off
into that mesmerizing whistling middle
Mad Sin's greatest talent is
their ability to fill their songs with loads
of atmospheric ideas and all of em are
so addictive! This bands imagination
must be working overtime, or the drugs
in old Berlin are doing their job these
days? Talk about lazy bands, this
grafting outfit are the benchmark for
sweat 'n' guts. A lot of their songs have
by now gotten themselves a familiar
sound and theme, which is totally
in style and origin. They may nick
styles from everywhere, but distort em
enough and in such a way they
become their own. If it works time and
time again, why change the magic
formula? Big Koefte Deville, the manic
singer is still ringmaster in this carnival
of insanity. He's gotta be one of the
21st century's truly inspirational front
men, both in sound and angst. I like
the way they inject at the drop of a hat
what sounds like medieval monks
chanting in the middle of 'Russian
Roulette' before rolling into the
inspired 'Under The
Wires'....ending of
"click click click".
There's a rare neat duel female vocal
on 'Club Sin A Go Go', that sounds like
a demented Tina Turner sodden with
Jack Daniel's! The one track on here
that was a major letdown was the
acoustic 'Moustache'. This basically
sums up the Psychobilly weaknesses. I
much prefer
Mad Sin with electricity
and amplification at their disposal, coz
as the stakes get razed so does their
highly activated compositions. But
outta 19 tracks, only one Turkey is no
mean feat! 'No More Trick Or Treat'
reaches for the anthem overkill of their
previous release, and is destined to be
an alternative Halloween theme tune,
especially with those chunky Steve
Jones guitars and that big chorus.
'Sweet & Innocent?...Loud & Dirty' ain't
quite as impressive as the anthem
laden 'Survival Of The Sickest', but this
is the very next best thing. Live
sightings of the band are reported to
be as furious, so can't wait to check
em out for meself one of these days
I Used To Fuck People Like You
In Prison Records
'Carlo Giuliano'
(Mortcd190) 45/CD April 2003
Latest release from London's Anarcho
big guns...
Conflict. I gotta say this
release harks back to the formidable,
no messing
Conflict of old. They've
got a battery of fuzzy rejuvenated
rifferama power at their disposal these
days. This time around they lay into
the murderers of Italian peace
Carlo Giuliano (the song
subject matter). Now I don't know much
about the story behind Carlo's death
or how he actually got killed? I just
remember seeing something on the
news like everyone else did? I suspect
it wasn't in self defence he got hit by a
bullet or baton!!! And your in no two
minds about how
Conflict see the
situation. The record itself has an
angry frantic sound that grows on you
with more plays. Not quite as
memorable as some of their early 80's
tracks, but the beefy riff alone is
enough to keep you interested for the
duration. This ain't as involved as their
previous single
“Now you’ve put your
foot in it”
released in 2001, but it's a
record what'll have the Anarcho punk
population frothing at the mouth. 'A
Gaping Hole' on the b-side continues
the powerful guitar presence, as Colin
applies more pressure and gives his
tonsils a heavy workout. You can feel
the strain as his voice finally starts to
shred, but he holds on like an
Anarchist demon to the last!
best weapon these days is their all new
powerhouse sound, it's clean and big
enough in production to allay
transistorized accusations and convey
their angry message across the
barricades. This 45 is dressed in a
Conflict style sleeve as the
Italian riot Police lines up as GuIliano's
bloodied and battered body lies on the
tarmac out front. Message received!
