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1977 APRIL
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1977 MARCH
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1977 MAY
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1977 JUNE
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JULY 1977
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Apologies to the bands, individuals who are abscent? if I knew about em, I would've included.
Also to all the European/US punk outfits not represented quite as much as I would have liked. You'll
have to dig up your own history's on those. Hope everyone enjoys this look back at the Year where
PUNK broke out into the mainstream...!
Special thanx go out to all the Punks and individuals who wrote, took pictures and were just there to
document all these facts in books, mags on records in zines, film and on line. I used the majority of info
outta my own 35 year collection and gave credit for outside sources where known....the original calender
was first online via NIHILISM ON THE PROWL web zine to mark PUNKS 25th year anniversary and was
completed on December 31st 2003 taking exactly a year to complete (easy when you do a day at a time
Since then I've accumulated even more documentation so I'll now be adding more missing info or extra
pics, with a better layout and correcting a few mistakes and hopefully replace the missing months that
were mistakenly deleted in 2004 whoops!
I've included a much needed index with major punk headlines that occurred that day, so you can go to
each individual day if you just wanna check out one particular band or date. There will be a lot more
information when the actual days are loaded and possibly more additions as facts are uncovered.
Sorry this is all in the near future but it will happen one day....


Sounds, NME, Melody Maker, Record Mirror, Mojo, Record Collector, New Music, Total Guitar, Spin,
Adam Ants catalogue, Spiral Scratch, Underground, Zig Zag, Q Special, The Suffragette (zine) , NME
Originals Punk, MaximumRockNroll, Ramones (UK zine), Private World (zine), Vox.

Destroy, Punk: Illustrated History, Not Another Punk Book, Satellite, Sex Pistols File, Up They Rise,
Sex Pistols Diary, Chaos, 1988, Vacant, Damned: Light At The End Of The Tunnel,
And God Created Punk, 100 Nights At The Roxy, Clash songbooks 1& 2, The Clash,
Last Gang In Town, Rotten: In His Own Words, The Boy Looked At Johnny, Stranglers: Song By Song,
The Jam: Our Story, Q Book of punk legends, Englands Dreaming, Shockwave, Sniffin Glue Bible,
Siouxsie And The Banshees photo book Ray Stevenson, Fucked Up And Photocopied,
And a special mention to George Gimarc's Punk Diary 1970-1982.

Damian: The Screamers - The Jam, - Jonas Warstad: Ultravox site - Ian Apperly: Prefects -
Shotbybothsides: Magazine - Aart for a change (?) - Wayne County (UK site), Damned (?),
The Stranglers (?), Roxy history (?), Penetration, Johnny Thunders (?), Spizz, Iggy Pop (?),
Adam & The Ants (?), Search & Destroy (magazine), Break My Face, Bored Teenagers, Punk 77,
You Tube,  

Erin (Texas Punk Junk) - Pab from USA - Denise from LA for the Weirdos - Jet Rash from LA -
Joe Donnelly (Belfast) - Mandy (MDM) - Colin Purdew (Cambridge) - Alistair Cambell (Ultravox fan),
June Icon (Diary Extracts), Mike Clarke (Decadent Few + Defiant Pose), Shanne (Nipple Erectors).

Peter Don't Care
1:The Clash at the Roxy...Sniffin Glue #6 fanzine...Damned...Runaways...Blondie...The Dogs.
2:The Stranglers review...Sideburns #1 fanzine....Damned...Gorrillas.
3:Eater...The Heartbreakers review...Talking Heads...Wire.
4:Sex Pistols Heathrow...The Vibrators...Londons Burning #1 fanzine.
5:Vibrators Amsterdam review...Sex Pistols...Stranglers in recording studio...Live Wire #1...gigs.
6:Sex Pistols Anarchy and EMI...The Vibrators...The Cramps.
7:Sex Pistols in Amsterdam...Dave Goodman....The Cramps.
8:Pistols Return...Saints
profile...Rotten To The Core fanzine...Talking Heads review...more.
9:Maniacs....Malcolm McLaren...Seditionaries...The Cramps.
10:Crime...Blondie...Generation X,Stranglers, Pistols quotes...Flicks fanzine.
11:The Heartbreakers....
scenester quotes...Jam 100 club review.
12:Rotten arrested...Nils Stevenson....The Vibrators...Blondie
13:New York...Patti Smith...Talking Heads...Damned/Eater review...The Clash.. Wasps...Cramps
14:The Ramones cancel UK tour...Ultravox!...Slaughter & The Dogs...Iggy Pop...The Cramps.
15:Crime 45 review...Generation X...Pistols 'Anarchy' withdrawn and Interview...Bethnal...gigs.
16:The Stranglers finish recording...The Boys sign to Nems...Generation X gig.
17:Damned, The Boys, Eater at the Roxy...Boys review...Nils Stevenson...Maniacs gig.
18:The Vibrators...Subway Sect.
19: Slaughter/Adverts Roxy review...Crime at the Mabuhay Gardens.
20:Vibrators at Red Cow...Sex Pistols Filmed by NBC...Generation X.
21:Stranglers, Adverts play London's Royal College Of Art...Albertos...48 Thrills fanzine
22:Jam at Marquee retrospective review...Pistols EMI Pay more gigs.
23:Roxy Club gets robbed...Patti Smith breaks neck.
24: Buzzcocks...Chelsea...Sex Pistols in the recording studio.
25:Ramones 'Leave Home' review...The Jam...TRB...Maniacs.
26:Clash sign to CBS
27:The Drones London debut...Sex Pistols label talks...The Outsiders...Sneakers gigs.
28:Stranglers 'Grip' 45...Pistols EMI payoff...Gigs.
29:Buzzcocks 'Spiral Scratch'...Runaways 'Queens Of Noise'...Generation X Iinterview...Gigs.
30:Stranglers Rainbow plug pull...Damned at the Roxy...Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias gig.
31:Damned at Roxy...Ultravox free gig...Johnny Rotten's birthday...Rejects.

1:Zines Skum...Viva La Restance...Glen buys car
2:Jam...Clash gigs
Ultravox! 45
5:Iggy signs to RCA...Cortinas Roxy...Vibrators
6:SniffinGlue #7...Adverts...Don Letts
8:NOTHING...Billy idol pic
9:Blondie...Only Ones gigs
10:Pistols & Peter Cook...Derek & Clive...Vibrators gig
11:Stiff Records...Sid rehearses...Rezillos...Throbbing Gristle
12:Police...Beastly Cads...gigs
13:Sid transatlantic call...Nancy...Malcolm flys to LA
14:Damned St Albans...Vibrators gig...Pab's birthday
15:Stranglers gig
16:Vibrators at Cherry Vanilla celebs
17:Saints record album
18:Damned debut LP...Devoto leaves Buzzcocks
19:Stranglers Grip charts...NME,Sounds polls
20:Heartbreakers demos...Vibrators German tour
21:Snatch debut 45...Damned...Johnny Moped at the Roxy
22:Stranglers/Damned gig...Erin's birthday
23:Slaughter at Roxy
24:Siouxsie new lineup...Jam,Wire at Roxy
25:Neat Neat Neat...Jam sign to Polydor...Drones at Roxy...Ultravox debut album
26:Stranglers...Jam...Shakin Streets...Beastly Cads gigs
27:White Stuff Patti Smith fanzine
28:Matlock telegram...Damned,Adverts Roxy

MARCH 1977
1:Iggy Pop UK Tour...Ultravox debut LP...gigs
2:Ramones Carbona...Heartbreakers Roxy...Jam Red Cow
3:Cherry Vanilla & Police at Roxy...Iggy,Vibrators
4:Television...Wayne and gigs
5:Iggy Pop Rainbow...Glen Matlock telegram
6:Ultravox...Stranded zine and Shy Talk zine
7:Stranglers...Ramones 45...Talking Heads 45
8:Gary Numan birthday...Nils Roxy quote...Punk mag
9:Sex Pistols A&M...Vibrators and various gigs
10:Sex Pistols Buckingham Palace...Eater debut 45 & review
11:Rotten in Court...Clash Roxy Harlesdon...Gen X bottled...Chelsea...X-Ray Spex
12:Sex Pistols Speakeasy fight...Heartbreakers sign to Track Records
13:Siouxsie Worcester....Iggy in Zig Zag
14:Wayne County Dingwalls....Pistols death threat sue.
15:Cherry Vanilla Dingwalls...Heartbreakers Speakeasy live recording
16:Pistols sacked...Boys & Wire Roxy
17:Eater,Lurkers Roxy....Heartbreakers LAMF asessions
18:Clash release White Riot...Damned, Stranglers
19:Wayne County Euro tour...Pistols front of Sounds
20:Lou Reed ban...Sniffin Glue #8
21:Iggy gig...Pistols at Notre Dame Hall
22:Jam at the Roxy...Shane McGowan...Glen payoff
23:Sham at Roxy...Pistols thrown outta Jersey...gigs
24:Boys at Roxy...Ultravox UK Tour...Pistols in Berlin
25:Chelsea and Adverts down the Roxy
26:Banshees and Slits down Roxy...Melody Maker...NME...zines...Tom Verlaine
27:Banshees booking agent
28:Skrewdriver...Radiators...Talking Head...Heartbreakers
29:Jam...Iggy Pop
30:Gen X...Damned...Jam
31:Gen X...Damned...Prefects