Split CD (049-2) 2003
Two more new bands reemerge from
the high quality
I Used To Fuck
People Like You In Prison
label. Maybe I expect too much?, coz
they seem to be signing up inferior
bands lately. I remember reading
the Forgotten from San Mateo,
CA in the MRR, circa '97. In those days
they were being classed as
soundalikes and were very peeved at
the claim too. Well 6 years down the
road and they've mastered their
instruments to a worthy degree. But
they've also matured into a pretty
mellow outfit which don't really suit em
that much. They seem to have lost the
hunger, as they resemble a tired old
bunch of UK punk picnic rejects these
days. There's an edge missing from
their sound and unlike some of the
better bands on the People Like
You...roster such as
Smooth &
, Thug Murder or Mad Sin ,
these just don't come close! Gordy the
singer still has that Tim Armstrong
delivery, but it don't do em any favours
as they run through 8 pedestrian
street punk tracks. They do give us a
suprise cover of
Generation X's -
'Your Generation', which was easily the
best track on here. But their own
songs sadly don't stand up to the
superior covers, which is always a bad
omen in a band. They did flex their
muscles on 'Guilty As Charged', which
showed some creative promise, but
again it wasn't pursued far enough.
They close their set with the other
cover highlight of
GBH's 'I Am Hunted'.
Which may not do
The Forgotten any
favours but it proves the Brummie
godfathers still hold a tight grip on the
California street punk scene!
As a foreboding Air Raid siren ushers
the Heartaches. I felt a case of
deeja vu creeping in.
The Heartaches
who hail from Belgium sound exactly
The Forgotten's long lost Euro
twin!!! You'd be forgiven for thinking
this split CD was done by the same
East Bay band!!! I only found out this
was a split after some detective work
on the Prison site. No track lists or info
sometimes does that? These Belgium
street punks have a slightly more gruff
vocal delivery. And like
, goes well with the punk
they're trying to sell us. But on this
session we just ain't gonna buy it!
Again there ain't no major standout
tracks to write home about. Just good
musicianship, which don't always mean
great songs!!! Both bands are more
than capable of delivering tight street
punk but without no individuality or
something original to chew on, they're
destined to be sectioned off down the
Prison block! And they should remain
there till at least they can come up with
something a lot more thought
provoking in the ideas department.
I Used To Fuck People Like You
In Prison Records
'Out In The Red' CD
(036-2) March 2003
Be Jyyyzzzussusss these Swedes are
fucking hilarious. They have gotta be
one of punks best kept secret jokes!!!
Formerly known as
Venereal Disease
when they formed back in 1991. They
then changed their name (which is
always suspect in a punk band) to the
Venerea by '94. All in the hope
of major label recognition I bet. Well it
didn't pay off as they went on to
produce an array of ultra harmonic
pretentious sounding pop-punk, that
positively stinks of all the bad traits
you'd associate with this genre. The
lyrical content alone makes me think of
those middle class high school jocks
who only hooked up with punk coz it
pissed off their rich company boss
dad! The vocals alone are so
sickeningly plastic, they could be voice
overs for teenage Durex adverts.
Venerea are in love with themselves,
but one thing comes even before that,
and it's their lifestyle changing
impersonation of the American dream
scene!!! Why do Europeans have to
ape the worst things about US punk,
ain't they got a character of their own?
What's even worse than that is they
probably believe their own hype too
ha! Take 'Headfoot' with it's pompous
talk-throughs done with that prominent
and permanent fake American accent.
The lead singer alone needs a reality
check or a good thick dose of the 'pox'
to stop us all from laughing him out the
scene! I dunno whether to laugh or cry
it's that much of a pose. Their one
claim to fame could be a neat fuzzy
guitar sound and squeaky clean
production, but even those are totally
spoiled by loads of that stop/start
hardcore these jerks shoot their load
doing these days. You gotta hear track
11 'You Should Be On Fat' which has
the most pompous lyrics I've heard
since maybe
Rikki And The Last
Days Of Earth
. And the way they're
delivered is just the cheese on
Venerea's dick!!! I suspect this track
was meant as a rye attack on the Fat
Wreckords label for not signing em up.
But you know what, these jokers would
fit on that label so take it
away Mike..
."My balls they itch and
I'm too fat to scratch, or maybe life's
a bitch with a fat moustache, it
tickles my scrotum but it won't make
me come, no it wont make me spray
but it wont go away!"
see what I mean!
I Used To Fuck People Like You
In Prison Records
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