APRIL 1977
1:Buzzcocks at Roxy...Billy Currie (Ultravox) birthday, gigs
2:X-Ray Spex, Buzzcocks, Weirdos
3:Sex Pistols Screen on green,
4:Ultravox and Iggy pop
5:999, Adverts, gigs
6:Sid fixing, Cliche zine, jam gig
7:Clash LPand sniffin glue review, Damned New York, gigs
8:Dead Boys profile, gigs
9:Damned/Deadboys cbgbs, Clash free ep, roxydates,Penetration, Cortinas, blondie,jr on cross
10:Damned, Patti Smith, John Cale, clash
11:Skids birthday, ATV form, gigs
12:Vibrators, Sid hep, gigs
13:Johnny Thunders & Heartbreakers, gigs
14:Sex Pistols bravo phooto shoot, buzzcocks, gigs
15:Stranglers Rattus release and review, gigs
16:X-RaySpex, Damned in LA,Weirdos,Germs, Sid in Hospital, Iggy tour,
17:Stranglers at Rainbow, Pete Shelleys birthday
18:Wayne County, Adverts, Damned at Starwood LA
19:Jam , gigs
20:Rotten dentist, gigs
21:Damned in Frisco, Iggy birthday, gigs
22:Adverts debut 45, Saints erotic,gigs
23:Adam Ants form, Roxy closes, Siouxsier, Desperate Bycycles
24:Damned Captains birthday Roundhouse,Stranglers paris
25:Jam,Adverts peel sessions,Radiators debut 45, gigs
26:Jam, Lou Reed gigs
27:Clash in Paris, Marco pirroni birthday, gigs
28:Heartbreakers inc, Iggy idiot charts, gigs
29:Jam in the city, Blondie Flesh 45, Wayne County
30:Buzzcocks, Gang Of Four, gigs

MAY 1977
1.Clash White Riot Tour,Topper.
2.McLaren talks with Virgin,Joe Strummer Clash tour, gigs
3.Jam, New Pose zine, Clash tour
4.Slash Mag, Search & Destroy LA Punks,
5.Clash at Erics, Big In Japan,Ants debut,gigs
6.Jam in the city LP, Stranglers peaches, boomton rats london debut, gigs
7.Slits tour debut,Jam NME, gigs
8.Sniggin Glue #9, Mclaren deal and statement, Clash tour, gigs
9.White Riot rainbow riot,Jam, Subway Sect, Rotten tax demand, gigs
10.Adan Ants ICA,Damned Peel session, Sids birthday, gigs
11.LA punk zine, X-ray spex man in moon, gigs
12.Pistols sign to virgin, gigs
13.Damned Adverts uk tour, Clash remote control.Sid leaves hospital, gigs
14.Talking heads rocxk garden, Spitfire boys,gigs
15.Clash White Riot tour, Wreckless eric birthday
16.Slaughter and the dogs cranked up,48 hours, Sid signs to virgin,heartbreakers studio
17.Siouxsie, Clash
18.Ramones arrive, Toyahs birthday, Xray Spex Man in moon, Junes diary
19.Jam on totps,Ramones sheena and erics UK tour,Heartbreakers Music machine,Steve
Jones quote, Jolt
20.Stranglers Rattus tour, Heartbreakers Chines Rocks,Blondie warmup, Damned tour
21.Ramones nme, Queen t-shirts, Clash arrests.
22.Blondie,Television glasgow, gigs
23.Sex Pistols Queen video, SLF form, gigs
24.Pistols and cop, Slits in Cardiff, gigs
25.Slits, Jordan and ants, Jam birthday, gigs
26.Pistols film, Ramones aylesbury and interview,gigs
27. Pistols Queen review,Vibrators baby, Eater USA, Sioux birthday
28.Television gig review, Screamers debut, Pistols single of the week,Stranglers trouble
29.Buzzcocks and penetration gig review, gigs
30.Clash tour ends,Police debut 45, gigs.
31.Patti Smith cbgbs residency, Ultravox savage,Stranglers Wolves,gigs

JUNE 1977
1.Zig Zag,Heartbreakers studio,gigs
2.Sham 69 new lineup, Ants new drummer, Only Ones, gigs
3.Strummer arrested,Step Forward, Chelsea, Cortinas, Vibrators, Blondie, gigs
4.Sex Pistols melody maker, Ramones, Damned st albans, gigs
5.Ramones roundhouse, Saints,Pistols banned, Stranglers manchester gigs
6.Sniffin Glue #10, Dee generate leaves eater,Outsiders debut album, gigs
7.Pistols boatrip,Damned lincoln, Jam barbarellas, gigs
8.McLaren in court, Slash #2, Patti Smith ends residence, gigs
9.Rezillos sign to sensible, Sham 69, Roxy ad, gigs
10. Roxy album, Dictators, Heartbreakers tour, Strummer Headon nicked, gigs
11.Sid Vicious in Mirror,Pistols record mirror, Jam tourdates,Saints tour dates, gigs
12.Banshees demos,Sunday Mirror punk shockers viv westtwood, gigs
13 Jamie Reid attacked, Strummer Headon fined, gigs
14.Chelsea, Heartbreakers, gigs
15.London everyones a winner 45, Skrewdriver your so dumb, fanzines, gigs
16.Ultravox gobbing story, gigs
17.Queen number 2, Vibrators in wolves,
18.Sounds, Wasps,Rotten attacked,Models 45, Talking Heads marriage, gigs
19.Paul Cook attacked, gigs
20.Weirdos,Zeros gig, gigs
21.Whiskey gigs, Rotten attack headlines, adverts attacked, gigs
22.Dils at Whiskey, gigs
23.Pistols sales and Rotten attacked in dingwalls,Gen X, gigs
24.Wayne County debut 45,Vibrators summer tour, gigs
25.Police newline-up, Pistols ban ad, Boomtown Rats, Talking Heads, gigs
27th Avengers jam boys
28th The jam, modern lovers album 'rocknroll with the mod4ern lovers
29th Generation x
30th Damned black eye, boomtown rats bloodied, suburban studs debut 45
JULY 1977
1.Saints perfect day 45, Stranglers-Celia & Mutations 45, gigs
2.Pretty Vacant, Boomtown Rats Birthday,John McKay Banshees,gigs
3.Germs forming, Damned Free 45,Polystyrene birthday,gigs  
4.Damned Marquee, Screamers Starwood,Blondie lineup change Vortex opens, gigs         
5.Pistols pretty vacant promo,Jordan ants film, Damned cancel marquee,gigs
6.LA's Masque opens, Weirdos, gigs
7.Nancy Spungeon in court,Prefects gig, Screamers cut first demo, gigs
8.Jam All around the world & Johnny Moped No-One 45s,gigs
9.Only Ones debut 45 Lovers, NME punk beatings, gigs
10.Dils debut 45, Sniffin Glue #11, gigs
11.Banshees at the Vortex,The Valves, Rotten record Vance show,gigs
12.Bethnal fulham greyhound, gen x record peel session, gigs
13.Pistols begin Scandinavian tour,Russ Meyer signs film deal, gigs
14.Pistols & Saints on TOTPs Daily Mirror headline, Adam Ants record demo,gigs
15.Pistols play Beach disco sweden,Heartbreakers deported, Jam in Edinboro, gigs
16.Pistols in Helsinberg capitol radio int. broadcast,gigs
17.Pistols in Jonkoping, Clash in Brum
18.Ants dislocates, Warsaw demo, Stinky Toys 45 and london tour, Pistols travel
19.Gen x sign to Chrysalis, Ramones Swallow 45, Desperate Bicycles Medium 45,Zig Zag july
20.Genx & Lurkers marquee,Pistols pingvinon Oslo, gigs
21.JohnnyMoped split,Pistols Trondeim filmed, chelsea cortinas ticket,Siouxsie roxy, gigs
22.Stranglers change 45, Drones tempt 45, Anarchy 45,Adverts sign,Tubeway Army, Dead boys
sign, New Wave LP, Television prove it 45 , Rat Club LP, gigs  
23. Pistols Barbarellas vaxco, Stinky Toys rock garden,Rings 45, Sounds - Vibrators,gigs
24. Rezillos debut 45 and gig review, Pistols Vaxco 2, Jam hammersmith, gigs
25.Sid Vicious, Nosebleeds 45, Blitzkrieg Bop 45, gigs
26.Sid Vicious in Court, Elvis Costello cbs convention, gigs
27.Pistols happyhouse sweden, Boys first time, Killjoys johnny 45,roxy ad, gigs
28.Stranglers jj burnel, Pistols sweden, rezillos roxy, gigs
29.Pistols last night in sweden, gen x pic, gigs
30.Damned rats birthday, vibrators new lineup, sounds new wave chart, gigs
31.Vibrators marquee, gigs

1.Boys album review,Gen X Vortex,Vibrators marquee, gigs
2.Snivelling Shits 45, Johnny Curious vortex, gigs
3. Search and Destroy #2 - Screamers, kirk Brandon birthday, gigs
4.Penetration Rafters, Banshees brum, Marquee, gigs
5.Mont De Marson festival, Damned, Radio Star 45, Roxy ad, gigs
6.Sex Pistols NME, Ramones quote, Wayne County Nashville, Roxy, Marquee gigs
7.Screamers Iggy party,Chelsea live, gigs
8.Boys Marquee and peel session, Screamers Whiskey residence,Rock Garden, Vortex gigs
9.Damned start recording album, Pork Dukes bend 45, gigs
10. Clash bootleg, Those Naughty Lumps, Roxy, gigs
11.Clash at Bilzen, Pistols meet Russ Meyer, XTC-Table review,Sham 69 roxy, gigs
12.Adverts Gary Gilmore 45, TRB sign to EMI, Members live debut, gigs
13.Ramones at the Whiskey, New Wave chart, gigs
14.Slaughter sign to decca,Glasgow ban punk gigs, gigs
15.Slits vortex,London nashville,gigs
16.Elvis dies rotten quote,Buzzcocks sign, Thunders marriage, boys album, gigs
17.Damned Adverts sundown, Cortinas marquee, go gos birthday, roxy ad, gigs
18.New Pose fanzine, Damned ad, gigs
19.Spots, Vibrators london girls,Boomtownrats number 1 45, Gen X scotland, gigs
20.999 im alive45, Roxy revue, Lurkers shadow 45, gigs
21.Iggy lust for life,gigs
22.Siouxsie, prefects, gigs
23.Roxy ad, Eater, gigs
24.Pistols outlook club, Warsaw, gigs
25.Pere Ubu 45, Pistols scarborough, Wreckless eric 45, Slaughter tour, gigs
26.Pistols middleboro, Pauline quote, Ultravox marquee, 999 laff, gigs
27.Dead boys sounds, matlocks birthday, new wave chart,gigs
28.Wayne county reading, Magazine lineup, gigs
29.Sham 69 debut 45, Menace debut 45,Slaughter bootboys 45, gigs
30.Rich kids debut, PVC2 debut 45, Valves 45,Pistols in studio, gigs
31.Clash in studio, Pistols plymouth,Damned brum, gigs

1.Gen X debut 45, Pistols penzance, Boomtown rats album, Foxton birthday, gigs
2.London 12inch45, Zig Zag mag, gigs
3.Ian Dury sex and drugs 45, Steve Jones birthday, gigs
4.Heartbreakers return to UK, Buzzcocks live, Gigs
5.Users 45, Asphalt Jungle 45, Siouxsie, gigs
6.Skids form, Punk Rock movie, gigs
7.Buzzcocks peel session, Venus & The Razorblades45, Lurkers red cow, gigs
8.Siouxsie Nashville, London tour ad, Drones sign to valor, gigs
9.Albertos snuff rock, Patti Smith gloria 45, Motors LP & 45, Only Ones Speakeasy, gigs
10.Rich kids sounds, Vanian marries, Heartbreakers return, gigs
11.Gen X, Jam, gigs
12.Albertos , Penetration vortex, gigs
13.Debbie Juvenile & Sophie Richmond courtcase, gigs
14.Ramones sheena reaches US charts, Lurkers residence, gigs
15.Talking Heads debut album, Heartbreakers, Jonahon Richman , gigs
16. Stranglers Heroes 45, gigs
17.Stranglers Melody Maker,Nipple Erectors Roxy, City Rock, Richman, gigs
18.LA Punk Go Gos, Dickies, X,gigs
19. Alternative TV, Sniffin Glue #12,Slits, Rich Kid Rusty birthday, gigs
20.New Hearts, Bansheees Paris, gigs
21.Stranglers Swedish aggro, Lurkers Rec Cow, gigs
22.Crass Roxy, Subway Sect & Slits Music Machine, Sham Menace ad, gigs
23.Clash Control 45, Stranglers Heoes LP, Pursey arrested, gigs
24.Stranglers reaches 8, Jam attacked in Sweden,gigs
25.Iggy tours UK, gigs
26.Clash out of control tour in Amsterdam, Lora Logics leaves xray spex, gigs
27.Radiators Enemies 45 at the vortex, gigs
28. Lurkers Red Cow, gigs
29.Clash paris, gigs
30.X-Ray Spex bondage 45, TRB Motorway 45, Jolt 45, gigs

1.Electric Circus,Drones bone idle 45,Jerry Nolan quits,dickies debut, gigs
2.Damned Rat quits, Electric Circus final night, gigs
3.Clash Munich, Heartbreakers LAMF, Richard Hell Blank album,gigs
4.Stiff Records split, Lurkers Blimps, Sham 69 Documentary, gigs
5.Talking Heads US Tour, Boomtown Rats birthday, gigs
6.Siouxsie And The Banshess spray painting, gigs
7.Adam and the ants in Plymouth,Eater 45, Saints45, JCC 45, gigs
8.Buzzcocks 'Orgasm Addict 45, Cramps in studio, Jam US Tour, Skrewedriver 45, gigs
9.Clash in Sweden, Runaways 45, Sex Pistols cook arrested, gigs
10.Vortex live album, Neo, Spitfire Boys 45, Hearttbreakers tour, gigs
11.ATV lineup change, Sham 69 lineup change, Art Attacks, Russ Meyer, gigs
12. Blondie sign to Chrysalis, TRB 2468 45 and tour, Radiators LP, Depression 45, gigs
13.Heartbreakers LAMF tour ad, Sham 69 tour ad, Puncture 45, gigs
14.Ultravox ha ha ha, Damned problem 45, ATV live, Blank Generation film, Costello detectives
45, gigs
15.Sex Pistols Hiolidays 45, Jam Modern World 45, Unwanted debut 45, gigs        
16.Vibrators roundhouse, Damned bataclan, Jam CBGBS, gigs
17.Johnny Moped vortex, gigs
18.Gen X in stidio, Drones clash tape, gigs
19.Stranglers, gigs
20.Clash in Belfast, Holidays writ, Siouxsie arrested, Stiffs/Chiswick challenge, gigs
21. Clash in Dublin, Richard Hell tour, Adverts Wolverhampton, Some Chicken 45, gigs
22.TRB in NME, Sex Pistols cartoon strip, Alternative chart and gigs
23.Dictators join Stranglers tour, Negative Reaction zine, gigs
24.Sham 69 sign to Polydor, Killjoys headline Vortex, gigs
25.Runaways on Whistle Test, gigs
26.999 Nasty Nasty, gigs
27.Rich Kids sign to EMI, Lurkers Peel session,
28.Sex Pistols bollocks, Magazine in Manchester, Tubes white punks 45, gigs
29.Sex Pistols Spunk, gigs
30.Stranglers , Clash, gigs
31.Siouxsie at the Vortex, gigs

1.Buzzcocks new lineup/tour, Valves Tarzan 45, gigs
2.Sex Pistols Radio Luxembourg, Boys Marquee, gigs
3.Clash Lester Bangs joins tour, Adam Ants Birthday, gigs  
4.Jam Modern World LP, Cock Sparrer 45, Skrewdriver LP, Sham Erics, gigs
5.Penetration debut 45, Sex Pistols Notts, Lurkers Freak Show 45, Xray Spex, gigs
6.Tubes Tour, gigs
7.Damned audition drummers, Dead Boys in SF, Runaways gig, gigs
8.Damned new drummer, gigs
9.Sex Pistols Notts shop arrest, Boomtown Rats 4th form 45, gigs
10.Wayne County Fuck-Off 45, gigs
11.Eater LP, Wasps 45, Blondie tour, Rotten fails driving test, gigs
12.Wire 12XU 45, Sham 69 quote, Big In Japan split 45, gigs
13.Clash, gigs
14.Richard Hell Music Machine, Blondie Rip Her 45, Streets LP, gigs
15. Clash Manchester, Blondie Rainbow, gigs
16. Snivelling Shits sparks 45, Sex Pistols film, gigs
17.Ramones rocket to russia LP, Rezillos sign to Sire, Damned gig, gigs
18.Damned Music LP and tour, Dead Boys arrive, Gen X Wild youth 45, gigs
19.Jam leeds aggro, Pistols radio tour, gigs
20.Damned tour rat quote, gigs
21.Stormtrooper 45 sid badge, New Hearts teenage 45, gigs
22.Stranglers anchor fest, Heartbreakers last gig, gigs
23.Clash in Sun, Cortinas Defiant Pose 45, gigs
24. Bollocks courtcase, Drones LP, Outsiders 45, gigs
25. Damned Roundhouse run and Wolf 45, Yobs 45, Sex Pistols in Sun, gigs
26.Siouxsie TV debut,Screamers/Dangerhouse, Joey Ramone burnt, Adam Ants, Marquee, gigs
27.Dead Boys, gigs
28.Wire Pink Flag, Maclaren qoute,gigs
29.ATV Bastard 45, Banshees peel session,Plastix, gigs
30.Deab Boys Brighton, Sid N Nancy get nicked, Slaughter Dame 45, gigs

1. Sid n Nancy in Sun, Plastic Bertrand 45, gigs
2. Ramones Rockaway 45, Rezillos Sculptures 45, Saints Wolves, gigs
3. Buzzcocks NME, London Animal 45, Talking Heads Frisco, Jam Wolves,gigs
4. Gen X roundhouse, buzzcockstour2,FLYS 45,  gigs
5..Sex Pistols dutch tour sid, Vortex live LP, GIGS
6. TRB live at the lyceum, Tubes gigs, gigs
7. Sex Pistols Pozjet club, gigs
8. Talking heads psycho 45, heartbreakers disintegrate, gigs
9.Banshees buy drumkit, stranglers recording, search & destroy, gigs
10.Melody Maker, Sex Pistols Gronigen review, gigs
11.Buzzcocks at roundhouse, Johnny selabusers 45, More clash gigs, gigs
12. Wayne County, gigs
13. Clash Rainbow review strummer, gigs
14.Rich Kids wolves laff,cortinas marquee review, pork dukes bacon 45, gigs
15.Clash sham 69 rainbow review, pistols visas, gigs
16.Pistols uxbridge review, chelsea high rise 45,
17.Pistols coventry, nme poll, wire, sid, Ramones uk tour,GIGS
18.Jam modern world LP, Rotten flu wolves, dead boys sonic reducer,  
19.Avengers debut 45, dangerhouse records, pistols kiethley
20.Clash play belfast, warsaw recording studio, damned sacked from stiff
21.Pistols laff,damned tv show,  
22. Fanzine round up,
23. Ramones pistols gigs
24.Nme xmas edition and partty, eddieand hot rods, pistols cromer,
25.Pistols huddersfield, roxy all dayer,
26. Banshees boxing day relapse,
27.Cbgbs festival, roxy all dayer
28. Punk books 1988 and punk, dead boys dictators cbgbs
29 Pistols us visas, stranglers in studio 5 minutes, dils 45,
30 X-rayspex play marquee, ramones alyselbury,
31 Ramones rainbow its alive, sex pistols at gig, roxy album recorded, damned drummer crash
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